Prince George’s County Maryland Botches Grads’ Diplomas

One of America’s wealthiest black counties, Prince George’s County in Maryland, botched the diplomas of more than 8,000 of its students, according to ABC News.

Courtesy ABC 7 News

The seniors in 23 high schools were shocked to find spelling errors on their diplomas, which read that students had completed an “approved progam of study” at their high schools, omitting the R from the word program.

“We sincerely apologize to our students and our parents,” said PGCPS spokesman Briant Coleman. Coleman went on to say that the misspellings were an “oversight” by both PGCPS officials and the printing office.

The Washington Post reported that “the county paid $15,750 for the botched diplomas and an additional $6,587.50 for other certificates and shipping costs.”



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