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Chicago Pastor Pushes for Boycott of Local Businesses That Refuse to Hire African Americans

Your Black World Staff

Father Michael Pfleger, head of the St. Sabina church in Chicago, has been challenging his parishioners to stop patronizing local businesses that refuse to hire minorities.  He is spearheading a city-wide effort to encourage African Americans to spend money in their own communities and to avoid giving their resources to companies that don’t give something back.  He cites one store for selling drug paraphernalia and loose cigarettes to minors.

Father Pfleger has also been vocal in the past protesting rappers who encourage violence, and has even had his parishioners buy the time of local prostitutes so that he can minister to them.  He has gone head-to-head with the Catholic Church, which doesn’t approve of his bold efforts to improve the community around him.  When it comes to leaders in the church, Father Michael Pfleger is certainly one a kind.

Chinta Strausberg tells more:

Saying he is serious, Father Michael L. Pfleger Sunday told his congregation not to patronize certain stores in the Auburn-Gresham community including a Phillip’s 66 gas station because the owners allegedly refuse to hire blacks from the community, they sell loose cigarettes and one stocks expired food and drug paraphernalia.
Referring to the gas station at 79th and Ashland, Pfleger said the owner allegedly sells loose cigarettes to minors, which is against the law, and the owner has not hired an African American from the community. “Don’t you ever buy gas” at that station, he told the church. Pfleger also asked them not to patronize the store at 79th and Marshfield for the same reasons.

Pfleger was particular upset with the owners of the newly opened “Express Food Mart” located at 77th and Racine. Last Friday, he and 200 supporters visited the store. Pfleger told the manager that the owner had promised to hire an African American. Pfleger and Sal, the nephew of the owner, went toe-to-toe over the hiring of a black with Sal saying he couldn’t find one who wanted to work.



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