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Cancelled? VH1 Reportedly Cans ‘Basketball Wives’

Victory is reportedly at hand for those who’ve boycotted against the nasty cat fights and bullying on ‘Basketball Wives’. Several blogs and outlets are reporting that VH1 has decided to cancel the show because of pending lawsuits and a reduction in sponsors.

Sources are reporting that the Basketball Wives finale is the last we’ll see of the women who’ve used throwing punches as a route to stardom.

VH1 has said that the rumors are false, but the denials haven’t tamped down the rumors. In fact, a few blogs have even reported that they received press releases indicating that the show has been cancelled.

VH1 will only confirm that  the season 4 finale of “Basketball Wives” will air on May 28 at 8 p.m. EST. The first half of the two-part reunion will air June 4 at 8 p.m. EST on VH1, and part two will follow on June 11 at 8 p.m. EST.

Kirsten West-Savali at is reporting that the rumors are not true (at least not yet).    But West-Savali says that she wouldn’t be surprised if the show was in serious trouble.

“I was more surprised to find out that it (the cancellation) wasn’t true than I was to find out that it might be,” she said.

West-Savali mentions that the words and behavior of the women on the show reflect that something interesting is happening behind the scenes.  Since a widely circulated petition against the show started on, Burger King and Summers Eve have both dropped off the list of corporate sponsors.  Afterward, Shaunie O’neal appeared publicly to state that the violence would be reduced in the future, and Evelyn Lozada mentioned that she is now “reflective” of how her behavior is perceived.  Even Tami Roman changed her tune, explaining that she is not a bully and would walk away from the negativity.  This likely fueled the speculation that the show’s producers were getting nervous and sending the ladies out in public to clean up their image.

Click the video below to hear what Dr. Boyce Watkins has to say on the issue:


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