Does Every Wealthy Black Man Want a White Woman?

Madam Prezident speaks on why some black women are insulted by the fact that it appears that quite a few prominent black men are not happy with black women.  Is this a broader trend or is she just picking out specific cases?  After all, there are black women who date white men, so what’s the problem?

According to

I was recently contacted by the creator of A field  and he shared some interesting things to me about the black man. Below there are lots of pictures of America’s prestigious African American men, and with them all you will find a white woman!!!

What does this mean for the black woman? What does this mean for the mothers who birthed these men?

The black woman is the last woman to try interracial dating-this collage should show all black women that finding a brothers love is no easy task-it’s time that black women start exploring all races for dating?


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  1. No on ever wright a article on the white woman who want black men it takes two to tangle it not one sided.I never want to hear about white racist society again from black men white this white that the white man then you lay with his woman if you want the woman you want the man they are one in the same father/grandfathers/sons/brothers/uncles/cousins/ you down with all you can not separate the woman from where she came from brothers.

  2. White women will do anything for a dollar. Now what woman would be proud to pose with 100 year old Don Cornelious?
    wealthy black men will spend their last dollar trying to fix up this trash with boob jobs and other implants. White men already know that they are worthless and don’t waste their money trying to fix them up. They would rather have a new
    truck or boat. Black coons want a barbie wannabe.

    • Its too bad you think all white women are barbies..not all are fake. Take that hatred and apply it somewhere else.

  3. Bigwill… U sound like an ignorant fool. Just shut your slave mouth up.

  4. NO!NO!NO!just those who don’t love them selves truly and those that see their mama’s ,sister’s,niece’s,cousins,and other Black women who they have known all their life as UGLY and PRIMITIVE..HOW YOU SEE YOUR SELF REFLECTS HOW YOU SEE YOUR WOMAN..NO EXCUSE’S…

  5. I, while not what you would call a “prominent” black man, am a very confident, secure, and self- assured black man who loves beautiful black women. Black women are one of the strongest and the most beautiful of all women on the entire planet despite what any part of the media says or portrays. In fact she is the mother of all of human-kind. Black men stand up, honor, respect & love your mothers, grand-mothers, sisters, aunts, neices for all that they’ve accomplished in this so- called land of the free. From being enslaved. Called winch or whore. Serving as maid or servant. She has stood tall through it all. Birthed, nurtured & Raised your black-asses & asked for nothing in return.The black woman is dynamic, strong-willed, determined and just down-right delicious!!! From a black man to all of the dynamic self-sufficient virtuous & most beautiful black women of the world I say -I LOVE YOU BLACKWOMAN!!! Keep on doing what you do!!!

  6. I don’t know why this is still supposed to be news, I don’t care about any of those men. I have my man and we are very happy.

  7. There is no need for articles like this to be written. It’s just an open forum for fools to voice their self-hatred and ignorance. Thereby creating more animosity between black men and black women; which further divides our community.

  8. Well, people do what they want,but me I love black women. They are beautiful..

  9. This tire azz article needs to stay retired, black folks don’t we have some more important issues to be concerned with. I don’t give a shat what a black man does its obvious he’s not interested in his own culture its obvious by the absent fathers in some homes note to black women pick black men who want to be fathers and be grown men not chasing the ghetto dream or mrs daisy’s niece who cares

  10. A wise old black man once told me that fooling with white folks will get you killed. Ask Don Cornelious.

    Many years ago, black men dreamed of going “up the country” to buy a cadillac and marry a white woman. Even though the woman would look a 55 gallon drum with a rope tied around it and the cadillac would be beaten up and eaten up by salt.

    And if HIV is prevalent in our black community, guess how it got here? Remember what the wise old black man told me?

  11. @Blossom

    And if these white women, married or not, call the authorities on these black males that they are involved with and cry rape, guess who’s going to prison? And these same men will be calling there black mothers and black sisters and black baby mamas to get their black asses out!

    • @ Alicia Rae, you’re talking about white women lying about being raped by black men; a few months ago a black woman lied about being raped by a black man, caused him to serve several years in prison on some bullshyt. Hell, appears to us that y’all (black women) can be just as foul and scandalous toward black men as any body else.

  12. Read DuBois, “Soul Of Black Folks” All of us. I repeat, all of us, both male and female have been taught that “White is alright.” And if you can’t get white, light brown will do. “Were you the darkest black at a all black school, did the other kids amke jokes about you. Well then, maybe you ain’t black”. John Kasandra.


  13. Blossom did a white girl steal ur man. Its millions of white woman. They never disrespected me or treated me bad so I say they cool. I don’t stereotype people or a few. I like all woman my girl mixed tho. U need to let ur hate for white woman go all white woman are not bad. I don’t really get into name calling or stereotype. I think alot of these men like certain woman light skin or white. Ur not gon make him like black women if he don’t that what he like white women

  14. What is wrong with all of you? Can’t people just be with whom they want to be with? This is stupid. Opposites attract you know. And this “hanging” thing. Get real, that was hundreds of years ago. I go to college and there are many mixed couples of both Black men & White women, and Black women & White men. Who cares? If they are happy so be it. You don’t fall in love with a color.

  15. another misleading, willie lynch article to divide the black community.

    as stated, 43 million black people in america and only 300,000 black men married outside of the race. you use no statistical data in your piece to justify your position, purely anecdotal without facts.

    i guess it’s easy to find pictures of black males to manipulate the reader into believing your supposition.

    some us are smart enough to know there are plenty of powerful black men who are in relationships or have married black women i.e. bill cosby, denzell washington, magic johnson, barack obama, labron james, etc.

    you and your kind mislead our people with these divisive articles by manufacturing negative issues to divide us when in reality more black men are with black women.

    shame on you.

  16. From the US Census:

    43 Million Black People in America

    390,000 Black Man are Married to a White Spouse

    168,000 Black Women are Married to a White Spouse

    Marriage in Black America
    It is widely accepted that black women are least likely to marry than any other women in America. But after viewing the true data, we can see that although fewer black women are “now married”, more black Never married
    It is also believed that a large percentage of Black men marry White women. This is cited as the cause of low marriage rates among Black women. This however is only partially true. While Black men marry white women at twice the rate of Black women only 8.5% of married Black men had White spouses in 2010 up from 6.6% in 2005. 10.8 percent of African American men married outside their race in 2010 also up from 8.4% in 2005. It is Asian women who have the highest rates of intermarriage which is twice that of Black men. Black women were the least likely to marry outside their race at only 4.6% in 2010 up from 3.6%, and only 3.9/% married to White men up from 2.8 in 2005.
    women marry at least once than black men. 48.8% of black men are “never married” compared to 45.2% of black women which is up from 44% in 2008 and 42,7% in 2005.

    • Blah, blah, blah, with these statistics. I agree with Alicia. Why is it that Black MEN are the ones that cross the line to marry White women?

      Look at this craziness: in America, the Black man is lusted after but hated at the same time!

      Listen to all of the White TV news people, announcers, TV show hosts, etc. They use SO MUCH Black male lingo, it’s crazy. The lingo and expressions of the Black man have become the dominant language in America,

      yet Black men are killed like dogs in the street by police and civilians alike, vilified by the media, herded into prisons by the thousands.

      To Marcel above, your attitude that “White women are cool” is part of the problem. I live in a neighborhood that is middle/upper middle class White, and the White women here are far from “cool.” They are drug heads, disrespectful to each other, adults, and children alike, disrespectful to their parents, NOT law-abiding, and just off-the-chain.
      So a whole race of women are “cool”? Some of these same women JUMP at the chance to have a Black man but will disrespect a decent Black woman, and still consider Black people other than her Black man to be inferior.

      • @ Blossom, if white men chased black women as often as white women chase black men, 99.999% of black women would have white husbands. The main reason Black women continue to perm their hair is to attract white men, not black men. Black women have been deceived into thinking to land a white man they need straight, long hair. The only reason black men still have a shot at getting a black women is because white men won’t make black women a top pick.

      • @blossom,

        you say, Blah, blah, blah, with these statistics. the reason, statistics prevent people like you from spreading lies and hateful analysis!

  17. Wow!! I received a wonderful education after visiting the listed site I knew that some of these prominent black men had dated or married interracially, but I was amazed at the many others listed on the site.

    We have to ask ourselves why. Surely they have exposure and some great examples of black women in their lives like their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends, and neigbors and many probably came from black communities.

    That being the case, what has driven or is currently driving this trend of high profile blacks in professional athletics, entertainment and media, business and, generally, to choose other races of women over their own?

    Is it because they now have more access to these “other women” and are like kids in candy stores, “wide-eyed and in awe of all the new flavors and types of succulent treats” or after constant media and cultural representations of white women and women of “exotic ancestry” touted and celebrated as more beautiful, desirable and more valuable on the arm of these high profile men than just as beautiful, intelligent and successful black women?

    It is no longer just some kind of coincidence, “just happened to meet and fall in love type scenario” or accessibility because they are now recognized in the higher echelons of this country and, in some cases, the world.

    At some point, it comes down to free will and choice and the fact that these men seem to PREFER nonblack women for wives, mothers of their children, girlfriends and dating or life partners.
    Yet, many depend on black people for cultural support and as consumers of their products, talent and the like and cannot or will not choose black women for mates.

    What is the impact of these interracial unions on the black family? The trend seems to be increasing and they seem to be gaining more acceptance across the board to the point that black women are starting to adopt the “if I can’t beat ’em, I’ll join ’em ” mantra and have now started to cross the racial divide in larger numbers.

    We already have huge schisms between black men and women and are still operating with a deficiency of self-love and respect across the board. How can these trends be anything but deleterious to the black family of a black man, black woman and their offspring when some blacks seem so quick to jump on the interracial bandwagon without thinking about the lasting repercussions to the black gene pool, collective unity and solidarity?

  18. Alicia sometimes mr right aint black. These guys are gon cheat om the women they went anyway. Black high success dudes don’t care about being lynched or the history of white women black men. U say black women don’t want to go out they race. I don’t want to go to work everyday or pay bills every month but I got too. People do stuff They don’t Want too everyday. There a black man for every black woman. Black men are born to mix

  19. This topic is tired. I’m a man and I think if black women are so tired of black men then they should stop dating black men. Plain and simple. No one is forcing you to date black men. Go get a white man, be happy, and stop dragging black men’s names through the mud because contrary to popular opinion, THERE ARE LOTS OF GOOD BLACK MEN LEFT! Most of these good black men just want peace in the home.

  20. @ cortez

    I never would’ve thought that so many black men would have been interested in women that would have them killed if they so much as glanced upon their pale skin. Who knew that while massah’s wife was ordering him to “bust up that chiffarobe boy!”, she was secretly lusting for him and him for her?. Who would’ve thought that men who have been falsely accused of rape of white women would flock to them in droves? Who would’ve thought that black men would help produce so many mixed children until black children are rare in my neighborhood? Who would’ve thought that they would carry these children around like trophies while walking behind a “chicken and dumplings” shaped white female? Who would’ve known? You’re right Cortez. They are sell outs. There are so many beautiful queens out here who are being advised to settle for what they don’t want, other races.

    • This is 2012! No one cares who you date or marry. And thats the way it should be. Opposites attract! Mixed children are beautiful, and your hatred towards them and mixed couples is pathetic and sad. People can be with whomever they want and thats the way it should be. You fall in love, you don’t fall in “color’.

    • @ Alicia Rae, with your line of thinking I’m sure you never would have thought black women today would be lusting after the same white men that raped, tortured and beat them unmercifully if they refused their forced advances. When it comes to the white men, it appears these modern day black women’s memory of rape and torture at the hands of white men seem to have been completely wiped clean. Forced to breast feed slave master’s babies and a whole lot of other disgraceful things. So don’t come on here berating black men when (white men, black woman) sordid history is as shameful as anyone’s.

  21. that article is trash and only serves to further divide black men and black women. not only are a lot of the women in that list non-white, but a lot of them are not even couples. don’t waste your time!

  22. Why is my comment awaiting moderation? Is something wrong with it?

  23. The highly successful Black man who directs Olympics operations from London and who was featured as a torchbearer on July 19th is married to a Black woman who also has lovely dark skin. Therefore the answer to the question as posted is a simple “No.” If the question had been “Do many highly successful or wealthy Black men marry White women,” then the answer might be different. I’m just answering the question as stated and I know the answer because the man who directs Olympics operations in 2012 in my oldest son.

  24. The article is about rich black guys that do not about the poor blacks that dont

  25. These few who do versus the millions who don’t?

  26. Well after being with some black women I really can’t blame them.

  27. Ha!!! This is too funny. Saying every wealthy black man only wants white women is no different than saying all black people steal and like watermelon. Why does it even matter who they do or don’t date? Their happiness in their personal lives should have absolutely no bearing how it makes anyone else feel other than them. People spend way too much time on meaningless sh*t that changes nothing about their own personal lives. When whether or not one of these men dating a black woman changes anything about your life, let me know.

  28. I’m 19 and I haven’t dated a black girl since I was…8 years old. I’m a very attractive black guy and I have yet to find a black girl who is worthy of me, as far as looks. It is a fact that most of them that I come across are unattractive and don’t have much hair. I usually date hispanic, asian, and white girls. Because I see more pretty women coming from those races. I think mixed girls are some of the most beautiful women on earth, so when I see a beautiful mixed girl I jump at the opportunity. I highly doubt I’ll ever find a full black girl that I would date. It’s rare. And nearly all of my colleagues and other young black guys that I meet feel the same way. It’s the way of the new generation.

  29. Sell out niggas that’s all. To many shades of beautiful black queens out here to pick from than settle for spineless no back-bone having white chick. Sad thing is if these rich black men didn’t have that money and the were just average joes these white chics wouldn’t even want there dumb asses. I bet u any kind of money that it was a black woman that supported them when they were up and coming and broke now they want to turn their backs on them when they have a little something. What a disgrace to your race.

    • Black women can be sack chasers, too. There’s a lot of them that will only take a man if he has money. It’s not exclusive to White women.

    • it’s a little more complicated than that 68% of black people do not like them self (rich, poor, dark, light)we seek what we think is better’. Now the Dichotomy of this “the black race will survive.

    • Outside of this sentence:
      ‘Sad thing is if these rich black men didn’t have that money and the(y) were just average joes these white chics wouldn’t even want there (their) dumb asses.’
      Everything else you typed here is a judgmental and/or ridiculous assumption.

      Also, if you’re going to collectively call anyone ‘dumb’ you might want to spell your pronouns correctly.

    • Nah fool, you’re the damn sell-out. Most of us are ‘FREE’ men, free to date or marry any race of woman we choose. It’s funny how simple minded ppl like you don’t call the white woman a sell-out for dating the black man:( That’s because you morons find pleasure in disrespecting your own kind. Black women are free to date anyone they choose, just stop saying you’re gonna do it and just do it. Trust and believe, most black men don’t care who black women hook-up with. And to all y’all hating azz kneegrows, get off the black man’s jock.

  30. I’ll keep this brief, I do not like white women as much as I do Black women. There could be a quite extensive list of Black female celebrities that do interracially date. If you were to look at the affluent Black women celebrities, you’d rarely see a Black Man around as well. There is no point in blaming each other though, for those that continue this argument, it would be wise to look at the whole picture because 90% or greater of Black Men still date and marry Black Women.

  31. I GOT TIRED OF LOOKING AT ALL THE PICTURES OF BLACK MEN AND THEIR WHITE WOMEN, IT IS SOOOOOO MANY, WHO KNEW? This is CRAZY! I date outside my race also, so if this is what makes them happy then so be it. I just want someone to love me for me (Black, White or Whatever) I want to be more than just someone's arm candy, I have more to offer than that. I bet 90% of these women would be gone in a heartbeat if someone richer came along, or if they lost their forturne. I would stake my life on it.

  32. Julian bond taye diggs mike barkley woods shemar moore b diddy damn pip too meki phifer wesley rusell simm ronnie lott denny green marvin Lewis. Keenan ivory wayayns a hipricrit. He got on tiger fir having a white woman than he run and get One? Be fair some of those dudes is interacial love. Scottie kobe doc marvin lewis barkley ronnie lott denny green Steve smith rg3 been With they girl for years and was With them before they was famous. Some of the other might of switched with fame. But u can date who u want u Know im not knocking anyone. But its even more than I thought. I Always believed black woman whined about it. And too a certain degree still do, it is alot of brothas tho. But to each its own u know I like white girls they cool

  33. Julian bond taye diggs mike barkley woods shemar moore b diddy damn pip too meki phifer wesley rusell simm ronnie lott denny green marvin Lewis. Keenan ivory wayayns a hipricrit. He got on tiger fir having a white woman than he run and get One? Be fair some of those dudes is interacial love. Scottie kobe doc marvin lewis barkley ronnie lott denny green Steve smith rg3 been With they girl for years and was With them before they was famous. Some of the other might of switched with fame. But u can date who u want u Know im not knocking anyone. But its even more than I thought. I Always believed black woman whined about it. And too a certain degree still do, it is alot of brothas tho. But to each its own u know I like white girls they cool