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Father Retaliates Against Boy for Beating Up His Daughter at Daycare, but Hits Wrong Child

When video surfaced of a 9-year-old boy attacking toddlers in a daycare surfaced residents of Vicksburg and particularly parents whose children attend the daycare were shocked.  The sheer violence being seen on the video is appalling, and it’s sad to know that adults were in the room when it all took place.

The parent of one of the girls who was attacked went to the daycare on Monday to take matters into his own hands. Police say the father went to the daycare and  hit a boy who he thought was responsible for the attacks. Investigators say the child he hit was not the culprit. The father was eventually arrested.

The surveillance video shows the nine year old hitting, choking, kicking and biting little girls.  He makes one of the little boys vomit after slamming his head into a tray.  He also punches a 23-month old baby in her face.

Police say the attacks went on for 10 to 15 minutes all while an adult was in the room. The daycare worker was eventually charged in connection with the assault.

“Sandra Trevillion was the one that was in the room most of the time and she obviously did a very poor job, and that’s what brought us to knowing that she needed to be charged for not performing her duties,” Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong said.

Trevillion was charged with two counts of contributing to the neglect of a minor. Her bond was set at $2,656.


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