Man Gives HIV to 15-Year Old Boy, then Brags about it On Facebook

A man has been charged with attempted murder and criminal transmission of the AIDS virus after sleeping with a 15-year old boy.  According to the police in Pembroke Pines, Florida, the man had intercourse with the boy and the boy contracted the HIV virus from him.  The man then allegedly bragged about his actions on Facebook.

Keith “Keyoko” Sumlin is in jail, but his wounds will never heal.  The boy told his mother that the two men slept together and that he later heard that he was HIV-positive.   The mother took her son to the hospital for an HIV test, and that’s where he found out that he is now positive.

Before they had intercourse, police say that the man lied and said that he was 21.  But he then asked the boy, “Are you really 18 years old?”

When the boy told him “no,” the man allegedly asked, “Are you 17?”  That’s when the boy said “Younger.”

In spite of the age differential, the man then proceeded to have unprotected intercourse with the boy.   He met the defendant on a mobile phone app and the man invited him to his home.

A friend told the boy that Sumlin “has a secret Facebook page wherein he posts videos of himself engaging in anal s*x with males that appear to be under the age of 18,” according to the police report.

The police have confirmed that such videos do exist, and Pembroke Pines detective Michael Silver says that he saw the videos himself.

“I f—ed this little boy, videotaped it and added it to the online group,” Sumlin said in the video, according to the police report. “And I don’t use condoms when I have sex and you call me sick, don’t worry about me, worry about who gave it to them.”

Sumlin is now in the Broward County Jail.



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  4. This happened in my town. That is not a boy, that is one stupid teenager.

  5. This is a sick man. Why was this boy on that website in the first place. Parents really need to watch over these kids on computers if he was on the computer at home. There are pros and cons with these computers.

  6. What a scumbag! I have NO empathy for rapists child molesters and pedophiles and they are vermin, the scum of the earth! He needs to be castrated get the death penalty so he will put out of his misery and this way, he will never be able to claim another victim! It sickens me when some HIV-positive men and women take their anger and despair out on innocent people by infecting them on purpose. These people haven’t done anything to them and they are not the cause of their problems. And these predators for what??! Just because misery likes company and they should be punished to the FULLEST extent of the law because what they did IS attempted murder and they have ruined these people’s lives! People who living with HIV are legally and morally obligated to inform people who they dating or potential sexual partners about their status because this is a matter of life and death and the other party should have the right to decide if they want to hook with somebody who has HIV. Don’t force him or her into that situation!!!

  7. I wonder what prevents heterosexual people from saying “HIV” as opposed to “AIDS virus” whenever they describe the virus itself….you don’t “give” AIDS…you can transmit HIV and then later it BECOMES AIDS possibly… ignorant is the writer of this article on a subject that is clearly out of their depth????

  8. I think you people need to get on with your lives. This happened well over a year ago and its just amazing to me that people are still talking about it. He has already been convicted and his serving his time. Move the fuck on from it.

    • Doesn’t matter if it is 1 yr, 5 yrs, 10 yrs!This is a very disturbing story! He manipulated kids to his house & video taped him raping them!!! Sick! How do you get over it Mike? Given out the Bug lately?

  9. This is crazy. yes this man judgement way the hell off, sleeping with a child but we have to remember we are not educating our children. They are accessing adult sites with the intent to sleep or deal with older people. This is nothing new. Its horrible that this child has HIV but he is not alone… in this new generation they feel they are untouchable and HIV\AIDS will no harm them. We have a high school here in philly were a couple of years ago the hiv\ aids status were the highest in the city..a whole damn city.. Please educate and alarm your children and people. These young people need to be warned and educated that this is real and many people are dying or have died because of ignorance and no education. No matter what this young man was doing he still could have had the knowledge to use a condom.

  10. This man needs to go straight to the penitently for not giving this young man a chance at life to decided on his own if he wanted to lay down with a dog and get up with flees this sick as mofo need to be executed for giving this boy a disease that have not cure but a sure promise to death I hope he burns in hell what a sicko messing with a child and they need to inject this bitch with battery acid

  11. Gash the and light them~ Chuck Fenda

  12. This man is really sikc he really don’t care because he is already dead, and for him to fukc a baby at that, but the 15 year old shouldn’t have been on this app in the first place where the Hell was his parents and why did they let him go with the Damn man? That’s the fukcin question…. But the dude needs to gone and curl the fukc up and for that baby I feel real sorry for him and his parents……# SO YOUNG SO SAD #:(

  13. This man is sick and yes he should be punished but we also have to ask ourselves…..why do we have so many young men meeting strangers and givin up there ass as if it were nothing. This is crazy…15yr old on a phone app cruising for sex with older men and unsafe sex at that. This HIV infected man is not the only issue here…it is so much bigger.

  14. Laretta Jacquett

    Sorry but THAT KID should not have been no where near having SEX.
    Doing grown things leads to GROWN UP headaches Tears, and a sentence possibky DEATH.
    The GUY is really ridiculous and inhuman….

  15. The 10-20-Life law should apply. He is shooting a loaded gun.

  16. God is a Healer!!! We pray for the child!!! We pray for the pervert as well!!!

    • Yeah… That’s what’s needed. PRAYER. Prayer will most certainly cure that child of HIV, will cure him of the emotional trauma…

      PRAYER. Yeah, that’s really doing something -_-


  17. No one is taking into “CONSIDERATION”….

    What the hell is a 15 YR OLD BOY giving up ass for?!!

  18. This is some fucked up shit! Give him about 20 years for having sex with a kid and then give him 20 or 30 years for attempt to commit murder!

  19. This a sick person lord have mercy on that child the same thing happened to my step son now he dead at the age of 21.

  20. Dripping Ink Press

    Annnnnnd . . . . this is why aliens won’t talk to us.

  21. It looks like the blotches on his neck are Kaposi Sarcoma. That may mean he has full-blown AIDS. His nasty ass wasn’t even taking his anti-retroviral medicine probably. Trifling ass! We need to pour gasoline on him and then set his ugly azz on fire.

  22. The 15-year old is not in jail. The man who gave him HIV is. Why would the victim be in jail.

  23. Just tragic

  24. the black community is doomed.

  25. Regardless of all of society’s screw ups and short coming or who’s to blame, there was a sick pervert who needed to be stopped and s vulnerable 15 year old kid who fell victim to his scheme. Blame the boy his mom possible lack of a dad or whatever you want but no one knows this kids story…. No one knows but him so stop passing judgement… Who the hell are you especially u so call christisn and ppl of god, to judge these people. Forever passing judgement n young ppl and others who may not follow “the good book” where the hell were u in your life before u became this hypocrite of a christian that you are today…. What happened to “God forgives” or does he not qualify because of his choice to have sex before 18 or because the sex that he did have was with a man
    And newsflash children being active in sex is nothing new. Need I remind you generations ago girls were 16 17 marrying men in thier 20’s and it was “ok”……

  26. Not deserving belief at all

  27. This has nothing to do with race. nothing to do with sexual orientation, nothing to do with sex and nothing to do with love. This is more about decency, respect for others, moral choices and honoring your body .. it also has MUCH to do with following the teachings of the Almighty God who gave us instructions on good behavior, loving one another, decency and His plan of salvation for sinful man. All God asks is that we believe in His plan of redemption: Trust in the Cross and what Jesus did there for everyone of us. “For God so loved you and me, that He gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in Him will have eternal life.” Will you trust Him now?

  28. All these Gay Negroes already Dead the Living Dead they just ain’t been put in the Ground yet! Being a Black Homo is like being other self Destructive type Negroes (StereotypeNegroes)Dope Dealers & Fiends Snitches Stool Pigeons,Liers,Whores,BrainDeadNegroes,Adulterers,Fonocators,Jealousy&Envy,Sellouts,PunkassNiggas,SoftAssUckassCats,some of our people like a Rusty lock easy to turn in the Wrong Direction Hard to turn to the Right Direction! lol Negroes who eat out Whitefolks Asses but a SelfHatingNegroes most of these Nigs are your Drive By shooters but make every excuse in the World not to shoot somebody exploiting they Hood! Crackers & others.ControlFreakTypeNegroes who ain’t even Hittin’ Right lol How you gonna act like this lol These Negroes need to getting Rid of lol

  29. This story is heartbreaking. The boy is only 15 but hopefully since he knows and its early he still has a chance. I won't even express words for this grown azz loser! However we need to take a long hard look into why on earth this little boy at 15 is meeting someone and having unprotected sex IDC MAN OR WOMAN. Where is his FATHER? I'm sure he is probably looking for love in all the wrong places. At the end of the day HIV is alive and well. Whether its people purposely infecting others or people who never get tested and are unknowingly infecting others. My advice that I give to these kids wait until YOU ARE MARRIED! If you can't wait treat everyone like they have it! Peace and Blessings to this young man and his mother. This is a cold hard lesson to learn AT 15. My prayers are with the family.

  30. Karma is a motherfreaker, and where this guy is going he’s going to have plenty of men to partake in anal sex, however this time I do believe the situation may not to his benefit, (meaning where he has the advantage). Sadly, he has knowlingly infected several men with the deadly disease of AIDS and many lives will be forever changed. This man is a menace to society and thankfully he is incarcerated and will be dealt with.

  31. We catch Hell in America Derrick because of our Disunity Distrust SelfDoubt SelfHate we must get on the same page & stop Worrying about other Groups of People! If we get things in order all these other Groups would be gone from the Hood like Koreans Jews Arabs Indians & all these other Groups who look at our Hoods like a Tittie to suck from(All the Money) and go back to ChinaTown with our Money which is stupid! I used to check Arabs all the time when I was in LA when I saw them selling zig zags,cigarettes wine alcohol I told them where it say to sell this in the Quran! You should love for your Brother what you love for yourself! I came back & all the Whiteman’s poisons was Gone & these Arabs talking about who a real Muslim lol a real Muslim would not sell this stuff no matter how much extra profit he could make! Big Time Hypocrites What we really Need as a people is a 3rd Political Party for the Poor & Disenfranchised then we can get some real results! Right Now Fagits Dogs Cats 3inch Migits got more Rights then our people! Anytime a fagit on the Job start threatening to sue because he wants a particular Holiday Time something is wrong!
    Satan comes to make Evil look Fair Seeming,Everything God says don’t Do the Whiteman says it’s OK I just don’t go for this type of BS & Miss Me with all this Fagitry lol Fools you gonna get Ghetto Aids & Die in 6 Months like Eazy E

    • @Bro Muhammad:

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      The pale muslims hate us, just like these yankees! They disrespect the negro, in their stores, businesses and other franchises they own. I had a Black muslim brother, who always gave those pale muslims the greeting…but, they NEVER returned it; that’s when I got out of Islam.

      I am a Spiritual Brother, and once we realize that ALL of these re-ligions are man-made, we will separate from them, and begin to BUILD A NATION OF OUR OWN! I have had Black muslims disrespect me, xtians disrespect me, people from India disrespect me, asians, mexicans, crackers…the list goes on and on. AIN’T NO RE-LIGION GONNA SAVE US! We MUST save ourselves…no if’s, ands, or buts!!!

      What we REALLY need to do is break the cycle of HATERISM amongst our people…that’s the problem! Our people hate each other so much, but love that caucasoid ‘god’ up in space. Just look at this site, how these negroids ALWAYS agree with these caucasoid planters, who come on this site.

      Mention the word BLACK and they’ll go crazy! They want to be called MINORities instead of being called BLACK! This is the brainwashing that the caucasoid heathen has put on their minds.

      What these negroids don’t know is that, the color ‘white’ represents evil, destruction, wickedness, disunity and DEATH! It’s right in front of them, but they still don’t want to see it!

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      WE MUST SEPARATE AND UNITE…IT’S THE ONLY WAY. I’m ready to cut the chatter, and get on with the clatter because the time is NOW!!! I’ll be tutoring our children soon, so I’m doing my part.


  32. Look, Parents (Shepherds) needs to watch and protect and pray you train your kids (sheep) well because the Wolf (e.g. the guy in this article) is out to prey and destroy the sheep by any means necessary. I know everyone wants to not condemn any form of sin (e.g. fornification/homosexuality), but sin is sin. There is an advantage to abstaining from sexual activity. The kid who probably wanted to experiment with homosexual behavior got the worse awakening of it you can possibly imagine. Not only is he having unprotected sex but he is using his (or receiving) sex in an area that is considered HUMAN WASTE (e.g. anal area). This is not good on all levels and like those who work in a nuclear waste area, always use protection if you engage in having sex in a human waste area or heterosexual sex. PERIOD. Your life can depend on it. Real talk!

  33. This is really sad. Satan has way too may. People doing his work. I know Jesus said to pray for ur enemies and bless them that persecute u but its situations like this that makes it really hard to do that. My first reaction is to cut off his penis while filming it and then post that video on line but im going to try and take the high road and pray for all involved. Hopefully young boys will read this and learn a lesson because it can happen to any of us

  34. @Bro Muhammad: “This Negro looks like He got Downs Syndrome or something just slow”

    LOL! That was funny as hell! He does look rather retarded!


    “This term is new to the lexicon of racism. It is one fo the terms designed by the white conservative movement and came of age during the infamous murfer trial of O.J. Simpson in 1995.

    It is used to BELITTLE or poke fun at the serious charge of racism. It is an excellent propaganda tool designed to DEFLECT and DOWNPLAY the devasting impact of racism in real life social interaction. If a charge of racism is made, it gets poked fun at by saying, “Oh there you go again, playing the race card.”

    This is an effective shielding mechanism for hiding the hand that threw the racial rock. Race card dialogue dilutes serious attempts at racial reformation and conciliation. It essentially says that race is not an issue or a problem and is only being used becasue the accuser has no other grounds to gain sympathy and support.

    The race card statement syas that racism does not exist or does not exist at the level the accuser idicates and that it is a lame excuse and only exists IN THE MIND OF THE VICTIM. It has now become a convenient excuse for blaming someone else for personal problems and social shortcomings.

    The race card argument further adds validity to the notion that BLACK PEOPLE REALLY ARE LAZY and DYSFUNCTIONAL and want others to TAKE CARE OF THEM. It also has the effect of DISMISSING hundreds of years of RACIST HISTORY AS NOTHING BUT PROFANE RANTING FROM A DO-NOTHING GROUP OF PEOPLE.

    The race card term is a VERY DANGEROUS stament and it must not be TRIVIALIZED because it is a BRILLIANT and POWERFUL two-word statement that obliterates the impact of racism.” [Race Code War, p. 77]

    Today, negroids are calling themselves RACIST, which is another LIE! Back in the day, the ONLY racist were klanners, jim crow, and the pigs. Nothing has changed because these demon/devils are still RACIST and will NEVER CHANGE!

    Racists are individuals, groups and populations who believe in and practice white supremacy and RACIAL DOMINATION. This is why I tell Blacks and negroids, that we CAN’T BE RACIST!!!

    ALL white supremacists are people or persons classified as white, who believe in, practice and implement white domination over ALL PEOPLE, THINGS, PLACES AND EVENTS WORLD-WIDE.

    Bro Muhammad; negroids are just like that clown in that picture; as you stated: THEY GOT DOWNS SYNDROME AND ARE VERY SLOW!!!

    Peace & Truth

  35. How can a Black Person Play the Race Card with a fixed Deck Being Delt! Racism is a System Stupid for the Protection of Whites, White Skin Protects you in America & the World! It is Impossible for us to be Racist! We are the Victims just look where we live now you get it! We get the Ass End of Everything just ask OJ I hope he learning now Big Dummy! All the Blacks with Money owe Taxes too let these Crackers tell it! OJ in the Pen & owe taxes lol you Whitefolks need to stop it lol I’m Glad I Bounced give up that notion that America is #1 & the Center of the World because America is under Divine Judgement & God is Already Here! Allah comes to Separate the Lamb from the Goat & to place Justice in the Earth! Something we been begging God to give us! Black people our Destiny has nothing to do with Americas Destiny later for all these Devils in this Country they not my people! Keep your eye on this strange Weather The God is at Work! Rain Hail Snow & EarthQuake Hurricane Typhoone etc A Negro talking about he went to Yale, he should have went to jail to learnt something!This Negro looks like He got Downs Syndrome or something just slow!

  36. MFers like this deserve to have their beans and their franks cut off. Welcome to the world of eunuchs you sorry POS! I will do it for free if the guvmint needs someone….world is twisted!

  37. Oh..this is so sad. I feel sorry for the boy. It appears he’s the true victim in this whole sordid scenario. I know it’s difficult these days but where was the wisdom and guidance that this child really needed from his parents?

  38. What’s up with all this Fagitry? I would have my 3 Sons Dig some Wholes & shoot All these Negroes & Throw them in! This Fagitry has gone too far & the Whiteman sitting Back tickled Pink ,because we are following something that is Very Unnatural Behaviour this is a White lifestyle & we look like some BraindeadNegroes following behind somebody else! If these Crackers really wanted to Help they would take Hood Children to Wall Street & they could immitate Whitefolks like this, they not going to do this because we would Own America! Can’t have that so we are led Down Death Disease & Destruction! Keep following behind Crackers u will pay for your ignorance! They are no friend to the Black Nations of the Planet! And this Negro that gave this Boy a Disease is Very Typical of most Negroes who have lost love for ourselves,but we love the Whiteman no matter What! If you Black we know our people you either Contious or Uncontious! Wake the Hell up time is Running Short! Real Black Leaders who love our people are looked at by these Young&Stupids like a Joke until they Asses in trouble then you want to call everybody? Look out you Dummies when our people disappear! No Muslims on the corner???? It will be over for alot of us playing to much & God is tired of US!

    • No, you’re just a racist douche, and yes a Black person CAN be racist. As long as you have disdain for any race other than your own, you are a racist! Being a gay Black person is not a kick in the stones to the Black community, and you are absurd to think so.

  39. The death penalty would be to good for this degenerate. He should be put in solitary confinement & not given any medications. That way he would contract full blown aids & suffer the painful death he has caused others to now fight.


  40. No one to blame but the 15 year old’s parents…SMDH! Why is a 15 year old on the internet looking for sex from a grown man? Why aren’t the parents aware of their kids where abouts? WE ALL KNOW WHAT’S IN THESE STREETS! Why aren’t these kids in church, bible study or some kind of after school activities? It amazes me how quick people are to have unprotected sex and produce kids, yet don’t protect them. Obviously this boy had HIV before he had sex with this monster. Both of these idiots get exactly what they bargained for. I know the 15 year old had sex education in school, so therefore he knew better. STOP HAVING ANAL, ORAL & VAGINAL SEX UNPROTECTED. Even if ur married…

  41. No 15 year old should be having sex and especially unprotected sex. Where was the father? This is what happens when no male role model is in the home.

  42. 1st & Foremost: thank u Cree Seven fo dat info! As 4 tha rest of tha comments, I agree 97%. And this has nothin 2 do wit tha fact I am against homosexuality (wit both sexes)! But yea, this is sick. I had a man reference a Bible to me & pick up a book who’s cover read ‘New Testament’. I wuz like, dude, dat’s not a Bible, dat’s tha New Testament! It says it right on tha cover! But these $ hungry pastors have their flock believin tha New Testament is a Bible. Ppl should have tha common sense 2 know betta, but they obviously don’t… This would still make tha newz if a man met an underage girl on fb & did tha same thing. So I handle it accordingly: $#!! is sick & need severe punishment (sorry, but also severe consequences on tha 1 who contracted)! Don’t be surprised ppl, if an alternate story comez out dat tha 15yr already had it & passed it 2 tha overage idiot! Stay !!!!!

  43. There is far too much emphasis on sex for this generation. 15? and having sex with a man that he meat on an App. Really? WTF are we talking to our children about? No-never do I condone this wackos behavior. I’m just wondering why it is ok for our 9, 10, 12, 15 year olds to be so caught up in sexuality. Young ladies are walking around looking so much like boys that it is sickening. Young men getting butt injections and wearing lipstick and the mood doesn’t change when we see it! A 15 year old, gay and so horny that he meets someone on a phone App-SMDH!!!! I’ve seen AIDS up close and personal in my family-one through homosexuality and the other a cheating, selfish, lying spouse. It is nothing to play with! These kids are playing recklessly-

    • Kids do what they do because they learn from us adults lessons on how to conduct themselves. We don’t always practice what we preach and children grow up seeing the contridictions we live. Adults focus so much on kids listening to what they are told and doing what they are told to do but… actions always speak louder than words. please tell me how do we get children to respect their bodies if the adults around them do not?… We have sisters running around looking a hot mess, everything they wear is too tight, too small, shows everything, and now when you go to stores to shop for our youngers girls they same clothes being sold to adult women are now being sold to these girls. Grown ass men are running around with their asses out, pants sagging. Kids grow up seeing the way we handle our relationships… they know too much about the circumstances of their own births… and yet we expect them to much better. Our youth will do better when the adults around them start getting their shit together. Adults need to remember that the youth are watching us… and if all we have to offer them is dysfunction – our people are doomed… Period.

  44. All the more reason to enforce life in prison.

  45. Really sad…..keep that fool alive but remove his penis and let the virus ravage his body. The inmates better be on alert or the prison will become an Aids clinic/prison. As for the boy why the hell was a 15 yr old out there engaging in sex…..I feel for him but now he has to live with his mistake for so long as he lives!

  46. what blows me is when you go on websites like worldstar and you see the videos with the thirsty ass basic broads with booty shots. you click on the video and it asks you “are you 18 years or older?”as if the kids are going to say no. please

  47. HIV can affect anyone leave homosexuality out of it… if you choose not to use a condom in whatever situation your are opening yourself up to all disease no matter if you are straight or gay. Children have always been enamored with sex because the people that should be teaching them the "real" lessons about it aren't. Parents want to make it seem like it doesn't exist as if one day their children wont become sexually active, its a cycle that needs to stop, especially with males who will always be more sexual. that little boy knew very well what he was doing when he chose to sleep with that man and he chose not to wear / make the man use a condom. I don't care who you are if someone even attempts to not put on a condom that means they either have something or don't care if they give or receive an std…that's your cue to leave…the situation is tragic, but the boi will live and he will hopefully have learned his lesson and become a voice in the community on the platform of Safe sex. That man will pay for his crimes in prison if these "facts" are indeed completely true. Like anything else you can only take the media at face value.

  48. Never thought I'd b an advocate for the death penalty, But this just tears me up inside. That man deserves to have his dick cut off, take a bath in salt and lemon juice, then b put down like the dog he clearly is.

  49. Sick, Sick, Sick! I really hope the young boy will recover!

  50. Sick, Sick, Sick!

  51. Where is the firing squad when you need it? This POS should be placed in front of a 20-man firing squad and annihilated.

  52. That's crazy y would u do this to someones child? Now u have to pay the piper man that shit is serious please wrap it up AMERICA has gotten comfortable be their r so many drugs out ther please get scared again n let's stop this epidemic STAY BLESSED

    • Katrina Pittman-Freeman

      That's some fucked up shit! Biahs b bitter cause they sick and have that I don't give a fuck attitude about the next person health! Ugh sick ppl in this society we in

  53. Trying to keep down my lunch as I write this. At lot of people are responsible for this tragedy! They put pornography in magazines and sold it in stores and people said it was okay when they found it in their young boys rooms. They put it in movies so that people could watch it on tv and unsupervised kids watched it and that was okay too. They created all types of electronic gadgets to use in the bedroom and people said that was okay too. Strip clubs are okay. Gay bars and clubs are okay. Let’s cover up for football coaches while he rape young boys and that was okay too. Gay marriage okay too. Give underage kids unlimited access to the internet so that they can meet strangers and that’s okay too. Pastors molesting children and others help to cover it up and to them, that’s okay too! When people said okay to all this sickness, Satanic forces said okay to all the rest. It’s a train ride. You jump on the ride of perversion and there is no telling where it will end. Are you okay with that too??????????

    • You can argue that HIV does not cause AIDS. I am in health care and I can tell you that black people are dying and suffering from HIV/AIDS more than any group. So called intellectuals can debate the obvious but the numbers do not lie. The debate should not be about what the virus is and who created it. Prevention and testing should be brought to the forefront of this debate. Churches and celebrities need to be involved.

      The man in this story is evil and vile. The law enforcement system will take care of him. He took advantage of a hurting young man looking for attention.


    • Alicia Rae,

      It is obvious that you get it. I have been posting similar comments and people seem to act as if the salacious actions of others and the “sexualization” rampant in our culture has no lasting impact on our children.

      When every cultural barrier and prohibition to “anything goes” in our culture is breached or destroyed, then it goes without saying that there will be nothing left to protect the most vulnerable and naive amongst us.

      What I find the most incredulous is the “fake shock” that some people portray as if they don’t live in the “real world” or see the “real headlines” of one depravity after another. Do they expect that all or most children will emerge unscathed in this world of lust and perversion when they have so many scurrilous personal, community and political role models to emulate?

      Alas, there is the Democratic Party and the President that promotes same-sex marriage, taxpayer funded abortion on demand, anti-religious bigotry, refusal to defend our country’s laws on illegal immigration and the Defense of Marriage Act, the removal of God from the DNC Platform and the “vigorous debate” and a thrice vote and bogus adoption by the delegates to re-insert God back into the mix and we wonder why there are serious moral issues of temperance or restraint in the country? Well, go figure.

      We need leaders that will initiate and propagate policies that will set a tone for great moral character in this country so that our young people will have good examples and the courage to take another direction.

      While the family is important, that old adage of “It Takes a Village” with a a God-fearing and courageous leader is the prescription needed to develop and maintain healthy children, adults, families and communities in this nation.

      But what we currently have is that “slippery slope” where selfish and immoral adults have abdicated their responsibilities to their own children and the future generations to come and a moral compass that is increasingly “stuck on the left and the extreme” in the erosion of traditional family values.

      This confuses children because there are now too many shades of gray between “black and white” and we equivocate and vacillate on issues that are morally and spiritually clear – but we choose blindness over light.

      You finished your poignant comments with: “You jump on the ride to perversion and there is no telling where it will end.” Oh, but I think that most of us have a good idea where the ride will ultimately end. But to many, the ride is “too thrilling” and seems much more important than the destination. And, that is the real problem.

      Fasten your seatbelt because we are on a one-way excursion to hell.

  54. Well I have some…

    This man is evil and well he deserves life in prison or the death penalty. Personally the death penalty cuz I don’t wanna have to pay for his stay in jail, I’m just saying.

    The mother of this teenager really needs to examine herself because, no parents can’t watch their children 24/7 but if you’re talking to them, instilling some values and respect for themselves certain wouldn’t happen. For example early pregnancy or in this very sad instance early contraction of a sexually transmitted disease.

    Possibly lucky for him there are the beginnings of a cure for hiv which might prove beneficial and attainable at some point in time in his life.

    What a sad story to wake up to…

  55. This makes me sick to my Stomach, a child's life is meant to be precious yet these sick individuals prey on our young, no matter what his sexual preface may be he is still a Kid…. Probably a confused one…

  56. What a shame…people still don’t get it!!!
    Talk to your kids…stop worrying about what folk in the church think about what you’re teaching your kids. WE LIVE BEYOND THE BIBLICAL DAYS OF THE JESUS TEACHINGS PEOPLE!!! There is a New Testament and an Old Testament, you want to know why? There was teachings before and after Jesus Chirst came to save us. Hence the changes in the world today dictates that we most adjust and teach out kids about predators and all types of sexuality. We must teach what thus saith the LORD and pray our kids choose wisely but at the end of the day GOD granted us free will aka choice to choose to follow him or the world. I’d rather my child make an informed decision than be death dumb and blind to what’s out here in this world…SMH

    • Are you mental or just… This is not about you ranting against religion.

    • @Candy apparently he did talk to his parents after all he told his mom he slept with a man… I didn’t tell my mother about the girls I slept with…Apparently he was allowed to engage in sex and simply got caught out there. Sad story… There are far better ways of getting a thrill than meaningless sex…

  57. No words for this one

  58. Are you serious? What is going on?

  59. If it weren't for the rampant racism I have no problem with the death penalty. a a liberal use of it! Mistake made I'll take them because 1. you get rid of know sociopaths 2. it build self control. Yes these monsters have self control, know you will die will keep most people from acting on their wants and needs. That's it that's all.

  60. This is a really sad situation, with responsible parties on all sides! This is why people shouldn't be allowing children to feel they are responsible enough to be having sex! THEY AREN'T! Understand, I hope they never let this DOG out of prison, but in my home, I'M TEACHING ABSTINENCE! Since my divorce, I don't even have men around my kids! Because I am trying to be an example for them. I have explained to them that I have chosen to be celibate and why. I show my children things like this! I have explained to both my kids that God designed intecourse for a married man and woman! God has never given us anything to do that is impossible, so I feel it is my responsiblity to teach this to my kids! And believe me I have also discussed protection and let them know that if they decide they are going to have sex to come to me so that I can provide them with what they need! I'd rather deal with it than have them sneaking behind my back! And God forbid I have to deal with something like this! You better stop just saying well they gone do it anyway and help your children! With guidance from "CARING" parents things can be different!

    By the way putting a 13/14 year old LITTLE GIRL on birth control and giving a way too young little boy condoms IS NOT HELPING YOUR KIDS!


  62. Rashib Taylor-Davis

    First off they called this lil boy a man at 15 he is still a child They charged him with Attempted murder and criminal transmission of the AIDS virus What about rape and other charges such as juvenile pornography The people take were friends with this clown on FB should be charged as well SMH.

  63. These people are Crazy! SMDH