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Jill Scott Believes Black Women Don’t Embrace Natural Beauty Enough

In an interview with Hello Beautiful, Jill Scott talks Natural Hair, Black Hollywood, and Steel MagnoliasJill Scott

Grammy-winning artist, Jill Scott, sat down with the writers at Hello Beautiful to discuss beauty, black Hollywood, and “Steel Magnolias.” The singer, who was ridiculed last year for perming her hair, revealed that she requested a photo bearing her natural hair to be the featured photo on the cover of Essence Magazine because she wanted her son to see the “real” her.

Last year when she was interviewed by the writers at Afrobella, she was quoted say “…I’ll wear wigs, and I’ll wear weaves and I’ll wear pieces because I like fashion. I like style and its fun to me…  I wasn’t trying to be the spokesperson of natural hair,” in response to the backlash she received for perming her hair. While she still doesn’t have an issue with weaves, today she believes that African-American women should be more natural.

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