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Democrat Says She Wants to Impeach President Obama

Kesha Rogers is no longer getting any form of backing from the Democratic Party.  The woman who once had aspirations of running for Congress, has lost the support of the party for committing a serious political sin:  Calling for the impeachment of President Obama.

Rogers says that President Obama has presented “non-leadership” on the issues that matter most to Americans.  She says that the party allows President Obama to remain controlled by a corrupt financial system, and that even Hitler would be proud of the polices that are touted by the president.

“Mr. Obama is a puppet of the bankrupt financial system, and has pushed policies made notorious by the Adolph Hitler regime, and since condemned by the entire world,” said Rogers.

Rogers was the Democratic nominee for the 22nd Congressional district in Texas.  Gilberto Hinojosa, chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, is shocked that Rogers was able to win her primary because the Democrats haven’t given her resources to win.

Some are accusing Rogers of being a plant for the Republican Party and others are saying that she is a Democrat saying some of the things that liberals want to hear about President Obama.  Many liberals and African Americans are disappointed with President Obama’s performance, especially on the black unemployment crisis.  Also, President Obama is relatively unpopular in the state of Texas, and even some Democrats have criticized him heavily.

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