Sasha and Malia’s School Reportedly Littered with Drugs and Alcohol

Sasha and Malia Obama’s school might cost $70,000 a year to attend, but that doesn’t mean that the kids don’t mess up.  It turns out that the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC is being heavily criticized for an affair that a staff psychologist had with the parent of a student.  The school is in a $10 million dollar lawsuit that has stained the reputation of one of the finest institutions in the country.

Even worse, a report was released stating that 71 percent of the children at the school admitted that they go to parties where drugs and alcohol are readily available.   Another report says that a full 25 percent of the boys at the school admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol as well.  This makes their school as bad as many elite universities, where wealthy kids get away with things that would give them long prison sentences if they were poor or black.

A family insider said that Michelle and Barack are concerned about the allegations:

“Certainly, the trouble at the school has upset both Barack and Michelle,” said the insider.  “Some friends have suggested the girls be tutored privately at the White House, but the Obamas are keen to have the girls’ educational experience be as normal as possible. They don’t want them home-schooled.”

A former student at the school says that, “I have seen kids snorting coke, smoking pot, getting high and boozing.”

One of the former students at the school, Hugh L. Elsbree, was arrested for running a drug lab.   Another graduate was recently arrested for possession of cocaine and ecstasy with the intent to distribute.  It appears that during this election season, the Obamas have some pretty important decisions to make.  Those decisions appear to be starting right at home.

Maybe when President Obama speaks about troubled schools in America, he might want to look in his own back yard.

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  1. Dr. Boyce is jealous, lol! How does this have anything to do uplifting & educating Americans through your website? NOthing. It's sounds like, I'm a hater because I just watched people gloat & carry on for hours & hours about this beautiful, African American family & no one said one thing about "my" great family! OMGoodness, give it a rest "Boyce" or whoever authored this "gossippy" "jealous" piece. Jesus! Crab in a barrel, crabs in a barrel! so sad. smh.

    • Jacquelyn M. Wolfe

      There's good and bad everywhere. And so are drugs and alcohol. Cant' get away from it. *shrugs shoulders

  2. Keisha Hopkins Forrester

    Well we'll well mr Cosby it seems u rich folk are just as bad, NOW CHASTISE THAT!!!!!! Hahahahahah

  3. Sounds to me like any other school in America. My school had drugs and alcohol in it and that was in the late 70's early 80's and my parents paid tuition for me to go . We need to find away for all our children not to get involved in drugs and alcohol

  4. Ok…what I don't understand here is what is the issue. If this school is so "different" then that means the average school is littered with drugs and alcohol. So this story just states that the Obama girls go to a high priced "regular" school. What should be the issue is not that these things happen at this school, the focus should be that these things happen at ANY school. People have lost focus and lost themselves. It is evident in how the children are acting (out). Let's focusing on fixing the school in our community and with luck it will one day reach this school.

  5. Do this newspaper think there is a place in America where these things are not going on?

    • Happens in the best private schools. Ignorance in thinking that it's not in their own childrens school is just ludicris.

  6. I think that the Obama’s certainly have the right to send their children where they want. I do feel however that black parents often feel that our children can’t be properly educated in some of our communities. I do think that cultural idenity suffers and moreover some children fare better than others. My husband and I live in a town where they have very good private schools. We choose to send our child to a decent public school with children of all races and creed. We believe he will be the richer for it. As long as you have concerned and involved parents, your child will do well no matter when he or she attends school

  7. AaaaaaaaaaaaaaMEN!!!!!

  8. I feel bad for all those who believe the world is going to come to an end because Barack Obama is president! It must be very difficult to come to the realization that you are no longer the only one who gets to have your concerns address!

    Sad Sad Sad! I wish you had been so upset when G W Bush was at the helm.

  9. I have a dream. That each and every day, morning, noon, and night all of our praying Saints — grandmothers especially — will first call the names of the Obama family especially, our nation, and our world and ask the Creator God to continue His good and perfect works of protection and prosperity for them all. Let it be wriitten and let it be done. Amen.

  10. First of all, $70k a year for 2 students 2 attend this school is really not a lot of money. I live n PA and my son attended a private school where it cost almost $30k 2 attend. If it had not been 4 scholarships, he would not have been able 2 attend. We only had 2 pay $3k out of our own pocket but YES THAT WAS A SACRIFICE NONE THE LESS!! I must admit that I had high expectations since it was private, but what I learned was that EVEN(I am being sarcastic)the most affluent children r alcoholics, drug addicts and YES…THIEVES!! These kids stole from my son’s locker, his IPOD(@the time it was top of the line 80gigs) but ALL of their parents said, “my son doesn’t have 2 steal…we’re millionaires. You c my brothers n sisters, sin is no respector of people…it doesn’t care if ur Black, White, Yellow, Red or Brown. It doesn’t matter if ur rich, poor, homeless, drug addict, or a thief, whether ur str8, gay or bi-sexual. When r we ever going 2 learn that bcoz of who The Obamas r as human beings, they desire that Sasha n Malia have as normal a life as possible…a normal life consists of normal people w/normal problems that hve normal solutions! I am confident n my President and his lovely wife that they,r far more capable than I or any1 else 2 kno n implement what is n the best interests of their children. I kno that I am, and I’m not even the Leader of the Free World…hell, sometimes I’m not even the leader n my own home! Regardless, I believe it’s time 4 all decent n like-minded citizen 2 stop buyin the b.s. written about The Obamas n use that energy 2 make sure we allow him 2 finish the course he bgan 4 yrs ago so that we all may benefit when it comes 2 fruition…CAN A BROTHA FROM ANOTHA MOTHA GET N AMEN!!!

  11. the reason why so called ghetto schools are in the conditions theyre in is because the conditions of the parents and kids are substandard, the investment in public school isn’t the same from a financial and environmental standpoint as charter or private schools. plus, you think parents who pay 70K for their kids to attend school live in a poor neighborhood or have some of the same challenges that many other face? So many of these politicians talk about backing the common man and want to connect to the common man, how can they when their children are attending elite private schools that the common man can’t afford for his children? Obama said he would personally stand in the picket line wherever workers are being treated unfairly. he was nowhere to be found in Wisconsin and is nowhere to be found in Chicago. but some are upset that this site published a story about the Obama girls attending a school that has a bit of a drug issue?

  12. Years ago, my daughter`s mother made it a point to enroll my daughter into an out of district White middle class urban school system. This was done by using a White friend`s address. My daughter had to travel well over 25 miles every school day to and from that school. She graduated and went on to college and graduated also. But somewhere in between, my daughter lost her cultural identity. Just about all of her friends are White and she lives in a “White World” devoid of Afrocentric values. Was my daughter`s mother wrong to want my daughter to be safe and to get a better education in a better school district outside of the ghetto..??? Why are NYC public schools in majority poor minority neighborhoods, still offering poor quality education. And why are NYC public schools riddled with crime, gangs, guns, drugs, kids killing kids, etc,.. NYC spend $$billions of dollars on public education and schools are still failing to the point that the Mayor is now closing schools and replacing them with Charter Schools…..Let`s face the fact the ghetto schools and public schools in general, are not the domains for rich kids and never will be….

  13. This is counter productive. Rich people spend big money to send their kids to the best private schools to be safe from urban ghetto public schools with its social pit falls and lower classes. Yet, the very same demons that plague most urban public schools, prevail on a higher level within rich upper class White private schools. President Obama`s daughters are aloof from what`s going on about them because of their Secret Service protection. Unlike the Bush girls, whose parents were substance abusers, the Obama daughters I think are well grounded in the dos and donts……

  14. There's a certain irony in the statement "Maybe when President Obama speaks about troubled schools in America, he might want to look in his own back yard." as the White House in the District of Columbia hence his backyard exist in one of the nation's trouble school districts. The point here is that drugs, booze are reality folks and unless you lock your kids in the closet they will be exposed. These kids attend Sidwell but they still return to communities where this reality exits. Now if you tell me that there were multiple drug rings and gangs at Sidwell –that would surprise me.

    • Kind of explains why 13 former Sidwell students are now at my Son's school but you are on point here. All we can do as parents is the following:

      Teach them the ability to make sound, healthy decisions which helps them overcome peer pressure. Much if this requires strong cultural protective factors.

      In addition, teaching them coping mechanisms to stress and trauma. Schools like Sidwell require at times intense and stressful processes in order to prepare children for post secondary education. Hence, we must teach our children how to deal with this reality. Teaching them principles of steady silence, prayer/meditation (more Spiritual in nature, not necessarily religious)
      and just simply being still.

      If we implement these strategies I believe our children will less likely look to the spirits (remember they are spirits) of drugs and alcohol to find theirs.

    • I'm glad someone else is speaking on the issue of silence, meditation, introspection, and contemplation! A whole-lot of kids, if they just learned that would be so better off and there would be less need for those "calm down" drugs.

    • To me, you can live in a neighborhood and be in it and not of it. parents are more of a controlling part of what they want from their children. But then you do have some born try

    • Born trifling and you Can't do anything about it.

    • I concur….being a native Washingtonian it's no surprise these things go on at the school…however as Daphne has stated when they return to their homes after leaving school they go back to communities where this sort of thing has does not exist. Or if it does it happens in the home without public knowledge. Please please stop trying to use any and everything to throw stones at the Obamas. What has he done that has been so bad or upsetting to you that would even suggest you title an article in this manner and make quotations of the sort. When Chelsea Clinton attended these same schools, there were no write ups. Please find something else to write about. Now if you had stated the girls were partakers of these activities then I can understand the article or the sidebar quotations….but this has gone far to the left.

    • I concur….being a native Washingtonian it's no surprise these things go on at the school…however as Daphne has stated when they return to their homes after leaving school they go back to communities where this sort of thing has does not exist. Or if it does it happens in the home without public knowledge. Please please stop trying to use any and everything to throw stones at the Obamas. What has he done that has been so bad or upsetting to you that would even suggest you title an article in this manner and make quotations of the sort. When Chelsea Clinton attended these same schools, there were no write ups. Please find something else to write about. Now if you had stated the girls were partakers of these activities then I can understand the article or the sidebar quotations….but this has gone far to the left.

    • Hi Daphne… you are so right about your outtake. This site and any site that 'Your Black World' publishes is biased AGAINST all thing Obama. They try at every turn to bring negativity to the current President. They block those who speak out for the President on their Facebook page and call themselves journalists. I guess all journalist can't be expected to uphold the Constitution and give free speech to all. It's hilarious to me that Boyce, the head of this blog calls hi,self the most sought after speaker in America, although I have NEVER hear anything about any speaking engagement and he continues to publicly slam someone who has actually made it in the country called America. WTF? Keep speaking out but just know that once you touch too close to the truth for YBW they will shut you down because they are petty and a legend in their own minds.

  15. Show me a school in America that doesn’t have problems. The parents (including the Obamas)are not responsible for the bad behavior of the students, they are only responsible for teaching their children about the dangers involved in using these substances. Once your kids are out of your sight, they’re pretty much on their own. You can’t live in a bubble. WAKE UP ALL AMERICANS!

    • You are right on with your words. As parents, you can teach and lay down the facts and what will happen, but once a child is out of your sight/home, they have to make decisions based on your parenting. I tell parents this all the time. I am a non profit community service and my mission is to help parents with projects to help their child.

      Most of the responses here are worthy to read. I had to stop and read and will read all of them. This is my area of life.

  16. Get your head out of the sand! There is a problem here! Does it take a death to get your attention? The President and the first family are human and they make mistakes–they are not gods! Accept some criticism of the President. Wake up black people!

  17. Did we really need this story as well as headlining it with the Obama Children!

  18. Why are we so BLIND… instead of looking into other people backyards… look into your own… BOY! this world is sooooo mess up! Who are we to judge! Peace and blessings.

  19. This is part of the human experience. It's life and you make your choices as adults , children learn what they live. I think the President and Mrs. Obama will remain shining examples of what their children will follow. Not what a building or people that attend it do or have done. Some choose to allow their children to be educated totally by a school system.

  20. will not read it! no negitivity from Chuck! he has been a fav and I don't want to be a HATER!

  21. The only reason we’re even seeing this article of the crap we are already experiencing is because they posted Obama’s kids on here to bring traffic. Somehow indirectly and directly attaching the fact that they go there to make some kind of point. People living under rocks even know about the conditions of schools in America and that’s not “new news”. Is it going to change because his daughters go there? The only resolution to situations like these can be accomplished when parents and teachers stand together and enforce the NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL rules in schools or at home and get closer to their kids. Don’t wait til they’ve had their first hit or swig, but now when they are very, young, younger than preteens. You don’t start putting your foot down after the fact. By then you need to play Private Eye to see exactly WHAT they’re drinking and smoking and pray you can do your own intervention before they end up on the TV show or just dead. It has no specific class, race, sex, or religious practices in any political preference. ANYBODY can be affected by drug & alcohol abuse

  22. Oh my goodness. People, time to get a grip.
    Reneegade: NO one is attacking the girls, there is no way one could infer this from the article…plus your comment “schools need to be on strike” Huh? the role of teachers is to teach. I’m a teacher and I’d be the first to cross the picket line to teach my students…
    Derrick: NO ONE was blaming the girls in ANY WAY. The article was simply pointing out that Obama is paying 70,000 per child per year at a school that is infested with drugs. He could get that at the DC schools for free.
    Liz: your comment was somewhat confusing. You do realize this is a private EXCLUSIVE school that the Obamas pay major tuition for…and that they are against vouchers so the “common” parent can do the same. Additionally, in no way, shape or form, can Sidwell Friends be considered a “normal” school. “Normal” people don’t have 70,000 to spend on their child’s education per year (not to mention x2)

    • FINALLY! A sane articulate voice..Thank you. I agree with everything you said.

    • @Rochesternative this is the exact reason they published this article, so people like you would try and say ” how can he relate to the average American and paying 70,000 a year for his kids education “…….I don’t understand why we are so easily persuaded ….SMDH

    • @Rochesternative,

      It’s $70K for the two daughters. Check your facts.

      Not to mention I’m sure it’s not Black kids drinking and drugging at this school (maybe a handful of us), but yet White kids Still seem to have the advantage over our kids. Drinking/drugs or not, that’s exactly why the First Family sends their kids there – THE EDUCATION!

  23. The “insider” is by no means a friend of the Obamas.

  24. Welcome to the real world like the kind of society we live in. Alcohol, drugs, homosexuality, crime, murder, greed,etc,. Is everywhere from the most high to the most low…….

  25. Why don’t you IGNORANT black folks stop believing everything you read.? Stupid, delusional, jealous White folks writing this junk to see how many idiots come out the wood work.

  26. If things were as bad as this article makes it sound, I doubt that President Obama and Michelle children would still be there. Get a life.

  27. Soooooooo,

    1) Were we to believe that because the school is expensive that it was perfect?

    2) Even though it elite, common sense would tell you that it’s just a small microcosm of the real world.

    3) WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS REALLY HAVE TO DO WITH THE FIRST DAUGHTERS? They weren’t the ones drinking and druging, or making drugs!

    Won’t y’all find some REAL Damn news to report about!

  28. Are we really shocked? Anyone who knows that demographic knows that drugs and especially drugs like alcohol, coke and weed are the top three sellers in affluent communities.

  29. Welcome to the real world…….

  30. BTW, everybody roll over and play dead with this over-dramatized reality show crapola.

    Just like you’re all SHOCKED about the teacher’s strike in Chicago, when schools across this country need to be on strike considering …

    Now it’s an election year, we’re focused on Obama and if they attack the girls directly, they’ll have hayell to pay …

    And “Obama’s rich” now … like he isn’t one of few who didn’t actually EARN it, because Mitt Romney certainly did not earn his. He leveraged taxpayer’s dollars to make himself rich, not his own money.,

    Obama “got rich” through book sales. Before that, he and his wife together made barely more than $400k a year and that’s because they had two good jobs.

    READ ON:

  31. Duh, there is a bullet hole in the wall of the White House on the Truman Porch-where POTUS sits and enjoys a drink with the first lady( outside of the bubble as he says), so do you think he is gonna pack-up and move? NOT! Get real, drugs are everywhere people are gonna be(even in the White House too!) just because it is there does not mean “I” ( or their kids or any others!) have to use it!!
    I’m sure the POTUS has been around people who have used drugs(not in their presence-but, who knows!) and their children will be taught to deal with it.
    You can not lock people( especially children) into a black hole and then release them into adult life. If need be, they will teach them to ‘MAKE CHOICES’ you’d think? By the way anybody can have an ‘affair'( aka big Willie ‘s Blow Job in the White House!) Duh,THESE KIDS did/do drugs OUT SIDE OF SCHOOL. Besides putting them in ‘Amish Country’, do you real think a private tutor is educating youR child for the real world? Think and stop spreading rumors!(You heard that the kids said, well kids brag too much!).

  32. Be very clear, we are not talking about Sasha and Malia’s school. They don’t have one. What is being discussed is The Sidwell School where students of means attend. Why does it come as a shock that children of means use alcohol, drugs, have sexual intercourse and anything else they choose living as they often do with absentee parents too busy to notice. This article is a rag! It uses the Obama’s children as a hook and I admit, it hooked me as well. If this is all this publication can find to write about, count me out as a reader.

  33. And?

    This WOULD be the time of year to bring it up, right before an ELECTION, too …

    Y’all need to stop playing footsies with Trolls and Flamers in the black online communities, because there isn’t a school in AMERICA that isn’t littered with drugs and alcoholism.

    This is probably the only country besides Germany, where people raise their kids to be drunks and drug addicts. I’ve witnessed it for myself all over school systems in America.

    If he wants to get his daughters away from that, he might want to send them to a remote Island that has been UNTOUCHED by civilation.


    Folks here are so buzzed out, that they think everyone is just like them or wants to be like them.

    He’d have to find another COUNTRY for them to live in, especially when you can’t even go to a CHURCH here in America without running into a bunch of drunks, druggies, and pros(i(utes all over the place.

    What’s news? Oh, that’s right,. It’s an election year and some of us black folks are actually listening to Republicans acting like CHICAGO is the only place with teachers who need to go on strike, because there is a direct link between Obama and Chicago.

    LOL. Y’all need to quit … unless his daughters are drunks and drug addicts themselves. I was raised among those kinds of people and it didn’t turn me into one. As a matter of fact, the more I saw it, the more I hated it.

    It’s unappealing watching folks get that stuff in them and then act like it’s not a big deal, or people who laugh and think it’s funny.

    Maybe they’ll figure out that’s NOT the way to go; unless they are weak like the other people I see and know who go for it.

    I don’t think they’re that weak … and they’re gonna get exposed to it sooner or later.

  34. These serpents NEVER talk abut Bushboy’s daughters, who not only attended a dope invested college, but used cocaine and alcohol their damn selves!!

    Hell! Yale University was know for dealing opium and it is the home of skull & bones, who Bushboy and his pappy are members!!! The FIRST drug dealers came out of yale, which were the bluebloods!!!

    These yankees are CRAZY, but they’re trying to put the blame on O’Drama’s daughters! Remember, this is a caucasoid school; not a majority Black school; therefore, these cracker teachers and caucasoid students are the ‘drug addicts’ and ‘drug dealers’ IN THE SCHOOL, and AFTER SCHOOL!!!

    Let’s see what these racist trolls say about this article.

  35. This is some (CRAZY) shyt to say–What insider would state they want their kids to have a public education so they are leaving them in this self described DRUG DEN?
    Lonely people looking for shyt to say the POTUS & FLOTUS have their kids in a school as described DOUBT IT!!! Stop the round about jealousy & HATE of the Obama’s this makes The Black World publication look bad–Y’all are becoming the next Tavis & Cornel full of shyt!!

    • There is a very serious problem with the mental understanding of our ‘African American’ community.

      We were never prepared for an existence in such a devious and diabolical ‘Anglo-Saxon’ society as this!

      This ‘US’ is the mother of all pillaging, hoarding, enslavement, and killing nations! The secrets they keep from everyone is clouding our judgements and overall train of thought!

      The elections were never meant to suit our needs, nor the needs of all common citizens. The people we are given the (illusion) of ‘electing’ do not work for us, nor are they keeping our best interest at heart! Yet here we are loving the wealthy so-called “leaders” of a ‘White supremacist nation’! A nation which uses people like Obama and Romney as “surrogate” overseers and manipulators, who’s names are used to ‘represent’ the “Anglo-elite” monsters! The (wealthy) Obamas and/or Romneys don’t have a problem as long as they serve their ‘elite masters’ well!

      ‘We’ are the ones who have the problems!
      The problems with our lives are so extensive that the negative examples of our naivety, stupidity, and misinformed views seep out when we unwisely praise the people who surely do us a great deal of harm, and rarely any good!
      It appears that the longer we live in this country the less we learn and the more we forget!

      When the elite “whites” put Mr. Obama in place they had a plan, and their plan is as functional as any other diabolical plan they have ever devised!

  36. WOW really!