Dr. Boyce: Geraldo, Let Me Explain Why You’re a Racist

by  Dr. Boyce Watkins

This week, Geraldo Rivera on Fox News got even more attention for his racially-divisive thinking by picking on dead black people.   Appearing with Bill O’Reilly, another man who has attacked more black people than any Neo-Nazi in America, Rivera goes into his “expert analysis” of the Trayvon Martin case.  Rivera, perhaps thinking that he was giving a logical piece of advice on what people should be wearing if they don’t want to be shot, said that Trayvon was “dressed like a thug” on the night he was murdered.

So, perhaps when a woman gets raped, Rivera will gladly look at any surveillance video and help us to understand how “dressing like a slut” opens you up to sexual assault. “But your honor, she was dressed like a ho!  I’m sure you would want to hit that too,” says the accused rapist.

I am sure that Rivera’s advice was well-intended.  His goal was to warn the rest of us that if you are seen in a place where you don’t belong while wearing a hoodie, someone might roll up on you and shoot you in cold blood.  I get it.  That’s similar to the Crips in Los Angeles warning me not to wear red in Blood territory.  If I decide to sport my Ohio State University sweat shirt, then I clearly deserve to die.


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  1. Has Geraldo yet addressed the fact that Mark Zuckerberg showed up to a meeting with New York Investment bankers wearing a hoodie? Does that mean the president of Facebook is a thug? Or only people of color wearing hoodies are thugs?

  2. There are several races that also wear hoodies. Young white teens and college students wear hoodies. Hispanics wear hoodies. That does NOT make them thugs!!! It was said that it was raining the night that Trayvon was killed. That is probably why he had the hoodie on his head.

  3. die Rivera! fk u nazi honky!

  4. I would just like my comment to be a simple question regarding Geraldo. My question is simply this: Do you or anyone that you know recall Geraldo saying anything positive about African-American youth?

  5. I wonder why the cashier didnt call the police? If Trayvon looked soo much like a criminal, why didnt he hold up the 711? He paid for his skittles and tea like a HUMAN BEING..

    the hoodie nonsense is simply Geraldo looking for attention..

    Geraldo is a disgrace to himself and his family

  6. To be fair, aren’t millions of people claiming Martin was profiled because he was wearing a hoodie?

    Geraldo is addressing that issue, while Watkins has falsely claimed Rivera presumed Martin deserved to be murdered because of his hoodie, something Rivera never said and likely never would consider saying (to the best of my knowledge. If Watkins has other evidence, I’d like to see it).

    • “To be fair – aren’t millions….”

      Yes and no… the hoodie was a predominant issue with the Trayvon Martin case, however overall many were under the impression that it was racially motivated. This has been fairly obvious considering the press surrounding the issue, however not necessarily a point of conjecture at this juncture. The hoodie is part of the issue, but not the entire issue.

      “Geraldo is addressing the issue…”

      No, he’s scapegoating the issue by claiming that your mode of dress is reason for someone to be suspicious and hostile towards you. If Geraldo were to address the issue, he COULD and probably should start with addressing stereotypes and the ignorance behind those that continue to use them.

  7. Some people will say anything to stay in the news.

  8. The owner and founder of Facebook is almost never seen without a hoodie and a pair of jeans on. That is his attire of choice on a daily basis.Would Geraldo dare to categorize him as a thug? I don’t think so!

  9. I think you mean to say “wearing red in crip territory.” FYI wearing red in blood territory is blending in.