Father Retaliates Against Boy for Beating Up His Daughter at Daycare, but Hits Wrong Child

When video surfaced of a 9-year-old boy attacking toddlers in a daycare surfaced residents of Vicksburg and particularly parents whose children attend the daycare were shocked.  The sheer violence being seen on the video is appalling, and it’s sad to know that adults were in the room when it all took place.

The parent of one of the girls who was attacked went to the daycare on Monday to take matters into his own hands. Police say the father went to the daycare and  hit a boy who he thought was responsible for the attacks. Investigators say the child he hit was not the culprit. The father was eventually arrested.

The surveillance video shows the nine year old hitting, choking, kicking and biting little girls.  He makes one of the little boys vomit after slamming his head into a tray.  He also punches a 23-month old baby in her face.

Police say the attacks went on for 10 to 15 minutes all while an adult was in the room. The daycare worker was eventually charged in connection with the assault.

“Sandra Trevillion was the one that was in the room most of the time and she obviously did a very poor job, and that’s what brought us to knowing that she needed to be charged for not performing her duties,” Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong said.

Trevillion was charged with two counts of contributing to the neglect of a minor. Her bond was set at $2,656.


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  1. You can call me cracker , it’s just your way of showing your racism , oh well , and to say we just want to see all the black males (ill call them males instead of men because a man doesn’t go to prison , he stays out and provides for his family) your wrong , I don’t want them in prison , it eats up my taxes that could be going to something better like buying better armour for my soldiers or pencils and paper for school kids , I’d rather see my taxes spent on good people no matter their color than have it spent on an animal that can’t get along with the humans walking around in society . That being said I think this kid is really angry at something and something is going on in his life that’s making him this aggressive toward smaller kids , he may be getting bullied himself by a bigger kid since he’s doing if to smaller kids himself…

  2. this is why our jails are over 90% black. we have to support these idiots and use money we could use for education to feed them in prison and suppl them with government assistant. I bet our forefathers wish they would have plowed their own fields. as for this kid, I think they the families should be allowed 20 minutes in a room with him to do as they wish. you can use all the psychology you want, you whip his little ass enough times and he would learn.

  3. The boy doesn't need mental help wtf is wrong with you. Be needs god damn parent in his life who teaches him shit. His dad probably beats his mom and him. If he needed mental help he wouldn't be sneaking around making sure no one was looking

  4. love to know wtf was going on in anyones head in this place dude says his kids have bite marks bleeding this lady don't even look to see what's wrong with these kids and I'm sorry but under 12 or not this lil boy should be locked the f up regardless of why he did it he did it he clearly knew right from wrong or he wouldn't have been making sure none was looking I cant see why he got nothing and can assure all if this was my kid gettin beat up I wouldn't have been this dad to just go slap the wrong kid cuz soon as I found out it was the wrong one ida found the right one and he wouldn't have made it to the court to not get charged tht a promise….i yelled at my gf for even showing me such a horrible pos video tht was just tooo much to watch having two kids I cant see how this went on with no one saying a thing….

  5. I wish people would leave race out of this. The young boy needs Mental Health help, He is either seeing this at home a good chance seeing this type of behavior on TV. He is on his way to becoming a Sociopath and that is very scary but than again so many children raised these days are headed down that path. The father who hit that child should be ashamed of himself. Why perpetuate the cycle of abuse? I hope this young boy gets the appropriate help, I don't mean lock him up. He needs to see a Psychologist. He is headed down a very dark and dangerous path unless responsible adults step in and help him correctly. I also want to mention that this isn't a black community problem this is a problem that is happening everywhere with all skin colors because of the lack of parenting that is going on these days. I just really hope he isn't thrown into the cracks and left behind when this boy could grow up to be something amazing if he could get help he really needs.

  6. i wish a mutha fucker would . Thats why my kids will not go to nobodys daycare . ill fucking kill somebody kid !

  7. I’m black and I would expect this child to be locked up. He needs some hands placed on him but police frown upon that so he needs to be arrested.

    The dad shouldn’t have hit the child but in a rage crap happens. I understand how he dwelt but he was wrong.

    The boy should have some type of legal action taken upon him.

  8. Educated white MALE!

    This is rediculous! Anyone who believes that crime, drugs, violence, and corrupt trash do not come from and thrive in the “HOOD” is insane. In a world that makes sense the father should have beaten the correct child and the daycare worker. If you have children you would understand, and protect them at all cost! I applaud this father for taking matters in his own hands, just a lack of attention to detail for not beating the correct child. The child who was beating the other children in he video will most definently be in prison along with most of his black male peers.

  9. Now what this man should have done is find this boys mom and dad and beat they A**…….

  10. Kkk ur ignorant white cracker ..ima nigga n il whoop yo white redneck ass

  11. XD wow , slapped the wrong kid though lol? oh well :/ hopefully the kids parents will (doubt it).

  12. violencehasnoface

    im sick of hearing all the ignorance that comes out of folks!!! how come everything comes down to race now… it’s insecurity !!! from insecurity you put other people down in the end it doesn’t make any better!… From hearing the way you talk to people I can almost tell how you raise your kids!!! this type of kid!..violence has no face . it doesn’t have a favorite color or it doesn’t go around picking wallets!… it happens all around the world no matter what color shape size you are!.. Even the best parents and the wealthiest people have problems!.. let’s our children to love the diversity of this world tell them that the world is theirs and to dream big… I believe actions like this are pleads for attention from not having being heard….neglection can also. one in different shapes… from not loving your children to loving them so much you have to work all day to feed them and in the end the outcome is the same.. no love!!!! …. Where is the LOVE!?

  13. This is why we have never had our children in daycare. Two of my children who were able to escape from 3 seperate daycares. One of my children I found outside the daycare looking in when I arrived. The other one was brought back to the daycare by police (they didn’t know he was missing.) After that we stopped taking them to daycare and one stays home while the other works.

    • Whoops I meant to say why we took our children out of daycare and my youngest has never been too daycare. I’m glad non of these kids were hurt severely.

  14. Hi, I feel like I’m stepping into the lions den here. I am a white male father of 4 (3 girls 1 boy) and while I don’t condone the fathers actions I get it, smeone hurt his baby and he felt the urge to hurt back (which seems to go against the general consensus that kids imitate what they learn at home). I think if one of my kids was the victim I would want the kid and teacher arrested (regardless of race) and would go to the police as well as the school board or owner of the facility (depending if it was public or private care). If all that didn’t work the media is your friend in these situations and they love a scapegoat (in this case poor upbringing ie. The parents, and neglecting teachers) I feel bad for all parties involved it is a horrible thing to see.

  15. Ok, first for us as african americans to say yea this is ok for this little boi to do, u need help, then to throw race into it? If this was my child they would have to live up to there actions. U raise a boy like this clearly they going to be up to shit later on in life like prison or dead… now if race is still a issues with u over hundreds of years, get help… i understand its something to talk bout but do you enjoy look ignorant and uneducated… if thiz was ur baby u would have something to say… he could of being rapeing and lord knows what else, please find god and help and pass it on… god dont like ugly, and condoning this before god, remember he dont think of it as karma but hey that bitch come in a different color dress and lipstick all the time… this could be your child being harmed… FIND A HIGHER POWER N RISE UP

  16. This is extremely sad and the ignorance of people commenting. I feel like this little boy needs to be sat down and find out what he was thinking. Kids will display what is displayed to them. All the racial slurs and crap is absolutely sad. Terrible action by children are done within all races and they shouldn’t lock up the kid, they should lock up his mother or whoever is his guardian. Child protection service should be contacted immediately. Beating this kid is not going to help him, he needs help and guidance. Race has absolutley nothing to do with it becasue any child is capable of doing this but as parents they need to be mindful and pay attention to what their children are subjected to. It’s sad that the first things people want to do is call him a “nigger”. He isn’t ignorant he is just displaying what is display to him. So before people throw that word around they should reevaluate themselves and find out how much of a nigger THEY really are for using that word. This action is absolutley sad but the sadest part of it all is that neither child will be heard. The teacher should definitely be arrested because there is no way in hell that she did not know what was going on. Parents we need to wake up!

    • I think being “sat down and spoken to” is somewhat underwhelming and “airy fairy” ! Yes, he has issues but he is sneaky enough to wait for opportune times to torture these babies and then act as if he cares when they are crying. A sociopath/psychopath cannot be cured. They only learn to hone or hide their flaws and “act” normal when thy need to… I bet you anything he does the same to animals. I am soooooo sick of all the warm and fuzzies making excuses for this disgusting behavior. White, black , yellow or purple….. It’s abhorrent…

  17. Beating ain't going to help this child.is obvious he needs help, won't be surprised if this child been bullied at home. remember bullies only attacked the weak. I feel for this innocent children . Glad he was finally caught.

  18. Product of environment or not his little ass needs to be bound and flayed! Little shit! I am so pissed right now, what a stupid daycare worker gosh this is sickening. I don't blame the father teach the little shit a good hard lesson.

    • When i saw this i was beyond disgusted! The part that pissed me off is the teacher was there the whole time. The little baby in the walker cried on several ccasions and not once did she come check why. And the other children stood around probably out of fear for what he as done to them before.

    • OMG you don't even understand how much this has been bothering me, I kept thinking about it all night, about those sweet little children, it tore at my heart.



  20. I tell u wht let tht ben ma bby girl lil doude his mom and dad wooda gotn fuckd up plz bitch u knw dam well how ur son wuz don’t front man then ppl wonder y mfkrz talk sht

  21. OMG I wanna bet that little boy and his mama's ass

  22. omg that shyt is so disturbing he needs to be charged no matter how old he is he wants to punch a diffensive baby like that so mom stop fronting n saying ur shock u should of took action when ur kid was home being reckless b*tch…

  23. How can parents raise a kid like this and not be aware of this kind of behavior?
    Its insane!
    This kid need to be sent away!

  24. What probably happened was the other kids his age were gone on a field trip or doing something specioal and he was not allowed to participate because of his behavior issues so they stuck him with a teacher that was available at the time.

  25. This child is clearly suffering from an illness that is undiagnosed. He has some anger problems along with some other underlying issue. He needs to be put in a psychiatric facility and be evaluated and treated for his illness. The father who was angry had every right to be angry but no right to put his hand on someone else’s child. As I read earlier comments you all were right he should have been taking his anger out on the worker who clearly was not watching his child. Whoever was left in charge at the daycare should be reprimanded as well because the 9 year should not have been in the room with toddlers in the first place.

  26. The little boy was too old to be in with the younger children.The little boy needs help he has not been properly trained and monitered.Where are the policies regarding prevention.In this day and age with no other jobs too many unmonitered people are allowed to run day care.

  27. i am a strong advocate for one parent staying home to raise the children. there is no telling what the children are suffering with these babysitters. afterall who usually take that job? the most illiterate unemployable person on the planet.

    • In a perfect world, many would stay home and raise their children. That just is not an option for many today, particularly with shrinking incomes/jobs. This is an unfortunate incident. I am glad that it was caught on tape so that an intervention could occur. Who knows what else was going on, or how long this would have continued had it not been caught on tape. By the way, where did the tape come from? The center should have contacted parents of all children involved, held a meeting and resolved this matter. Administration needed to be more active in the process of resolving the matter.

    • dedicated to them

      I hold a bachelors in early childhood education, CDA, child development management certified, and am currently studying for counseling….i work with highly trained (medication dispensation, adhd/add, autism, 4-H, Boys and girls club of America, safety, abuse), highly educated men and women whip possess ASSOCIATES, BACHELORS, MASTERS, DOCTORATES. to say we are illiterates etc., is insulting. this video is heart breaking. for those babies, the parents….especially the dad, who should’ve been ready to who staffs butt (my personal opinion). this video show the childcare facility put no effort into securing employees dedicated to the care of young children. when you higher people who are only there for a check this is unfortunately this is what comes from that. please assume nothing about everyone cause there are many, like myself, who love childcare.

      • It is clear that your education has not provided you with the proper tools to spell adequately (making you illiterate as well for not being able to use proper English). Please stop trying to stress this “high education” you claim to have, it only makes you sound more ridiculous than you already do. As the other individual stated, it is undereducated illiterate people, such as yourself, that help take care of the working people’s children. SAD!

  28. This little boy needs lots of prayer, probably some counseling, and most definitely a good butt whooping, which is what this father should’ve been on a mission to do. I haven’t read an account of just how the man hit who he thought was the culprit, but a slap, a punch or a kick would’ve been the wrong way to go. This is when you channel your inner Joe Jackson and tear that you know what UP.

  29. You know what, I know this would not have been right but I would have been on a mission to hurt somebody if I would have seen him hit my baby like he was doing those children, he knows better than that just because he is old enough even if he has not been taught better. As far as mom’s acting like she was shocked I don’t really think I believe that. People need to stop fronting and get back in these kid’s behinds and give them something to keep them occupied because it is said An Idle Mind is The Devils Workshop, they better get it together because at this rate he wont live long or without being behind bars.

  30. what else is new ,little niggers at their best.
    nigger will be in jail by the time 12 because
    born into a nigger family

  31. what i have seen is crazy the parents needs to be taking in and the lil boy needs a ass whopping big time think of it being your kids. they need Jesus.
    i dont care but black people you need help that is low life when will you people wake up and stop and raise your kids oh let me guess we as black men dont really have farthers

  32. There something terrible wrong with that nine year old boy!!! He probably has been hit that way or seen someone being hit. He to old to be in daycare anyway. And the adult in the room needs her ass kicked!!! That’s who the father should of been hitting.

  33. Ann Gardner-Jackson

    This child is an obvious product of his environment and he is displaying behaviors that have been either inflicted upon him or behaviors that he has witnessed inflicted upon another person or persons. The father's behavior was definitely inappropriate and incorrect inregards to entering a daycare facility and striking a six year old child who had nothing to do with the previous attacks. Unfortunately many African American families have been affected negatively due to proverty, incarceration, lack of education/skills, fatherless and motherless homes, lack of healthcare and psychological counseling. Mentorship and motivational workshops would greatly assist many struggling families. Domestic violence often effects children who witness harsh and violent acts on a regular basis.

  34. I understand the father rage, sad he got the wrong kid. This is a mean, evil kid, he waited until no one looking. Why was this 9year ok predator in this little ones.

    • “Why was this 9year ok predator in this little ones.”

      Why did that 24 year old PREDATOR, MURDERER, TERRORIST, SCUMBAG caucasoid kill 12 people and injured 58 in Aurora?


  35. I OVERstand what the father did, but he was wrong! He really should’ve backhanded the fat, greasy daycare worker in the mug!

    She was on the phone, but was supposed to be watching the children. As far as, the 9 year old boy, he is just practicing what he sees on tell-a-LIE-vision, on the streets, violent videos, and in the home.

    The racist cracker interviewer, asked the superintendant, why wasn’t the boy arrested? Racist crackers want to see our young boys in jail too! FVCK THAT BYTCH! If it was a cracker boy, she would’ve probably gave him a ‘time out’.

    These ‘day scare’ centers ain’t teaching our children a damn thing.

    • Ok I am a “cracker” aka white person and yes I would expect that little kid to be arrested or put into a boot camp program. Its obvious that he is VERY VERY disturbed. His Aunt is also an uneducated piece of trash which I am sure his parents are also. The kid had to learn this behavior somewhere and has probably been abused himself which is sad. A young man doing good things for his community he could have been but now he will run wild with the gangs and trash that is out on the streets. Great job folks!!!

  36. Social disorder in the black home….I wrote a section on black on black racism and I will post it to your page for everyone to read…..this is an epidemic going on in the black homes today and the peak of violence has destroyed the would be great men and women in our race. What ever happens in the home will literally happen outside the home with our children. Who is this parent? and what role does the father play…that's if he is in the child's life? Social disorder in the home births social injustice on the streets…which is what has happened in the black community today.

    • I don't understand why a lot of people like to make everything a racial issue. This is not an example of black on black racism or social disorder in the black hom. This is an example of a very mentally disturbed child who needs intensive inpatient treatment for sociopathic behavior! There are millions of white children-statistics show more than minorities-who exhibit the same type of behavior that we see in this video (sneaky, conniving, and relentless violent acts with no empathy toward even a cat or dog much less a human being like himself!) but no one labels it as white on white violence. In order for our human race to heal, we ALL must begin to view ourselves as humans first before we even identify with a race or color. This is not a black community issue. This is a mental health issue and a class issue of a lazy worker who is uneducated and doesn't care enough about her job because she's only there to get a check and not to help raise and protect innocent children. Social disorder? He definitely has a social disorder, but not because he is black and not because he is in a poor home. Just my opinion on the facts.

    • Dara Blendsperfectly – You mind showing me these statistics? Otherwise I call BS. You made it s racial issue after condemning it as one.

    • Every race has the potential to F their kid up… It's not just a black thing hence the white male that killed all the kids in the school… It is everyone being counter productive to the great good of all man kind… Ultimately it is the individual who has the power to change their lives…

  37. Wow…I'm so speechless! Smh