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Joan Rivers: Kim Kardashian is Running Out of Black Men to Sleep With

Joan Rivers seems to think that Kim Kardashian is a…garden tool.  She jokes about Kim getting around and sleeping around, with Kanye West being the latest on her list.  Was Joan over the line with her comments about Kim?  We don’t think so.  Her dating life has been an open book, and she even has a sex tape to prove it.

The really funny part of it all is that she is supposedly very religious.  How does that work?


Never one to hold back from a  chance to give her audience a good laugh, Joan Rivers directed her wit at Kim Kardashian. Rivers was particularly amused that Kim K seems to have a strong preference for Black men, if her dating record is any indication.

The 79 year old host of E! fashion segment Fashion Police made the comment while commenting on Kim and Kanye West’s obvious love for leather pants saying that Kim K “looks amazing.” She also said of Kim, “She pulls herself together all the time.”

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