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Yvette Carnell: CNN’s Roland Martin Blasts Blacks For Not Holding Obama Accountable, Better Late Than Never I Guess

by Yvette Carnell

First the LGBT lobby extracted an about face from Obama on marriage equality, moving him to declare his support for same sex marriage. Then today, Obama responded to the needs of the Latino community by allowing students in the U.S. who are already in deportation proceedings, or those who qualify for the DREAM Act, to remain in America without threat of deportation.

This means that President Obama just instated the Dream Act, at the behest of the Latino community, all by himself.

If you’re black and you don’t feel stupid, then you haven’t been paying attention.  And many pundits, commentators, and activists obviously hadn’t been paying attention, at least not until recently.

In a series of tweets, CNN’s Roland S. Martin finally came around to the view I’ve held for months, and noted the following:


No shit Sherlock. Problem is, it’s too little too late.  It’s hard, damn near impossible, to renegotiate a win in the ninth inning. The time to make the accountability argument would’ve been around early 2010, which just happens to have been around the time I began lighting a fire under of black people to wholeheartedly engage Obama on a black agenda. But when I made the case, all I heard was a bunch of nonsense about how I was a “hater” and how Obama was gonna hook black people up – eventually. Suckers.

Roland Martin had, in his role as CNN commentator (not to be confused with unbiased journalist), a lot of flexibility to ebb that flow of messianic nonsense. He didn’t. He was an apologist for the administration. And so wasVan Jones, who also, as of late, has been ratcheting up his criticisms of Obama.

As Obama continues to hang black people out to dry, a lot of people are going to jump on the *accountability* bandwagon. All I want is for you to remember who was sounding the alarm when it mattered – and who wasn’t.

Yvette Carnell is a former Capitol Hill and campaign staffer turned writer. She is currently an editor and contributor to Yourblackworld.

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