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Fred Willard Caught in the Nastiest, Most Embarrassing Celebrity Scandal Ever: The New Peewee Herman?

Fred Willard is the old white guy that you’ve probably seen, but haven’t heard much about.  But he’s working and he’s famous.  Now, he’s in the middle of a very strange scandal that has some labeling him to be the next Peewee Herman.  If  you’re caught in a porn shop with your pants down as a 72-year old man, you’ll probably be accused of being part of the most embarrassing celebrity scandal ever.  That is now Willard’s claim to fame. tells more:

You have to feel bad for 72-year old Fred Willard.  He was about to make a big paycheck from PBS by hosting a new show called “Market Warriors.”  But right before he’s set to get paid this happens.

Willard was allegedly caught in a porn shop with his pants down.  He says that it didn’t happen and that he never broke the law, but that isn’t what the authorities are saying.  Also, PBS isn’t saying much except for the words “You’re fired.”

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