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Just Reel Film: ‘Marley’ Documentary Now Available On Netflix

‘Marley’ (The Definitive Documentary On The Life Of Bob Marley)

by Dorian Chandler, Your Black World

“My life is for people” –  Bob Marley

Most of us can attest to loving Bob Marley. His music not only entertained us as fans but also provided important social commentary. Reggae was Marley’s vehicle and he transcended the musical genre to international heights. The publics love and admiration for the musical icon along with a strong push from the Marley family led to the making of the documentary ‘Marley.’

Coined as the the definitive documentary on the life of Bob Marley, the film was originally released on April 20th, simultaneously in theaters, digitally, and through video on demand. Magnolia Pictures released the film and Academy Award winner Kevin MacDonald was selected to be the director behind the project. Bob Marley’s son Ziggy Marley along with Island Records founder Chris Blackwell are the films executive producers. If you missed the films original release date you can now watch the two hour and twenty-four minute documentary on Netflix.

The films eye popping trailer reveals rare footage, archival photos and performances of Marley and interviews with his family, friends and musical contemporaries. The fact that the Marley family is 100% behind the film makes me confident that it will be an honest and intimate portrayal. Check out the trailer below and watch it on Netflix if you have a subscription. In my Bob Marley voice “One Love.”

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