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Obamacare Won’t Help Women With Aids

Obamacare Does Not Help Women With AIDS

The HIV virus can become full blown AIDS, and the sooner an HIV positive person is placed on retroviruls, the better chance they have of living a normal life. But government programs don’t always work fast enough to ensure the health of its citizens, and although Obamacare may provide help to many uninsured, it may not provide help fast enough to women who have AIDS to curb the progress of the virus. By the time these women are offered help through Medicare, it may already be too late:

Obamacare doesn’t seem to be providing everyone with their medical necessities. Poor, undocumented women are struggling to receive the care that they need, especially those with HIV. The Affordable Care Act set in place by President Obama does not provide those who are currently uninsured with Medicare fast enough to stop the development of AIDS. […]

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