Lil Wayne: “A Woman Should Be Respected”

In an interview with MTV News, Lil Wayne spoke about the on-going feud between Nicki Minaj and the Hot 97 Summer Jam.   In the conversation, Weezy expressed his indignation about DJ Peter Rosenberg dissing his artist in front of the audience that she was about to address.

Wayne felt that a “woman should be respected,” stating further that:

“That’s a female; first and foremost Nicki Minaj is a female. I don’t know what anyone else believes, but I believe females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter, when or where or how,” Lil Wayne said to MTV.

“I know there are some chicks in here waiting to sing along with ‘Starships’ later…I’m not talking to y’all now. F–k that bulls—t,” said Rosenberg.

Two days later, Minaj called into Hot 97 Funkmaster Flex’s program and said that the comments by Rosenberg show a lack of respect for women.

“As soon as she called me and told me she felt disrespected, I just declined everything,” Lil Wayne said. “I pulled her from the show because…no person that works with me will be disrespected in my presence as long as I’m on this planet.”

“I expect the red carpet, in her manner; the pink carpet should be laid out for her,” he remarked.  “It’s just an executive move—no salt, no bad feelings, no hard feelings.”



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  4. Does it really matter?

  5. Lil Wayne’s oppressed ass wouldn’t know respect if it bit him in his tounchi-does he call women bitches and hoes in EVERY song or am I trippin’? We won’t even talk about his color issues with black women…he’s a fucking joke and so is his wanna be white Barbie Minaj…#dropsthemic

  6. yale are all lame bums lil wayune can like who he want to like he donbt have to like darkskin women cause liul wayne makes u feel better bout urself cause u got no self esteem bout u. since when is lil wayne forced to like dark women cause he dark. thats a stupid racist thing people on here are saying yale are clowns and should join the klan for real? he can have a preference for lightsking women white women asian anything this is not russia or cuba it is america he got freedom of choice yale heka racist on here and then complain about white people being racist to u?

    waayne saying bitch he talkingbout a specific woman. that is that not u or a black wom,an a woman of any color. so yale are all backwards and hip hop haters. nicki felt disrespected she can feel that way what is real hip hop anyway hip hop in early 80 and stuff was all abc stuff anyway how u define real hip hop this is crazy?

    • You are just as silly as lil Wayne.

    • That made my eyes bleed trying to read what you wrote. Are you developmentally disabled? What school did you go to that taught you to type in your own made up language as you type? Does Google translate have illiterate button so I can understand that shit? There are several points I notice in this situation. First to all the people that give all Black Men rich or poor credit for what one clown does. Please go walk in traffic. For all the people defending Wayne a man who talks about respecting women but loves to write songs giving them instructions on how to perform oral sex on him. Go swimming in shark infested waters. As for Rosenberg. The only reason this story has been going on for more then 1 day. He’s a whiteman saying it and he’s a so-called Jew. Nicki makes the same kind of music as Britney, Katy Perry and bunch of hacky teenage crap. But she is a Black Woman and the media (Jews) love to put niggas in their place. Why else would TMZ be discussing anything Nicki Minaj related? A jew is involved. Plus that’s the only reason Rosenberg wasn’t fired. Let a Black DJ cost the radio station money saying something out of pocket about a multi-millionaire recording artist paid to appear and headline the stations event and see if he/she doesn’t get fired after apologising.

      • U a fake pastor dude im in the Street. Its hard to type on my phone what is u a professor now? U a broke down fake pastor probably. U Never answered my question cause racist cant. Who is u to tell lil Wayne what woman he can be with? He can be with any color woman he wabt. And he can take up for his artist if he want. Rosenberg disrepected his artist and he stood up. Im a grown man im not on here trying to argue with u dude u not on my level. I got more money women and swag then u ever will faj pastor

      • LOL @ developmentally disabled. I couldn’t read that mess either!

  7. Trust me Lil Wayne wasn’t implying that all women deserve to be respected oh no He actually meant respect my money (Nicki). It never surprises me with black men that as soon as their money turn REALLY green they turn white! No more dark chicks around here, that’s why I lmfao when they in court get raped by a “lighter” skinned female. Before Cash money he was with Toya (dark skin) & many more dark skin women while those “lighter” skinned women wouldn’t have gave his funny looking @ss a chance! Don’t get it twisted Wayne they really don’t like you just ya money FOOL!

  8. Hmmm…”Women should be respected” but what kind of lyrics are in the average rap song?

  9. Is this the same Lil’ Wayne,who spoke about how his preference was only for light skinned women,

  10. Every body should be respected at all time.

  11. What was said was one man’s opinion about what’s real hip hop.He Stated Star Ship isn’t real hip hop.She should’ve came to perform for her fans. She was the main attraction.What you do for people like rosenberg make him eat those words.If I was her I would’ve opened my set with DID IT ON EM’ She missed that opportunity.She need to grow up.

  12. Really, Wayne, really. Well I hope some good come from this, he will take heed of his own words and start respecting woman, him and Nicki.

  13. I agree with you Hasan…..he even has went as far to say “redbones” are better…he is only vested in this because it’s her…I agree with his statement but I dnt believe he truly does.

  14. I think Lil Wayne did the right thing. Yeah he says the word bitch plenty of times, but most women don’t take offense to it because it doesn’t pertain to us. Nobody deserves to be disrespected , even Nikki.

  15. First of all, Respect comes when one respect one self. Nikki has been calling herself a bitch and all other disrepectful adjectives for a while now. It seems as though the ish became disrepectful becuz a “Rosenberg” said it! Why is it in HipHop. Artist can be rude and disrespectful but at the end of the day want to be revered as GODS and everyone should bow down to them and speak easy, What if Charlemange said it? I say “F” her and Wayne and let them “N” get it how they live. These artist spit disrepectful lyric so stfu and take it or simply pull your artist who have a lousy CD out right now.



  17. As many times as he called women bitches, NOW, when his artist gets dissed, he screams for respect?

    No shade, but WTF????

    • ALREADY!!!! I did not hear disrespect from the DJ. What I heard is someone who has been in the business and knows good music and now has to deal with soooooo many popcorn musicians these days. Not saying Nikki is one of them. But it seems like this started behind the scene. As mush as I like Nikki’s music (and I do)she has a flip AZZ mouth.

    • This is the same man that disrespects BLACK women or shall I say black women who aren’t light or “RED”…sounds stupid!What color is the woman you come from or your daughter?ALL women are beautiful and demand respect!This child can go sit down w/all his nonsense!

  18. Smh @ this guy….Weezy, and his whole crew including Nicki Minaj, disrespect women in damn near ever song they make….Now they wanna talk about being disrespected…”Hi pot, I’m a kettle, get disrespected much?”

  19. The last name ‘rosenberg’ is the clue. I’ll bet my life that he wouldn’t talk about one of his own kind, like he did Nikki.