Black News Does Every Wealthy Black Man Want a White Woman?

Madam Prezident speaks on why some black women are insulted by the fact that it appears that quite a few prominent black men are not happy with black women.  Is this a broader trend or is she just picking out specific cases?  After all, there are black women who date white men, so what’s the problem?

According to

I was recently contacted by the creator of A field  and he shared some interesting things to me about the black man. Below there are lots of pictures of America’s prestigious African American men, and with them all you will find a white woman!!!

What does this mean for the black woman? What does this mean for the mothers who birthed these men?

The black woman is the last woman to try interracial dating-this collage should show all black women that finding a brothers love is no easy task-it’s time that black women start exploring all races for dating?


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