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600-LB Woman Says She Has as Much Sex as Possible In Order to Lose Weight

We really didn’t know what to say when we saw this one.  A woman that is 600 pounds doesn’t seem like someone who has the ability to have sex at all.  But everybody gets the desire for some loving and if it helps her to lose weight, then God bless her.  The saddest part about all of this is that if you look this woman up on the Internet, you’ll find pictures of her in the nude.  What’s she up to anyway?  This isn’t exactly the most pleasant thing to talk about or write about.

Some guys like big girls and Pauline Potter’s husband Alex is no different. The heaviest woman in the world (weighing 600 pounds) and her ex-husband reunited after after their split in 2008 following their three year marriage. The 47-year-old Potter is the heaviest woman in the world last year after weighing in at 700 pounds according to the Guiness Book of World Records. Potter has since lost 100 pounds and has been able to rebuild the romance between herself and her ex-husband.

So what is Potter’s weight-loss secret? – SEX. Potter makes sex into a workout, claiming that she sweats off a lot of calories during ‘sexercise’.

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