Just Reel Film: “Mommy Uncensored” Chronicles The Ups And Downs Of Motherhood

“Mommy Uncensored: Confessions of a Real Mom”

by Dorian Chandler, Your Black World

Being a stay-at-home mother is no easy task. Juggling the demands of your children while trying to maintain your own self identity is the inspiration behind the web series, Mommy Uncensored: Confessions of a Real Mom. In the series, we meet Karen Wright, a former counselor turned stay-at-home mom who chronicles her journey through motherhood via her digital camera.

Mommy Uncensored is the brainchild of Charity Jordan who also plays the lead mommy role. She pulls inspiration for the series from her own real life experiences as a mother and wife. “We’re trying to give parents a chance to be empowered through laughter by watching a ‘realistic’ perspective of parenthood for the first time online.”

Inappropriate Songs is the title of the first episode which premiered this past Labor Day. Karen is hit by a surprise call from her daughters daycare which prompts her to take a second look at her parenting skills. Often times we see Karen venting her frustrations in the bathroom while sitting on the toilet. Her candid interactions between her children, husband and the camera make for some pretty funny and relatable scenarios. Look out for a cameo from D. Woods formerly of Danity Kane, who plays the role of Karen’s friend Jill.

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