Obamacare doesn’t seem to be providing everyone with their medical necessities. Poor, undocumented women are struggling to receive the care that they need, especially those with HIV. The Affordable Care Act set in place by President Obama does not provide those who are currently uninsured with Medicare fast enough to stop the development of AIDS. The post Obamacare Does Not Help Women With AIDS appeared first on Black Like Moi .

Obamacare Won’t Help Women With Aids

Obamacare Does Not Help Women With AIDS

The HIV virus can become full blown AIDS, and the sooner an HIV positive person is placed on retroviruls, the better chance they have of living a normal life. But government programs don’t always work fast enough to ensure the health of its citizens, and although Obamacare may provide help to many uninsured, it may not provide help fast enough to women who have AIDS to curb the progress of the virus. By the time these women are offered help through Medicare, it may already be too late:

Obamacare doesn’t seem to be providing everyone with their medical necessities. Poor, undocumented women are struggling to receive the care that they need, especially those with HIV. The Affordable Care Act set in place by President Obama does not provide those who are currently uninsured with Medicare fast enough to stop the development of AIDS. […]

The post Obamacare Does Not Help Women With AIDS appeared first on Black Like Moi.

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  1. Obamacare is not even scheduled, or required, to go into effect until 2014. The whole idea was to wait until after the election to make sure Obama got safely re-elcted before all the costs started hitting the tax payers & they finally wake up to what it’s really going to cost us & by then he’s still in the White House. Just wait!

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  4. Get used to it People… there are two kinds of AIDS patients… the dead ones and the dying ones ….and ObamaCare or nothing else will change that….wear condoms… THAT will change our death rate anyway

  5. Well Reggie you may be correct about the tests but if you take it up the rear from a man who is dick and not wearing a condom You will get sick too…. if you want to argue about it put you butt where your mouth is and try it… let us know how that works out for you…
    If the man refuses to step up and wear a condom every single time he screws, we will continue to have a high rate of STD’s, whatever they may be….and our people are notorious for refusing to wear the sheath….and we continue to die and it’s no ones fault but ours

  6. william f " rick " collins

    Undocumented adults are not eligible for federally funded medical programs such as medicare or medicaid. The only possibility that this might change is if Bro. Prez Obama is re-elected.

  7. I don’t think that Obamacare was intended to be “foreign aid” to undocumented intruders in America. Hell, we can do enough to try to care for our own citizens!

    Caring for, educating, feeding and housing, and employing the UNDOCUMENTED is a part of our problem. Americans who work and pay taxes cannot get healthcare when foreigners can!

    I applaud President Obama for quietly deporting hundreds of thousands of undocumented trespassers. THEY are sucking the blood out of our economy – especially in California. Businesses with government contracts hire undocumented workers while thousands of American citizens are unemployed. Illegals work on highway projects, construction sites, in department and discount stores, everywhere!

    But big business wants non-unionized illegal workers! And our elected officials are issuing tax-payer funded contracts to businesses that hire these illegals with impunity!

    Sexual promiscuity is the root cause of AIDS. Poor diet and nutrition cause chronic diseases. Teach folk how to be, stay, and get well, but let them die if they insist.

  8. 1st, there is no scientific paper that can prove the existence of HIV. 2nd, All 31 or more HIV antibody tests are plagued with false positives and non-specificity (i.e. react to over 70 different conditions that are not Aids defining diseases). One can take a test in Memphis, Tn react positive and then go to Montgomery, Ala and react negative. Even on the labels of these tests, it states do not use this test as a measure of HIV in one’s blood.
    3rd, viruses don’t discriminate according to sex, race, age, gender
    4th, there is no universal definition for Aids (Canada doesn’t recognize T-Cell count definition nor does several countries in the world). Aids definition is different depending where you live in the world.
    5th, Black people are the most gullible and naive people when it comes to disease, science and medicine. Very few of us will go against the grain and critically THINK about what we are being told about our health.
    6th, There are more homosexual white males in America (at least 5 times more per capita) than there are Black males, so how does this ONE virus circulate more within the Black community than the White ones. And Black folks didn’t invent the ‘Down Low’ phenomena.
    7th, stop believing the lies being spread and do some research outside of what the CDC, WHO, NIH, and other alphabet govt agencies tells u. Check out – Aids, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire by Dr Nancy Turner Banks or Positively False by Joan Shenton or the documentary, the House of Numbers (google video or youttube)….

    • “hell naw”
      this ni–a just told us to do some outside research of are own and pointed us towards youtube??
      of course theres different conditions that define aids! because aids itself doesn’t kill you! aids destroys your innmue system and its ability to fight off infections!! so you die from things like colds and flu!! all that other sh!t you talking (“nx”) dat to! cus u cant back it up wit no facts either! so im not “sorry” dude but ima go with the people in labs and white coats-then some stupid “ni–a” who watched a documentary on youtube and now thinks he’s an expert