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Schoolbus Driver Drops Forgotten Four-Year-Old Off At Homeless Shelter

Four year old LadyOurLove McInnis Was Dropped Off At A Homeless Shelter- Miles Away From Her Home- On The First Day Of School


A four-year-old girl named LadyOurLove McInnis, was traumatized when her schoolbus driver dropped her off miles away from her home at a homeless shelter in Minneapolis. McInnis’ mother, LadyAshley Myers, is calling for the termination of the schoolbus driver.

My daughter has not slept in the bed with me since she was 2 years old. Last night, she slept in a bed with me because she was so upset,” Myers told a local news station. School officials have reprimanded the driver and mandated that he undergoes further training so that the situation does not happen again. The school district’s communications director Rachel Hicks said that drivers are still familiarizing themselves with the new students.

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