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Chicago Homicides Continue: 14-Year Old Boy Murdered, and 13 People Shot in One Day Staff

There is no way to tell when the killing in Chicago is going to slow itself down.  People are nervous about living in certain sections of the city, and no one seems to be safe.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced initiatives to stop the violence, but many are skeptical that he can pull it off.  Some are saying that the increase in violence comes from the presence of gangs that are loosely affiliated and increasingly dangerous.

The recent appearance of military tanks rolling through the streets of St. Louis make us wonder what might be next.

Chicago continues to be a national center for youth homicides, after a 14-year old boy was killed Friday night in conjunction with 13 other wounds from gunfire on the same day.  Last Friday, there was a gang related shooting near the Lincoln Park Zoo, according to police.

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