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Orlando Brown is No-Show in Court For DUI Charge

Rarely do the child stars we adore grow up to be adults we can be proud of. Sure, it happens occasionally, but not nearly enough. It’s as if there’s something toxic about Hollywood that prevents child stars from ever truly manifesting their full potential. And this comes to mind in the case of Orlando Brown of That’s So Raven. Not only did he get into DUI trouble, but he can’t even mange to show up for court. Too much effort I guess:

What’s happened to young Orlando Brown since he starred in Disney’s “That’s So Raven” a few years back?  Brown was arrested for an outstanding warrant from his 2011 DUI case a month ago.

Instead of simply enrolling in an alcohol education class (a requirement of his 2011 DUI case) Brown decided to not only bail on that commitment, but to not show up to court in L.A. last Friday. The judge has issued Brown another bench warrant.

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