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Dr. Boyce: Geraldo, Let Me Explain Why You’re a Racist

by  Dr. Boyce Watkins

This week, Geraldo Rivera on Fox News got even more attention for his racially-divisive thinking by picking on dead black people.   Appearing with Bill O’Reilly, another man who has attacked more black people than any Neo-Nazi in America, Rivera goes into his “expert analysis” of the Trayvon Martin case.  Rivera, perhaps thinking that he was giving a logical piece of advice on what people should be wearing if they don’t want to be shot, said that Trayvon was “dressed like a thug” on the night he was murdered.

So, perhaps when a woman gets raped, Rivera will gladly look at any surveillance video and help us to understand how “dressing like a slut” opens you up to sexual assault. “But your honor, she was dressed like a ho!  I’m sure you would want to hit that too,” says the accused rapist.

I am sure that Rivera’s advice was well-intended.  His goal was to warn the rest of us that if you are seen in a place where you don’t belong while wearing a hoodie, someone might roll up on you and shoot you in cold blood.  I get it.  That’s similar to the Crips in Los Angeles warning me not to wear red in Blood territory.  If I decide to sport my Ohio State University sweat shirt, then I clearly deserve to die.


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