The website is reporting that the Men Interested in AKA (MIAKAs) are threatening to sue the sorority if they are not allowed to become members of the organization.   The group is allegedly claiming that they are being discriminated against based on sexual orientation. The group, according to, formed an unofficial AKA chapter at Texas Southern University and Prairie view A&M.  They were seen in pictures wearing Pink and Green, the colors of the sorority, throwing up their pinkies, and making the famous “skee wee” sound that women make in the sorority. The group may have ammunition to make their point.  Recently, President Obama announced his support for gay marriage.  This has led to additional push to acknowledge gay rights in America.  What do you think?  

Gay Men’s Group Allegedly Threatens to Sue Alpha Kappa Alpha for Discrimination

You wouldn’t think that men would want to be AKAs, but there is a group of men who are using the pro-gay wave to their advantage and challenging the women head-on.

The website is reporting that the Men Interested in AKA (MIAKAs) are threatening to sue the sorority if they are not allowed to become members of the organization.   The group is allegedly claiming that they are being discriminated against based on sexual orientation.

The group, according to, formed an unofficial AKA chapter at Texas Southern University and Prairie view A&M.  They were seen in pictures wearing Pink and Green, the colors of the sorority, throwing up their pinkies, and making the famous “skee wee” sound that women make in the sorority.


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  1. Yassss Jay Collins..u betta getcha lyfe..I love ur comment “sit down” I mean at tha end of tha day its a “womens” club..seriously u cant have it all..why hold up tha court wit dis..#IamSoUnbothered..yall really tried it!

  2. Guy guys, your all missing the big picture point here. This is obvious male discrimination. The Counter argument from the women of the club is ” it does not matter that they are gay or not attracted to women, they are still men!”. So this is proof that they are being discriminated against.

    Never understood why the gay movement allies itself with the gay movement at all.

  3. silly stuff,some people are just f__ked up,however at the same time I don’t see any real benefit of being in a Black fraternity or sorority I personally see them as fatuous,and very Eurocentric in concept,since Europeans created them to begin with and Blacks simply copied and imitated them,. we are not GREEKS we are AFRICANS and I have had some brothers try to qualify an Kemitic presence in this madness ,but they could not produce and real solid fact’s I even told those knuckle head’s to read the book by George M.James called stolen legacy and also listen to Dr.Ben lecture and Louis Farrakhans lecture on Black greek organizations.I removed the shackles and stupidity from my life long time ago because I once too feel for that foolish .I am very much non-active and would never advise any brother or sister to join such mess.clickism and NEGROISM at its best not to mention these people have NO real power in White America they can not get you hired nor do they create shit they just wanna be seen as top rated Niggers based on nothing more then division very much a social GANG.Bull crap in other words grown ass men and women in there 30’s 40’s and even 50’s riding around with greek license plates negro’s grow the hell up.

  4. I think they should sue so we can get this discussion out in public and deal with it straight up! Gays n Lesbians have always been, but the trend and numbers particulary AMONG OUR Babies HAS BECOME STAGGERING. Forget for a moment personal feelings bout homosexuality n lesbianism(even U in the gay world) and take a serious look at whats happening with our youth! Are U pleased with what U see?

    • Maalak I totally agree being in the military for 8 years and now being a Marine Corps Drill Instructor. I have seen the mental and Physical down fall of the youth in this day and age. They are NO where close to the caliber of children that we(80’s BABYS AND BEFORE)where growing up. They are disrespectful confused and misguided due to what society has betrayed as proper parenting. Technology has been the despise of our youth. If you really want to get REAL Michael James Why is it that women can’t be MASONS. NO DISRESPECT TO THE MASONIC TEMPLE i ask that in support to the defense of the AKA’s saying they are refusing these men cause they are NOT WOMEN. They are a Private Organization with no government funding that i know of, there for they have the RIGHT to refuse anyone entry to THEIR Organization. But just like the White folks having the right as a business owner in 60s and 70s to refuse service to ANYONE (BLACKS)if they wanted to.

  5. While I feel that the MIAKAS don’t have a leg to stand on regarding the lawsuit, I do not feel bad for the sorority.

    This is Karma at work for all the early years of exclusion regarding the skin tone. I’m sure none of you want to go there with the paper bag test that the sorority, as well the other fraternities back in the day, have practiced to further drive a wedge in the black community.

    Cry foul all you want with my comment. Being a member of these organizations doesn’t make one special.

  6. Mikeal please spare us with your antics of wanting to sound so well informed. You wanting to become a doctor which is possible and a man wanting to become a woman or appear to be as a women which is not is two different things. Please note my mention of idolatry is meaning excessive or blind adoration of wanting to be a woman. It is excessive that a man wants to join a female sorority when there are men organizations with the same merit.

    I did not bash homosexuality it is preference but there are boundaries when uses his homosexuality to embark on frivolous combats or in this case LAW SUITS. If they would like to feel like a trailblazer start their own just as the black fraternity and sororities did.

    So it is not of ignorance to not understand why people are questioning their reasoning.

  7. GOMAB
    Spring 88 Iota Chi Death Chapter! These men/women going to far…

  8. Mikael,

    If a man wants to join something to make them a better person and give them access to opportunities, then they can join a fraternity or a social organization. The defination of Sorority is an organization or group of WOMEN or GIRLS for the purpose of social interaction, fellowship, common goals, etc. Seeing as how there are NO MEN that are AKA’s, how can it NOT be seen as nothing else as “idolatry” of being a woman?!?!! No men historically “thow up the pinky”, no men historically go around in pink and green outfits and wear those letters, no men historically were able to wear 20 pearls (for pretty GIRLS, FYI!!!), AND NO MEN HISTORICALLY “SKEE WEE”!!! So, with that being said…if a man wants to be an AKA, then is would seem that he wants to be a woman!!! That’s the simplistic view at the end of the day. Alpha Kappa Alpha..a Legacy of SISTERHOOD and service.

  9. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    First, and foremost I want to help examine the root of the lawsuit before simply dismissing it and degrading the individuals who have decided to take such legal actions. This seems so much like the whites who tried to forbid Brown vs. Board of Education to be heard by the justices who were U.S. Court system.

    Second, I think their is some merit to a group of individuals who are feeling excluded to want access to a prestigious elite group. I am member of one of the Divine 9, and so are both of my parents. I challenge you to think of the many examples of exclusive prestigious elite groups, many country clubs, sports clubs (Gold clubs),and other premier institutions that still continue to exclude all sorts of individuals. What do we say to the individuals wanting access to these organizations, such as the Citadel (if you don’t know about this institution I encourage you to research it on your own).

    I am not as ignorant as some of you who have decided to comment on the merits of the lawsuit by simply attacking the “alleged” sexual orientation of the individuals involved. If this is how we are going to continue in this world then by all means I am very concerned at the state of “Black” America.

    Lastly, Mr. Aries, “idolatry” of being a women, such a sad and misguided statement. Just because for years I wanted to be a doctor and Michael Jordan does not make me idolatrous. If someone wants to be accepted to a prestigious organization that has been historically exclusive i.e. universities and colleges does not make me idolatrous but simply wanting access to something that I feel will make me a better person and give way to more opportunities that I might not have access to presently.

  10. Since when did MIAKAs become about “gay” men wanting to be an AKA? That was not my understanding yearsss ago when I was in college. It was more like men that “ASSISTED” with servantship to honor the women of Alpha Kappa Alpha where manpower may be needed. While not a widely recognized group it was no different than Kappy Diamonds/Cuties, Omega Pearls or Alpha Sweethearts. MIAKAs were the male version of that. Nothing about GAY DUDES. My brothas…my brothas please stop using idolatry of being a women cloud your judgement for frivulous warfare. CRAZEE!

  11. I totally agree Jay. I’m a lesbian woman but regardless of that I am human. This is a women’s organization and it shouldn’t be mixed with males, they should simply join a fraternity or even create their own organization with their own foundation and uniqueness. This is just overboard and is a bit of a disgrace. I don’t understand.

  12. I think this is totally stupid! I have been a gay man for almost 40 years! And I still feel it is total disrespect to the sorority for these gay men to want/try to join! They should form their own gay social group and sit their asses down somewhere!

    • Mr. Collins

      Thank you so much for your comment about this. While most comments on this issue tends to trend toward gay vs straight, you have hit the nail on the head. Just because one is homosexual doesn’t mean that they must become members of groups that are historically female. The only thing that gay men & women have in common is their attraction to men. After that they have nothing else in common. A gay man is still a man and if these gay men want to be a group then they should form their own. If the fight was to keep them from starting their own group instead of trying to force their way into the AKA Sorority then they would have a law suit.

      • This issue is DOA!!! Isn’t the right to freely associate a protected right. I don’t think there is a judge in the nation that would allow this claim on his\her docket. Women have the right to associate with themselves without being forced to accommodate men. The fact that they are claiming to threaten a lawsuit, in and of itself means they know they don’t have a claim. If they had a claim, lawyers would be enticing gay men all over the country to file claims against women organizations, looking for payday.

  13. One of the the beautiful thing about America is that anybody can be sued. But on this you are wrong!

  14. Samuel T. Ross-Lee

    Mr. Xavier King,

    your disjointed and incoherent comments are only made worst by your horrible spelling and even worst grammar. Even greater than the foolishness of the above mentioned lawsuit, your writing is an embarrassment to the D9.

    If you are going to represent your organization in public as you have done here, please take the time to write with the care and intelligence that is consistent with the education you proportedly went to college to obtain, assuming, of course, you did go to college to get an education and not just a fraternity jacket. .

    Samuel T. Ross-Lee
    Que Psi Phi ’08

    • Your remarks are “CRAP”.

    • You have know valid point sir, that is why you can only attack this man on his grammar. Stop being petty. The law suit is ridiculous point, blank, period. A sorority, is a sorority for a reason, Its for females, just as a Fraternity is for males.

  15. Since I’m in a frat… I’m lost at why these bois would choose to attack a battle that clearly be lost.

    1. AKA’s are a historical Womens Sorority with women around the world. They have shown there progressiveness by intergrating and not remaining a execlusive black soroity. Why would this group demean the AKA’s?
    2. Simply if the they allowed men in I do believe they wouldn’t be classified as a sorority.
    3. In addition to that they are reconinized in the Pahellic Council as such a women’s sorority. This would cause them to be removed.

    This was simply rediculus. Where are the parents, family members associates and friends to explain the ludacisness of this suite.
    The state of black people is really at social decline.

    As a man I can only presume these fellows are heaters of black women and are phicologically scared. I only pray that you would realize even If your gay and I’m not passing judgement. Why would you attack your mother, your aunts, your sisters, your women. Our socialism is tough on gays but yor gayness dosnt separate you from being black. Your a black man. Protect them always. There the reason your here. A woman ladied down to give you life. A black one at that.

    Xavier KING
    ΦΒΣ SPR 88

  16. This is lame and nonsense! Why they gotta try to be chicks just because they like dicks????