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Just Call Him a Hero: 13-Year Old Boy Takes Six Bullets Protecting His Girlfriend from Gunfire

13-Year Old Boy Hit by Six Bullets Protecting His Friend from Gunfire

Rony Monzon has a story for the ages, and we are happy to hear that it has a happy ending.  The 13-year old saved his female friend from being shot by rival gunfire in the blood-soaked streets of Chicago.  Gun violence from Chicago gangs has gotten out of control, and too many kids are being affected.  Thanks to Rony, his girlfriend is going to live a long and prosperous life, have children and grow to enjoy adulthood.  But some ruthless gang members almost put an end to it on that fateful day. tells more:

Rony Monzon is being called a hero by the city of Chicago after taking a hail of bullets in order to save one of his friends from gunfire.  The 13-year old boy was on the front porch with Daneysi Valdovinos when they were caught in the middle of gunfire between two rival gang members.  This led to a barrage of bullets being shot in the air, and the boy being hit several times.

 Monzon took bullets in the arm, chest, hip and hands.  The incident took place on the West Side of Chicago.

“Once I got in the house, I checked myself and I saw blood…and I was very scared,” said Monzon. “I was like – I’m gonna die.”

Daneysi Valdovinos, who is a girl, was sitting with Monzon when the gunfire began.  They were both rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital’s intensive care unit.


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