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Chicago cops Taser 8-months-pregnant woman over parking dispute

Thirty year old Tiffany Rent is reported to have parked in a handicapped spot and as a result was ticketed.  You would think that this would be the end of it, but it wasn’t.  At least not in Chicago, where the government is so hard up for money that they will ticket you for damn near anything.

Rent , who is eight months pregnant, is alleged to have taken the ticket,   tore it up and thrown it at the officer. The officer is reported to have responded by using a taser gun on her. There were no witnesses to our knowledge, and we’re not doctors.  But we speculate that tasering a pregnant woman might not be the healthiest thing to do.  But then again, she was black, so in the case of police, anything goes for black people.

A police source says the officer may not have known she was pregnant, but a female officer noticed and suggested Rent be taken to the hospital.  This shows that the officers may have known something.

Her boyfriend and father of the baby, Joseph Hobbs was also arrested for trying to intervene as the police tasered his pregnant girlfriend.   He suffered a dislocated elbow in the struggle with police.

Both rent and her boyfriend were arrested and Rent was also treated and released at a local hospital.



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