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Just Reel Film: Frank Ocean Releases New Music Video For ‘Pyramids’

Frank Ocean in ‘Pyramids’

by Dorian Chandler, Your Black World

Fresh off the heels of his debut SNL performance this past weekend, Frank Ocean unleashed the official video to his ‘Channel Orange’ single, ‘Pyramids.’ The video is directed by Nabil and features a solo guitarist performance by John Mayer. I would consider the single my favorite off the album and the video does not disappoint.

In the video, we are witness to an inebriated Mr. Ocean as he fumbles his way through the desert on a motorcycle. Drunk driving is not something that should be condoned but it works for the artist sake of the video. The song, if you’ve never listened to it before, reveals Frank’s appreciation for strippers. Stripper themes in music videos are often times seen as cliché and tacky but not in this instance. At eight minutes in length, the video is cinematically breath taking and feels more like a mini movie than a music video. It makes you think and say, what the hell is going on here?

With all the hoopla surrounding Ocean’s sexuality, I thought it was a smart move to channel a video around the concept of sexuality. Watch the video for ‘Pyramids’ below to see if you agree.

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