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Man Gets Mauled By 400-Pound Tiger After Jumping Off Monorail At Bronx Zoo

A man was mauled by a 400-pound tiger at the Bronx Zoo on Friday after he leaped from a moving monorail train and plummeted over a protective fenceA 400-Pound Tiger Mauled A Man At The Bronx Zoo

Zoo officials at the Bronx Zoo are reviewing safety procedures following a bizarre occurrence on Friday. A man leaped from a moving monorail train at the zoo and plummeted over a protective fence with a 400-pound tiger in the Wild Asia exhibit. “We review everything, but we honestly think we provide a safe experience,” the Zoo Director, Jim Breheny said. “And this is just an extraordinary occurrence … somebody was deliberately trying to endanger themselves.”

The man was alone with the tiger for about 10 minutes before zoo officials chased the tiger away using a fire extinguisher. The man suffered bites and punctures on his arms, legs, shoulders and back and broke an arm and a leg.

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