Study: Spanking Linked to Mental Illness

Some people say, “spare the rod, spoil the child”, while others say that abuse is abuse, and that any time you hit a child, you are abusing someone smaller than you.

A new study published in Monday’s Journal of the American Academy Of Pediatrics found that children who are spanked are at a higher risk for developing mental problems.

The study surveyed 35,000 people, and found that 2 to 7 percent of mental disorders are linked to physical punishment.

The author says the study is evidence physical punishment shouldn’t ever be used on any child. The debate is still ongoing, however, because some people still maintain spanking can be effective if done correctly.

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  1. I might be mistaken but I thought that the Bible said “spare the rod, spoil the child”, not just “some people”.

  2. There are so many comments that I really don’t think you will have time to read mine,and because I am late in writting what I think. In reading as many as possible, most of you make good sence. But if you don’t raise your children yourself, your child will think that you don’t love them. They will not respect you or anyone else. In reading your comments the people under you,minds are swaying. If you say spank them the next person says spank them. If a person says don’t spank them they agree. We all who came out of Africa are still slave minded because your slave master is still here and will not let you ever get a hold on your own lives. He says don’t spank “because” and some who are more slave-minded than others, will listen because ‘white people are always right’ Think for yourselves. It is your God given right to raise your child, who came from your body the way you see fit. The same as people raise their children all over the world. But I do agree within reason. White people should be the last people to tell others how to raise children. They raise them to hate, to steal, molest, to disrespect, and feel that they are more superior than other people on this earth and it gets them killed as they kill others. They took prayer out of school. It at least gave the children a chance of knowing what is in the bible. So this country has many religens. That is fine. But if you come into my house, don’t expect me to change my house hold. If you don’t like my way of praying you have the right to pray at home any way that you wish.

  3. As a child I got whipped and of course was not happy about it. I believe my parents were only repeating behavior that was taught to them by their parents, who were taught by their parents, etc. Remember, the master beat his slaves into submission therefore we as black people were taught to do the same. It worked for the master, right? Over time, as we became enlightened about other methods of “discipline” we “spared the rod,” when we deemed there were other ways to “punish” our children that would be just as effective. However, we also knew that there were times when the “rod” was needed and used it. We also knew if we didn’t use the “rod” the police couldn’t wait to use it forcefully and willingly. If we want to save our children from being “spanked” or rather “beaten” by the police we must teach them dicipline at home and if that means whipping their behinds when necessary we must do so. Fortunately, I can count the times on one hand that I needed to spank my children. So far they’ve turned out well.

  4. This is sad really. The mere suggestion that we should stop beatin our children got a lot of us whipped up. Smh

    When you know better you do better.

  5. Listen, I believe Sheila for the most part with Sheila. I to was spanked and I am not of a criminal mind, nor psychotic, etc. My mother would tear an ass up when necessary. I didn’t say BRUTALIZE. Some children can be talked to, some can be punished with liked items temporarily taken away, some just a like pluck in the head, even the LOOK works for others but some just need a good ol’ fashion as whipping–I did not say BRUTALIZE. After a certain age I think other disciplinary actions can be taken. I’ve seen way too many children, across the board, act out and parents just have no clue in what to do. Too many parents let the children run their lives because they don’t want to keep hearing their spoiled ass BRAT screaming and yellin’ so they accommodate the behavior with whatever the child wants. Black parents used to straighten out the child firmly by look, voice or a firm grip on the arm, particularly when out in public, so the child knew that mom/dad might take that NEXT step, if necessary. I was fortunate that I did very little spanking to my son and as he got older I had him do push ups (20) that also help develop his body. I did not, in my case, haveto do much more. Now 39 years old, we have a great relationship, he is not mentally challenged, married with children.

    If some children appear to have mental issue rather than folks tying up their children, burning or whatever other mean and atrocious acts should be lock up, the child should be evaluated by a physician. Thing is, is that many times it is the parent(s) that has the issues and not the children.

  6. What a hot topic? We raised six children, four of them black boys. We used spanking as a form of discipline, but only as a last resort.

    Five of our kids are working, business owning, college educated, wonderful parents. The one that is not does have mental issues, but it was not the spanking. It was the finding out at eight years old that he was a “throw away kid” to his mother. She gave him away at 3 months.

    It broke my heart when his mother bought him a used dress shirt. He was so proud of that shirt he showed it to everybody. As a teen he tried to develop a relationship with her, but she got mad at him and pulled a gun on a 13 year old. He is now in his 30’s. After that situation she never inquired about him again.

    All of our children have said to us thank you for being the type of parents you are. Even the one with issues.

    They see SO MANY of their friends, dead, in jail, baby daddy’s or baby mamas everywhere. They are often trouble makers with no boundaries.

  7. um…. where were the 35,000 people? What race?
    um…. what was the race of the people who did the survey / test?
    Sounds like more crap to bring in more crime so they can build more prisons and other wicked devises for bad children who are allowed to cause trouble…..

    Oh… I've been stopped accepting the reports of the enemy….
    I do my own research – and this report is a scam.

    • My man!!!!! You said it best…..HOW TO LIE WITH STATISTICS!!!!

      There is no release of "audience"…what is the sample size, what is the degree of freedom, what is the rejection area, what is the acceptable error, what is the test used (one-tale, two-tale etc.)….and the "accept or refuse to accept" parametric attributes of probability…..see all these factors are important when people are running around quoting "facts".

      GTFOH – This test is equivalent to doing an average salary assessment and including Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, a homeless man and me…..and saying the average income is 150 million ummmmm see how skewed that data is???? Please, tell this stupid isht to a less intellectual crowd!!!

      (but you are so right Dennis, don't spank your kids, let them run amok so we can lock them up and still get paid from this plantation with overseers and guard towers)

  8. my ass was whooped alot and I am all fucked up

  9. if spanking causes mental illness, what does a NYPD beatdown do for a black man's mental health?

  10. Please stop printing these shit articles! Please!!

  11. @Teri: No caucasoid rules me, little negro!

    If negroes like you only knew your True Ourstory you wouldn’t speak those words. Blacks once ruled the world! Ourstory DID NOT BEGIN WITH slavery!

    The first slaves were caucasoids, who were in
    eu(rope) durng the early 1400’s. Yes, caucasians ENSLAVED their own kind! Queen Elizabeth sent a white xtian boy by the name of John Hawkins to pick up FREE Afrikans along the Ivory Coast because the white slaves were too lazy and weak to work the fields.

    They used xtianity to enslave our people in Afrika just like they used it to enslave our people in amerikkka!!!

    My mind is FREE, little negro. And, you should get those shakles off your mind because YOU ARE A STILL A SLAVE!

  12. It seems to me that everyone above, have already said it well. Without limits set to train a child he/she will not understand when something is right or wrong. Children like adults need rules to follow in a normal society. In the home, school, in public…we have rules to follow….I seriously question the study. It would great to read & study it and then make additional comments about it…..maybe next time?

  13. Hitting is violence and this only teaches children that it is okay when they are adults. It also causes resentment and hate from child to parent, and many wonder why they have horrible to no relationship with their children. Don’t do to others, what you will not have done to you comes to mind. As an adult, if you are hit or beat by someone, then you call the police, but to so called parents, its not okay for children to have laws of protection, but if someone takes away your sense of security as an adult, then you’ll be protesting. Just think about this for a minute.

  14. Me112233. Now children are not dogs but even dogs become violent with violent training. Negative reinforcement as in pain is, well, for dogs not kids. Research indicates that rewarding good behavior is effective. Now if you keep your kids in a kennel and are not involved emotionally with them then this pain method will make some very antisocial and violent kids. I mean you desensitize them to pain eventually. Sounds like sado-masochism to me.

  15. My neighbors as a child were beaten like snakes. All went to reform school. One stole a car and died in an accident. These were guys I knew.

  16. Someone always come up these studies that say a child that get spank will have side affect. I was spank many times by my parents and so was some of my brothers and to that affect we are living normal livies and none have had the pleasure of visiting the in side of a jail cell. We as a people need to go back to something positive to stop what is happen to our youth today. What are we teaching them when they can call 911 if they don’t like what you fix for dinner better yet lay your hands on one of them. See if my child called 911 because I am trying to keep him out of jail when I am providing him/her a place to sleep, food on the table and clothes on his/her back you see I am old school he/she need to go and stay with those that are making this study.

  17. Utter rubbish.

  18. If this study were accurate, many of us raised by our parents and grandparents would be among that group, but we are not.

    There seems to always be an excuse to stop the correction of a child going astray, especially Black Children. The very people who promote this illusion of being humane are the very people destroying cultures of the earth, destroying nature, rivers, oceans, animals and insects. So maybe we should revisit the idea of why these people are so destructive to Humanity and the Earth and come to the final realization that Sparing The Rod Does Indeed spoil The Child”, the example being those who are so destructive are the ones from the families of those who profess these ideas.

    Good Luck


  19. The mental disease is evident in the looney bins I read who support beating up kids because they were beaten by their parents. You hit your kids cos your parents taught you that hitting was OK. So……here we are. The cycle continues. No one learns anything new. Just extend what you learned to your kids. Nothing is wrong with them BUT they hit their kids and maybe their wives or their husbands BUT they’re mentally stable.

    Really now!!! Are you sure they’re mentally stable cos if they were, they wouldn’t be hitting their kids.

    • Co-sign. I wonder if spanking or whippings has any correlation with the level of violence that seems to plague most black communities in the United States. White parents may not spank their children as much as we do, but then again the number one cause of death of white males between the ages of 18-35 is not homicide. Homicides that will likely be committed by another white male. Nope, that honor belongs to black males.

      Violence begets more violence. How does hitting a child do anything other than teach them that when someone does something you don’t like you hit them. Better yet, how does spanking solve the problem? You may think your child won’t do it again, but realistically they will do it again if it’s something they truly want to do. If they’re smart they just make sure not to get caught. People who hit their children to discipline them don’t know any other way to disciple their children and are too lazy to actually figure a way to solve the problem.

      Stop looking at yourself and look at the black community as a whole. We are the only community that thinks on a whole it’s okay to hit your children. It’s gotten us really far, kids that kill each other over minutia and the highest incarceration rate amongst all other racial groups.

  20. Here is the benefit of spanking — it instills a subconscious association of doing “wrong” with pain; a consequence to a bad action. Not so long ago, most every kid got spanked as a “reward” for bad behaviour. Anything from saying a dirty word in front of my mother to hitting a girl to stealing a candy bar from the grocery store to exploring a construction site of a house down the street could get me a spanking. But now that I’m all grown up, I don’t use dirty words in the presense of a lady, I don’t hit girls, don’t steal anything from anybody, and stay out of dangerous places. Of course, I’m 50 years old, and 40+ years ago when I was a kid, spankings were a standard tool utilized in child rearing. You know, I dont’ even give any of those types of misbehavious much thought — it is a part of who I am. When I see today’s out-of-control youth, I see a bunch of kids who never had the basics of moral and social behavior installed into their systems by their parents.

    When I was a kid, getting in trouble at school was a sure indication of more grief to come when I got home. These days, lame-ass parents go to the school and file a complaint against the teacher, claiming that their precious little angel never does anything wrong. If a parent reinforces the place of civil authority (the school in this case) when a child is growing up, the kid is less likely to get into serious trouble with the law when he’s over 18. Sadly, the typical parent undermine the child’s respect for authority when badmouthing ths authorities at the school in front of their children, and the net result is that we end up with a bunch of delinquent young adults in prison. (I’m not saying that the civil authorities are always right; but when we teach our child to disrespect everyone from the teachers to the police, the outcome just can’t be good.)

    The way we (the adults) behave makes an indellible mark upon the children around us. If we play the race card every time something doesn’t go our way, our kids will never learn that actual qualifications, ability, and willingings to work hard to get what you want are the things that make most successful people successful (save the race card for situations where race truly is the issue). If we “draw a check” when we are actually capable of working, we teach a child to be a lazy bum. If we work for cash and then get welfare benefits because we claim to have no income, we teach our children to be liars. If our response to every law is that the law is bad, we teach our kids to have no respect for the law (the equivalent of sending them to prison). And yes, if we refuse to swat an 8-year old’s rear end when he curses in front of his mother, hits a girl, or steals a candy bar, we are teaching him that it is OK to do those things.

    • A beatin doesn’t “teach ” anything. Spanking ultimate is the use of fear. So you have been trained through fear not to do certain things. That is not teaching proper behavior. You are correct in saying that the behavior of adults has a strong influence on children because children learn through indiscriminate imitation. So had your parents beat you for cursing while themselves cursing like sailors you probably would be cursing like a sailor. Ie it was the modeled behavior of the adults around you not the beatings that shaped your behavior. Back to fear. Fear permeates far too many a Black man in this culture. We are afraid to stand up and speak for ourselves, afraid to protect our women as they should be. Afraid to be fathers and so we sit by while our children are violated. We need to stop raising cowards. Beating and instilling fear in children is not raising the type of adults we need. If it did we would not be in the condition we’re in.

      not sure specifically to what you are referring when you speak of “the race card” but if you are talking about incarceration then you must know very little about the subject if you believe race isn’t a direct factor. 25% of all Black men will go to prison……1 in 4. That is indicative of a racist system. The fact that Black men do not commit crime at anywhere near the rate they are incarcerated is proof we are dealing with a racist system.

  21. You can tell these people probably didn’t study scripture,or if they did they chose to go with man’s law and not GOD’S.As for me… I’ll roll with the advice of the LORD.If mine are deserving of a spanking.Then I’ll do it with love.

    • Any scripture telling you you need to beat your children should be jettisoned along with the crackkka images of God that accompany them.

  22. Over the past twenty five years, it is my personal experience coupled with my own heart-felt and careful research, specifically concerning the human behavior of Africans in America. This “new” discovery by the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics does not surprise me at all but, in part confirms my beliefs that physical punishment is very damaging and does impede the brain and affect the human capacity to function in society or in general. To add to my research and study is also my belief that the “beating” and “lynching” of people for hundreds of years” has also caused them mental problems and mental disorder. And it leads to many questions in my mind about the present studies on “mental problems” and “mental disorders”… what governs the “order” to determine it as a “dis-order” and why does this study only reveal that physical punishment should never be used on a “child.” Does this conceal the affects of the use of physical punishment on adults (after hundreds of years) and what affects this has had on them today or maybe the knowledge of that abuse has not yet matured. This concerns me. Anyway, to step into some real truth, as their “debates” continues… so does the propagated “developmental” black plight. My belief is that Change is clearly here right now. It is time to embrace GOD, recognize the power that is Greater in you and from that position, repent from the wilderness of past thoughts, embrace the new, establish your mind and with movement grow into the future of a better tomorrow.

  23. Over the past twenty five years, it is my personal experience coupled with my own heart-felt and careful research, specifically concerning the human behavior of Africans in America. This “new” discovery by the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics does not surprise me at all but, in part confirms my beliefs that physical punishment is very damaging and does impede the brain and affect the human capacity to function in present society or in general. To add to my research and study is also my belief that the “beating” and “lynching” of people for hundreds of years” has also caused them mental problems and mental disorder. And it leads to many questions in my mind about the present studies on “mental problems” and “mental disorders”… what governs the “order” to determine it as a “dis-order” and why does this study only reveal that physical punishment should never be used on a “child.” Does this conceal the affects of the use of physical punishment on adults (after hundreds of years) and what affects this has had on them today or maybe the knowledge of that abuse has not yet matured. This concerns me. Anyway, to step into some real truth, as their “debates” continues… so does the propagated “developmental” black plight. My belief is that Change is clearly here right now. It is time to embrace GOD, recognize the power that is Greater in you and from that position, repent from the wilderness of past thoughts, embrace the new, establish your mind and with movement grow into the future of a better tomorrow

  24. beating, spanking is just wrong period… Black folks need to learn how to COMMUNICATE,and that’s it. I get sick and tired black people being so damn aggressive all of the time .I can recall countless times, bm yanking the yell out of the child’s arm, and speaking harsh words .I cant image what goes on behind closed doors..smh. I think beating your children are wrong,and flat out LAZY!. Communicate, spend time with them damn. Kids aren’t stupid .Parents be to damn stressed out.Mad about other things and take it out on their kids .I have witnessed,and been victim to it.If you have communication problems, dont have children! They arent made to be your punching bag!

  25. You training your children to be slaves? Then beat them. You wanna make sure your child knows their place? Beat them. all yall talking bout how good spanking is and acting like it is part of the culture need to check yourselves. That shit is straight outta uncle toms cabin. We spank because we was trained that way by crackkka slave masters. White people don’t beat they children because they raise them to rule the world. We need a critical assessment of what has crept into our traditions and culture and jettison all that mess that is either a hold over from slavery or that impedes us from raising children that are revolutionary …ie not afraid to challenge authority. We beat our children, belittle them and treat them with irreverence and then wonder why they act the way they do. Smdh we aren’t in prison because we stopped beating our children ! Are you serious right now? Our children are in prison because they are under attack by a racist criminal justice system bent on bringing back jim crow. Wake up fam!

  26. This study must have been commissioned and funded by the Prison industrial complex. It is not difficult to see the steady growth in the prison industry with the decline in corporal punishment in the home. Nothing creates more deterant in an animal than pain. pain as a corrective behavorial mechanism is not the cause of mental illness, the lack of love and touch is. I am grateful now for the corporate punishment my parents administered. i am also grateful that my Mom and Dad hugged and kissed me often even more that the spankings. Got two Master’s degrees and living a good life, raised my two as I was and their achievements are greater than mine. AA parents keep your children eligible to vote and be full citizens. Don’t “spare the rod”, don’t fail to hug and kiss with love in all things and we will survive as a strong people.

    • This study was not commissioned by no prison industrial complex. Smdh Black people have not stopped beatin they children. Yet we are in prison and under supervision by the millions. Your beatin your children has not prevented what is a concerted and conscious effort by a racist system to put them in prison. What are yall talkin about . Somebody brings up beatin your children and you completely forget the racist system controlling us.

  27. Throwing shoes? Suppose she put an eye out. Suppose a child makes keloids. Violence is a thoughtless act. Adults should be thinkers. Hitting or spanking in anger is abuse. People you are justifying murder if a beating results in death. Creflo was close to killing his child.

  28. Spanked my sons, only as needed. They are grown men in their 30s with children of their own and doing perfectly fine; their kids “get it” from time to time, but never excessively. Maybe it’s NOT spanking kids that turns them into retards. ???

    I got my butt whipped as a child and honestly can’t even remember it, but when we talk about it, we start laughing because it was funny some of the crazy stuff we got whipped, not spanked, for. I mean literally whipped…with extension cords, leather strops, paddle boards, tree switches, you name it. Anything that would hurt but not kill. Sinbad used to tell jokes about butt whippings he got as a kid, and it was funny.

    We used to get whipped in front of classmates for cutting up in school, principals with paddles (yeah the white kids got it too), and teachers used to throw shoes at us. We thought it was funny if somebody got hit with one.

    It didn’t hurt them, they just stopped doing what they were doing REAL quick.

  29. Discipline without love is what scars children. Love for your children acts as a filter when disciplining.

  30. Social context is missing here. I promise you it is not absense of spanking that causes high black incarceration. You are kidding right? Why are you assuming all is well and perfect in society? There are so many obstacles to effective parenting due to no community struture that it is frightening. Those respodible for this sickness want you to take it out on your kids. You are still being duped and bamboozled. Violence is a failure of proper communication. Ask Masai if they beat their kids. Ask natives before Columbus too. Spank only if you child is too young to communicate. If you child loves you then you have shown love. Spanking should be rare. Raising your tone and speaking firmly is often sufficient. However this sick society and TV are causing havoc with discipline. If you work all the time and have no quality time do not beat the kids as a substitute.

  31. I agree with Sheila and her associates. The study is flawed by so many errors
    it remains in the area of an opinion.
    Our family of six were spanked and none from the inner city have records. With 2 of 2 happily married.Plus when spanking at home /school stopped did the study notice how juvenile deliquency spiraled upward. straight facts-no theory needed. Also fact that when non African American Males are before the systems of j.deliquency they receive more severe sentences for similar behavior. What are these facts telling us. Ignore the study AAFamilies-spank your child & save his life.

  32. Maybe it is more than just the spanking. I know some parents that took spanking to another level. They would beat the children with whatever they could get their hands on. The words that came out of the parent mouth were harsh as well. The parents were so controlling they felt that they still had the right to beat the children at the age of eighteen. All of the children even to this day are battling with mental problems

    • Thank you Sistar for keepin it real up in here. What we are talking about in far too many instances is treating our seeds with complete irreverence. Beating them with blows and words. That simply is not gonna cut it. If you can’t take the time to discipline your children properly…and that does take time and energy…then you shouldn’t have any . Our seeds are too important to be brought into this world and destroyed by you before the racist system which is bent on destroying them even gets to them. My son was born with a warrior spirit. Even at 2 you could see it. He had his own mind…a follower of no one a pure leader. Now most of us in our ignorance would beat all that right out of a child. The very thing that would allow them to stand up to other children with drugs and gang flag s and say …”fuck outta here with that!” yall so beat up by your slave master that the slightest buck in your child you ready to kill him. So don’t be surprised after you beat all that out of him when he ends up banging on his own people and can’t find the heart to stand up to the system that has us all on the edge.

  33. I was spanked, my children were spanked, and I will spank my grandchildren. I have a pediatrician, an entrepreneur, an honors student and one that will be graduating high school in 3 years with honors. The one child that I did not spank is a criminal mastermind, sad to say. All of my peers that received corporal punishment (at home, as well as in school) have gone on to be productive citizens. And on a spiritual level…the Bible says: With hold not correction from the child for if you beat him with the rod, he will not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod and deliver him from hell. Proc 23:13 I and all of my 7 siblings can attest to this , we have all graduated from college and own businesses.

  34. All I can say is that if it's good enough for God, then it's good enough for me!
    Just think, God says that the man that DOESN'T spank his child HATES him but the father that does spank his child does LOVE him!

    We are so, so, so backwards today!

    Prov 13:24: "He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes (diligently)."

    • Nedrea SweetPea Scott

      stop twisting the Bible please.

    • Nedrea SweetPea Scott

      because the Bible also says "Do not provoke your child to anger"

    • yo, how am I twisting the Bible when the scripture is right there in black and white?

    • Maybe you should read Proverbs 23:14

    • Proverbs 23:14New International Version (©1984)
      Punish him with the rod and save his soul from death.
      New Living Translation (©2007)
      Physical discipline may well save them from death.

      English Standard Version (©2001)
      If you strike him with the rod, you will save his soul from Sheol.

      New American Standard Bible (©1995)
      You shall strike him with the rod And rescue his soul from Sheol.

      King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
      Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell.

  35. First how many of the subjects have Mentally disorders? The study surveyed 35,000 people, did these 35,000 have a mentally disorder? And if 2 to 7 percent (700 to 2400) of the 35,000 mental disorders are linked to physical punishment how does that correlate that physical punishment causes mental disorders.

    If it turns out that the sample contained normal individuals then the raw numbers a drastically reduced from the 700 to 2400 (2 to 7%) based on the sample of 35,000!

    What I have gotten from this article we have some very bright African Americans! I am so proud of the comments on these article. Many sound like clinical observations! We still have it don’t believe the premature announcement of our intellectual death.

  36. Do we see Chinese people spanking their children?
    Do we see Hindu-Indians spanking their children?
    Do we see Jewish people spanking their children?

    Why can’t we love our children the same way other communities love their children?

    Please stop raising your children the way our beloved ancestors did, you see, they were slaves.

    • We don’t see it, but they do it.

      In Asian countries, these people are called “Tiger Moms and Dads,” because they administer corporal punishment to their children liberally.

      We never see it or hear about it because they don’t shyte chicken feathers when it happens.

      Marlon Thomas was over here advocating for folks in other countries to stop spanking their children, but it fell on deaf ears.

      In some countries, folks kill their kids for stepping out of line, esp. in the middle east. I say abuse and killing is too danged far, of course.

      But a spanking every now and then doesn’t hurt a thing. Even fictional characters like Andy Griffith used to take Opie to the “woodshed” from time to time.

      There are parents over here killing their kids, too — and they never spank them, just kill them slap dead – choking, microwaving, cutting, slamming, beating to death, stabbing, drowning, et al.

      Maybe we’re having the wrong conversation because kids who get spanked are still alive.

    • Kelly Smith, Wake up! Different times real circumstances, It is the lack of instilled discipline that has our society in the crapper. I do not condone the unfeathered beating of a child. However, Spankings “As a last resort” maybe in order. I had one child that all you had to do is say boo! and they would never do “whatever” they had no business doing. Then there is the other child, Boo didn’t work… There were layers of discipline you had to delve out to get the message across. Even if it meant a spanking. Human nature requires varied levels of response and acknowledgement of consequences some more so then others. What works for one child does not necessarily work for the other. They are unique Human Beings with different levels of emotions, feelings and responses. Bottom line, spankings are appropriate when warrented. IJS!!

    • All the cultures you mentioned, not only spank their kids…they beat them to death depending on the ‘crime.’

      Muslim fathers KILL their daughters if they are dating a Black man. A chinese father will KILL his daughter because it is a crime for a woman to birth a female. This is why these asian males are going to Afrika to sex and marry Black Afrikan women!

      This is a ‘trend’ in Afrika because these asian males want a son instead of a daughter, so they marry young Afrikan girls for sex to get a son! THESE ARE FACTS.

      We don’t live in other countries; therefore we don’t know what the hell they’re doing to their kids. Most khazar/jewish fathers have sex with their daughters because they don’t want a Black man to have sex with her before another khazar!

      Italians fathers take their sons to a Black prostitute because they feel a Black woman is the Goddess of the world. And before they have sex with an Italian female; they make sure they go to a Black prostitute because having sex with a Black woman makes them a man!!! THESE ARE FACTS!


  37. These caucasians are a trip with their stats. NOTHING is good when it comes to Black people. I’m confident to say that this b.s. comes from caucasids.

    What this ‘study’ does not report is that caucasoids BEAT, SLAP and MOLEST their children more than any culture. These caucasoid teachers beat, slap and molest our children in this racist school system!!!

    I laugh at these b.s. studies and resluts because they are ALL LIES made by racist white scientist, who have been “studying” us for centuries. They hate themselves, but have BRAINWASHED negroes to think [they] are worthless and were only slaves.

    Now, the government is dealing drungs (Ritalin) to our children in their schools, while dealing them drugs and guns to our children on the streets. WE ARE DEALING WITH SERPENTS!


    • But these caucisoids been ruling over you for centuries sun…..centuries.

      • No caucasoid rules me, little negro!

        If negroes like you only knew your True Ourstory you wouldn’t speak those words. Blacks once ruled the world! Ourstory DID NOT BEGIN WITH slavery!

        The first slaves were caucasoids, who were in
        eu(rope) durng the early 1400’s. Yes, caucasians ENSLAVED their own kind! Queen Elizabeth sent a white xtian boy by the name of John Hawkins to pick up FREE Afrikans along the Ivory Coast because the white slaves were too lazy and weak to work the fields.

        They used xtianity to enslave our people in Afrika just like they used it to enslave our people in amerikkka!!!

        My mind is FREE, little negro. And, you should get those shakles off your mind because YOU ARE A STILL A SLAVE!

        • Sun don’t tell me about what our people did thousands of years ago while crakkkas got they foot up your ass right now. Yes I am a slave…ain’t no shackles on my brain tho so I understand we gotta get free! Part of us gettin free is raising the young gods right….raising them without fear…raising them to love themselves and African people. We not doin that sun. We beatin them into submission before the crakkkas even get to them. And here you are frontin yourself as a conscious black man advocating the continued whoopin of the young gods. Smdh . Our ancestors raised us to survive…that meant teaching us to “know our place”…teaching us not to talk back…not to stand out or speak up less we get killed by the overseer. And some of us still raisin our seeds just like that…instead of like gods…fearing nothing..prepared to speak up and fight our enemies. Wake up sun….we been beatin our seeds since slavery it ain’t workin…if we need revolutionary seeds we have to raise them to be that. Doing the same shit expecting a different result is madness. so yea our ancestors ruled the world …but we don’t rule shit right now….crakkkas rule..they got you living in poverty and squalor all over the world..they murder us with impunity and hand out years of incarceration like free cheese. So don’t tell me crakkkas don’t rule over you sun….keep it 100. You behind the cue ball gettin ready to get knocked off the table. The question is what are you willing to do about it? Are you gonna advocate beatin our seeds into submission or bring up some warriors? Its up to us god.

  38. Spare the rod,spoil the fruit.This study does’nt say anything about the 70% that were spanked and turned out to be respectable tax paying citizens that know the benifit of being spanked occasionally. As those of us matured, all that was neccessary from our parents was that look that told a kid that if you don’t think before you act, a spanking is coming and the look makes it unnecessary to spank. I just visited a young man who’s son broke his back and paralyzed him for life. This boy was not spanked and has no respect or remorse for what he did to his dad.There’s something for you to study.

  39. this is easy test subjects were mentally ill BEFORE this study was done, spanking them bought it out MORE. that is the only logical answer I have because this total and I mean total B.S.

  40. All nine of us were spanked as kids. My dad never had to go to the police station either. We are not mentally ill, college graduates some of us and living very well. Yes we did spank our kids. What a surprise they are doing just fine. None in jail. I wonder, is it because we were spanked out of love so that others will not spank us out of hate.

    People who do not have disciplined kids others hate to see the little monsters coming. And they do not get invited with their kids to certain events. People just say they do not want their nerves worked up.

    None of their behavior is cute and it follow them into the work force. Where they are a pain to work with and they do not fare well. Spank the hell out of them.

  41. Michelle Jackson Mosley

    That's what's wrong today…too many studies. How about a study of the graduation rates and teen preg rates today versus those back in the late 60's-mid 80's? Most African Americans kids back then had parents who spanked them in love and they graduated from HS and most went to college or got jobs. I'd rather spank them now than have the cops kill them later. I go to jail but the cops are just doing their job. Each kid is different…time out corner doesn't work for all kids and some kids don't do anything to warrant a spanking. But spanking along with love and caring is ok with me when necesary.

    • The study did not say they don't graduate. They develop mental illness (depression, anxiety, etc.) I have seen it and I agree. Some Black parents do not treat their children with respect. Physical force is not honoring the child who really belongs to God. You only get to care for them for a little while before they grow up and move on.

    • Michelle Jackson Mosley

      So you are saying most of the 40 plus have those issues??? I don't??? I believe that a child should have a small amount of fear of parents and this is why…The current generation seems to fear nothing…drugs, pregnancy, God, Police, STD's, poverty or death. Respect means something different to each generation. To me using the N word is disrespectful…not to younger generations. Out of RESPECT to my elders and what they went through I choose to respect them and not use it. Cause if I do…Ima get a Whoopin…Have no problem with that! : ) Respect should be given to a child but most of all they need love! There has to be a distinction between an adult and a child. By the way I think a bigger source of depression is the images that we allow our children to observe. Worried about an occasional spanking? I'm more worried about a child who is raised in a moral household seeing girls with everything hanging out and boys who walk with there hands on their privates because their pants are sagging. I respect the right of good parent to raise their children as they please….I do not see ANY improvement in the behavior of African American children since the laws and mentality has changed concerning spanking. Child abusers still abuse. But good loving parents have less tools to use and we are seeing the results. I think it is more depressing for a child to see all this negative"freedom" . The conflict of what's being taught in a good healthy home versus what they see when they step out of there door. By the time most of the urban children reach the age of 12 or 13 they know several friends. classmates or family members that have died violently or committed suicide. Look at Chicago. PTSD in children is what they should be looking at but they won't…it's too big so they continue to bamboozle us with smaller issues and studies. I have dealt with urban children and parents on a daily basis for years it's what I do. Oh by the way…young mothers today don't necessarily spank their kids. Neither do they put them in time out corners…they just cuss out their 3 yr that's depressing!

  42. That’s just bovine excrement and the lingering influence of Jonas Spock. There is a difference between spanking and beating. When done correctly, spanking yields the desired results. Just think about the prison population; why are so many black males in prison? more than in school(college). If you buy into this nonsense then you can be assured that black males will continue to be clients for the criminal justice system. Better still, ask any black male over 40 years old (and not former inmate)if he was spanked and is he mentally retarded.

  43. It is obvious that if you hit someone unable to defend themselves that you teach them that it is right to attack the weak. And that violence is always a good way to solve problems. Problem is that parents who believe otherwise refuse to accept their responsibility for the anti-social adults they then produce.

  44. I am NOT a fan of physical punishment personally but I'm not going to condemn those who do believe in it. I think it teaches that violence is okay. Guess it's the Quaker influence in my life. Nonviolence. I tend to favor punishments/corrections which will teach something… why NOT to do, or to do something rather than just hit someone for misbehaving. That doesn't really teach anything. And this study only adds to my determination never to become involved in violently or physically correcting someone. There's better ways to do that…

  45. I think the idea is balance. Spanking your children should be done without anger or pleasure (some folks do get pleasure out of hitting their children). But also as a child gets older if you are still resorting to regular physical discipline something is wrong! I did not want my daughters to get the idea that getting hit is acceptable. Nor did I want my sons to have that in their head.

    At a certain age if you cannot reach your children verbally you can beat them all you want. It won’t make a difference. The most important thing is that children crave two things structure and face time. If they are not taking time where you (their parent) are doing with them what they want, again, something is wrong! My question would be why are you beating a child you are not taking time to love, talk to, and spend time with?? If you don’t have time for that something is definitely wrong!!

  46. Hyacinth…. Youre comment is the only one that makes some sense. We as black people think that beating the hell out of you’re kid is the only acceptable form of discipline. The slavemaster beat our black asses so we in turn do the same to our kids thinking that they are going to grow up respectful and perfect. Bullshit. You don’t need to beat the hell out of your kids just because some milk was spilled or some other small thing. Then we beat the hell out of them while calling them names and saying hurtful things to them like ” youre no good.. You’re going to be just like your no good daddy”. If you don’t think that those kinds of things will have a negative impact on a child growing up then you’re stupid as hell. I don’t care what your King James Bible says. You can return that version of your Bible back to its sender your slavemaster whiteman.

  47. 22.1% of the adult population over the age of 18 suffers from some type of mental illness. I believe any competent researcher would find this 2-7% finding anecdotal.

  48. Parents are the first authority figure a child has in it’s life. It is the parents responsibility to discipline that child as early & as often as possible. If not that child will not have respect for any authority figure later in life. If a parent does not discipline the child early on that parent will surely regret it later with backtalk, blatant disrepect & the like. There is a difference between beating and spanking. Beating is unacceptable. It is out of love that spanking should take place. Peace of mind for the parent, positive developement for the child, productive citizens for society are all reasons why spanking is vital to a child’s developement.

  49. Charles Felder Jr


    • Discipline is not the same as spanking. Parents need self-discipline in order to teach their children how to develop self-discipline. Children listen if the information is presented in a calm and rational way. My children told me they wished they got spanked because it seemed easier than all the reflection I forced them to do. I agree with my adult children; parents spank because it's easier.

    • Charles Felder Jr

      i got spankings and im not mentally ill, my son will get spankings when necessary.

  50. Michael Flannery

    Oh, now I know why I’m a psychopath.

    I remember coming home from school and telling my father the headmaster had caned me today.
    He promptly removed his belt and gave me a good hiding with the words “if you got caned you must have been misbehaving, so here’s a reminder of why you should respect your teachers and elders”.
    Nowadays a teacher can’t cane a child, and a parent can’t spank one.

    As I approach my 70th birthday, and I note that youngsters never think of offering me a seat in a crowded waiting room, bus or train, I remember that as a kid, giving up your seat for an elder person or a lady was an automatic reflex.

    Does this namby pamby treatment of errant kids really make them better persons? Or saner? I think not!

  51. The Bible is our instruction book. It tells us to live a righteous life and we will be blessed. If we only live by the 10 commandment, we would have a better world.

    Proverbs 13:14 says, “The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life. Turning a man from the snares of death.” We must teach our children right from wrong or they will be open to get into troubles, which in some cases leave to death.

    Proverbs 13:24 “He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.”(NIV)

    Parents have a responsibility to nurture and guidance of their children. Lack of discipline puts parent’s love in question because it shows a lack of concern for the character development of their children. A discipline child averts long-range disaster. Without correction, children grow up with no clear understanding of right and wrong and with little direction to their lives.

    I got spanking so did my brothers and sister we all turn out well. We all are well manner. I spank my daughter she turn out well and have a good job.

    She spanks her sons when they do wrong. Not all wrong deserve a spanking but just a talk too. When we started to be governing by fabricated law on some type of study then we are not going to do our kids no justice. The Bible says, “The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life. Turning a man from the snares of death.” If you love your kids discipline in love.

  52. Y’all said it right this is a bullshit study they want to be more and more like them and that can’t happen. They are brain washing our children with this bullshit on tv showing how the white children disrespect their parents and get away with it. Putting the seeds in our children that it’s okay! Check this video out it proves our point

    This white boy needs his ass beat!

  53. I was spanked, we spanked our three children and there is nothing wrong with me, my husband or our three children. Our children are all college educated and living productive lives. Never been in any trouble. Who comes up with these dumb ideas? If there were more spankings today, there would be less children and adults in jail. I say spank their tails now or let the justic system spank them later. The truth be told, you can’t have it both ways. I totaly agree with Sheila!

  54. Your tax dollars at work???? right????

  55. hyacinth M. Graham

    I think the problem is bigger than this particular form of discipline. I agree we need more information about the study. There is no need to become defensive which is the usual response. From my observation and work with families, The question is what kind of parent are you? Do you know your child so you can make individual assessments as to what works. Why not diversify your discipline model and include other forms of discipline such as withholding priveleges, explaining the lessons to be learned by the child so he or she can understand how changing their behavior is in their best interest. Too often the hitting is relieving the frustration of the parent and is geared to relieving the anger of the parent and the child knows it. Using children as an outlet for anger that belongs elsewhere can result in victimization of the child. Lastly, abuse in one generation can cause abuse in the next. Spanking on the buttox within limits is tolerable if child is not subject to rage, cursing, physical and emotional injury and rejection which I see too much of in public. Neither is spoiling the child appropriate. You are the most powerful model to your child. How you handle your anger is what counts. Getting help with parenting is your responsibility. Some children are challenging to parents due to differences in personality and needs, and behavior. Parenting is the hardest job in the world.

    • No one ever said that spanking is the only form used for discipline. HOWEVER this study indicates that spanking aka “physical punishment” should be ruled out completely. THAT I totally DISAGREE with!! I’m sure ALL PARENTS can use a parenting class or two. I don’t think anyone on this post ONLY SPANKS their child. As a parent spanking is the hardest thing in the world to do to your child.Sometimes it just has to be done. Who says, parents that spank use the child as an outlet for anger!! SERIOUSLY Those parents are not spanking their child THAT’S ABUSE!! Your rhetoric seems geared more towards abusive parents NOT parents who spank out of love. GOOD DAY!

      • Your “rhetoric” is well taken. I do however think that as a child gets older hitting should be really really rare. I know a woman who was beating on her 17 year old son, who is now in his twenties and has very little to say to her anymore.

      • Keeping it real…Spanking is usually used as a last resort of punishment for most children and the bible says spare the rod spoil the child. I doubt Creflo was close to killing his child. I very seriously doubt it cause I wasn’t there and neither were you d-rhyme. However some children do not need to be spanked because they obey and it is not necessary. Every person and child is different so I can see people using different disciplinary methods depending on the situation. But i do not agree with banning spankings sometimes they are very effective with little children and you dont have to be abusive to give a spanking.

  56. pure bull Monsanto GMO’s kills and causes illness

  57. In a population of 35,000, 2 to 7% with some degree of mental illness is not an abnormality. This is why people generally do not believe studies. This conclusion is unfounded and ridiculous.

  58. I got spanked, my brothers and sisters got spanked, all of my cousins got spanked, all of my friends, neighbors and classmates got spanked. More that 75% of that group have college degrees. More than 80% of that group became career persons and raised families. The small percentage who did not get spanked became drug addicts and criminals. I need to publish MY research!!

  59. I was spanked and don’t have mental problems. My parents never spanked out of anger. They always explained why I was being spanked. My parents raised 7 kids 5 of those are boys. You can’t be serious!

    When has a 2-7% result make it substantial enough to be deemed evidence enough to support the hypothesis. Please try again. What were the other factors in the study outside of spanking?!! SERIOUSLY my parents spanked me as appropriate and my siblings and I are all educated strong Brothas and Sista. Please tell the author to go study something a little more worthwhile!!

    • During the 1960’s a so called expert did a study and concluded that children should be given freedom to make all of their decisions. The research on spanking is a continuation of the studies made during the 1960’s, when integration of our society really began. This is another research to force parents to let the
      police department raise our children. Since the 1960’s look at the percentage of young adults who are on drugs, or incarcerated. Also their critical thinking skills leaves a lot to be desired also.

      Scientist cannot tell us how to raise our children based on a few months of data especially after our
      successfully raising children since the beginning of time. One cannot throw away a method that worked
      for centuries.

      Really if one interprets the data correctly, it shows that if you spank your children, 2-7% will become mentally ill. I’ll take that
      conclusion because if its only 2-7%, and we save
      93-98% is success in the making. Base on the statistic, this research says its ok to spank children when done properly.

      I am one of 7 siblings and we were disciplined verbally and if required were “whup” to get the message across. All 7 siblings are alive and healthy with no mental illness.
      I concur will all comments on spanking children.

      I say its a good research to prove spanking children is statistically OK!

  60. What I believe (working in the mental health field), is that if someone is genetically inclined toward mental illness, it doesn’t matter whether or not they are spanked — they will become mentally ill.

    Mentally healthy children do not become mentally ill because they are properly disciplined. I don’t accept that study, either. If that were the case, 90% of older African Americans would be mentally ill — because back in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, we were disciplined with love!

  61. There is a line that children need to learn it shouldn’t be crossed and if you cross this line punishment is given. That’s life if that same child get older as he/she will. There a line they can’t cross and if they cross that line a police officer will jump out his car and grab him throw them on the ground maybe slam their head on the hood of the police car.Put them in a 4×6 cell with others with no supervision left to defend hisself from others and that doesn’t cause mental illness? I took care of this child for years I should be the first to lay hands on him if need be.

  62. Disciplining children should be a combination of setting guidelines, active role modeling, and using positive and negative enforcement. It is not an easy task and no two children are the same, but as a adult who was spanked as a child, I can honestly say that I am mentally stable. I believe that this study is another attempt to limit parental control and give children more power over parents. Of those who were studied, how many of them have mental illness in their family history?
    I agree that spankings can be inappropriate if parents are not using it as a negative reinforcement in combination with other types of punishment. Some parents use spankings to simply hurt children, and many do not know how to be effective parents. They simply repeat what was done to then as children.

  63. I got spanked and I turned out fine. Kids today have no respect for adults. I never disobeyed the teachers. And when I did my parents I got in trouble for it, spanked with a wooden spoon, hand, or paddle. I survived and so did my brother, living damn good lives.

  64. …..spanking = mental illness? I must be a raving lunatic! I remember being disciplined as a child….getting talked about and teased because my parents did not take no mess. For me spanking = no criminal record; jail time; K-Ward or death!

  65. Don't beat em' but I got spanked and I will spank mine if needed.

  66. This is a crock of bs. You can tell the difference in society from 30 years ago and what is going on in socciety today. These kids don’t get their butts spanked and look how they are. Spanking makes you think twice about your actions.

    “The study surveyed 35,000 people, and found that 2 to 7 percent of mental disorders are linked to physical punishment.”

    This is not enough to say spankings are linked to mental illness. You do not know what else is involved. Spanking your kid is not abuse, its one of the many ways of teaching your kids right from wrong. “Spare the rod, spoil the child” and if you do not believe it just look at people you know who do not spank their kids. Yeah they are spoiled lil rotten bastards who do not know what respect is.

    • Totally agree!! 2 to 7% is a JOKE! What about the other 93-98%?

      • The other 93-98% of mental cases are caused by FAILURE to spank kids, thus leaving them with an absolute lack of understanding of where life’s boundaries are — a true mental illness.

    • Isn’t strange how it OK for cops to taze 8-12 year olds or take them down town in handcuffs for showing off in school? Now that will make one mental.

  67. I would like to know some things about this study:
    1. Who were the test subjects?
    2. Who conducted this study?
    3. What was the margin of error?
    4. How were the test subjects selected?
    5. What was the psychological history of the test subject?
    6. How was “spanking” defined?

    I come from a generation of children that were spanked. It taught me there were consequences for my action. I am not mentally ill nor are my family memebers. Children of my generation were less likely to go to jail or get in trouble; because, the fear of being disciplined at home for your offense was more scary than anything the law could dish out.
    As a matter of fact, I feel like we didn’t see an increase of young AA males in prison until we as a people tried to assimilate and use other techniques to discipline our children.
    I refuse to accept this study until my questions are answered.

    • I definitely agree with you Sheila. I refuse to accept the study as well. Furthermore the empirical date isn’t even substantial enough to be important. Yes yes we tried listening to the whole time out FOOLERY and it doesn’t work PERIOD! These kids these days have no respect. I will stick to the way I was raised I can see evidence that this way works.

    • It is appalling how many of you believe spanking keeps people out of prison. Really? Then by extension since white people by and large spank their children to a far less degree there should be millions of white people in prison. Are there? of course there aren’t. The only explanation for your belief that spanking prevents prison is for you to further claim that there is something inherently wrong with our people that they must be spanked in order to keep them from becoming criminals. I don’t think you want to venture down such an absurd line of thinking. So you are left without a leg to stand on. You have no evidence to suggest beating your children keeps them out of prison. The spanked and the unspanked go to jail…as long as they are non white and poor.

    • This was not a study. It was an attack. Plain and SIMPLE!

  68. Had to come back and say this…'s not Ok to spank my child but it's OK for the government to imprison that child for something minor and take them to prison where this system can manipulate, violate, punish, beat, operate and whatever else they are allowed to do…..and it's THE LAW! You figure that out…..Parents….you have the choice to take the responsibility in your own hands….discipline the correct way and you'll be rewarded with a child that was a gift from God anyway. I'm done!

    • How about the beatings that slaves took by these evil slavemasters. Harriet Tubman, who successfully lead the underground railroad, was beaten so badly as a child by her slavemaster that she was knocked out; it left her with a condition of occassional comas, which continued through out her adult life. She would pass out during her sojourns leading slaves from the south to the north to freedom and she was not mentally ill; she was clear minded, heroic, brave, relentless, and politically vested. The mind knows the difference between discipline and abuse; and Blacks have certainly, short of genocide, endured some of the harshest abuses known in the history and humanity of racial hatred.

    • Right on Gregory! People, do not fall for this Elitist Bull Shit!. Do not replace God's law with man's law! To do so, only makes it possible for the Elitist to take away your right to parent your children. Once that happens, it makes it possible for the state to take over and that is what will really be abusive to them. Gregory, you stated "…discipline the correct way…". And there in lies the secret. It is about doing it the correct way. I have raised two fabulous kids to adulthood. In all their lives, they were spanked a combined total of three times. The spankings were done at an early age. It was done as soon as I realized that my parental authority was being challenged. The result was that they learned at an early age that Daddy don't play! After this understanding, there was simply no need for further spanking. Since Daddy don't play, Daddy's rules were followed. Do it the right way and you will be rewarded with the gift God intended for you! Beware of government take over!!
      And can anybody tell me why the hell I have to sign to facebook to leave a reply? This is just a means of government monitoring!

  69. There is a big difference in spanking and a beat down. What I cannot seem to understand is that in animal training, a 'tool' is used and it's somewhat regulated and considered OK. But we humans are so afraid of spanking a child, which is an instruction in the Bible. We have all kinds of excuses for not doing it or studies stating why it shouldn't be done. All of my family must be crazy too because we all got whooped……but then my family hasn't had anyone arrested, hasn't assaulted anyone, raped anyone, robbed anyone,….shall I continue…

    • You are so right Gregory. Let's be honest, when parents spanked their kids years ago, we had better behaved children – and consequently – adults. teachers, neighbors and elders in general, all had the ability to 'pop' a child that crossed the line. Then they would call the parent and tell them about it. It made for a good upbringing and it's what we need now. 40 years ago, you truly had an entire community helping raise and look out for your child! Not now!

    • Children who are spanked do not develop problem-solving skills, cause and effect skills, or critical thinking skills. All you have to do is look at what is happening in schools to know that kids make the same mistakes over and over again. They just can't follow directions because they have a clear sense of right and wrong. Spanking just teaching them to avoid the crazy lady with the belt (or hand, or switch, etc.)

    • Monique……then I and thousands, upon thousands of adults who have been spanked, do develop problem solving skills, cause and effect skills and have critical thinking skills. Early in life, maybe during a 'session', if you may, figured out what was being 'taught' by that adult at the time and chose NOT do the wrong thing, make the wrong choice or follow the wrong crowd. How the discipline is implemented is the key. But then again, that's my opinion.

  70. Hahahaha! This is ridiculous. Of course there is abuse and going over board but man C'mon. (Lord I almost went on a rant!) Love your children and discipline them so they're not running around wild and CRAZY in the streets and get disciplined by someone else. Be blessed. Hahaha….beating kids makes them crazy….pffft…hahaha!

  71. My son and daughter must be crazy as hell because they got spanked. Although I don't think they are. My son just graduated from R.I.T with 2 degrees he's an Engineer. He made the dean's list 4 times while he was there. I don't think spanking is wrong when needed. I think some of these studies need be stuck where the sun don't shine!

    • what do his academic accomplishments have to do with his mental health, tho?

      i never questioned spanking before but in recent years i've been starting to rethink it..


    • Too me it has everything. I didn't spank them for everything did but if they didn't listen too what I told them too do and I had too keep telling them too stop well they would get spanked. I really didn't have too spank
      that often though. They are well adjusted.

    • ok, i hear you. i definitely agree with the idea of *discipline* but i've just been wondering if spanking is a healthy form of it.

      one argument i hear is that spanking teaches kids to rely on physical violence as a way to deal with conflict and they'll grow into adults who do the same. but then again, maybe that's true only in cases of extreme physical abuse in childhood?

      at some point, you won't be spanking your kids anymore and when they do som'n wrong, you'll have to correct them verbally. so i'm kinda thinking, why not do that the whole time?


    • I agree with what you are saying. I don't believe in spanking for everything. But I feel if they don't listen verbally you have to call them on it. I always talked with them too see what is going on and try and work it out. But I was blessed too have some pretty good children I think it has too do the way you start out and let them know what the rules are. It's hard raising kids!