Report: George Zimmerman was on Drugs with Violent Side Effects when He Killed Trayvon

Noted journalist Kirsten West-Savali at writes that there may be more to the Trayvon Martin case than previously reported.  According to various media sources, George Zimmerman was on the drug Temazepam, also known as Restoril.  The drug is known to cause insomnia and anxiety, which is reported by MSNBC.  However, West-Savali goes to the US Library of Medicine to point out other side effects that the media may have missed.


From the U.S. Library of Medicine:

“You should know that some people who took medications for sleep got out of bed and drove their cars, prepared and ate food, had sex, made phone calls, or were involved in other activities while partially asleep. After they woke up, these people were usually unable to remember what they had done. Call your doctor right away if you find out that you have been driving or doing anything else while you were sleeping.

“You should know that your mental health may change in unexpected ways while you are taking this medication. It is hard to tell if these changes are caused by temazepam or if they are caused by physical or mental illnesses that you already have or suddenly develop. Tell your doctor right away if you experience any of the following symptoms: aggressiveness, strange or unusually outgoing behavior, hallucinations (seeing things or hearing voices that do not exist), feeling as if you are outside of your body, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, new or worsening depression, thinking about killing yourself, confusion, and any other changes in your usual thoughts, mood, or behavior. Be sure that your family knows which symptoms may be serious so that they can call the doctor if you are unable to seek treatment on your own.”

West-Savali continues to say this: “Maybe, now, the mainstream media will focus on Zimmerman — who not only has a prior violent criminal past, but was also on a mind-altering drug — instead of trying to vilify an innocent, 17-year-old child, who was murdered simply for trying to walk home to his father.”


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  1. I’ve been defending Zimmerman all over the internet……..until tonight. I thought I had read everything relating to the trial. I thought I had watched all the trial video. But somehow I missed the police interrogation . I had just finished listening to the Zimmerman 911 call for the umpteenth time when I happened on the audio of the interrogation. When the police investigators talked to him about getting out of the car, I didn’t believe Zimmerman’s answer. He lied to make himself look less like he was stalking Martin. Then I listened again to his 911 call. Dawned on me that to Zimmerman, Martin was a punk and the punks always got away with it.

    There is no proof that Martin sucker punched Zimmerman. In fact from Zimmerman’s attitude on the 911 call and his lying to the police, I think Zimmerman probably tried to restrain Martin. He probably stuck out his hand to stop Martins forward progress. And that is when Martin started hitting him. That could just as easily have been what started the physical assault as the story Zimmerman is telling. Remember, he lied about why he got out of his car. What I am saying is just as likely a scenario as the unprovoked sucker punch story Zimmerman tells.

    Do you know how hard it is for a young male in this country today not to have had any scrapes with the law? Martin had no scrapes. Zimmerman has been arrested twice. Zimmerman is on temazapam. Its a very strong drug with some powerful side effects. Zimmerman is also on adderal. That is often prescribed to obsessive compulsives. You do know Zimmerman made 46 911 calls don’t you?.

    Bottom line, a young man goes out to get some candy and tea. He’s minding his own business and is gunned down. The exact circumstances of the shooting are told to us through various means by the shooter. I admit, I did buy his story. Now that I’ve listen to his police interview, I’m not buying it anymore. As a person of at least moderate intelligence, I reserve the right, in the light of new information, to change my mind.

    Maybe it wasn’t murder 2. But he needed to be held accountable on some level. He needs to do some jail time for what he did.

  2. Even more outrageous than what happened to Trayvon Martin is what happened to Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. in White Plains New York. He was, from all evidence, murdered in his home by the White Plains police when they were called by the company that monitared his medical alert pendent which had gone off by accident.

    Kenneth Chamberlain’s Family Files Suit After White Plains Police Evade Charges for Slaying, Slurs

    All “Your Black World” readers–and Boyce Watkins–please spread this widely.

    Thank you.

  3. The police destroyed any chances of Zimmerman’s drug status’s being introduced into evidence (I, too, was concerned about the report of Zimmerman’s use of diazepam and Adderall (both of which are highly addictive). Therefore, many feel that the deck is stacked in Zimmerman’s favor; however, circumstantial evidence can ensure that Trayvon Martin has a voice as well. Following are some examples:
    1) Apparently, Zimmerman was in the car, driving around–stalking Marting–when he called the police. After being told to stop following Martin, Zimmerman agreed, yet a few second later, we hear the door to his car slam. Is this an indication that he was getting back INTO the car–in obedience to the recently issued order–or getting OUT–in defiance thereof?

    2) He he was getting back INTO his car, how, then, did Zimmerman gain access to him (According to published reports, the scuffle occurred at a distance from Zimmerman’s automobile and very close to his dad’s girlfriend’s apartment complex.)

    3) Obviously, Zimmerman had access to a gun AND a cellphone. Why, then, did he choose to take along the gun and not the cell phone? If he took both, why, then, did he not redial the dispatcher on his way over to confront Martin? If he took only the gun, it seems to me that he was bent on using it on Martin. If he had the cell phone with him during the confrontation, why then did he, reportedly, have to ask someone else to make a call for him? If he was upset over killing this–his “first” victim–why did he request that the bystander call his wife–rather than the police? If Martin was not dead immediately after the bullet entered his body, wouldn’t calling paramedics and/or the police have been a more “humane” gesture? Martin seemed to already have determined that Martin was beyond any assistance; therefore, he didn’t bother to call for assistance.

    4) If Martin banged the back of Zimmerman’s head against the pavement (as has been suggested by Zimmerman’s brother), it seems to me that the damage would have been more severe–and more widespread, given that there was no hair to buffer the blows. The relatively minor gashes on the back of Zimmerman’s head suggest much less than a brutal attack.

    5) The claim of a broken nose is equally incredible, for there is no extensive bleeding from that area, nor does there seem to be any significant swelling or disfiguration.

    6) A check of the local weather that night allow the investigators to determine the likely nature of Zimmerman’s controversial utterance under his breath (I believe that there is a device called a spectograph or spectogram that could actually chart the sounds on a graph which could more acurately reveal, through the intonation patterns (including voicing) what was actually said! The speculation that he said, “It’s [freaking] cold” is ludicrous in that I’m 100% sure that the last word ended in a voiced fricative–that is, a “z” sound. Since the adjective, “cold,” is not pluralized, then, this theory is implausible (It would have made more sense if the guess had been, “These [freakin’] colds,” therein suggesting that Zimmerman himself had contracted a cold and was feeling miserable as a result of it. However, given that there was no evidence of his coughing, snorting, or sneezing, even that theory could be rejected. Of the possibilities posited, “These [f. . . king] coons” is the one that is the most plausible.

    Zimmerman is alive to tell his story; Trayvon is not. However, a thorough examination of all the evidence in the case–both material and circumstantial–including the motives, the opportunities, the imbalance of power (from a physical & forensic perspective), the ramifications, the influence of drugs, eye/ear witness accounts (including the party with whom Martin was speaking during that time) should help the authorities to somewhat accurately piece together the chronology of events that occurred that tragic night!

    • Pat:

      I’d appreciate your clarifying some points:

      1) What source do you have that says Zimmerman was driving around stalking Martin? Testimony is that he was on his way to Target when he happened to see Martin.

      2) If Martin was between the buildings, how could Zimmerman have given the police an accurate location without getting out of his vehicle?

      3) Why do you think Zimmerman didn’t have his cell phone with him? He apparently talked to the police from outside his vehicle, and said he was reaching for his phone when Martin assaulted him. Also, why would someone carrying concealed leave their gun in the car when walking after a stranger in the neighborhood? Also, as he knew the police were already on their way, what’s wrong with him asking a neighbor to call 9-1-1?

      4) While paramedics cleaned up Zimmerman’s head, is it realistic to think he would have done all he could to mitigate the damage during the attack?

      5) Could you be confusing two DIFFERENT statements by Zimmerman? a) These …. a-holes always get away and b) F-ing cold (which even CNN agreed with finally)

      6) What do you think the “motives” were for the ATTACK? (we know why Zimmerman followed Martin) And what do you consider the “imbalance of power” before the gun was pulled? (we can assume that Martin would have told his girlfriend if he had seen Zimmerman with a gun)

      7) Finally, what do you think the influence of drugs was, and why do you think either or both of them were under the influence at the time of the shooting?

  4. If you listen to the 911 tape in which Zimmerman calls in to report a suspicious person, you can hear in his voice that he is not all there. What he was saying did not correspond to the his voice inflection. He sounded weird. That was my first indication that he was on something. Go back and listen to the tape. Also in the first video, Zimmerman is shown handcuffed and walking into the police station. There were no bruises and no marks on the back of his head. So why now do we see the bruises and bandages in another video?

  5. The Motown Sound!

    It doesn’t really matter whether Zimmerman had drugs in his system or not.

    These are the facts:
    1) He profiled an innocent teen walking home from the store;
    2) He trailed an innocent teen against the advice of 911 operators with A LOADED WEAPON;
    3) 911 calls clearly indicate he had a preverse mental view of people of color and he showed “intent”;
    4) Trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend right up to the shooting indicating to her he was being followed by an unknown person and he wasn’t going to run (justification for stand your ground in favor of for Trayvon Martin);
    5) Trayvon’s girlfriend heard the initial exchange between Tray and Zimmerman–Zimmerman NEVER IDENTIFIED HIMSELF AS A NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH MEMBER; 6) Zimmerman HAD A CHOICE, and he chose to CONFRONT an unarmed citizen WITH A LOADED WEAPON and shot him POINT BLANK IN THE CHEST after he (Zimmerman) got his azz kicked by a teenager….

    White racist can spin this anyway they want, Trayvon Martin was hunted down and Killed for looking like something HE WASN’T. What we do know is that he was a Black Male, and for a lot of white racist, that’s justification enough to kill and murder “US” as though they are on a mission to eradicate white society of a plague!

    • Motown Sound: I would appreciate your source of evidence that states 1) Martin was “profiled” as anything other than a suspicious person in a neighborhood repeatedly alerted (by both the police and the HOA) to note and report unknown persons.
      2)He actually did not attempt to return to his vehicle after saying “OK”, and ever exposed his gun to anyone until he shot Martin on top of him.
      3) Evidence of his intent and “perverse mental view” of people of color.
      4) Zimmerman confronted Martin with a weapon (wouldn’t Trayvon have mentioned this on the phone?)
      5)How is Zimmerman a “white racist”?
      BTW: the only dog I have in this fight is the truth — I’d like to see the facts, whatever they are. Thanks.

  6. If Zimmerman was on these medications,he shouldn’t have been driving..That’s a scary thought,he was going to the grocery store and driving there under the influance .I wonder what would have happened if he had incountered someone ,that would have pissed him off .That’s a dangerous thought.It was early evening, it wasn’t like he was going to sleep,he was going to the store to buy groceries.

  7. we don’t know what zimmerman had in his system, they only tested the victim

  8. Zimmerman is just another racist homophobic SOB exalted by this so-called democratic American Society.

  9. What pisses me of the most ,I see this Frank Taffi All over the media telling the story of that nite.You don’t need the media to tell you Zimmermam is guilty or not guilty.Every time Taffi opens his mouth says it all,not only about Zimmerman but Taffi himself Those two are dangerous.The phone call Zimmerman made to Taffi ,I want say how sorry I am about the loss of your son.What’s allm that about,Taffi’s son died like 4 years ago ,and I want to thank you for standing behind me for doing the right thing.Yeah,for killing a young black male. I don’t think drugs had anything to do with what zimmerman did,he profiled Trayvon no and’s if’s or but’s.The new words for profiled according to Geraldo is “based on a reasonable comparison” I guess that’s the nice version,but it’s still profiling..All I know is that Zimmerman saw Trayvon and wasn’t going to let him get away.Who the hell did he think he was “hey boy what are you doing here”?Those days are gone and everyone better wake up.This is America and Trayvon had every right to be where he was,Zimmerman had no right to profile,follow, or confront Trayvon Martin.The day I heard Frank Taffi he convinced me of George’s guilt and he is no better. Everyone already heard of the Marijuana.The media,why don’t they tell it all,for example Zimmerman’s black roots ,that NeJame from CNN found out and stated “Zimmerman can’t be a racist”..What do they call people who don’t like their own race.I think there is a lot more to Zimmerman and Taffi…I guess we will have to wait and see.

  10. Why can’t we just wait and see what the trial comes out with?

  11. I have 2 big questions.

    Why as Zimmerman on those questions.

    Why aren’t major media outlets telling the public
    about Zimmerman’s drug use.

  12. George Zimmerman is obviously mentally ill. That should have been apparent from the many calls that he made to 911.
    You don’t have to be a medical professional to figure that out. He was basically out looking for trouble and when he didn’t find any, he created it.
    The investigating officer who gave one of the initial reports called it as he saw it, negligent homicide. Which is exactly what it was.
    Trayvon Martin is not the only 17yr old, of any nationality, that has smoked pot. Thousands of other young people do that same thing. That doesn’t make it right, it just makes it what it is.
    Trayvon wasn’t the first teenager to ever smoke pot and he won’t be the last. Zimmerman should be in jail where he belongs.

  13. I’m reading many claims that Zimmerman was high on drugs at the time of the shooting, but can only find source articles stating he had previously been prescribed Adderall and Temazepam.

    What are the FACTS? If he was under the influence of these drugs, that would be important to know. Likewise, it would be important to know if he had been prescribed these drugs prior to the shooting (which could be days, or months), and what his state was at the time of the shooting. Past prescriptions do not necessarily indicate present behavior, as anyone who has ever bought a prescription knows.

    • To Playrighter — Thank you for your valid comments. I’m sure these points will be raised by Mr. Zimmerman’s defense team. And I’m sure that most everyone agrees with you that there should be no Rush To Judgement, that Mr. Zimmerman deserves a fair trial. Your many comments on this case seem to articulate the guilty white subliminal fear that, there could be a sort of bizarre, Twilight Zone, turnabout racial lynching where Zimmerman is strung up from a tree by a howling black mob on a dark Florida night. If such a scenario is invading your dreams, please Rest Assured, no lynchings are planned….

      While I respect your concern that Mr. Zimmerman be tried fairly, at the same time, I am disturbed by your apparent lack of concern for the young man, Trayvon Martin, who, by all accounts, was going about his lawful business when he was set-upon by a misguided vigilante and who, in all likelihood, was killed by that individual. No where in your comments is there any acknowledgement of these facts or concern that the deceased victim and his family get justice.

      I’m sure, if your past comments are any guide, that you will respond with a nit-picking “what if?” defense of Mr. Zimmerman. Perfectly appropriate if you are part of his defense team. Your comments are so one-sided that I’m wondering if you are, in fact, part of Mr. Zimmerman’s defense team? Or have you just taken it upon yourself to defend this poor man from those ‘chip-on-there-shoulder, always-complaining-over-nothing, black folks?

      Let me ask you specifically: Do you feel that, based on the known facts in this case, Trayvon Martin instigated this incident, that while walking home he decided to assault a possibly armed man in a car, somehow pulled that armed man out of his car, made that man chase him, and then assaulted that man and was shot to death as a consequence? Based on the facts that are known, was this, then, a ‘justifiable homicide’? (Yes, yes… I know that this has not been formally determined in a court of law, as it should be, but what is your purely speculative opinion?)

      P.S. I’m interested in your moniker: “Playrighter”. Who, in your (purely speculative) opinion, was “Playing Right”, by the rules, that evening?

      • NorthPilot

        Thanks for the back-handed compliments. I note that you never did answer — and I asked twice — my request for a response the last time we communicated. At the bottom of this comment, you will find my questions to you from April 15. I note that you posted at least twice on that page after I asked, yet you failed to respond. Is there a reason?

        My user name Playrighter is picked because I believe everybody should play right — and be right in their playfulness. If you’ve read my comments as closely as you claim to have, you would have read several times where I wrote that if Zimmerman were guilty as charged, that he should hang, that Martin and Zimmerman should both have the same rights (in both life and death) and that we do NOT know exactly what happened that night. What we do know is the evidence appears to back Zimmerman’s story, and that nobody in their right mind would hunt down and murder somebody after having told the police what they were doing, as well as giving their name, address, phone, and then waiting for them to show up. You earlier challenged my contention that Zimmerman was overcharged. I hope that by now you might agree that he was. You imagine that I seem to articulate a white subliminal fear? Are you kidding? You don’t even know my race. If you read my words, I have always asked for equal and fair treatment for both parties. I do not have a lack of concern for Martin — I have stated repeatedly that I would be advocating for his position if the roles were reversed. You might notice that on this site the attacks are against Zimmerman — I like to stand up for the underdog. Yes, I know, Trayvon is dead. That considered, Zimmerman is the one here with few to defend his side of the equation.

        No, I am not on anyone’s defense team. But I have spent years in the court system, and have a high respect for EVIDENCE–no matter who it favors — over opinons.

        Again, since you have reopened our communication, and are so interested in getting to the truth, I will AGAIN post the questions I asked you five weeks ago

        Now then, to your points. And if you know how I can point out “clarifications” in what you apparently got wrong without offending your further, please do.

        1) After the Second Degree Murder charges, Dershowitz went further and called the charges “irresponsible and unethical”. I believe, in my humble opinion,
        that this backs my contention that it’s going to be much more difficult to convict on these more serious charges. Do you disagree?

        2) You claim Zimmerman was repeatedly told not to pursue. Sorry, NO. He was told ONCE “You don’t need to do that”. He said “OK” (Unless you have
        some 911 tape that I have yet to hear, your “facts” do not match with the prevailing evidence).

        3) You claim Zimmerman was after Martin for “Walking While Black”. Again, please check the 911 tape. Zimmerman wasn’t even sure of Martin’s race
        at first. When asked “Black, white or Hispanic?”, he said “He looks black.” The hoodie has become a national symbol of “racism. That very same hoodie
        would have made it very difficult for Zimmerman to tell the race of the unknown person, especially in the rain. True?

        4) You claim with your “WWB” charge that this was a white neighborhood. So far, we know that Martins are black, and Zimmerman Hispanic. What makes
        you think the neighborhood is “white”?

        5) I don’t recall ever mentioning Fox, although I did ask why someone would consider this a Conservative vs. LIberal question.

        6) I am NOT being condescending. I’m trying to remain civil in asking legitimate questions about differences of opinion on evidence — and repeatedly
        told I’m a racist or a maggot or a liar — for trying to explain what the evidence says. CNN says “f-ing COLD”, not me. And I’m the racist for relaying this
        fact to somebody who refuses to take CNN’s word for it?

        7) I don’t have a racist bone in my body. As I have written, were the roles reversed, I would be saying the same things for Martin.

        Take a good look at what I have actually written — and perhaps the attacks I have defended against, some of them mean-spirited and dishonest.
        If you really think I’m unfair in any way — or even racist in any way, kindly tell me why. That’s about as direct as I can be speaking to the
        issue at hand. I don’t really care much about “intellectual rigor”. I’m just trying to tell the truth, and i don’t like false charges made against me.

        • Playrighter —

          I’m sorry that you felt abandoned, but the reason that I did not reply earlier was that there was really not much more to be said. I found your arguments tendentious and tedious, dancing around the central facts of the case to seize on meaningless anomalies and minutia. That is why I felt that you were being illogical and were lacking in intellectual rigor and honesty. I would agree with you that ad hominem attacks do not advance a discussion, and I think you will concede that I have not engaged in such with you. As to why others have called you names, I can only surmise that, since logic doesn’t seem to sway you, they gave in to frustration.

          I never claimed to “know your race”. Your race is immaterial. You could, indeed, be any race at all — even black. I’m sure there are a few sorry-assed blacks out there who support Zimmerman’s right to profile them and persecute them, and, if you are one of those, I would still disagree with you. If you are white, be happy with who you are. No right-thinking person thinks EVERYONE of another race is just plain evil, although sometimes it seems that most whites are at the least indifferent, if not willfully blind, to the racist actions of the rest.

          I’m also glad to hear that you “don’t have a racist bone in your body.” Very few of us can make that claim; I certainly am guilty of thinking — if not overt — at least subtle, racist thoughts all too often. But neither is it useful to deny that there is rampant racism and that blacks and other minorities are the primary victims of racism in America. As many others, it is my belief that George Zimmerman’s action that night, the stalking and killing of Treyvon Martin, was a stark example of that racism. Just because Zimmerman was also a minority does not mean that he could not be a racist, too. Who knows, maybe his hispanic mother was treated by his father as a lesser person, and Zimmerman was eager to prove his white bona fides to his dad? Several people have come forward to report racist statements and behavior in Zimmerman’s past.

          In answer to my question, you said, “…nobody in their right mind would hunt down and murder somebody after having told the police what they were doing, as well as giving their name, address, phone, and then waiting for them to show up.”

          Exactly. Zimmerman was “in his right mind”, only if you accept the racist paradigm that he had every right to track down and kill a boy of another race, on the basis of flimsy, racist based suspicions. Since Zimmerman accepted that paradigm, and in fact was proud of being the neighborhood protector, why WOULDN’T he give his name and address? If he felt he had done nothing wrong, why wouldn’t he give his information?

          You know, just like Zimmerman, the Nazis proudly kept elaborate records of their “Final Solution to the ‘Jewish Problem'”, as they put it. While few of them were individually insane, as a group they, too, bought in to a racist Zeitgeist that allowed the murder of millions. They, too, were just as proud of their work as Zimmerman was of his self-appointed role as Gatekeeper of the Neighborhood. And, just like many Germans after the war, who expressed “regret” but denied any responsibility for the holocaust(“We were Good Germans,” they would say. “We knew nothing…”), Zimmerman subsequently expressed regret but no responsibility. Was he “in his right mind”? If racial profiling and intimidation are what “right minded” white people do to black young men, then I guess he was…

          Your claim that you would afford Martin the same advocacy if his and Zimmerman’s roles were reversed strains credulity. First of all, let’s get real: Imagine some 17 year old black kid driving around calls the police to report that some guy who “looked white” was walking along eating candy and sipping an ice tea. The cops would, of course, say, “So what?, MYOB”. If that black kid were then told [OK PR, were told “once”, not “several times”,] to back off, but instead followed the man, then exited his vehicle to give chase because he thought the man was trying to escape, got into an altercation with that unarmed man and ended up shooting him thru the heart, are you really claiming that you would have that kid’s back just like you have Zimmerman’s? Really? You’d similarly be seizing on little details that do not quite fit, pointing out small anomalies that always occur in real life situations to cast doubt on the kid’s guilt?

          Well, if the roles were reversed, I for one, and I suspect most commenters here, would not think that an indictment for 2nd degree Murder, was “over charging.” In fact, I’d bet that every one of the readers here would feel that anyone, white or black, should have respected a person’s right to walk along peacefully, and not be pursued and assaulted. But then again, most of us don’t have the “years in the court system” that you have, and lack the resulting legal acumen that informs your reasoning. We must also lack the noble sensibilities that spur your advocacy for the “underdog”.

          It will be interesting to see how this all turns out. I, as I’m sure do you, hope that Justice Will Be Done. Please do not feel insulted if I have failed to answer each of your points, or am unable to respond further.

          • North Pilot:

            With any due respect, there’s gotta be a pony in there somewhere. I’ll vote for your buried admission that you were wrong about how many times Zimmerman was told he didn’t need to follow Martin. I didn’t feel abandoned, I just found it strange that you challenged me, and then failed to acknowledge legitimate responses to your challenges. It’s very odd that you would find my arguments “tendentious and tedious” because they were direct answers to questions posed BY YOU. (For tendentious and tedious, see your long essay above which goes in many circles, but keeps avoiding the target. I will almost agree that you have not engaged in ad hominem attacks, although “tendentious, tedious, illogical, lacking in intellectual rigor and honesty, dancing around the central facts of the case to seize on meaningless anomalies and minutia” (when I was addressing YOUR POINTS) come pretty darn close, without actually calling me an idiot. Disagree? Perhaps this is why you never answered my direct responses to your challenges back on April 15 — and still fail to do so.

            And in return, I ask, why are you a “North Pilot”. Your soaring skills seem great, navigating for a targeted landing not so good.

            While your wandering into Nazi gatekeeper dreamland deserves no response here, I would offer that Zimmerman was in his right mind based on the totality of his actions that night. From calling the police, identifying himself, telling someone to call police after the shooting, being completely cooperative with the police in several hours of interrogation — including passing a “lie detector” test and NOT requesting an attorney to shield him. You can seize on any little details you want (see meaningless anomalies and minutia) regarding the relationship between Martin and Zimmerman. Let me make this clear AGAIN. If Zimmerman were black and Martin Hispanic, white, whatever, my advocacy for objectivity and rights would be the same. If Martin had shot Zimmerman under the same circumstances (based on evidence to date), I would advocate for him. In my mind, each went into the event with equal rights and should have come out the same. You can get tendentious and tedious and spin that any way you choose, I choose equal treatment for both.

            I again ask for any EVIDENCE that Zimmerman was high on drugs that night. That is the reason I made a comment here. That question is still unanswered — by anybody — including the people who have written articles making the claim. I note that those challenging my question eventually go away, as you did last time. Please do something different here.

            I again ask YOU, since you made the claim, for any EVIDENCE of racism from George Zimmerman (who, BTW, seems to have a black great grandfather, although that would not be evidence of his attitudes ( He has shown to be respected by black neighbors, has mentored black kids, and almost single-handedly crusaded on behalf of a black man beaten by white cops two years ago. And, please, don’t call him racist because he reported suspicious blacks in the neighborhood (who neighbors had reported as suspects in break-ins) unless you can also show that he ignored suspicious whites in the neighborhood, or that he could even tell the race of Trayvon with his hood up — as indicated by the call to police where he could not at first identify the race of Trayvon. If you call Barack Obama black, does that make you a racist? If you state what you see, does that make you a racist?

            BTW. Here, in an article linked from BlackLikeMoi is a fuller picture of Zimmerman’s “racism”. from

            As I stated at the beginning, there was at least one pony in your dissertation. There was also a lot of droppings that avoided the questions at hand. I don’t know about you, but I came to this site looking for facts, not to be taken for a ride.

            While it’s your right to leave (again) and avoid the issues at hand, I hope you will provide legitimate responses to legitimate points. I won’t be insulted by your failure to address the issues at hand, and your choice to depart rather than debate. If you fail to respond, it will be because you choose not to, not because you cannot. Unless you are finally admitting that you have no legitimate answer to my points. I don’t know if you do or not. We will see by your reply to this — or your failure to do so. Obviously, I hope for justice — but that is justice based on evidence and facts, not fantasies about racism and being high on drugs, which, in the absence of facts, are only fantasies, my point all along.

            Thank you.

          • Hi, I read some of your comments to other people and i noticed you take issue with the practice of profiling. I just wondered what you object to about the practice. Also it would be helpful if you could define profiling as you understand it. Lastly, if you could address the principle as opposed to relating your answer to the issues a specific race might have with profiling, I think that would be helpful to my understanding. Thank you in advance for your time.

        • Playrighter —

          I must say that “idiot” would not be how I would describe you, PR, but, “dancing around the central issue” remains, I think, a valid charge.

          Whether Mr. Zimmerman was the Boy Scout crusader for human rights, or a racist profiler acting on neighborhood paranoia, is beside the point.

          Whether or not Mr. Zimmerman was on medication that encouraged aggressive behavior, is beside the point.

          Whether Mr. Zimmerman had a great-grandfather who was black, is beside the point.

          Whether or not Mr. Zimmerman was slightly injured when Trayvon fought back, or faked his injuries later, is beside the point.

          Whether or not Mr. Zimmerman cooperated with the police and passed a lie-detector test, is beside the point.

          etc., etc.

          Your description of “the totality of his actions that night” deftly dances around the actual RESULTS of the totality of his actions: the needless death of an innocent young man.

          Mr. Zimmerman was not a commissioned law enforcement officer going about his duties, in uniform and clearly identifying himself. He was not driving a clearly marked squad car. From Martin’s perspective, according to his last cellphone conversation with his girlfriend, “a crazy and creepy man” was following him in a car.

          Perhaps this is why Zimmerman was told by the police to stand down. Instead of complying, he took it upon himself to engage in “lawless, violent methods”, the definition of vigilantism. What exactly transpired may never be known. Whether Zimmerman attacked the boy and shot him in cold blood, or whether Trayvon counter-attacked and was shot in the process is still beside the point.

          This was not a tragic accident. (Zimmerman did not lose control of his car, for example, and run over the boy.) He needlessly chased him and confronted him and, in the process, shot and killed him.

          If you can’t see that Zimmerman’s actions that night needlessly caused this innocent young man’s death, there is simply nothing more I can say.

          One final observation, if you can indulge another flight of fantasy and pick your way around the pony-droppings…

          Some people in this country have a lot of experience with men in the night enforcing their own ideas of “community standards”. Many of us hope that we have evolved to be a nation of laws, enforced by duly appointed and trained police officers, not a nation of pistol-packing vigilantes chasing, harassing, and killing our young men. For the sake of Peace and Justice, I hope the Courts can see justice done. We can Stand Our Ground, too…

          • North Pilot:

            Actually, the entire point of the article I commented on was whether there was evidence that Zimmerman was high on drugs. His “racism” was YOUR charge. Correct? I’m still interested in your evidence of Zimmerman’s “racism” if you have any. You brought it up, not me. I’m just asking for documentation. That’s fair, isn’t it?

            I do not dance around Trayvon Martin’s death, which is indeed a tragedy. This article, and commentary, is on the character of Zimmerman, so that’s what I’m addressing. Fair?
            Zimmerman’s behavior under interrogation is relevant, and will likely be part of the court case. Likewise any charge that he faked his injuries. Don’t you disagree with yourself?

            Zimmerman was not “on duty” — he was on his way to Target when he saw someone he didn’t recognize, and did as instructed by the signs in the neighborhood. If you read the 183 pages of documents, you will see that the HOA newsletters repeatedly stressed resident vigilance (NOT vigilantism) in the face of repeated break-ins. A representative of the Sanford Police Department created fliers for the association telling residents to contact Zimmerman to report crimes or suspicious people.

            He was not told to stand down. He was told “you don’t need to do that”, and said “OK”. If you have EVIDENCE as to whether or not he did so, please provide it. As to your charge that Zimmerman engaged in “lawless, violent actions” I won’t even bother asking for evidence, because that’s a fantasy (at least based on evidence to date). Please provide other FACTS if you have them.

            Please provide EVIDENCE that Zimmerman chased and confronted Martin and shot him. Feel free to use the “testimony” of his “girlfriend” who managed to avoid the funeral, and gave her “testimony” to Martin’s attorney, rather than to the police. (EVIDENCE to the contrary is welcome). The medical reports indicate a contact shot to Martin’s clothing — meaning the gun was touching his shirt — and a bullet wound from between 1 and 18 inches, indicating Martin (who witnesses put on top of Zimmerman) was separated from Zimmerman by a small distance during the assault.

            You are right, this was not an accident. Zimmerman’s staying in the car would have prevented it. But, in order to report a suspicious person, you might agree it would help if he could see where that person went. And if Martin was indeed on his way home, why would he not go directly home? Many questions remain, including why you are so dead set on there being no possibility that Zimmerman is telling the truth, something the totality of evidence supports at this point. Unless and until we know all the facts, neither Martin nor Zimmerman can be fully blamed for what happened, something you seem very inclined to do, without giving Zimmerman his “day in court”. So yes, Martin’s death was both needless and tragic. But to simply blame Zimmerman is premature and unfair, and against the existing evidence.

            You do realize that much of the media coverage of this tragedy was constructed and manipulated by a PR firm (Julison), don’t you? Think that might color things a bit? There are still people who believe Martin was a frail little child half the size of his attacker. And that Zimmerman was a cold-blooded racist high on drugs. There’s a pony load for you….

            I, too, wish we had evolved to a world of justice, but every day’s news tells me we’re sinking farther into the hole. More and more people are arming themselves, not to be vigilantes but so that they can protect themselves. (Note what just happened in England, where an innocent man was dragged out into the street and stabbed to death by a mob of thugs with knives and bats. Over there, it’s illegal to have a gun). Zimmerman got his gun — and it’s about the smallest 9mm available — for protection from wild dogs — at the recommendation of an officer. The unlucky trajectory of the shot is what killed Martin. In other circumstances, he most likely would still be alive today. (Yes, I’ve checked into this, but feel free to give alternative data.) He was on an errand, and did not intend to see and report suspicious people. There’s a chance he assaulted Martin. There’s also a chance that had he not been armed, he would now be dead or gravely injured. So far, the evidence favors the latter account.

            As to other questions: again, why “North Pilot”? Earlier questions 1,3,4,6 and 7 still stand, if you’re up to it.

            Thanks again.

  14. BTW, those are the same symptoms as sleep-walking and are prescribed by doctors for pyschotic episodes, so him being on prescribed meds and Martin doing marijuana (a street drug) is going to open the door to allow Zimmerman to walk. Zimmerman was very well aware of what he was doing when he stalked the boy, when he pulled the gun out, when he shot him, when he called 9-11, when he was taken into the police station … so aware that he cut and run and hid himself for nearly two months before being pressured to turn himself in. He was well aware enough to have himself beaten up after the fact in order to cover for his crime and he was well enough aware to pursue the boy even after he was told not to. Anti-psychotic drugs that make you psychotic is not an excuse for his behaviors.

  15. Knowing these krakkas, they will use this as an “excuse” to let him get away with murder.

    • If the defendent is not charges in a legtimate amount of time they usually get off. These applies for almost any case. KRAKKAS at it again!

  16. I can’t believe you have the nerve to spew such dribble. I am incensed that you are blaming Trayvon for his own death. Sure he left the house “saying to himself I am going to cause my own death tonight”. George Zimmerman had the chance to keep a situation from getting out of control by staying in his car after his 911 call but instead he chose to take matters into his own hands. Your are obviously a delusional, self righteous person if you think George Zimmerman is not the sole reason that this young man in dead.

    • I don’t guess that it matters that George seemed to be on the way back to his car when Martin jumped him and was in the process of beating him into the ground? Or can’t you believe the witness that came forward and said this very thing?

      This whole thing has been blown completely out of reason. LETS JUST LET THE JUSTICE SYSTEM WORK.

      • That’s what GZ says, but he knows what to say in order for him to try and get off on “The Stand your Ground”law.According to GZ best friend Frank Taffi,GZ confronted Trayvon Martin and if he had just answered GZ appropriately there would have been no problem,also there community was at “Defcon-5”.There is also a witness saw GZ and TM on the sidewalk arguing and then the fight started,and this witness states the fight was on the lawn.The injuries to GZ head do not look like a head bashing,looks more like he fell into bushes or maybe tree branches.GZ has little red marks all around his head and maybe a few scratches,but trayvon didn’t have GZ DNA under his nails or hands.So That’s why I think branches maybe left the red marks all around his head.I took a look at GZ hands and his kuckles red red like he punched hit someone ,who knows what they looked liked the next day,maybe black and blue.TM had a little abrasion to his left ring finger below the kuckles,that could have happened by a branch also.I feel that GZ had his gun out at the time ,that’s why Trayvon was fighting like a NINJA,Or Karate that’s what one of the witnesses stated.According to Dennis Baxley co-sponcer of stand your ground law,states “the law would not authorize GZ to pursue or confront”.We all know he did confront , and pursue ,because Frank Taffi has told the whole world..He just keeps giving ,and giving.


      • If you don’t see that this is why everyone is so mad, cause of your statement right there. Let the justice system work, it don’t work that is the whole point, it’s one sided money hungry and racist and it’s run by man. If the roles were reversed in this case black man just walk up and kill innocent child he would have went straight to jail no questions asked who cares what he was defending.


    • If Trayvon wanted to go to the store and buy candy and an iced tea, he had the right to do that. There was no legal curfew going on. Just because he had marijuana in his system doesn’t give anyone the right to kill him. How many celebrities or politicians smoke marijuana … or worse, use cocaine? Remember Clinton? Does that give someone the right to kill them? No. Do your kids smoke weed? Does that give someone the right to kill them? Look at all of those white hippies in the ’60’s that smoked weed and did worse? Did that give someone the right to kill them? Your logic is skewed. Zimmerman should have obeyed the police and leave Trayvon alone…period. This was all avoidable. I don’t know if Zimmerman’s drug use effected his behavior. I don’t know but I have heard of prescription drug abuse where people abuse prescribed (legal) drugs. That is big in Florida. Could that make Zimmerman a drug addict? Was he taking more than prescribed? I don’t know the answer to any of these questions about Zimmerman but I do know that if a cop tells you to leave someone alone and you disobey the cop, and you make the decision to be an aggressor and start a situation that was entirely avoidable (with a loaded gun)then Zimmerman is guilty. Why carry a gun? Leave it at home. Why go out of your house, carrying a loaded gun, to confront someone when the police told him to leave Trayvon alone? Zimmerman wanted to start a fight and decided to use deadly force by using the gun he chose to carry with him to start this fight…and he could have left the gun at home and stayed home himself. Zimmerman deliberately disobeyed the police, left his house with a loaded gun to kill a Black youth.

    • Jon — Good morning sir,
      With all due respect, I must disagree with you. In many jurisdictions Marijuana IS a legal medical drug, with a long and well-known set of properties. Its effects are just the opposite of the possible effects of the poorly known pharmaceutical company, poorly tested concoction that Mr. Zimmerman was apparently taking. Marijuana is sometimes prescribed for its calming and anxiety REDUCING effect, in fact. Did you see the convenience store tapes of Trayvon martin calmly purchasing his snack? “Refir Madness’? — I think NOT! Did you listen to the audio recording of Mr. Zimmerman calling in to the police, agitated and upset by this young man (doing the most innocent of all things: going about his lawful business, walking home after purchasing a late night snack?)

      By the way, I have had 4 sons come up thru 17, and, let me tell you, at that age, Daddy tucking them in at 9pm and reading them a bed-time story is NOT on the agenda! Also, you can be assured that, if Zimmerman and Martin’s roles had been reversed, Florida would have had no qualms over prosecuting Trayvon as an ADULT.

      If Mr. Zimmerman was indeed impaired, this fact would not exonerate him. He might, in turn, have a legal case against the drug manufacturer, but if I were defending that case, I would introduce some of the ample evidence that plaintiff Zimmerman had a violent and racist history BEFORE he took any medication. If Zimmerman was on medication, then HE should have been the one who stayed home and went to bed early, as I’m sure the product insert spelled out clearly.

      The simple fact is that this homicide would never have occurred if Mr. Zimmerman had minded his own business and allowed Trayvon Martin to proceed about HIS business. The fact that the police interviewed and released him with the very weapon he killed with (!!!) has disturbing racial overtones, to put it mildly. And then, we see that the cops’ racist inclinations were buttressed by the TeaBagger inspired ‘Stand Your Ground’ [against the-black-invaders-into-our-gated-white-enclaves] law. “Shucks,” thought the cops, “this good ole boy was jes sticking up fer his neighbors, an’ wasn’t this … black youth… in a hoodie?” “Well, y’all kin go home, now, sir, and have a good evening…”

      The whole thing is so infuriating, and it also makes me worried sick all over again, especially about my 22 y.o. who loves to drive his sports car all over everywhere late at night. We just had a racial incident where a car of thugs at an intersection yelled the ‘N word, and he yelled back and was chased. (Stupid, stupid, stupid! All I want is for him to get thru college and THEN he can fight for his rights, in civilized way, not at some intersection, next to a car of drunk crackers, late at night.)

      When I talk to white people about the Martin murder, their eyes glaze over, like they’re saying, “So, what do you want ME to do about it?” (How’s about turning off Faux “News”, and Limbaugh, and Geraldo Rivera, and Glen F_ck?) I guess white folks don’t walk in our shoes and can’t understand that this is not some empty intellectual exercise, some symbolic quest for perfect justice but a desperate effort to re-set the ground rules that seem to say it’s “OK” for our boys and men to be assaulted and killed for no reason!

      • Dayum, there are some smart people on this site, That was deep. Keep up the great insight.

      • You say Zimmerman was APPARENTLY taking drugs. Isn’t that the point of my comment on this site — that we have no evidence that he was under the influence of anything? And to your next automatic reaction; No. The only thing I seek here is truth.

        Speaking of which, you state as fact that Zimmerman has a racist past, and that he got his gun back.

        Kindly provide facts to back these assertions. Thanks.

    • i'm gon get u sucka


      if i understand your logic…if you have an illegal drug in your’s ok for someone to shoot you..even if you are minding your own business,armed only with candy and tea!

      president obama smoked weed along with bill clinton…i guess they knew to stay inside the house while the drug was in their system because if we go by your twisted logic it would have been permissible for someone to kill them for looking suspicious.

      hopefully you see how stupid you sound!

    • I can’t beleive you had the audacity to put your comment on this page saying he should have been in bed. As a Soldier I fought for all to have freedom and this means he had a right to walk down the street.This situation is wrong. GZ deep rooted issues that go beyond this night because we dont know why he was seeking counseling. All that it would have taken was for George to introduce himself and say he was NHW.I came back from the war and was put on ZOLOFT, had to stop taking this because it was to much .

  18. preparing for a temporary insanity plea. period!! listen to the tape once again , where this guy says many times that he’s tired of “these” people getting away with everything. yes he did acknowledge that he heard the 911 operator’s request NOT to follow the POTENTIAL suspect !!
    if the police dept. tells you not to do something , and you take action on your own that ends in DEATH , what should be the punishment. a man wounded a frickin police dog in my area yesterday , and the police hunted and killed the MAN in exchange. DO WHAT THE POLICE TELL YOU TO DO !!

  19. Baaawahahaha!!! Restoril probably wasn’t the only drug that he was on…can you say cocaine??! It’s so obvious that this man is dealing with some serious mental issues but that does not excuse his actions. This man had been a mission since the beginning of this year with the previous dozens and dozens of other calls he’d made reporting so called suspecious activity. I am still waiting for the full investigation of the Sanford police department. All the officers involved should be up for investigation for failing to do their job when they arrested Zimmerman. I want answers!!! For one, why was there no evidence collected, why was a dead young man’s body tested for drugs and not Zimmerman’s? That whole police department stinks…Sandford is just one of many redneck counties in Florida.

    • @Cosmic-O

      I agree with your statement. Moreover, I had some of the same issues with the Sanford Police Dept’s investigation. Something is wrong with the whole picture.

      What is that old saying:”If it walks like duck – quacks like a duck -looks like a duck than it must be a duck…Okay!”