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First an NAACP “Mentor,” Now Melyssa Ford is Dating Flo Rida

Our bloggers are trying to figure out which direction former video vixen Melyssa Ford is going with her career.  On one hand, she seemed to want to leave her hip hop days behind her, stating that the industry was disrespectful toward women.  This led to her appearing with the NAACP as a mentor for young women, a controversial move, to say the least.

Now, she is on the BET red carpet cuddling with rapper Flo Rida, appearing to reconnect with her hip hop roots.  Which direction is she trying to go?   Mentor or vixen, you can’t be both Melyssa.

It’s hard to figure out if former video vixen Melyssa Ford is trying to change her image or not.   Not long after appearing as a “mentor” for young women at an NAACP event, Melyssa was seen on the BET red carpet booed up with rapper Flo Rida.  Ford has stated recently that she is working to get away from the industry, but it seems that the industry keeps calling her back.

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