Yvette Carnell: Why Did a Biracial Actress Portray Harriet Tubman in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”?

by Yvette Carnell

I have nothing against actress Jaqueline Fleming, the actress who portrayed Harriet Tubman in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer”, except that she doesn’t look a thing like  the real Tubman.

Unlike Fleming, Tubman wasn’t born in Copenhagan to a Danish-German mother, and Tubman’s dark skin and African features attest to that.

So why was Fleming cast to portray Harriet Tubman in a movie?

Take a look around, and you’ll note that darker skinned blacks, in history and on film, are being replaced with blacks who are more palatable to white people.  And Tubman, a heroine of the abolitionist movement,  must also be palatable to white culture, which requires that she be white,  or damn near it.

And before you go accusing me of colorism, consider that I’m light skinned, and yet, would never pretend that I could, or should, portray Shirley Chisholm in a movie. Even if I could act, I know that in order for Chisholm to be portrayed accurately, that role must go to Regina King, or some other equally talented, and brown, actress. I’d be a fool to think that throwing a little make-up on a light skinned woman amounts to an accurate portrayal of Chisholm. It doesn’t. In fact, it amounts to a betrayal.

To contract a biracial woman to portray a darker skinned black woman is actually racist since the act itself is based on white supremacy. Not only should Fleming never have been cast in the role, she should’ve never shown up for the casting call. To do so was to dishonor Tubman, and so Fleming bears some responsibility in this as well.

And, of course,  the world laughs at us, as we sit back and watch ourselves be undermined by fraudulent representations, and invalidated as others rewrite darker skinned blacks out of history.

Confederates of the Civil War were traitors, and yet you still see their ancestors rise up to defend them. But African Americans have no problem allowing Tubman to be undermined on the silver screen, and permanently altered in the minds of people who will use this movie,  as well as other misrepresentations, as a reference point.

Give it 75 years or so, and all the new rewritten textbooks will have images of photoshopped Tubman, a lighter skinned version of her authentic self, and the period that we are currently in will be forever known as the Great Erase, where black people, and black culture, were erased and replaced. I get so tired of saying this but, we have no one but ourselves to blame.

Yvette Carnell is a former Capitol Hill and campaign staffer turned writer. She is currently an editor and contributor to Yourblackworld.

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  2. .
    There is actually no such thing as a so-called “Light-Skinned
    Black” person … but rather … such individuals and groups
    are actually people who are of a ‘Multi-Generational
    Multiracially-Mixed’ (MGM-Mixed) Lineage that some may
    have been pressured or encouraged to ignore or downplay.
    People of Mixed-Race lineage should NOT feel pressured to
    ‘identify’ according to any standards other than one’s own.
    The legal -application of the racist-‘One-Drop Rule’
    (ODR) was banned in the U.S. way back in 1967.
    Listed below are related Links of ‘the facts’ of the histories
    of various Mixed-Race populations found within the U.S.:
    There is no proof that a ‘color-based slave hierarchy’
    (or that ‘color-based social-networks’) ever existed
    as common entities — within the continental U.S.
    It was the ‘Rule of Matriliny (ROM) — [a.k.a. ‘The Rule of Partus’
    (ROP)] — and NOT the racist-‘One-Drop Rule’ (ODR) — that was
    used to ‘create more enslaved people’ on the continental U.S.
    This is because the chattel-slavery system that was
    once found on the antebellum-era, continental U.S.
    was NOT “color-based” (i.e. “racial”) — but rather
    — it was actually “mother-based” (i.e. ‘matrilineal’).
    There were many ways (and not solely the sexual assault
    and sexual exploitation of the women-of-color) in which
    ‘white’ lineage entered the familial bloodlines of
    enslaved-people found on the continental U.S.
    An ‘Ethnic’ category is NOT the
    same thing as a “Race” category:

    Other Topics:

  3. Anti-Intellectual, Malcolm X was NOT biracial. His father Earl Little was a dark-skinned African American man and his mother Louise Langdon Little was a light-skinned biracial Grenadian woman. Malcolm was just light-skinned but not biracial.

  4. History have always been rewritten, but they are just taking it too far when they try to portray a light, light skinned woman as Harriet Tubman who looks nothing like this woman.

  5. Can we also get this mad over the states of education and the judicial system?

  6. well, now the powers that be MAY pull the same wool over our eyes with Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone…but nothing is set in stone as of yet… just been reading all of these new posts, lately.

  7. Benier Koranache

    well your correct. the 600 Million+ (real) Africans in the EMEA do feel sympathy 4 westernized and mestizos peoples who seem to resent their African blood…. But, we also think its rather boring that u do…

  8. Most of these comments are killing me. It is not about colourism, or being "racist to light-skinned people." The problem is the fact that when it comes to black historical figures, hollywood doesn't care to portray them accurately, however when it comes to white historical figures, you will never see them being played by non-white people. THAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE, not judging someone for being biracial. Not all issues have to be about violence or hatred toward blacks for us to care. When so many people in this world learn about historical figures through the media, it is important that they are portrayed accurately. It is very important. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to educate themselves before commenting.

  9. What I would be curious to know is what was the color distribution of the actresses that applied for the role? Anyone know how to find that kind of thing out?

    I mean, clearly if many other equally well qualified darker skinned actresses applied or were called out for auditions then yes then shot down, total colorism.

    As for "more palatable to white audiences", I've never gotten that. I'm a Canadian that spent some formative years in the South (Virgnia and Alabama) and am very aware of the one drop rule… This woman certainly isn't "white" by any stretch of the imagination. I can't imagine any white person saying that she was more palatable than a darker skinned character. I can just see some old white dude saying, "So what if her momma was German, she's still black ain't she?"

  10. According to Harriet Beecher Stowe: Good white folks viewed the negro paternally. The good white people speak for the negro and must protect them as creatures inherently incapable of certain higher thoughts and feelings — people entitled to freedom but childlike, in need of care and unable to determine what is best for themselves. Good white folks see themselves as the champion of the lowly.

    From my own personal experience, I can attest that this paternalistic perspective still exist even today amongst “good white people”. Despite their good intentions, they still see themselves as our superior, and as long as we are in agreement with them regarding their so-called supremacy, all is well. If we agree with their teachings that they come from a superior culture and we made no contributions to the global historical stage, every thing is okay.

    On the other hand, once we become enlightened, once we realize that we, as Africans, are historical giants. That we once dominated the planet. That we are the first people who migrated out of Africa and populated the rest of the earth. That Africans have made some of greatest contributions to the global historical stage. That we built the first great cultures, and developed the first great civilizations. Some of is know that our legacy was systematically stolen.

    And that despite their attempts to destroy us and subjugate us, we are still around today. Even more, we are still making tremendous contributions to human development today, in all our blackness. Despite our collective sufferings since the 15th century, when the concept of white supremacy was born. Despite that, we are gave birth to Harriet Tubman, a powerful jet black woman. A courageous woman. And the fact that she was dark black, should not shame us, it should makes us proud. We should embrace her in all her blackness, as a great human. Harriet Tubman was dark black, and that is just fine. Heroes come in all colors. It is time we acknowledge that. Black is the color of heroes, too.

    Yes, “white people” try to divide and conquer us by pitting dark blacks against light blacks. But some of us have learned from history. This trick won’t work again on the conscious ones.

    Today, we need enlightened blacks to control our own media, and tell our own stories. And despite the “good intentions” of “good white people”, we are not lowly. We do not need a white champion. We are capable of thinking for ourselves and speaking for ourselves.

    Once we become conscious, we will no longer be Euro-centric in our thinking. We will obtain knowledge and apply that knowledge for our collective economic and spiritual growth. Thus, we will no longer believe in intellectual and racial hierarchies.

  11. Malcolm said, “If you are not careful the media will
    have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

  12. Wow! Colorism and DNAism against a woman of color for simply playing a woman of color. Have several seats…in the movie theater…alone.

  13. Sister I understand your point exactly, but so many black folks don’t even care about, want to be reminded of slavery, to emancipation, to Jim Crow laws,especially we that are still around that grew up before the burnings around America, after the assassination of MLK who was called a communist then and villified daily. We continue to allow that white man and his Jewish sidekick to define us as a race of people that they shaped and molded.So much so that individuals like Justice Thomas resigns himself to be all encompassed to be white first despite his skin tone he made IT and has his white woman and nothing black matters as an issue and so he keeps his mouth shut.

    • What would you have Justice Thomas do? Become a militant? Strap on his beret & start bashing white people?

      He studied hard, kept his nose clean and made something out of himself. Does he deserve to be disrespected by a hood-rat wanna-be like you?

      Your post stinks of jealousy….

  14. ” If you do not understand White supremacy (Racism) _____what it is , and how it works____everything else that you understand, will only confuse you.”

    Neely Fuller Jr. [1971} this is a quote from his book called THE UNITED INDEPENDENT COMPENSATORY CODE/SYSTEM/CONCEPT

  15. I find the level of angry vitriol just as disturbing as the original article’s point as racism. We are all the same, and there are some really poor misinterpretations of science and evolution here. Culturally, there is no right history or wrong history, there just is what happened, and what is happening right now.

    My argument isn’t that people should accept injustice as de facto, and I agree that there is still prevalent racism in the media. However, I disagree that getting mad and screaming and swearing about it will accomplish equality, because I equate that with imbalanced mental perceptions and violence. You can be firm and strong and effect genuine change, without being mad and insulting.

    Do you know what will accomplish balance? Finding it in yourself. Realizing in your heart that we are actually all equal (in sickness and death, we all suffer), forgiving perceived sins, and encouraging everyone to find their own beauty, regardless of their history or past. Then working together peacefully and with dialogue towards a greater collective human solution to expressions of inequality. Express your culture without insulting others. Be proud of your heritage while being proud of all heritages, because they belong to all of us. We are an an interconnected universe. Literally. Recognize the violent, cruel history of humanity as responsibilities of us all.

    Be the bigger person – not out of spite, but out of awareness that this is the only way to solve the problem. I wish humanity collectively peace and good will in our progress, or lack thereof.


  16. Harriet Tubman Historical Society & Community Service, Inc. cordially invites all to commemorate and appreciate the legacy of Harriet Tubman and all freedom seekers who struggled for freedom, justice and human dignity. Harriet Tubman Day, March 10th, Tubman’s Memorial, & June 21-22, Tubman’s successful raid on the Combahee River, Port Royal,S.C., and Harriet Tubman Annual Pilgimage, last weekend in May, Harriet Tubman Home, Auburn, N.Y. No one can re-enact or write and capture the sacrifice, abuse and brutality suffered by Harriet Tubman and enslaved families. Yet, many families were determined to be free and risked life and property for freedom. We decided in 1970s after the lack of recognition for HARRIET TUBMAN and launched Harriet Tubman Historical Society as the voice/advocate for the preservation & recognition of Harriet Tubman & the UGRR. A historic pilgrimage to Dorchester County, MD.,1979-84, Harriet Tubman Home 1982, and Beaufort, S.C. was even more encouraging. I met families in Dorchester County & Addie Clash Travers and members of Harriet Tubman Association. They worked daily with iimited resources to keep Tubman’s story alive sponsoring community programs, tours, and annual Harriet Tubman Day that began in 1967,Father’s Day weekend, Cambridge,MD. Both organizations formed a partnership coalition to worked together for resurrection of Tubman’s legacy. March 10,1990,HTHS sponsored and organized the first National Harriet Tubman Day. The President, U.S. Congress, Twenty-five Governors, Mayors, St. Catharines Ontario, Churches and organizations proclaimed HTD. During NPS Underground Rairoad Advisory Committee agreed to include Harriet Tubman’s role in the history of the UGRR and Tubman’s birthplace,home,Auburn,N.Y. and St. Catharines, 1993-95. Today,Harriet Tubman UGRR MD. Byway & HTUR Byway (DE). 2013 plans: Harriet Tubman National Historical Park, Auburn, N.Y., Harriet Tubman UGRR National Historical Park in Caroline,Dorchester,Talbot Counties, MD. March 10, 1990, Harriet Tubman Freedom Tour was established in Wilmington,Delaware. Thanks,late Evelyn Townsend, Addie C. Travers,Helen Smith, Rev. Edward Jackson and others.
    http://www.harriettubmanday.com (construction site)

  17. Okay, before I really go into anything, let me be certain that I'm understanding the issue here, okay?

    You're upset about the lack of historical accuracy regarding Harriet Tubman's character in a movie about Abraham Lincoln, who in addition to being the 16th President of the United States also killed vampires? That's what I just read, yes?.

  18. Good article. We agree with you. The first thing that one does when organizing a documentary is to gather images of the people and find people that resemble the historical figureheads. The only time when this is not done is if the organizer has images that support his/her selection or if the organizer’s goal is to support disassociation.

    Disassociation is a longstanding colonial strategy that has been used to separate “indigenous” peoples from their birthrights, nationality, identity, heritage and geographic land space. Historically, it has been shown that what Hollywood did with this movie is a continuation of what’s been happening; the tactics are not new.

    Remember when the image of Yeshua (Jesus) was changed from being bronze with an afro and remember when Buddha got some bleaching creme and a fade. Remember when the image of the original chosen children of the Holy land changed. Remember how the original people of Egypt became ultra light. Remember when the image of a “true Native American” became ultra light with long straight hair. Remember how everyone painted their faces black during the annual Dinagyang and Ati-Atihan festival in the Philippines commemorating the aboriginal Ati tribe that were found there prior to Spanish colonization and today, it is assumed that the original people of the Philippians are not copper colored, the list goes on and on and on.

    Due to the repetitive revision of history and imagery the “black” people have fell into a sleep state of disassociation where they do not see themselves as the original Philippians/Arabs/ Native American/Yahudites and when these topics arrive or when inaccurate imagery is shown, they don’t speak up. This extends to the Harriet Tubman situation.

    If the “black” people still pile up in the churches under a picture of a bleached Jesus, flock to the movies, celebrate holidays that are totally dishonorable to their ancestors and spend mad “money” on things that are advertised via movies/TV/Videos and continuously show that they don’t know who they are “domestically and internationally” then why should Hollywood care. If the people don’t honor themselves and their ancestors then how does one expect others to honor them. Some will say that “it doesn’t matter what color.” My question is if it doesn’t matter then why is there is a constant need to trade places? What is so difficult about presenting people in their actual likeness?

    In closing, support independent filmmakers and producers that accurately preserve the images of who we are.

  19. Gabriel Prosser

    Once again, if you notice most of the people crying the same old, can’t we all get along, I don’t understand why race matters, it was JUST a movie are usually all light skinned folks and not one of them mentioned that Hollywood managed to find an actor who looked like Abe Lincoln – ugly as fuck but when it comes to the ‘Black’ character’s whomever showed up got the part? Fuck outta here. Racism isn’t just about someone burning a cross on your lawn, not letting you eat at a restaurant counter or sicking a damn German sheperd on that ass. It’s about a psychological War that plants a seed of Willie Lynch in all of our minds. To be dismissive of the fact that the same Hollywood slapped some shoe polish on Forrest Whitiker to play Ida Amin because he wasn’t Black enough to play a villian but chooses lighter skinned actors to play ‘good’ characters is naive. No one Black is saying anything bad about our lighter skinned brothers and sisters. What we are saying is that if you can find an actor to play Abe Lincoln that looked like Abe why couldn’t you find an actor that looked like Harriet? We already know the answer because deep within the psyche of the people who cast this movie and other Hollywood films. Dark Skin is ugly and bad. Think about it like this which one is likely to happen? Another movie with some ugly ass hairy Black Man in a dress playing a woman, a fat ass grease eating lighter skinned sister that give most men and inverted erection; in a romantic comedy or some beautiful Chocolate physically fit sister like Serena Williams in her first role? If they can torture us with more Beyonce horrible acting you can’t put Serena in a film? To you it might seem a simple Childish movie about Vampires for kids. But this is how they get you, they plant the seeds early. They have already studied you and know most of you Dumbass’ can’t we all get along kneegrows will happily sit your Black Child down in front of a dvd, cable, or idiot box and allow them to watch this garbage to instill more self-hatred. When you don’t see any representationn of yourself – Dark Skinned Black People as proactive, taking responsibilty, saving themselves, heroes, intelligent, desirable, beautiful and decent it causes self-hatred. If you want to argue the stupid point about selling tickets as someone else did. Let me ask you a question simply. Why didn’t they cast Brad Pitt or George Clooney to play Abe then? Gotcha.

    • Bam! Preach on Gabriel Prosser! So many think that this garbage that Hollywood puts out is only jes mindless entertainment, when it is in fact the most powerful, potent source of brainwashing n existence. We r internalizing these negative images about ourselves w/o even knowing it. Media is the biggest propaganda tool that is used, & too many of us r too brain dead to realize it. We r criminalized & marginalized daily thru media. It is by design that we r presented n this way. Hitler used media to the same great affect n Nazi Germany to criminalize the Jews, so that when they got ready to exterminate them, no one cared or protested their deaths.

      • You are so correct!!! Most blacks are ignorant to history!!! The Nazis took Europe by Storm with their propaganda machine!! Most black Americans are to stupid and color struck to see this!

      • Nothing but DA TRUTH!

        I really didn’t know these negroids were still slaves to caucasoids!!!

        Especially, these negroid females! They are sick. They love albino mutants more than they love a Black Man!!!


        • The black males also love white women more than black women love white men

          • No, Sasha that is not correct. I believe opposites attract. And many people just fall in love. There is nothing wrong with interacial dating, or marrying. I live in California. Most people in the bay Area do not pay much attention to “color” or who is with who. It is very free here and very nice. I believe a lot of people with these negative comments on here live in a very repressed and racist area. There are many racist’s in this country still. But, there are also a lot of good people. You can be a strong AA but, you don’t have to hate everyone in order to feel good about yourself. That is what the white racists do. It is so ignorant. I have many friends of all kinds of cultures and we all get along fine, and are great friends. If I just ignored everyone except AA I would miss out on a lot of wonderful people and experiences. I think Derrick must live in the South, where it can be a very racist place to live. If you travel a lot like I do, you realize there are all kinds of great people out there, and they treat you with respect. If they didn’t I would have nothing to do with them. PEACE!

      • These negroids love caucasoids more than they love a STRONG BLACK MAN!

        I didn’t know these negroids were still slaves to caucasoids.


        • Derrick, what it comes down to is demanding respect. The people I associate with all respect me, as I respect them. Where I live, in the Bay Area people are cool. I think you might live in North Carolina? Or somewhere were maybe it’s really racist, and there are a lot of white assholes. But, not all whites are like that. And most people know this. If someone is giving you the respect you deserve why would you hate that person? Because they are white? That is wrong. This is now 2012, and still there is racism in America. But, much less and much more non-racist people then racist. White people rode the freedom bus into the south in the 1960’s. They got beaten and some died. If you read your history or watch documentaries you will see there were lots of good people of all colors fighting for justice. Sean Penn, Brad Pitt, devote themselves to helping the less fortunate, and mostly Black people. Sean Penn stayed in Haiti for over a year trying to help and doing a great amount of good.He spent his own money and raised Millions. Brad Pitt is famous for all the work he has done in New Orleans and other places in Africa. Bringing in clean water to villages there and saving lives. You are ignoring what other people do to help everyone. There are many hateful whites. But, there are many hateful blacks. If you were honest, you would have to admit there is good and bad in every group of people. Peace Out!

    • Excellent commentary!!!

      The only problem is these negroids will not change. They love their enemies and they can’t change. They are in mental slavery!

      What I can’t OVERstand is these negroes ALWAYS have to bow down for caucasoids. They NEVER tell caucasoids to STOP BEING SO EVIL, HATEFUL, RACIST,AND WICKED toward Black people. Dumb negroids, now accept being labled as ‘racist’ when they speak the Truth about caucasoids!

      These chicken-hearted negroids are the ones to watch out for because, they will side with a caucasoid SNITCH, SQUEAL and SIDELINE a Black man to be accepted by them!


  20. I thought Abraham Lincoln flinging that axe around like he was high off Bath Salts was cool as a Happy Meal on St. Pimps Day.

  21. The subtle message that everyone is forgetting is to manyx crakkkers we (African) all look alike! You would never find a brunette playing Marilyn Monroe, alas; I remember when Sidney Poitier played Thurogood Marshall and Harry Belafonte played Nelson Mandela!

  22. Aunjanue Ellis. (Undercover Brother, Ray) Viola Davis (The Help). Kimberly Elise (Set It Off, Diary of a Mad Black Woman). Other actresses could have better fit the visage of Sista Tubman, but there is the unmistakable paradigm that goes with film and media. On this I wholeheartedly agree that even as a historical fantasy fiction it should have been handled far better…

  23. Viola Davis. Pure and simple.
    Other actresses could have better fit the visage of Sista Tubman, but there is the unmistakable paradigm that goes with film and media. On this I wholeheartedly agree that even as a historical fantasy fiction it should have been handled far better…

  24. @ porcelian , its not about the movie its about the article …but on the other hand maybe Yvette was “on to sumthn” cause the bigger issue is WE as a people need to keep it together cause were being told …biracial, muulatto, mixed, multi, other, or as Tiger puts it Cablasian….when we can divide them into ;blue eyes, greeneyes,blondes, burnettes,reds, blushed,pasty…etc on census and socio /economical stats then ok. But they are smart enough to know that kind dividing creates Swiss ; cheese not bank accounts. So maybe her article can help us in seeing our own absurdity on this issue.

  25. This is a movie people. The president did not kill vampires! A movie.

  26. Forget light skin forget dark skin caramel black women the best. They should had a caramel harriett tubman

  27. I have a problem with this , but who do we tell it to and exactly what will they do when we can and will b heard?

  28. I wish people could stop caring about people’s skin colour, and “your land” versus “my land”, “your people” versus “my people”. We are all one people. There are no blacks or whites or asians or natives, except in your mind. Reverse or inverse racism is still racism. How you can expect anyone to accept you if you separate yourself? Love yourself as human, as alive in this universe…. Is this not infinitely more important? Race doesn’t even exist biologically, it’s a figment of humanity’s imagination and has been used poorly throughout history as an excuse for many things, by many people that choose to categorize themselves different ways.

    Can you imagine the slightly purple tulip thinking its better or that they need to shine more brightly than the slightly orange tulip because the orange ones are not “their flowers, and don’t share their floral history”? It’s absurd both in and out of context. Let’s just love each other as people.

    Not to take away from the argument RE:Harriet Tubman of course. Inequality and colour preference should be addressed, but I find this “Our Story/Let’s divide ourselves in return” rebuttal just as weary as the original racism. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • @Jasemine: go to the klan site and cry to those heathens with that bullshyt, and see how far you get!

      Race is not a culture. Crackers made up that word when they had a ‘RACE’ to get the rights, to own a slave because they both offered the same amount of money to ‘own’ him. Therefore, they had a ‘RACE’ and the cracker, who won the ‘RACE’ would get the enslaved brother!

      THIS IS WHERE THE WORD ‘RAC-IST’ CAME FROM. Crackers are RACIST and Blacks are a CULTURE of people; not a race. We can trace our heritage back millions of years, whites can only go back 6,000 years. CULTURE relates to family!

      One day you will realize that caucasoids don’t give a husky fvck about you or me, because if they did, we would not still be fighting for JUSTICE, FREEDOM, LIBERTY AND CIVIL RIGHTS.

      I’M BLACK, AND PROUD OF IT! OURSTORY did not begin with slavery! By the way… I ain’t looking to be ACCEPTED by caucasoids.

      Peace & Truth

    • WOW!! Jasmine!!!! Very Impressive!! Seriously, the best, and the most intelligent comment on here. Dark skin, medium, or light, all is BEAUTIFUL! And yes we all are one. Too bad so many don’t know this. We can only judge people individually as far as good or bad. But, we all need to work together. We are the human race. Different cultures, but all are human, and the same. And everyone should be treated the same, and have equal right’s. Slavery in America was worse then the holocaust as it lasted so much longerand so many more died. But, also the American Indian who had his land stolen, and millions died. And now we have gangs who kill each other for money & territory. I don’t think it will ever stop here on earth. We could all be the same color, but have different color eyes, and still their would be hatred. That is the real sad part, the need to hate.

  29. In a movie that turns Abraham Lincoln into a slayer of the undead, historical accuracy is clearly not the focus. I think we can afford the producers a bit of creative license on this one. Let's save the accusations of racism for more weighty matters….

    • But are they using a non-white actor to portray Lincoln? It's one thing to fantasize the actions of historical characters,. It's another to erase one f the things that is extremely important about them, just to cater to white supremacy.

    • There has already been a great deal of creative license when it comes to the history of African descended people. We can not anymore stretching of the truth, creative license or any of that other nonsense.

    • @Craig- but that's always the case and why this kind of casting is out of hand. We continue to let Producers 'slide', saving the issue for more weighty matters. Casting like this is preposterous. When will it be resolved?

    • So if a Latin actor plays an Arab, or an Arab plays an East Indian etc (as happens frequently in Hollywood) should those groups be up in arms?? Johnny Demp is playing Tanto in the new Lone Ranger, he's 1/4 native American…should they boycott the movie? The point is not everything is political commentary….we need to choose our battles more wisely. In the days of 15% unemployment, expiring civil rights legislation, and voter ID laws designed to reduce our influence at the polls, this discussion seems superfluous…

  30. Editing. “Because, to them we are ALL INFERIOR” regardless of tone.

  31. @ Derrick, exactly. Please reread my post this is what i was saying to Yvette it does not matter because “my to them WERE ALL INFERIOR.

    • @rachel: I hear you loud and clear. But, I NEVER have felt inferior to a BEAST!

      This is the conditioning and brainwashing caucasoids introduce to our children, once they reach school age. They tell them they are nothing, they were nothing but slaves, they are hoodlums, and thieves. These words breakdown the pride in our children, then they grow up to THINK they are nothing.

      This is why I tutor ‘my children’ to put some PRIDE in their lives. These are ‘our children’ and we must inform and teach them about their greatness; not just in sports, but in the sciences, the arts, math and ourstory.

      I told my son when he was 3 years old that the Ancient Afrikan introduce math to the world…today he’s in college and will be graduating with a computer science degree. He also tutors high school children in math!

      Our children just need to know, who they are; we were not slaves!


  32. Than you, Toni…touche’ my luv.

  33. @ joceeco, I mentioned i was light skin because she already did. Also because as i stated “as a light skin women myself i found what she wrote offfensive,” my identifying my hue, was germaine in my response to her piece. Though i find her very passionate and an intelligent writeras i have enjoyed her articles many times before, i just felt this was not befitting of her talents and purpose as a black sista(women). N love.

  34. Why? White Supremacy

    The entire movie reeked with it.

    • She wasn't even in the book, which also didn't have the "token black sidekick" either, and was a lot more truthful regarding Lincoln's relationship with slavery and other issues. The movie was pure Hollywood.

  35. Rachel,
    Thank you for finding the words to tell Yvette…This skin color issue is so trivial and to be placing it out there for people to see what our issues are instead of supporting causes like hunger, homeless, making sure that educating children is in place and not worrying abut what the sun does to the tone of our skin. It is so funny while we as a people are writing articles on skin tone, white people are out there baking their skin not concerning themselves about that. We have bigger issues…The Koch Brothers buying Romney into office. While we are writing articles about our President being bi-racial, whether Yvette is light skinned or medium skinned, it does not matter…skin tone does not matter…we are all people and look inside a person not the outside. The skin tone issue is a brain washing that we cannot seem to get pass. The actress that is playing Harriett Tubman, let her play her role, it is okay she is a person that was chosen for a reason that light skinned Yvette will never be able to know the reason.

  36. Nicole TherealNicole English

    Finally Yvette gets it right.

  37. Yvette…as a light skin women my self ur article is offensive. First off we dont give a damn ur light skin as u mentioned in the piece. All it sounds like to me is more of divide and conquer. We as BLACK PEOPLE need to stop finding trivial ways to let the white man seperate our purpose so we can overcome thier calculated oppressions. It does not matter her complexion(plus thiss was a damn stupd movie) we got bigger issues to fight for like proverty, education, and imprisonment. Plenty of light skin people have done great things for our fight such as both the girls who reprresented Board v Brown and Liittle Rock Arkansas in our fight for deseg n our schools were very light skin yet have portrayed many times by dark skin actresses, I and most did not care. Because realy as we all know slavemasters and of some whites today didnt/ dont give a damnhow light , if u are of BLACK u are inferior and treated as such. But they also know divide us and we have less power not only in population but also in votes, economic strength, media, worst of all in ideaology. THE BLACK EXPIERENCE IS MUCH MORE COMPLEX THAN SKIN DEEP IT IS HEART, BLOOD, BELIEFS, CULTURE, AND INNATE KNOWLEDGE OF KNOWING THE FEAR AND JEALOUSY AGAINST OUR BLACK AFRICA AND HER LINEAGE.

    • Wh would you start your comment by stating that you are a lightskin woman, if you don’t care about Yvette’s lightskin? Your comment sounds good at first read, but it is plain to see that America’s fascination with color has you confused also!

    • @rachel: Regardless of how ‘light skinned’ you are, if you walk into a department store you will be followed and watched just like your Black counterparts.

      These caucasoid serpents have messed up the minds of ‘light skinned’ negroes to make them feel better than their Blacker counterparts.



      Like Malcolm X once said: “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

      “It’s just like when you’ve got some coffee that’s too black, which means it’s too strong. What do you do? You integrate it with cream, you make it weak. But if you pour too much cream in it, you won’t even know you ever had coffee. It used to be black, it becomes white. It use to be hot, it becomes cool. It used to be strong, it becomes weak. It used to wake you up, now it puts you to sleep.”


      • Derrick..only one good thing can come of all this>> START DRINKING TEA!!! LMAOROTF!!!!! That’s it!! Hope you talk more about the “MOON PEOPLE” LOL! Are you sure you are not NEWT?? Newt is that you??? The Moon Colony!! It has to be Newt Gingrich!!!OMG! Too much fun..

  38. Thank you Lord, we still have and must honor Black History month. I have performed roles of Blacks men, not really considering the color factor; however, you do make a great observation, we must make the extra effort to keep the truth of who & what we are before the eyes of all that watch, listen, learn and are or will be influenced through any presentation we give….I also think we need your sharp observations and perspective to keep us aware, alert and aesthetically pure; we honor the work & presence of “Your Black World.”

  39. I feel u Yvette but I just watched Thor again yesterday & recall the white supremists complaints about Idris Elba playing Heimdall. I also recall the Hunger Games issue. I'm just happy to see people of color getting roles period. We will soon witness Angelina Jolie playing Cleopatra. Let's address these types of issues first then we can march on the correct skin tone.

  40. We must show our dissatisfaction by not patronizing productions that depict us accurately. Being bi-racial is not the issue, she looks nothing like Harriet Tubman. Women who would have been a better fit for the part were overlook because they were dark. Based on the title of the movie I see nothing historically affirming for African American children. This could be used as a valuable tool to educate, however it is being used as another opportunity to distort history. Utterly offensive, that fact that anyone lighter that Angela Basset would be considered to audition for the part.

  41. Burn hollywood burn……………………
    There won’t be a riot though!

  42. Hello everybody, this is a movie about old Abe killing vampires. Can we take any of this seriously? Relax, save your energy.

  43. O Criminy brother, Sidney Poitier played Thurgood Marshall. Why didn’t anyone complain about that? She just had the right set of skill, projection and attitude. We ourselves tend to promote lighter skin. Blacks complained about the really black skinned African girl doing modeling and cosmetics? Do we even have any dark skinned African American actresses?

    • I know there are many black dark skinned actresses-US or not, with the right set of skills, projection and attitude that could have, should have and needed to play that part.
      Who are these black people who complained about really black skinned girls doing cosmetics and modeling?

      You do have really dark skinned US actresses, but will have far fewer when they are not being offered roles that they are more than capable of fulfilling.


  44. What other actress of substance would play Harriet Tubman in this movie? And let’s be perfectly clear Harriet Tubman was multi racial, as was Fredrick Douglass, Benjamin Bannaker. As are 98% of the other blacks in this country. So I’m not sure I really get your point I also don’t understand WHY you went out of your way to mention the fact that you are a black woman who has a light skinned hue.

  45. Chris GibbsReply
    July 8, 2012 at 8:17 pm
    Although she was a heck of a good woman, she had a face made for radio, not the big screen. Jaqueline Fleming, however, has a Hollywood face that will sell more tickets. Its the nature of the business…

    Just read your comment above.
    Your reference to how HT had a face for radio offended me, regardless of you relating it to business, hollywood and the big screen.
    Who are we letting dictate what beauty is?
    God doesnt make mistakes!

    You are obviously entitled to your freedom of speech but feel you should keep those comments for a different forum e.g amongst like minded friends in your own home or perhaps a bar.
    HT deserves respect and I find your comments apathetic and like other comments in this thread insensitive to what i believe is a very serious subject.

    P.S. Derrick for me, has hit the nail on the head with his posts.

    As a people I think it’s important to identify the different ways and levels the war on racism Must be fought. Sometimes up in your face and sometimes a bit more subtle.
    Don’t be fooled into thinking “it’s only a vampire film”, “the actress IS black/bi racial”, “you’re being too sensitive.”
    No! Were being Real.
    Harriet Tubman, Sigourney Truth and the rest of you heroes and sheroes-
    We salute you.


    • Garveyites:

      Sorry if the truth offends you, but it seems the truth hurts everybody’s feelings on this site. Now you folks are bitching about a black woman not being black enough to play the role of black woman. Next time you drop $50-$100 Million to make your own movie, you can cast who ever you want. I’ll wager that if you want to make money, you are going to put the pretty people in that movie and stretch the historic truth for entertainment value. God may not make mistakes, but he doesn’t make movies either…

      • @chrissyboy: god don’t make mistakes? Then what the hell are you doing here? YOU ARE THE MIS-TAKE!

        You caucasoids don’t know NOTHING about ourstory because your books are nothing but a bunch of lying slave bullshyt.

        WE WERE NOT BORN INTO SLAVERY. Black women introduced astronomy, astrology, and they also named the planets! The planets once had Afrikan names, until the romans and greeks came and stole the Afrikans inventions.

        You must remember, that caucasoids were slaves too! Read the book: THE FORGOTTEN SLAVES and get back with me. You people enslaved each other in eu(rope) during the early 1400’s. They didn’t put this info in your his-story (his-lie) books.

        You people are only 6,000 years young, while Blacks are 6 million years old. What y’all claim to invent, Afrikans invented and contributed millions of years ago!

        BLACK AFRIKANS INVENTED THE AUTOMOBILE, THE AIRPLANE AND WERE ON THE MOON BEFORE ANYBODY! They also introduced engineering; this is how they built the pyramids and the FIRST tallest building, which was the obelisk. A replica of the obelisk is in Washington, D.C., which is the highest buildin in Washington!!!!!!!!!


        • Once again, D-Bag, I haven’t denied the atrocities of slavery, the trickle down effect today or the need to right a wrong. I have only disagreed with your way of presenting your Truth and the wholesale classification of whites as devils.

          Listen you racist pig, I have no issues with blacks in general, see the example of my family. I take issue with certain individuals regardless of color, not entire races. They say, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” I see you personally as an enemy of progress for all. So keep up the fight, we’ll see where that gets you.

          BTW – This is a movie, not a documentary. The outcry is ridiculous and proof you will look for a fight under any rock.

          • Wait – Did you just claim blacks were on the moon first? Can I get some legitimate, supporting documentation on that? Or are you smoking bath salts again?

          • @chrissy boy and his sidekick,carol:


            After class, go view this short movie and you will find out the Truth about Afrikans being FIRST on the moon, and the FIRST in flight!

            Also, there are pyramids on the Moon and a picture of the Afrikan Queen Nefertiti.

            CHECK: http://youtu.be/XyYto9H85Gw

            Don’t be scared to view this Truth because it intertwines with my comment. It’s only 9 minutes long, BUT THE TRUTH IS RIGHT THERE!By the way…it was made by a caucasoid space engineer.

            Okay class: The FIRST airplane was built by Ancient Afrikans, and it was called a glider. It was capable of flight and it can be seen at the Cairo Museum in Kemet. Also, a Black man designed the Space buggy and the toilet stool, they are using on the space station!!!

            If you study the writings (hieroglyphics) you will see pictures of Aliens and space ships on the walls. During ancient times they used Art, to portray what they saw and did when Afrikan Kemetians were Kings and Queens. By the way…what color was E.T.??? LOL

            Let’s keep rolling…I’m sure you can remember when one of the caucasoid ass-or-nots (astronauts), who communicated to the operators down here on Earth told them: ‘HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM’. Well, the ‘problem’ was, they saw a space ship!!!! Also, remember the communication between them went silent for awhile. (write this down class)

            There are landing strips on the Moon, which the Ancient Afrikans built! Now, if you think I’m lying about the space ship. I’m pretty sure y’all are xtians and beLIEve in YOUR bible. There is a verse which states that Ezekiel saw a wheel (flyng saucer/space ship) way in the middle of the air! Ezikiel 1:16 is proof.

            I am about to dismiss y’all: Electricity was used by the Ancient Kemetians! They had to have had ELECTRICITY to see inside the Pryamids….am I right? There is EVIDENCE of this Truth because scientist found ELECTROPLATED GOLD OBJECTS, ELECTRICAL LIGHTING REPORTED BEING USED IN THE TEMPLES AND THE USE OF THE Djed COLUMN AS AN ELECTRICAL GENERATOR.

            Djed columns were often used as LIGHTS during temple activities at night. These archaeologist also found in the basement of the temples and Pyramids ELECTRIC LIGHT BULBS!!! Isn’t this fun, class? I’m not done. On top of the Pyramids are OBSERATORY DECKS (the seeing eye) where the AFrikans studied the Stars and Planets.

            Isn’t this fun? You can also see the drawings of this Truth on the hieroglyphics.

            The Ancient Afrikans (mainly Black women) ORIGINATED and DEVELOPED; StarScience. They were ORIGINALLY called Star Gazers because they worshipped the Moon and the Stars.

            Today it is called Astrology and Astronomy by you caucasoids. You must OVERstand that Afrika is the center of the world…the core of the Universe. And, EVERTHING can be seen in the sky from the Motherland.

            Only recently have caucasoids, partly caught up with the advanced knowledge, which the Afrikan Dogon people possess concerning StarScience (Astrology/Astronomy) and awareness of stars, which are only visible through the most technically advanced telescopes.



        • Derrick, I don’t know what you are smokin over there, but it must be some damn good stuff.! LMAO!! Humans all humans came from Africa. And, I believe it started from one and went on from there. Which means we all are related. Too long to go into here, but it is the truth. Internally and biologically there is NO difference between people except for culturally. I’m sure you will slam this, but it happens to be the real truth. And calling someone a “Jap” as you did in one of your earlier comments, is very racist and ignorant. As for President Obama, he will go down in History as one of the best President’s ever. He is the President of all people in America. He can’t just be “The Black President”. He has done as much as he can for the poor in this country. The GOP Congress has stopped many bills he wanted to go thru. But, he did save the American Auto Industry which did bring back many jobs in Detroit and the Detroit area. He did give all middle class and poor people tax breaks and money back when they filed especially the first year. He did have many programs to help all the poor and middle class, like giving people $10,000 when they bought their first home. And a housing program to stop foreclosures, and help people keep their homes. He gave people another $8,000 if they bought a new car that was gas efficient. And he had other programs that were listed on whitehouse.gov Obama is one of the best examples of a wonderful father, and husband. Every man in America regardless of color could learn something from him in that regard. His I.Q. is 160. He is calm, talks with grace, assurance, and briliance. America is lucky to have such a great President. You seem to have so much anger, and some ignorance to the real fact’s in this world. Hopefully over time you will have a better understanding. If you travel around our country you will find many wonderful people of all cultures. The Evil BS is insanity. Our Black community has come such a long way, and for you to disrespect the First Black President is outrageous, and disgusting. An open mind is a wonderful thing. A closed one only furthers ignorance.

          • We are ALL related, eh? Then why are Black people treated like STEP CHILDREN by caucasoids? They treat their damn dogs better than Black Hue-mans.

            The bible says: ‘obey your mother and father and your days will be long.’ My question is when are negroids, like yourself, gonna start acting like parents?

            These albino mutants are our children, but you negroids act like you’re scared of them. You accept being called a ‘mintority’. This is why they are running over you negroes….you are letting your children RULE you! I don’t because I ‘spank’ ’em when they get unruly with me.

            By the way…did you know eu(rope)s royal families descended from Black?mulatto rulers?

            Afrikans (the Grimaldi) ruled in eu(rope) for 1400 years! Afrikans introduced the concept of royalty to the euroPEEans, who were initially UNCIVILED BARBARIANS. You can find this Truth in NATURE KNOWS NO COLOR LINE by J.A. Rogers.

            Queen Charlotte Sophia Mecklenberg was a Mullato. (Black). She is the Grandmother of Queen Victoria! The city of Charlotte, NC, is named in her honor and also Mcklenburg county is named after her, also.

            The same with the state of California, which is named after a Black Warrior Queen by the name of Queen Califia, who battled against racist caucasoid males, who tried to steal their land. She DEFEATED them with her army of ALL women!!!

            Take care now!

        • Derrick. I dont know what to say… I watched the video and you owe me 10 minutes back. You are supporting your claims with that video? I dont know what to say. I’ll stop…

      • Chris Gibbs You make a lot of sense!!! LOL! Love your comment’s, especially about the moon! LOL! Bath Salt’s indeed! Hey! That would fit right in with the Vampire movie!! You know>Cannabalism. & I am sure both Lincoln & Harriet Tubman would be thrilled to know, they were put in such a crazy movie.

        • @carol:

          Are you on meth? You can’t handle the Truth, that’s the problem with you and your negroid buddies, who defend you.

          You are too ignorant to correspond with me. Go read some real ourstory books and get back with me because this caucasoid bullshyt don’t move me!



    • Nothing but the Truth!


      Negroes don’t OBSERVE or READ! The media, sports and entertainment is their source of information and this is why our children are lost.

      I had to say this, but half of these young parents can’t read; therefore, how are they going to inform their children of their True past? They can’t because they’re use to this hip hop garbage and these scrappers, who are their role models. They need to read some Marcus Garvey and learn something.

      Garvey even went to talk to the klan and he told them, they were very organized! He saw how they were orangized and he went and organized a group of people, who wanted to go back to Afrika.


      Peace & Truth

  46. I can tell by the comments none of you saw the movie! She was not a vampire and this movie is definitely not a kiddie movie.
    The color of her skin didn’t bother me. It was I believe a part of the surprise of the movie. I can see the point many are making. However I disagree that Regina King could’ve been used just because she has more pigment.

  47. I agree this movie s/b boycotted by all black people! We have some extraordinarily beautiful dark skinned black women out here. It just behooves me how they are over looked! Its not just the white producers, its the black ones too who are accountable for this.

  48. This is fiction. DId Abraham Lincoln really fight vampires. Why cheapon the struggle of the real Harriet Tubman, with this?

  49. Thierry PiscesLife

    You know it's good that people are questioning this because colorism is an issue that needs to be addressed, HOWEVER what I find funny about what was mentioned in this article is that it says it's racist to have this woman play Harriet Tubman but then these same people screaming that this is racist will then pick and choose when they want to claim biracial people as black and support the RACIST one drop rule. Make up your minds.

    • Thierry PiscesLife

      Black identified people can be hypocritical when it comes to accepting a person as black when it is convienent for them or when it suits their cause or advancement.

      Colorism I believe should be addressed, as this was done on many television programs throughout the globe. On Fresh Prince Of Bell Air "Aunt Viv" was replaced with a light skinned woman when the dark skinned Aunt Viv was kicked off the show. Then on My Wife And Kids the dark skinned black daughter was replaced with a light skinned biracial Jewish girl. Then on Family Matters the dark skinned black woman Jo Marie Payton was replaced with a light skinned actress who carried her role for the rest of the Family Matters series run. So COLORISM definitely needs to be eradicated and addressed.

      However the hypocrisy in some of this is when and how people pick and choose when they want to consider one as black or accept one as black.

    • I think you have a good point.

  50. The consciousness of Whiteness dominates America and calls the shots. Recall Marc Morial’s statement in 2008: “America is an airtight cultural vacuum.” If you understand what a vacuum is you have an answer to the American dilemma. Maybe it is worth re-reading Martin King’s treatise “Letter from A Birmingham Jail.” It was that King finally discovered that the good will he had sought was not to be. Later, in 2008, Pope Benedict XVI, speaking in Washington, DC, called out American Catholics in regards to this journey. He suggested that the good will of American had not been extended to the African descendents of slavery or Native Americans. So, how many White people have portrayed Native Americans in movies? All I can say is that it is their game and they change the rules whenever they choose.

  51. I think it was a bad pick because the difference in looks were significant. However, there was no need for the outrageous outbursts on this topic. Look, I am brown-skinned, and I know damn well my African ancestors didn’t come over here brown- skinned. Maybe dark chocolate but not milk chocolate. So, like it or not, most of us are MIXED!

    • Well Harriet was not mixed. And for these folks on here praisins the white abolitionists, they only wanted us free so they could send us back to Afrika.

      • Tam…I hardly think or believe that white people who died to help Harriet Tubman with the underground railroad, did it to see AA go back to Africa. They did it because slavery of any kind is wrong. They risked their lives to do something that at that time especially, was putting their own lives and maybe their families lives at risk. Everyone is different, and an individual. Something that it seems all people of every culture need to realize.

    • How were we ‘mixed’ when we are the INDIGENOUS people on the planet?

      ALL cultures came from BLACK AFRIKAN people…PERIOD! We were the FIRST and we will be the LAST on this planet, so stop saying we were ‘mixed’ when we were FORCED from the Motherland.

      Why do you think they call Afrika the MOTHERLAND…because Afrikan Goddesses are the MOTHERS OF ALL CULTURES!

      The bottom line is: asians, lebanese, chinese and the japs ARE MIXED WITH OUR BLOOD. We are their parents.

      We became ‘mixed’ with their blood ONLY through rape. Our genes are stronger than the caucasoid gene…remember that!


      • Derrick First again this movie is about Abraham Lincoln being a VAMPIRE! LMAO! And you are worried about how they are portraying Harriet Tubman??? R U Kidding me? PLEASEEE Be serious. You are intelligent, write on a story that deserves your attention. Not this childish stuff. My point earlier on the fact t65hat many whites did not agree with slavery, and even died helping to get them out of the South, was the fact that not all whites are the same and not al were evil as you put it. Yes, the white man was the worst in history for all the atrocious acts he did throughout time. And still is doing. But, many whites are good people and have done a lot to change things for the better for all. Just like in any group you have good and bad. Everyone is an individual, and should be judged as such. But, really this “movie” is a joke. I am sure it will be forgotten soon. Spend your time on some real issues. This was NOT a documentary on Harriet Tubmans life! She WAS NOT a Vampire!!! LOL! Neither was President Lincoln! This really is funny to actually see people get all upset over this nonsense. How many people do you actualy think saw this movie?? A couple of thousand?? LOL!

        • U talk about how insignificant it is to speak out against the misrepresentation of one our greatest heroines, yet u see great significance n chastising others who don’t address Obama correctly. Harriet Tubman was one of the most courageous human beings ever & a true fighter for her ppl’s liberation. We should defend her w. our lives always, becuz she risked her life many times over so that her ppl could be free. Her importance to me & how she is portrayed, is far greater than the importance of a fork tongued politician who only deigns to address blk folk come election time when he desperately needs our votes. Harriet Tubman truly loved her ppl & did not treat them dismissively, & address them always n a condescending manner as if they weren’t worthy of respect.

        • @carol: “But, many whites are good people and have done a lot to change things for the better for all.”
          Where are these ‘good’ caucasoids? I get tired of hearing that lame ass excuse. If they’re so good where are the ‘good’ pigs when one their own kind beat, shoot and kill innocent Black men. Do they ever come forward? HELL NAW!

          Where are the ‘good’ caucasoid folks at? Why haven’t they stepped forward when their forefathers were the demons, who enslaved us. They are just carrying on with their demons dirty deeds and you can’t see.



    • You are pretty ignorant. Do you think the caucasians in America care about the 1% or less caucasoid blood in your brown body? They see you as no better than those dark-brown to black toned Negroids their ancestors brought over here half naked and in chains. You are a fool!

  52. I would rather they take Harriet Tubman out of the storyline than to see her depicted in such an ahistorical manner.

  53. This is how ‘they” are rewriting History through popular culture. Why is it that our culture police (historians of popular culture) not catch this before the movie was made? Because we have no intellectual reference to the validity to culture and its affect on History we see only entertainment instead of historical reconstruction, cultural containment, and European Historical retrenchment. We have people walking around with degrees with no idea how to use them…

    • Bernell they didn’t “catch it” because this movie is a JOKE! Who would waste their time about a crazy movie like this?? It equates with cartoons! A serious movie yes, this is a joke!

  54. Lincoln wasn’t the hero that he’s been told he was.He DID NOT free the slaves because it was the humane thing to do,he did it because his enemy wouldn’t put down their weapons.It was the thing to do then,own slaves.Lincoln more than likely had them also.History means HIS STORY,depends on who’s writing it.

    • Sojourner Truth is responsible for our ‘freedom’, not Lincoln!

      Sojourner Truth crossed the country for 40 years, drawing on her experiences and deep faith to preach against the cruelties of slavery and to support human rights for African Americans and women.

      She will best be remembered as an abolitionist, suffragist, and feminist. For more than 40 years, Sojourner Truth was also a preacher and a teacher. The great and the near-great sang her praises and quoted her strong and striking utterances.

      Truth believed it was her christian duty to further the cause of Black people. That sense of mission won her an audience with President Abraham Lincoln. Ushered into Lincoln’s presence on October 29, 1864, she showered him with unabashed praise. Truth assured him in her deep-toned voice that he was the greatest president this country ever had, a man to be likened unto Daniel, the biblical standard of courage and faithfulness.

      Sojourner Truth demanded Lincoln to free the enslaved brothers and sisters. It was her dedication and strength that forced Lincoln to ‘free’ the slaves. He in turn gave her a bible.

      Lincoln was said not to have slaves, but he was not against it! DO THE MATH. ALL OF THESE PRESIDENTS FROM YESTERDAY ‘TIL TODAY, DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE, INCLUDING O’DRAMA!



      • Derrick you are on point! just finish reading “Walking the Road to Freedom – a Story about Sojourner Truth”. Currently reading “Notable Black Americans of Achievement (Introductory Essay by Coretta Scott King) – Sojourner Truth” Sojourner Truth was an antislavery activist, and a pioneer for Women’s Rights! Keep sharing facts and knowledge!

        • Thanks again Sharon. And you keep reading those books to gain more knowledge!

          READING IS POWER! And this is why caucasoids didn’t want us to read during our forced enslavement.

          Those yankees knew they STOLE ourstory and claimed it for themselves. The brainwashing continues and this is why I tutor our children

          You can see the glow in their eyes when I tell them we invented EVERYTHING and their reading skills IMPROVE drastically.

          Peace & Truth

          • Preach Derrick preach! The natives r getting restless, which is a sure sign that u r getting thru w. ur knowledge & truth! Keep up the good work!

      • Derrick DO NOT DISRESPECT our President, President OBAMA!! That is disgusting! You sound like a GOP. And for the record the history books are also a joke. Slanted, left out much of historical fact’s, and the fact’s in the books are mostly lies. Most intelligent people I am sure would agree. And again hating all whites is also ignorant. Just as ignorant as them hating us. We all are related; we all should work together. And many do. And we are very lucky to have President Obama. If Mitt gets in, you really will have something to complain about.

        • @Carol Marie: I am not affiliated with none of those parties. That’s what they do after they get off at 5:00p…go PARTY of your ignorance!

          These poli(tricksters) repubs and demos, go to their ‘caucasoid only’ clubs and laugh at people like you. These laws are made in back rooms with the real gangsters, who rule the world.

          No president, Black or caucasian is going to save us! WE CONTROL OUR OWN DESTINY! We are still fighting for the same laws and rights, that caucasoids have had for the last 500 years and we STILL AIN’T FREE!

          What do we own? Why are we the most unemployed, underemployed and unemployable people in this nation? Where are all these Black owned businesses? The only businesses I see in the Black community are asians, arabs and mexicans!

          If we own large corporations, why aren’t they hiring Black educated people, who have degrees? Why are they still out of work?

          Come on Carol, you have been deceived. I’m going to eat regardless of who is in office. I made it when Nixon, Reagan, Goldwater, Clintonboy, Bushboy (both of them) when they were in office, and I’m making with O’Drama in office.

          Why am I making it? Because I didn’t depend on none of those presidents to take care of me and my family…I do that myself!

          HOW LONG HAVE NEGROES BEEN WAITING ON god? Everybody wants to go to ‘heaven’ but nobody wants to die.

          Peace & Truth

  55. Why are y’all getting offended about the historical accuracy of a movie that portrays Abe Lincoln as a vampire hunter? The amazing this was that some of yall were dumb enough to go see it!! HAAAA!

    • You’re an idiot. In the movie, Abe Lincoln looked like Abe Lincoln, didn’t he? So why couldn’t Harriet look like Harriet, short and black?

  56. This is another stupid story on this site. First, a vampire story about President Lincoln?? Really? That is really dumb. Second, the actress who played the part of Tubman, should not be criticized for being bi-racial. She is an actress, so if her acting was bad, then fine criticize her. This movie has no significance anyway, as it is more of a kids movie about vampires. Which negates any real seriousness over it.Dark, medium, or light, who cares? Either she can act, or not. People jump on any little thing anymore. Look at some of these comments on here. Really ignorant.

    • She’s not being criticized for being biracial. She’s being criticized for not being a good fit for playing this role.

  57. Gin (@2ysur2ysub)

    Those in control of the media and the means of entertainment will always define who we are–unless we protest by not buying the B.S. Hollywood has done more than any other institution to keep us ignorant and degrade our history.

    They take the gangster-rappers and tame them for television and film, continuing to let Black American women disappear into biracial oblivion.

    This country does not like Black Americans with a history in this country. They prefer the “New Blacks:” foreign-hyphenated -Americans with Black skin. I’m not hating on anyone, but indigenous Black America needs to rise up and define itself, instead of laughing at the caricatures foisted upon us–including those portrayed by Master Tyler Perry.

    • I keep telling negroes to BOYCOTT, but they’re too scared.

      You will be surprised how much money these movie theaters make off of Black folks; and we own none of them!

      Good post!

  58. Sojourner Truth

    If this woman gets to play Harriet Tubman. I guess Cedric the Entertainer can play Prince? Typical Racist revisionist bullshit. We don’t like to admit that our ancestors were a bunch of murderous, racist, raping, kidnapping evil slave owners so let’s re-write history so that they were’nt our Family memebers but Vampires that were Evil. I bet the same people who going off on Chris Rock the other day are the same ones who loved this film. I especailly love those undercover racist who love to proclaim, ‘see, you Black People, Lincoln was a Republican’ as if we are too stupid to know that before the Voting Rights Act of 1964 the parties were switched.

  59. I understand your anger and your point Ms. Carnell but I don’t get your conclusions. ‘We don’t have anyone to blame but ourselves’? How am I responsible for an industry that Black peole don’t control, produce, or green light projects. We don’t get to sit at the table and say this is a bad decision in the first place Yvette. You know damn well that any Black person with any knowledge of who they are and pride for their people are filtered out of the Hollywood process eary on. There is a reason Hollyweird uses so many of the same types of individuals over and over. Rappers and singers who can’t act get first dibs on coveted movie roles that Black students spend years and thousands of dollars going to school to learn. The light skin sister usually gets the roles of desirability and lust, while the dark skinned sisters are usually portrayed as manly action heroes kicking male asses. Black light skin men are usually effeminate and Eurocentric while Dark Black men are usually thugs, ignorant or militant and they both are either gay or sexual deviants lusting after the white woman. There are only five corporations that control what you see on tv, the movies, hear on the radio and see in all of your magazines. 5 – Newscorp, Disney, Time-Warner, General Electric and Viacom. All of them are owned or operated by someone white or so-called Jewish and none of them give a fuck about obselete farm equipment to them Black People. So, instead of blaming ourselves. Blame the man who owns the Plantation that produces the shit.

    • Excellent commentary!

      Those freaks in Hellyweird, know what they’re doing. My question is: Where are the Black film makers, and how come they can’t ban together and put out some REAL GOOD FILMS? Singeltary and Spike where are you?

      Enough of this gangster mess with Densel, Ice-T and the other sell-outs.


      Peace & Truth

  60. Expecting logic from a movie titled,”Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” is an exercise in futility. The European worldview is skewed and manifests itself in ways innumerable.

  61. I have nothing against the actress — my light-skinned sisters have to work too. It was insulting, however, to cast her as Tubman. There are a number of beautiful African American actresses out there who would have made a more acurate portrayal. What is the problem? Are we back to the old excuse, “We could not find any qualified Blacks?”

  62. by because this is white europeans plan….to get rid of you nigers dark skin….i’m dark my self and they are going to keep you away from the white job in america and force you to marry white people…there you have if….why?you don’t have land to creat real jobs

  63. Why Did a Biracial Actress Portray Harriet Tubman in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”? The same reason Halle Berry has been on a freaking pedestal for years….colorism!!!!

  64. Harriet Tubman Biography: From Slavery to Freedom

    1.Harriet Tubman’s Life in Slavery

    2.Harriet Tubman as Underground Railroad
    Conductor, Abolitionist, Women’s Rights Advocate

    3.Harriet Tubman’s Civil War Service: Nurse, Scout, Spy

    4.Harriet Tubman’s Later Years of Activism and Reform


    In the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, Harriet Tubman worked to establish schools for freedmen in South Carolina — while she never learned to read and write, she appreciated the value of education for the future of freedom.

    Harriet Tubman soon returned to her home in Auburn, New York, which served as her base for the rest of her life. Her husband, John Tubman, who had remarried soon after she left slavery, died in 1867, and in 1869 Harriet married again. Her second husband, Nelson Davis, had been a Union Army soldier, and was more than twenty years younger than Harriet.

    Harriet Tubman welcomed several young children into her home and raised them as if they were her own. She also provided shelter and support for a number of aged, impoverished, former slaves.

    To finance her own living and her support of others, she worked with Sarah Hopkins Bradford to publish Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman. The publication was initially financed by abolitionists, including Wendell Phillips and Gerrit Smith, the latter a supporter of John Brown and first cousin of Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

    Harriet Tubman also worked with her friend Susan B. Anthony on woman suffrage and toured to speak about her experiences as “Moses.” Queen Victoria invited her to England for the Queen’s birthday, and sent Tubman a silver medal.

    In 1886, Mrs. Bradford wrote, with Tubman’s help, a second book, Harriet the Moses of Her People, a full-scale biography of Tubman, to further provide for Tubman’s support. In the 1890s, having lost her battle to get a military pension on her own, Tubman was able to collect a pension as the widow of US veteran Nelson Davis.

    In 1896, in a touching link to the next generation of African American women activists, Harriet Tubman spoke at the first meeting of the National Association of Colored Women.

    Thinking of the future and continuing her support for aged and poor African Americans, Harriet Tubman established a home, incorporated in 1903 and opened in 1908, initially called the John Brown Home for Aged and Indigent Colored People, and later named for her instead of Brown. The home, to which she moved in 1911, continued for several years after her death on March 10, 1913 of pneumonia. She was buried with full military honors.

    To honor her memory, a World War II Liberty ship was named for Harriet Tubman. In 1978 she was featured on a commemorative stamp in the U.S. Her home has been named a national historic landmark. And in 2000, New York Congressman Edolphus Towns introduced a bill to grant Tubman the veteran status she was denied in her lifetime.

    The four phases of Harriet Tubman’s life — her life as a slave, as an abolitionist and conductor on the Underground Railroad, as a Civil War soldier, nurse, spy and scout, and as a social reformer and charitable citizen — are all important aspects of this woman’s long life of dedication to service. All these phases deserve attention and further study.


    SHE WAS NOT A DAMN VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Derrick, A lot of white people worked right along with Tubman in the underground railroad. They were the conductors & others. Some also died. >The Fugitive Slave Act failed to stop the underground railroad. Thomas Garrett, the Deleware station-master, paid more than $8,000 in fines and Calvin Fairbank served over seventeen years in prison for his anti-slavery activities. Whereas John Fairfield, one of the best known of the white conductors, was killed working for the underground railroad. These 3 here were white. & there were many others.

      • Check out the other two subheadings for Harriet Tubman. I’m not taking anything away from caucasoids, but they were PAID to ‘free’ our enslaved people.

        We still had to PAY FOR OUR FREEDOM! Has anything changed? When our innocent children are sent to jail, you must pay a white attorney, go in front of a white judge, be in front of a white jury, and was arrested by a white pig. You still are paying for FREEDOM!!!

        Most people are not aware that those so-called ‘Black Universities’ are not Black owned. The Rockefellers and other elite caucasoids sponsored those colleges.

        Do you remember the saying: SUPPORT THE UNITED NEGRO COLLEGE FUND? Well, where’s it at now? All of those negro organizations are controlled by the elite. All of these grants and loans are now going to caucaosid colleges and universities.

        Since, the economy is bad; these caucasoid organizations don’t want anything to do with these Black schools. They stopped this advertisment 20 years ago! This is why these caucasoid universities make money off these Black athletes. These Black athletes fill these stadiums and basketball courts, but they are not paid a red cent!

        We should stop worrying about what caucasoids did during our forced enslavement. It took them 500 years to help us get ‘free’?

        WE STILL AIN’T FREE!!!

        • Derrick, your knowledge and understanding of our history is mindblowing and admirable. Carol, if she is of African blood, is the kind of person caucasians love, because she has fallen for the lie that caucasians in America tell when they say that they respect those of African descent as they respect all humans. If she is caucasian, then she is participating in keeping that lie alive in America and throughout the world. If any caucasain has participated in the freeing of Africans across the globe, it is only right, because the caucasian has played a major role in bringing this suffering upon the African and his/her descendants throughout America and the world!!!

          • @joceeco: Thanks for the love and support. Most of these negroes, who agree with caucasoids have been brainwashed. Some of these folks are caucasoids claiming to be Black. This is how they used TRICKERY and DECEIT to enslave us.

            This is why the media show negro males with caucasoid females, to give the impression that everything is good, in the unuted snakes of assholes, but it ain’t!

            We must stop worrying about what these caucasoids say on this site because some of them are agents to keep us divided. Every ‘Black’ site you go on, these creatures are there spewing their venom from their forked tongues.

            I love addressing them with Truth and Facts…something that ‘kills’ them. They are used to being cursed at, but when they are faced with Truth and Facts they can’t stand it!

            They will say and do anything to degrade my comments, but I don’t give a damn because I know what I put out here (to wake up my poeple) is Truth!


            Peace & Truth

      • Carol,
        Though it is true that many whites were also involved in her mission, can a black person have a moment to shine without you trying to overshadow her accomplishments with bringing in everybody else. Wow!

        • Nikki….SHINE??? This is a stupid movie that no one with a brain would go and see in the first place. President Lincoln is a Vampire??? The Movie is about him. Harriet Tubman was portrayed in it yes, but she is a HERO and this movie is Garbage! Now if it were a documentary on her life, then yes, complain all you want. This is not worth it. Very few will see this Joke of a movie. And to me, it is disrespectful to President Lincoln’s memory to have a movie about him like this also. What a waste of time. Vampires, and everyone is upset over who portrayed Tubman in this garbage!

      • This is not about white people or what they have done for Black people, this is about improper depiction of Harriet Tubman. This is about an attempt to further colour what this woman was by using the word vampire, (a blood sucking predator)and to further distort her image by having a biracial light skinned woman portray her, when she was actually very darked skinned.

        I do not take credit away from anyone for anything that they have done, but when Black folks are being recognized, they should not be overshadowed by the works of white folks. White folks got theirs Black folks are still striving to get theirs.

        • Good stuff.

          There was a play that was showing in New York and it was a xtian play. There was a Black man, who played the part of ‘jesus’. The crowd was angry and some even walked out!

          My point: Therefore, when these fake ‘colorblind’ people talk all this ‘equality’ b.s., I laugh at them. These caucasoids want everybody to bow down to them, but they NEVER want to admit their wickedness.

          I have seen a Black woman, who looked liked a caucasian. She was ready to cuss me out because I said she was a caucasoid. She reached in her purse and got her drivers license, and it said [BLK] for race…BLACK

          She said she was a mullatto, but they are still classified as BLACK. I ain’t gonna trip; her voice did sound like a sister. My point: I learned something that day! These caucasoids running around here THINKING their ‘white.’ LOL

          They are our OFFSPRING! This is why they tan, burn, peel, get red, sweat in the sun to get brown and beautiful like us.

          Remember the old saying when a white girl was asked, what was her ideal man? And she replied; TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME! Say what?


          Peace & Truth

    • Although she was a heck of a good woman, she had a face made for radio, not the big screen. Jaqueline Fleming, however, has a Hollywood face that will sell more tickets. Its the nature of the business…

      • That was the dumbest remark that anyone could make. Some of you Black people are too concerned with how people look. Looks and no brains gets you nowhere. You need education and prayer. You can pray for wisdom. And while you are at it look in the bible and learn what it says about those who adorn flesh.

        If that woman had not used her radio face to help free ignorant niggas like you, we would still be in cotton fields.

        • Fig:

          Is what it is. This is a movie, not a documentary. Hollywood never truly resembles the real word because “pretty” sells.

    • Dang, Derrick!
      It was just a MOVIE! What is up with that?
      I know about Harriet Tubman; I read the book “Lincoln Vampire Hunter” and I actually
      enjoyed the fiction read.
      I appreciate you giving everyone a history lesson and you have great facts, but chill out! That movie doesn’t change our history.
      The Black people who FORGET their history are the ones who are putting it in danger.

      • Its foolish to think that media does not change ppl’s perceptions. Media is a very powerful propaganda tool that has been used to great affect to brainwash African Americans n2 hating themselves by its glorification of everything that is white & its marginalization & criminalization of everything that is blk. That is the point of this article by Ms. Carnell, so ur stmt that this is “just a movie” does not ring true. Its not just about this silly movie per se, becuz I wouldn’t waste time on the movie or the bk, but its about the importance of us fighting against & questioning these types of misrepresentations of our greats. Its troubling that some find it too insignificant to place any focus. I have read much on the great Harriett Tubman myself, yet I still appreciate Derrick’s positive thoughts on this great great woman. Our ppl r n great need of our true story & more positive accurate representation.

      • You’re ‘really’ out of your rabbit ass mind!

        YOU ARE GONNA SUFFER because you LACK knowledge. The average negroid, like yourself, beLIEve everything caucasoids tell them.

        Most negroids, who don’t know their real ourstory, will look at this bullshyt and BELIEVE it! You are the kind of negroid, who still serve their massa’ (the caucasoid male). They would’ve used a negroid like you to keep an eye on the enslaved brothers and sisters, who were ready to REBEL against slavery!

        As a matter of Truth, you had plenty of enslaved Afrikans, who fought against slavery and kicked, killed and kidnapped crackers, to gain their freedom!

        The media projects our enslaved brothers and sisters as being submissive, fearful and scared to fight their enslavers. But, this is far from the Truth.

        The media wants to keep negroids, like yourself, in this mental slave-like condition, and you have fail for the okey doke!



    While Harriet Tubman remains one of history’s best-known African Americans, until recently there have been few biographies of her written for adults. Because her life is inspiring, there are appropriately many children’s stories about Tubman, but these tend to stress her early life, her own escape from slavery, and her work with the Underground Railroad. Less well known and neglected by many historians are her Civil War service and her activities in the nearly 50 years she lived after the Civil War ended. In this article, you’ll find details about Harriet Tubman’s life in slavery and her work as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, but you’ll also find information about Tubman’s later and less-known work and life. For the basics on Tubman, see Harriet Tubman Facts

    Life in Slavery

    Harriet Tubman was born into slavery in Dorchester County on the Eastern shore of Maryland, in 1820 or 1821, on the plantation of Edward Brodas or Brodess. Her birth name was Araminta, and she was called Minty until she changed her name to Harriet – after her mother – in her early teen years. Her parents, Benjamin Ross and Harriet Green, were enslaved Ashanti Africans who had eleven children, and saw many of the older children sold into the Deep South.

    At five years old, Araminta was “rented” to neighbors to do housework. She was never very good at household chores, and was beaten regularly by her owners and those who “rented” her. She was, of course, not educated to read or write. She eventually was assigned work as a field hand, which she preferred to household work. Although she was a small woman, she was strong, and her time working in the fields probably contributed to her strength.

    At age fifteen she sustained a head injury, when she deliberately blocked the path of the overseer pursuing an uncooperative fellow slave, and was hit by the heavy weight the overseer tried to fling at the other slave. Harriet, who probably sustained a severe concussion, was ill for a long time following this injury, and never fully recovered. She had periodic “sleeping fits” which, in the early years after her injury, made her less attractive as a slave to others who wanted her services.

    When the old master died, the son who inherited the slaves was able to hire Harriet out to a lumber merchant, where her work was appreciated and where she was allowed to keep some money she earned from extra work.

    In 1844 or 1845, Harriet married John Tubman, a free black. The marriage was apparently not a good match, from the beginning.

    Shortly after her marriage, Harriet hired a lawyer to investigate her own legal history, and discovered that her mother had been freed on a technicality upon the death of a former owner. But her lawyer advised Harriet that a court would be unlikely to hear the case, so Tubman dropped it. But knowing that she should have been born free — not a slave — led her to contemplate freedom and resent her situation.

    In 1849, several events came together to motivate Harriet Tubman to act. She heard that two of her brothers were about to be sold to the Deep South. And her husband threatened to sell her South, too. She tried to persuade her brothers to escape with her, but ended up leaving alone, making her way to Philadelphia, and freedom.

    • Thanks Derrick for sharing the above post July 8th 8:59pm – great facts!

      • Thank you Sharon!





        Peace & Truth

  66. “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer”. The title of this movie, alone is an insult.

    To be honest about the matter, Lincoln was a mullato, just like Obama. He had an Afrikan father and a caucasoid mother, just like Obama’s parents. This is why he admires Lincoln and made his campaign speech, when he ran for the presidency, at the Lincoln memorial.

    If you put a beard and a tall hat on Obama, he is a spitting image of Lincoln. Back to the movie. Are they calling Harriet Tubman a vampire? A slayer is a murder and these are code words to disgrace Harriet Tubman.

    She had to put a gun to a weak negro slave’s head because he wanted to go back to his master. She told him; he will die a slave or die free. He kept pushing on.

    There is a book entitled THE SIX BLACK PRESIDENTS: Black Blood; White Masks by Dr. Auset BaKhufu. In his book, he reveals Lincoln’s Blackness. Lincoln had a Black barber from Haiti because the white barbers, in that day, said his hair was too nappy and coarse to cut. This is why he always wore a hat!!!

    You will never get our True ourstory from these movies or books, that entertain caucasoids because they will NEVER reveal our True past. They will always be in control. If you want to know your own ourstory; then you must go to Black bookstores to get this knowledge.

    Here are some sayings that Lincoln wrote on slavery:

    “1854?: “The most dumb and stupid slave that ever toiled for a master, does constantly know that he is wronged…although volume upon volume is written to prove slavery a very good thing, we never hear of the man who wishes to take the good of it, by being a slave himself.”(Lincoln, 1953, v2, p 222)

    “1865: “I have always thought that all men should be free; but if any should be slaves it should be first, those who desire it for themselves, and secondly, those who desire it for others. Whenever I hear any one arguing for slavery I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.” (Lincoln, 1953, v8, p360-1)

    Lincoln never enslaved any of our people, but other presidents did. They use to have their slaves sleep in the attic or the basement of the white house! They even had a jail in the white house for unruly slaves!


    • Gin (@2ysur2ysub)

      Excellent summary. Thanks for that.

      • Thank you my sister. I LOVE to READ and WRITE!

        I am an amateur history buff, who loves to give my people, their TRUE ourstory.

    • Thanks Derrick. Powerful Lincoln quotes!

      • @K. Wall: Good looking out.

        We must start being supportive, loving, caring, sharing and helping one another BEFORE we can make any progress! I appeciate the compliment.

        Our problem, as a people, as that we have too many pieces of the pie (so called leaders), but we don’t have the WHOLE PIE (the True Black Messiah).

        My Dad was the living Black Messiah!!!!

        Marcus Garvey was the living Black Messiah

        Malcolm X was the living Black Messiah

        Minister Elijah Muhammad was the living Black Messiah

        Medgar Evers was the living Black Messiah

        Martin Luther King was the living Black Messiah

        Muhammad Ali is the living Black Messiah

        Minister Louis Farrakhan is the living Black Messiah

        Messiah = any expected savior or LIBERATOR of a people, country, state, etc. In the Hebrew (Black) language it means ANOINTED; in xtianity it means the ‘christ’.

        The Black Messiah was the liberator of his Black Hebrew people. The Black Hebrew Israelites are the ORIGINAL BLACK HEBRAIC ‘JEWS’and they WERE NOT SLAVES!

        Read Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 and get the Truth about the fake caucasoid ‘jews’. These fake caucasoid ‘jews’ were really khazars, who still are the hated khazars, who control the music, tell-a-LIE-vision, media and entertainment industries.

        The khazars are a people of Turkic origin. They converted to the jewish religion, sometime in the 9th century, beginning with the royal house and spreading it gradually among the general populace.

        Judaism is now known to have been more widespread among the khazar inhabitants of the khazar kingdom.

        “I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

        “Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie–indeed I will make them come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you.”
        -Revelation 3:9

        Since, we now know, who the True Messiah was during biblical times, the ‘christ’ was a Black man! With this in mind, the Black Messiah was hung on a tree, not a cross!

        Acts 10:39 reads, “And we are witnesses of all things which he did both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree..”

        Tree hanging began during biblical times and there are 4 other books to back up this Truth in the bible. The romans and the khazars HUNG THE BLACK MESSIAH!!! Remember, Michael Jackson warned us of these modern day khazars when he said, “THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT US.”

        -The Honorale Marcus Messia Garvey


        Psalm 82:6 reads, “I have said, Ye are gods and all of you are children of the Most High.”

        Peace & Truth

        • Not enough hatred & bigotry in the world, you have to drag antisemitism into a discussion on how Hollyweird degrades Black women – good job!

          That said, your “Lincoln the African-American” fantasy is just as bad as the “non-black Tubman” fantasy – except, of course, you’re serious & Hollyweird isn’t.

    • Derrick:

      I could say many things about your ignorant comments, but…. you are obviously blissful in your ignorance, so I will leave you be… and just pray for you.

      • You’re ‘really’ an ignorant dumb jackass!


  67. We should go after those who cast these characters, give them hell and seek to do our own productions!

  68. Ha Ha! I thought I was the only negro who noticed that light skinned blacks of any origin have made a huge comeback. It reminds me of my early childhood when brown and dark skinned blacks were openly discriminated against more than everyone else, because they didn’t have enough evidence of white ancestors in their bloodline. Yes, we’re going back to the good old bad days of full blown jim crow, under black leadership, AND the restoration of State’s Rights to have power above and beyond the Federal govt, which WAS our only protection against the States’ tyranny and abuse.

  69. Ha Ha! I thought I was the only negro who noticed that since bi-racial Obama became president light skinned blacks of any origin have made a huge comeback. It reminds me of my early childhood when brown and dark skinned blacks were openly discriminated against more than everyone else, because they didn’t have enough evidence of white ancestors in their future. Yes, we’re going back to the good old bad days of full blown jim crow, under black leadership, AND the restoration of State’s Rights to have power above and beyond the Federal govt, which WAS the only protection against the States’ tyranny and abuse.

    • Dianne, Our President is bi-racial, but considers himself to be Black. That is who he identifies with. But, in reality most of us have either white or some european blood in our background. There are very few “pure” any race anymore. And, the rest of your comment really was ridiculous.

    • Dianne:
      That’s “President” Obama. Don’t disrespect the man to make your point. it’s no better than “them” disrespecting him. Keep it real.

      • LOL!!! Hate to break this to you, but, there is ONLY ONE PRESIDENT!!>>OBAMA!! Who did you think I was referring to?? LOL! Toooo Funnnyyy! I do have to thank-you for the laugh! & the discussion on here about a “vampire movie” is also hysterically funny; when you think that people are actually discussing this in such a serious manner. UNBELIEVABLE!

    • Preach! I couldn’t care less how Barack identifies himself; he’s biracial, and his one Black parent isn’t African-American. If Black Americans are gullible enough to believe this doesn’t inform his thoughts and beliefs, they’re obviously gullible enough to not see that he’s not doing anything to help the disenfranchised in this country. And no, I’m not just talking about Black folks; I’m talking about the poor, the unemployed, the forclosed, etc, etc, etc. No, extending unemployment benefits ARE NOT enough when you give billions away to the finance industry without a single stipulation. Barack isn’t a dummy; what he is your typical politician who’s pockets are being lined by corporate America.

      And Black Americans are too excited over him being half Black to see that.

  70. To further advance one of your points, we have ourselves to blame because we are no longer outraged as a community when it comes to the portrayal of our history by “others.” We’ve become accustomed and comfortable with the notion of not offending THEIR sensibilities as they thoughtlessly trample upon ours.

  71. This is typical of Hollywood. Others ARE working to keep the memory of Harriet alive as the hero she was and is! http://chroniclesofharriet.com/

  72. Shameful. Others ARE working to keep the memory of Harriet alive as the hero she was! http://chroniclesofharriet.com/

  73. You are so correct – all the way to your last comment: we only have ourselves to blame. So many of us are just SO DESPERATE for white approval. It is just so so ignorant. If we knew how great and AMAZING our history is and how amazing our bodies are! Too many of us are just pathetic.

  74. I don't think this is offensive or relevant. The movie is about Abraham Lincoln being a vampire slayer, lol. Come on people this is the least of our worries. Now back to something more important like poverty, HIV/AIDS, horizontal violence, take your pick.

  75. If they would have cast Phyllis Yvonne Stickney as Miss Tubman, I may have paid to see this movie. As it stands…no.

  76. If they would cast Phyllis Yvonne Stickney, I may have paid to see this movie. As it stands…no.

  77. What's to say the production staff didn't want to cast a darker skinned actress to play the part but were either rebuffed or were afraid to approach darker skinned actresses for fear of her reaction? I'm not saying this is right what they did casting this actress, I'm just saying skin color can be a touchy subject for some black women. In the end they probably decided to take the path of least resistance. And anyway, aren't we glad a sister (of any color) got the job? I doubt there was any conscious decision to whitewash Ms. Tubman since we all know what she looks like.

    Someone here already said it and I tend to agree. The best way to show your disapproval is to simply not patronize the movie.

  78. It's a wonder more slaves don't look like this actress because the master USED the female slaves at his own disgression.No regard for her husband or mate.

  79. Sheila Anderson

    Yvette, you're on the money.

  80. Sheila Anderson

    Yvette, you're on the money.

  81. Leontyne Clay Peck

    What do you think?

    • I "think" that I am HAPPY to see your posts again! : ) I was getting a little concerned. I hope you get everything fixed. I would truly miss reading your posts…..and just knowing your there! : )

  82. An attempt to flip the script on race in America…very insulting!

  83. I agree wholeheartedly.

    Putting dark/er makeup on a light-bright female who is not even remotely close to resembling Harriet Tubman is a travesty; especially with so many black actresses who could be more accurate to choose from. Kimberly Elise would have made a closer match than that, and she's milk chocolate, and not as dark as Tubman was.

    But which black Americans do we know who are not biracial?

    I am, and even the fictitious midnight black "Chicken George" of ROOTS had a white daddy.

  84. I think this has less to do with the actresses complexion than it does with the fact that she is biracial. Remember that biracial people come in a variety of colors and hues. Some biracial people are lighter skinned while others are darker skinned. To suggest that the actress could not, or should not, have played the role simply because she is biracial is a bit problematic, in my opinion. The history of Blacks in America means that our racial makeups are all over the place. I think we should key in on the fact that an obviously lighter skinned Black woman was chosen to portray the obviously darker skinned Harriet Tubman. It is absolutely true that lighter skin is used to make Blacks appear more palatable to White audiences and mainstream movie goers. I do, however, think this article brings up some interesting questions. The historical Margaret Garner was a biracial woman. Malcom X was a biracial man. As far as I know, Oprah Winfrey and Denzel Washington are not biracial. However, they both portrayed biracial characters. Should those roles have gone to biracial actors and actresses?

    • I think that you're muddying a very simple and clear point. The actress that portrayed Ms. Tubman (regardless of her biracial roots) is extremely fair skinned and looks nothing like her. Oprah and Denzel fit those roles because they gave true representation to the characters in which they portrayed. It has EveRyThiNg to do w/her complexion! That's the whole point wrapped neatly in a nutshell. Now if Ms. Carnell would have said "lights skinned" biracial actress instead, would that have been more suitable to you? Her message here was all too obvious and her point was solidly made even to the simplest reader, so to obfuscate the whole point of her piece by trying to interject confusion into how she used the word "biracial" does it no justice in my opinion.

  85. Speak on it. This is offensive. But Hollywood is very well aware of what they are doing. They don't care. We can only speak with our dollars. Besides turning a former President into a vampire slayer is just dumb.