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George Zimmerman’s Ex Girlfriend Says He Hit Her in the Mouth For Chewing Gum

There were several new revelations in the evidence released yesterday by Special Prosecutor Angela Corey’s office. One new piece of information comes from George Zimmerman’s ex-girlfriend who, according to ABC News, told investigators about Zimmerman’s manipulative behavior:

 In a statement provided by Zimmerman’s ex-fiancée, she told police that Zimmerman hit her in the mouth for chewing gum, and that a few weeks later there was an incident in which Zimmerman refused to leave her house and, she said, lied to police about a scratch he had incurred from the dog, saying that she instead scratched him. The couple were engaged for a year before calling it off.

Also revealed was that investigators believed Trayvon Martin was profiled because of what he was wearing, not because of his race. Sanford Police Department investigator Chris Serino said he “believes that when Zimmerman saw Martin in a hoody, Zimmerman took it upon himself to view Martin as acting suspicious.”

The new evidence also reveals a bit about Florida how investigators assessed Zimmerman:

A Florida investigator told FBI agents weighing possible civil rights violations against the neighborhood watch volunteer who killed teenager Trayvon Martin that he believed George Zimmerman’s actions were based on Martin’s attire rather than skin color, describing him as “overzealous” but a “soft guy” with a “little hero complex.”

Zimmerman was so overzealous that one time he called the police to report that one of his neighbors had left their garage open.

And Sanford police explained away Zimmerman’s “f*cking coon” remark to the F.B.I. by pointing to a Florida gang reportedly known as the “goons”.




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