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TyJuan Woodard Dead After Being Shot By Friend, Covered With Blanket, and Left on Couch

An Arkansas man saw a boy wrapped in cover on his futon and paid it no attention because he assumed it was his cousin. He was wrong.

TyJuan Woodard, 14,  died after he and a 13-year-old friend were playing with a gun that accidentally went off and hit Woodard in the chest.  The 13 year old then covered Woodard’s body with a blanket so that no one could see the wound, and left to spend the night away from home.

Once the man realized that Woodard was not his sleeping cousin, it was too late. Woodard wasn’t breathing. When police and medics arrived, everyone in the home said they didn’t know the boy who laid bloody on the futon, or what had happened to him.

It was not until they spoke to the 13 year old, who had spent the night with an aunt, that police discovered what had really happened.

“He said he was scared, but I wish he had told me, just told me something,” said the 13 year old’s grandmother in an interview with the Associated Press.
The gun belonged which killed Woodard belonged to a relative of the 13 year old, but no one is sure how he got the gun.
No charges have been filed.

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