Black Women Are The Fastest Growing Demographic Group Seeking Concealed Handgun Licenses

 Black women are the fastest-growing demographic group in state of Texas seeking concealed handgun licenses
Black Women Are Fastest Growing Demographic Group Seeking Concealed Handgun Licenses

In the state of Texas, black women are the fastest growing demographic group seeking concealed gun licenses according to data collected from the Texas Department of Public Safety. The data shows the increase in black women licensees has more than doubled since 2000 (0.75% in 1996-2000 to 1.63% in 2007-2011).

While no one knows the exact reason(s) for the surge of black female licensees, GOP Texas state representative and National Rifle Association member Stefani Carter attributes the growth to black on black crime, in which 15% of the victims were female in 2005. In a USA Today column, Carter cites the Bureau of Justice Statistics to support her claim.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 93% of the more than 8,000 black homicide victims in 2005 were murdered by someone of their own race. Of those 8,000 victims, 15% were women. Also blacks account for only 13.1% of the U.S. population but are nearly half of the homicide victims in the country.” She continued, “With numbers like these, it is imperative that we learn how to use guns to defend ourselves.”

Whatever the reason(s), black women must feel it is worth the rigorous process that Texas has implemented for applicants hoping to acquire a license. Applicants must take a 10- to 15-hour class in gun safety and gun laws, followed by a qualification test to make sure they can shoot properly. The applicant must also provide fingerprints and submissions of notarized affidavits and color passport photos.

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  1. Spot on with this write-up, I truly feel this amazing site needs a
    great deal more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read more, thanks for the advice!

  2. Ms. T on September 1 said: "Never-the-less, there’s irony in that even when a Black woman exercises her Constitutional right to bear arms, she is still vilified, marginalized and criminalized. As soon as Black women stop being sick and tired of being sick and tired…it’s going to be on!"

    That is something. To some minds, if a white man buys a gun, it's to protect himself, his family, and his property, but if a black woman buys a gun, it's to perpetuate someone else's crime.

  3. Just wrote up a post on this wonderful article, echoing other people's comments that the citizens must be able to defend themselves:

  4. Mz…I feel what you are saying, however, this is just one claim…I must admit that I am not versed in the laws of Illinois, but Illinois laws seems lax in its enforcement. There seems to be more to this story…maybe some kind of firearms ring or something. I mean it’s seems oxymoronic for someone to purchase a gun for someone to commit a crime when they can get one with no strings or association and then dispose of it, whether lose it or sell it. Never-the-less, there’s irony in that even when a Black woman exercises her Constitutional right to bear arms, she is still vilified, marginalized and criminalized. As soon as Black women stop being sick and tired of being sick and tired…it’s going to be on!

  5. I thought a “straw purchase” is when a person purchases a firearm from a dealer (licensed) and then sells and turns the firearm over to the prohibited person. It seems like a lot of trouble for a Black woman to purchase a firearm for her “convicted felon boyfriend” leaving a paper trail, although she could use a fake I.D., when anybody can purchase a gun from the trunk of some car. Hmmm?
    Black women are homeowners, business owners, heads of their families and will pop-a-cap in someone if she is threatened, so it might as well be legal. Although this didn’t work so well for Marissa Alexander in Florida. Racism lives!!!

    • Ms. T, you are on point, however, the consensus is that these women report their firearm(s) stolen or that they had no idea that it was missing. In recent years, a man-convicted felon was arrested near the Obama home with an illegal firearm. It was found to belong to his girlfriend who cops claimed- admitted to making several purchases for this guy. This is a b.s claim that Chicago is now making as the reason for so many firearms polluting our community and these purchasers are hard to track. I must add that no one is buying this as being the absolute cause for so many guns being in the black community. If police enforcement and the Mayor can convince the World that we are creating our own problems than they don’t have to do anything about it.

  6. There’s a man running for Congress in Connecticut’s 3rd district who would applaud. Check out “Who is Wayne Winsley”.

  7. A concealed carry permit is a must for black women, and women in general. It gives one a sense of security and empowerment, because nobody likes to feel helpless. Fortunately, here in Florida they are much easier to obtain. All you need is a valid, state-issued ID, a four-hour gun safety course, and a 65 dollar fee. I would guess that the percentage of women carrying in this state is higher than in most of the nation. And that’s a good thing.

  8. To protect her and her kids from violent BM, natch.
    You BM know this!!

    I’m a BW and I carry and would drop a fool if he came to me or my kids!

  9. The liberals will not be happy that blacks, whom they have been playing like puppets for decades into politically supporting their liberal agenda, are starting to reject some of the core liberal philosophies – 1. there is no evil; and 2. even if there is, the government can protect you from it (e.g., gun-free zones).

    • Just because more Black women in Texas are arming themselves (legally, I might add), it doesn't mean that Blacks as a whole have thrown away liberal ideas. We still want our right to vote protected. Many of us still want government help as long as our wages are kept low and as long as it's harder for us to find jobs. Most of us want better schools in our neighborhoods. We want more jobs and equal opportunity for good jobs. Many, if not most of us, believe in equal rights for all people. Many of us care about protecting the environment. I think many of us think the war in Iraq was started for bogus reasons. I'm sure many of us hate the growing discrepancy between rich and poor.

    • BTW, it's wrong to say that liberals don't believe in evil. We just tend to disagree with conservatives over exacty what is evil. And the Bible, in Romans 13 (which conservatives love to cite a lot), says that the government is there to protect us from evil..specifically, to punish wrongdoers. The same chapter also says that the government is there "to do you good".

  10. On the flip side of that- according to “statistics” Black women are leading the pact in “Straw purchases” which says that they are buying guns legally not only for their convicted felon boyfriends but also selling them illegally on the streets. So which poll are you referring to Boyce?

    • Your logic is extremely flawed and unrelated to the content of the article. Why would a black women be interested in obtaining a conceal and carry permit if she was going to make a straw purchase and give it to her “felonious” boyfriend according to your bigoted assertion. You don’t need a CCP to purchase a firearm idiot. White supremacy is such a low brow mindset!!! Please kill yourself…

      • First of all, it’s not my “logic.” Is comprehension foreign to you? I placed statistics in parenthesis to show that there are many so-called numbers out there referring to us when no one asks us anything. Maybe this the only place you get your “news?”. Understand sarcasm, Stupid.

  11. Becoming proficient in the use of firearms is a good thing. Unfortunately, there are people that stalk women who are alone thinking they are easy prey. Protecting oneself is the first law and rule of survival.

  12. look this up on google – Washington passes HB 1016 – 2011-12

  13. They need to. Police not responding, country filled with crazies with gun who want bigger clips & silencers ?
    Down right scary !