A group of six is behind bars after police say they bound their 41-year-old roommate’s feet with tape, stapled his lips shut, and spent the night torturing him with a small power tool in theirUtah home near Salt Lake City. Police believe the suspects were suspicious about their new roommate, who told authorities he’d moved into the house in Magna a week and a half earlier and had agreed to remodel the basement in exchange for rent. “One of the suspect’s claims over the last several weeks different people have pulled a gun on him in the street,” Unified Police Lt. Justin Hoyal said. “They believe (the victim) was responsible for it.” Source

Man Tortured By His 6 Roommates, Lips Stapled Shut.


Folks, don’t try this at home.  Six people are now being investigated by police as suspects in a crime of heinous proportions.  A man was tortured for hours, with his feet bound by tape and his lips stapled shut.  The group allegedly tortured the man with a power tool for hours.

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