Report: NAACP Members, Chapters Angry Over National Chapter’s Support for Gay Marriage

According to Redding News Review, there are chapters of the NAACP that are not happy with the recent announcement by national president Ben Jealous in support of same-sex marriage.   Many of the chapters are not in support of the idea, and were caught off guard by the Jealous announcement.

“They are not happy,” the former board member told ReddingNewsReview. “They have really been caught like a deer in headlights. It caught them off-guard they and they don’t know how to respond. They don’t know how to articulate what happened to members. They don’t know what to do, they don’t know what to say and there has been no communication from Baltimore.”


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  1. The NAACP has always been in bed with the Devil,the white Europeans,we as black have to take a stance on this genocide by boycotting and petitions if we don’t we let them win, Ben Jealous is a sell-out and his staff as a Black man I’m applaud at this decision this is a dark day for America and for our world!!!

  2. The North American Man Love Boy Association (NAMBLA) is so loving this infographic right now.

    After all, GLAAD and ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association), the most out spoken proponents of gay marriage had embraced support from NAMBLA several years ago and allowed NAMBLA to partake in Pride celebrations for two decades. They denounced the group ONLY after funding support was threatened.

    Harry Hay, one of the founders of gay liberation, supported NAMBLA and so does Larry Kramer of ActUp and don’t forget the belong founder of the BeatNicks, Allen Ginsberg.

    Remember, this is about redefining relationships of marriage is the vaguest of manner, “two consenting persons”. Come on, honestly guys; this is too vague. You know Twink fans are having a field day.

    LGBTQ organizations have a lot of explaining to do before the public gives its stamp of approval on gay marriage. This is a legitimate concern for all Americans..white, black, gay, or straight.

    Who’s guaranteeing it stops here with redefining? Remember, the fight and banner has always been about “sexual freedom” even during the days of the homophile movement.


  3. Zandra R. Conway

    Did I read what I read – half-breeds, folks are still calling black people, half-breeds. I’m not a full blood African – I either have white or Native American blood in me – Huh! If there are Blacks who do not support Gay Marriage, OK, life stills goes on. Here is where we as Blacks have more major issues like crime, high school drop outs, young black girls get pregnant and young boys having sex without protection, black on black crime. As a bi-sexual woman, these comments are getting old. Please keep in mind the negative issues that are happening every 15 minutes across the county – please move onto something else!

  4. Resignation is not particularly the answer. Most people; especially leaders, need to consider, understand and accept the fact that we live in a democracy form of government. When we become leaders, its a great thing. But, our leadership does not give total voice for the organizations we are leading. The gay marriage issue has become one that is lingering way past the election results; and, that is causing conflict of opinions, and anger because our leaders, along with others,failed to leave the results at the polls. Everyone had opportunity to voice their opinions ‘at the polls’. That is why we had an election! Now, so many whose desired outcome was not granted is trying to force everybody else’s hands; and, are hoping for a wild card that does not currently exist. As leaders, we really ought to stay in our places when it comes to our personal opinions; especially about controversial issues where everyone is, clearly, not going to see eye to eye.

  5. Lol!!! I knew it. I look forward to the backlash.

  6. What is being thought is that this is a non-issue with the NAACP. Most assuredly, Ben Jealous does not represent the thinking of the NAACP. Like so many half-breeds, they thinks with the White side of their brain. It seems perfectly logical that he would do so, to him. The NAACP needs a new Executive Secretary. Grace would say that Ben Jealous would resign, but he lacks the integrity to do so.

    • So true, he should have been fired after he threw Shirley Sherrod under the USDA bus… He is so pathetic. He should have been fired when he secretly settled with Wells Fargo – take the money and run ben….PATHETIC….Theres more….PATHETIC….

    • You are so right about those half breeds, Charles. They are usually white identified. And the thing that baffles me is white folks are always crying about how their racial numbers are falling off; if all these queers start to marry then how are they going to procreate? White folks are just too weird!!!