Right After Domestic Violence Arrest, Chad Johnson Cut by Miami Dolphins

Chad Johnson, formerly Chad Ochocinco, has been released from the Miami Dolphins.  His cut from the team took place less than 24 hours after he was arrested for domestic violence against his wife Evelyn Lozada.

FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer reported Johnson’s release, tweeting this statement:

“The Miami Dolphins have just released Chad Johnson, scouts cleaned out his locker”

The news has been confirmed by various media outlets and Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald says that coach Joe Philbin was the driving force behind the decision to get rid of Johnson.

Johnson has been accused by his wife Evelyn of head butting her during an argument that took place over the weekend.  The incident allegedly occurred during a fight over condoms that Evelyn found in Chad’s car.  Evelyn was reportedly seen running to a neighbor’s house to get away from Johnson and called police from a neighbor’s phone.

When Johnson was arrested, Lozada was taken to a local hospital and treated for serious cuts to her forehead.

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  1. Who really gives a damn???? I mean REALLY! I got more important things to like getting my agenda ready to teach middle school children metaphysics not this crazy nonsense going on taking place in the natural.

  2. Now Chad Johnson Ochocinco,whatever he calls himself now-a-days besides Idiot and Stupid.Why did he marry this Crazy,Violent,Hoodrat in the first place? When will Black Men learn to think Deep before you Leap? He will end up Broke Picking Vegetables and Fruit with that Wet-Back in the Farm Field.Feel sorry for his Many Children,he won’t be able to Support them…What a Fool.

  3. A tragic situation for sure. I hate to see that some on this site tend to make everything about race. ANY woman can be combative and aggravating. He loss his cool. Maybe he will learn from it. He probably does need another woman, race not withstanding.

  4. Sad stories like this show that some black people in the US have gotten off the straight and narrow road.

    Dr. MLK was a Christian man and he fought to give us the Civil Rights we enjoy today.

    People need to be smart. People need to stop actin’ a fool. We need to make good choices.

  5. Mane Fukd That Bitch!!!!!!!!!

  6. Why any man with means would marry any of these women is beyond me. Every last single one of these women that you see married to these ball players regardless of the sport are nothing but Prostitutes with “No Exceptions”. Bang them and leave some money on the top of the dresser on your way out the door. But never ever marry any of them.
    They’re nothing but lying snake charmers all of them with “No Exceptions”.

  7. I do agree w/Elizabeth and Max. We as a people do make fools of ourselves, and our focus is on the wrong thngs.
    We SHOULD be promoting the Obama for re-electon campaign-2012.
    I’m gong to pray that God will bring restoration to Chad regarding his career. I know he is devastated, but I’m sure this has been a humbling experience for him as well. If God grants him another opportunity, I guarantee he won’t sabotage his career again with those types of behaviors.

  8. I wish all black women who put up with domestic abuse from black men would learn a leasson fromthis courageous woman, safety first, love second. Chad may have the talent to catch the ball but he is just as stupid as many talented blakc men who earn so much money but don’t have the sense to protect their business image. Chad, TO, Buress, and Vicky you have learnt your lesson, playing in the NFL is an opportunity and not entitlement. So what you do even your home does matter to your NFY career. Evelyn thanks may be Chad will now start using his real clean shaved head.

  9. @sasha you are so right I remember the show that chad had when he was so disrespectful to sisters. I don’t feel sorry for him GOOD FOR HIS ASS?

  10. I don’t feel sorry for either of em honestly. Chad was too busy trying to diss the sistas on his VH1 crappy ass show that he had. Now he got his exotic Puerto Rican chick and when the shit hits the fan this is what you get. Evelyn is and will always be a hood rat and she just don’t know how to act. I feel more sorry for her daughter that has to see her mom act like such a triflin slut.

  11. When are we Black folks ever going to learn.

  12. When are we Black folks ever going to learn.

  13. They were a disaster waiting to happen, and they both ignored the signs because they were trying to make money from their unity. God wasn't included in their unity and hopefully they will learn the spiritual meaning of marriage. The test is here and you don't play with God!

  14. I don’t support either one of them. They are both sick—and literally need treatment. Lozada was wild and Crazy on the Basketball wives. I was told the antics between them was for the shows rating purposes.But why would she allow the writer to promote conversations by them that are degrading to her. So that means she will do anything for money. And he on the other side desided to head butt her because he probably had no respect for her. If Lozada had been a quit regular woman he would not have hit her. Take care

  15. Negroes are good for ‘jacking’ their lives. He and so many more throw away millions, disregard their talent, and disappoint the black men and women who paved the way for their STUPID behinds! Idiots…

  16. You can’t shake the whore tree and expect a lady to fall out.

  17. CHAD knew in the beginning that Evelyn was a whore & a TACH HEAD. She would question who he talked to in public or on twitter (THE RED FLAG)!! She acted liked a fool on BBW’S and a bully. Why would she change. A TACK HEAD LIKE HER IS ALWAYS A TACK HEAD!! CHAD WAS THIS PIECE WORTH YOUR CAREER?

  18. I feel real sorry for Chad. But he has to remember, You reap just what you sow. I understand that with all the money Chad was making as a football player, he was a dead-beat dad, and the mother of his children kept him in court in an attempt to get child-support for their kids. As for Evelyn Lozada, he has to remember how he met her, and should remember how she met him. He paid for the first episode, therefore, she should not be surprised at finding comdoms in his car. He had those same condoms when he got with her for the first time. Why should he change his way of life, the man likes to shop around for sex. Evelyn was a whore in the beginning, and I sure if this marriage had lasted a little longer, the streets would be calling her back to the roost. Now Chad can feel the sting of not having any money to live on like his children felt. That is now that he is unemployed and not getting any money. What a sad feeling, but I am sure Evelyn will take care of both Chad and his three children that never had anything. She will be more than happy to step up and support the man of her dreams and his kids. We must pray and pray hard for Chad.

  19. Probably not as fast and durable as he used to be, and then, he gets arrested for domestic violence. More trouble than he was worth.

  20. I don’t watch the stupid basketball wives show. However, I did hear that he recently married. Now his career in down the toilet. Maybe he should try acting.

  21. I blog and told him not to marry her, a hard head leads to a soft behind……I knew this was not going to work, I told him that she loves to fight and start trouble and that he knew he wouldn’t be faithful,now they have the worlds record of lasting 30 days…Maybe Evelyn was trying to beat Kim K. record………..HOT MESS

  22. @Max…I wholeheartedly agree brother

  23. knowin this woman has a serious PHYSICAL fighting engine, the marriage should have been put on an indefinate hold in order in order to rethink everything.

  24. Sorry, but I don't feel sorry for him if he had of stay single he would have a J.O.B…I don't care what race they are gold diggers come in all colors…

    • I agree. Made-for-T.V. marriages just does not work, ( i.e. Kim Kardashian)

    • Sho You Right, she was sleep around b4 he hit that! And he was single doing that, he knew she was VIOLENT , and Disrespect before he Married Her..Throwing Bottles, Jumping on Tables. did he think it would Change by gettin Married to this FireCracker? I Bet Jennifer is Laughing her ass off..Now she Knows how it Feels to be Running From her Man with a KNot on her Head..Shes a Tv Bullu

  25. This situation is sad but not unexpected. Anyone who watched this relationship play out on t.v. saw this type of drama coming. Maybe not the violence but definitely the finding of condoms in the car. No one should be surprised and the Dolphins cut their losses because they didn’t want their name synonymous with a black wife beater. May not be fair that he isn’t allowed to be innocent until proven guilty but when has being black and fair ever gone hand in hand?


    • “I love my black people” BUT, let me trash them anyway and hold them to a higher standard than the rest of humanity. Yeah…right. Nobody is laughing at black people, unless it is you. We are no more the “fool” than the rest of humankind. Give me a break!

    • She better be glad that’s all she got!
      I’ve heard her go, and I ain’t saying she deserved it,……
      Well YES I AM!

  27. Why does this surprise anybody. Now you know it is not beyond her to “head butt” him. Look at her track record. Think about it !

  28. Why does this surprise anybody. Now you know it is not beyond her to “head butt” him. Look at her track record. Think about it !

  29. So, he is accused of domestic violence and is cut. Who’s the guy with Atlanta who has been accused a number of times of sexual assault and he just keeps on rollin’? I’m just sayin…

    • “So, he is accused of domestic violence and is cut. Who’s the guy with Atlanta who has been accused a number of times of sexual assault and he just keeps on rollin’? I’m just sayin…”

      You’re referring to Ben Rothelsburger from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yeah he had two or three Rape or Sexual Assault allegations and he wasn’t cut. So why cut Chad Johnson because of an altercation with his wife. I’m not a Chad johnson fan nor am I defending him but there was no need to cut him. They don’t cut White players when they rape women so why Chad.

      Well we all know why “He’s Black” the racism never stops does it people.

      • this has nothing to do with race. his skills have deminished in the last two years, so it wasn’t beneficial to keep him around with his past baggage with a new first year coach and young players.

        his past finally caught up with him, you plant corn, you get corn, not potatoes. chad is more concerned about being on reality shows and attention from the media, his focus is not on football which showed in his production over the last two years.

  30. Thats what you get when you do wife shopping from the gold digger network!

    No I’m not trying to be judgemental, but finding your wife on a show with a rep for having gold digging scamps, scallywaggs and stunts what did he expect?

    Now that she destroyed what was left of his career do you think that she is going to stay with him now? I would not be suprised if she started her own show called Football Ex Foosies.

    Btw, Good point Elizabeth!!!

  31. I would never condone a man physically abusing a woman but in her case payback is a b-tch. Besides she knew what she was getting into. This woman promotes violence because I can remember her hurling glasses and bottles at other women but when the shoe is on the other foot she runs and calls the cops. Now she knows how it feels to be bullied.

  32. I don’t get it. He’s cut after one altercation with his wife? So, one mistake equates him to being removed from the team. Too bad he isn’t white. Whites will fight like hell to protect their own – even in the most heinous acts of violence. Rest assure, the media wouldn’t be covering a white man assaulting his wife to the magnitude like they are doing with Johnson.

    • So ur condoning DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? some companies have zero tolerance for something this stupid! I’m not surprised by ur comment, 60% of America is using drugs and alcohol. So go figure! Chad could of walked away…

  33. I hope he sues the dolphins. He is not yet guilty–maybe it was not intentional.



  35. @Elizabeth

    Thanks for the reality check.

  36. this is bullshit… this just a plot so he want have pay his child support or visit them… she needs to be shot in her ass and him in the ass on being so stupid with that bullshit,they should stay reality tv only cause they are full of drama

  37. I agree with Elizabeth, these folks deserve what they got because both of them were using the other. However, he is a fool for hitting a woman but apparently all they know is violence. We need to be helping to get out the vote so that our president gets a second term in order to finish the work he has begun. If you think you are having trouble now, if we allow the RR Republican ticket in the White House, Hell will seem minor. These folks do not know or give a damn about the poor, working poor or middle class. You’ve been warned………………………….

  38. Dorsey kimsey Vailes

    Jackass alert! The NFL works fast! Lesson to all men: think before you act. Keep your damn head and hands to yourself. Now let’s move on!

  39. Didn’t he get cut from one team in the beginning of their relationship? Now he is cut again? Hmm ,some people build you up or bring you down. Domestic violence is never right these two should cut their losses and keep it moving,it will only go downhill from here because of the foundation of their relationship. Made for reality tv.

  40. Dumb Asses! You made it, good job you love, good pay and you and your idiot wife blew it…do I care NO!

    It is 84 days until the election and this is the only junk we see on African-American blogs. Let’s talk election and what Romney-Ryan have planned for you:
    Huge new tax cuts for the super-rich on top of extending the Bush tax cuts
    Turning Medicare into a voucher program
    Making massive cuts to vital programs like Medicaid, food stamps, Pell Grants, and job training
    New increases in military spending — even as President Obama ends two wars
    Let me put this as simply as I can: Paul Ryan is the author of everything we’ve been fighting against in Washington since Republicans took control of the House — and now Mitt Romney wants him to be vice president.

    • Thank you Elizabeth. I couldn’t have said it better, but are the masses and more importantly the media, listening? I think not.

  41. He’s not getting paid and neither is she…isn’t that what this was all about, the dollar. There are no rewards for poor choices and bad behavior…tsk tsk tsk! smh

  42. There are a lot of comitbidities that are associated with this situation and the fact that he was allowing someone to gain that much control over him that resulted in a physical altercation. She manipulated a situation that she made an when it backfired, she decided to confront him….things got out of hand and spiraled out of control! We will never know what the true catalyst was in regards to the situation. They both need mental health counseling…Very disappointing!

  43. She’s a fuckin bully. I don’t feel bad for.. Abuse is never good. She got a taste… hey ev where were your wine bottles

  44. If he would have head butted a black woman She would have cut him!!! lol lol

  45. If he would have head butted a black woman She would have cut him!!! lol lol

  46. hard to feel sorry for a fool. expect to see him broke soon. a fool and his money are soon parted!

  47. She should have leaped across the table like the animal she is when she attempted to attack Jennifer. She felt froggy then; poor big bad foul slutty mouth Evelyn. She should have picked up a bottle and threw it like she attempted to hurt Jennifer. It’s just sad that Chad allowed this hoodrat to take him there. She probably was all up in his face like she been up in the women on BBW’s who was just intimidated by her. Not excusing Chad for what he did; but karma is something.

    • Could not have said this better myself…I don’t condone violence on either side, but payback/karma is a $itch!

  48. I don’t care.

  49. Hey… Let’s just say that he got want he deserves.. None of his kind, African American, is good enough for him…

  50. I'm not amazed at all on bye wives she turn around n d middle of d road cause she caught him wit a friend at his favorite spot & went ham condoms I know she was going ham on chad so wat he do head butt dat big head hefa 2 make her shut up……….lol big as her 4head iz anyway it should have not done nothing 2 her head anyways.

  51. Head butting is not something to take lightly. It hurts and could lead to a serious concussion, and possibly even a brain tumor. This is a very serious case of domestic violence and he should never have done this to her.

  52. Hr knew the kind of woman he was marrying. Therefore he ahold have known better.

  53. He knew the kind of woman

  54. Maybe she will leave and try to find the next MR. MONEY BAGS, "I ain't saying she's a gold digger, but she ain't messing with no BROKE Ni–ER".

  55. Dafazyafareel Lilel Fareel

    Lol was up cuz. That's true. How you been fam?

  56. Now she knows how it feels to be going around beating up people, they are a match made in heaven or hell, she gets no sympathy here, hopefully she will learn how others felt when she was quick to attack them, ALL to often, she will be back with him in no time, if she already isn't. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

  57. Dafazyafareel Lilel Fareel

    You have to love and appreciate yourself before you can love someone else.

  58. Dafazyafareel Lilel Fareel

    She should of have known just cause she married him that wasn't going to change the fact that he still wanted to sleep with other woman…. And he shouldn't of had gotten married if he still wanted to fool around.. The situation is crazy…

  59. Chad is a young talented man. He doesnt deserve to lose his career over a Gold Digger. Or, should I say a women that doesnt have his best interest at heart. I know women, and I cant help but wonder if the head butt is a BIGG FATT LIE? They both coulda been a little more mature and not put that part of their life on FRONT STREET. So What would you do if SHE MADE U LOSE A MILLION DOLLAR CAREER? LOL
    She think a head but hurt.

  60. Who didn’t see this coming. Both of their mouths are bad. She’s good a throwing. I assime he good at headbutting. Now maybe REALITY will kick in….. dumb move on both parts!

  61. LaQuita Suggs Ricks

    That's an awful exchange. He was wrong but that's a drastic career loss. I hope that he gets therapy because if not he is at risk of self injury. People in general are voing through a lot and anything can cause a person to plunge over a bridge. I am a therapist and I find some things difficult to overcome!

  62. Both of them are violent idiots.

  63. Aretha M Henderson

    @ Annette I have to ask were you this protective of Evelyn when she was attacking other women on the show? I don't care man or woman no one has that right. Maybe her getting a dose of what she dished out will help her to keep her hands to her self. Serves both of them right I don't feel sorry for anyone who engages in the act of Bullying, Violence, or Infidelity.

    • So, because she likes to show her azz on TV and attack other women, it's perfectly okay for him to head butt her?! Because, that's exactly what it sounds like you're saying! Please don't misinterpret my comment! I am, by no means, a fan of Evelyn Lazado! Not at all! But, I also don't think she deserves all the blame people are placing on her! Her behavior on BBW does NOT negate his!

    • No it might not …and i didn't care for her character on BBW but she has to learn you got to keep your mouth close and hands yo yourself at some point. No i don't agree with a man putting his hands on no women….but if you put a cat in a corner and keep messing with it..soon or later he will attack……karma has a way of coming back around …..be careful what you ask for.

    • Aretha M Henderson

      In life you get what you dish out one way or another and hers cane in the same form she dished it out. Dosent matter if she started it or not judging from her actions on the show I can bet you she laid the first lick! Simple as that. Wrong is wrong and right is right she is a bully!

  64. I am truly amazed at people blaming Evelyn! Especially you women! I don't give a damn how much of a gold digger she is! That does NOT give that man the right to put his hands on her! Evelyn didn't get Chad fired! Chad got Chad fired for not keeping his damn hands to himself! Maybe now he'll learn!

    • did she put her hands on him like she seems to do everyone else? lol

    • If I heard correctly he didn't put his HANDS….. on her.

    • But Ms. Williams were not talkin bout an average job, Were talkin bout MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. U gotta b mature and work it out. I head butted my lady ( in a playful way of course) but dont send me to jail. Its not like hes tryin to BEAT HER ASS. Dont "F UP" THE MONEY. It provides their lifestyle.
      Christopher D. Williams U are absolutely right. But we aint gonna talk about her puttin HER hands on HIM.

    • in my younger days I may have started a fight or two with my boyfriend…..i would say its both of their faults……if you have watched any episode of bbw….you can tell she has some anger issues i would not be surprised if she hit him first…..but he should have been mature enough to walk away at that point – he had too much at stake for this to happen (or become public)

    • she always actin hard on the show wanting to fight all the damn time maybe she did start it.but at the same time he didnt have to head butt her.just sayin

    • That's very true. But…. I know how some women can b, and what if that head butt is a BIG FATT LIE??? Cause ur right. I picture him being more responsible or at least tryin to b. ( My after thought just said how can he be responsible with a chic like Evelyn Lozada). She aint worth his time. He coulda did alot better. FORGIVE ME BUT, I gotta prob. with gold diggers.

    • he might have been wrong, so many women provoke bs too. two sides to each story. i wasn't there. he needs to get on the ball. he played poorly last year. somebody will pick him up.

    • I love Gold Diggers!! At least they are clever enough to get into your pocket. But some give themselves away early in the game. There are plenty of other ways to settle a score with a woman than what he did.

    • if his 'head butt' caused her to bleed (as the article confirms), then chad MEANT to HURT her. dialing 9-1-1 was critical.

    • Theodore Du'Ane Oakley-Diggs

      NOR does it give any woman the RIGHT to cut up a male's clothing or damage his car or his belonging..as you less than female often do and feel you have the right to do ans high five each other..and not once have read anywhere..where females say females SHOULD not do such a thing regradless of what their husband or boyfriend may have done..don't be a hypocrite..

      Furthermore..this marriage was doomed from the start…Evelyn is VIOLENT PERSON demontrated over ans over again..and Chad can be violent..so it was doomed from the start..

    • He headbutted her! u imbecile

    • I couldnt agree with you anymore.

    • If the man you are about to married tell you that if i see a women i want to be with, are you telling me i can't ?, Chat pose that question to Evelyn Lozada, she said you better tell me first.
      Yes, Evelyn Lozada is a Capital, " GOLD-DIGGER", and she knew what Chad was but she didn't care all she wanted was the big house, big car, etc.
      This is not Evelyn Lozada first GOLD-DIGGING experience she played that love fest with a Boston NBA Baskerball player, and this guy took care of her and her daughter, and when the money was gone, Lozada took the RV and left.

    • If you do not want to get hit, then do not hit others…

      Women, not all, but a lot think it is ok or just fine to hit a man for any reason…that shit hurts…

      Men do not hit men unless they want to get hit back, and knocked the "F" out…

      There is to much violence in the American society and both men and women need to step back and really think about why…

      I have gone my entire life without violence and would have a hissy-fit if someone was to put their hands on me for any reason…meaning I live a very peaceful life, so I expect the same from those around me, both men and women…

      The rules of the game are simple, do not steal from others, do not spread rumors or lies…do not hit…do not do something to someone because your life is "F'd" up…because you will get hit back, aka, nocked the "F" out…

      Chad went his whole career without any public drama…and now this mess…

      He has no one to blame but himself…he knew she was a drama-queen…

      As the old saying goes, "You cannot turn these types of people into a house wife/husband"…so for you girls who like bad-boys, you get what you take home…and now chad gets what he took home…

      He allowed her to get him fired by his actions and/or reaction…

  65. Can you really turn a *** into a housewife? you can't put your hands on them but,,,,,,,,, she had boatloads of drama and anger problems broadcast on T.V. before they got married. He is a fool.

  66. What a shame! Evelyn really needs to grow…she probably is the one who started it!