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Check on that Bank Account Evander: Holyfield is Moving Out of Foreclosed Mansion

Evander Holyfield is Moving Out of His Foreclosed Mansion

It’s a sad story that we see all too often among black athletes.  They are making insane amounts of money one minute, and broke the next.  Evander Holyfield is just the latest in a list of athletes who are experiencing serious financial troubles.  Holyfield’s moving trucks were spotted outside his Georgia mansion, as the bank has finally declared a TKO on Holyfield’s ability to pay.  The boxer is too old to fight seriously anymore, and not able to make George Foreman money by selling grills.

In addition to his foreclosure problems, Holyfield has a host of other concerns to deal with.  We’re not sure how he’s going to get out of this one.  Joe Louis died broke, Muhammad Ali went broke and Mike Tyson also went broke.  Let’s hope that Holyfield can make it out of this one.
TMZ is reporting that former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield is on his way out of his Georgia mansion after the house was foreclosed upon.  Moving trucks were seen outside of the home, and it looks like he can no longer handle his massive monthly payment. Holyfield owed more than $14 million on the 54,000 square […]


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