Little Boy Imitates Dr. Martin Luther King with Black Face

Parents, educate your kids.  A second-grade student at Meridian Ranch Elementary in Colorado Springs was taken out of class for painting his face black as a “tribute” to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   Sean King dressed up as King as part of a school project.

“It was wax museum day for the second-graders and each one dressed up as a historical figure they were assigned,” said Sean’s mother, Michelle King-Roca.

Sean’s mother said that her son was excited about the project.

“He said, ‘Mom, I want to wear a black suit because that’s what he wore, a black tie, a white shirt and also I want to do my face black and wear a mustache,” said King-Roca.

The boy’s parents came to school to watch their son do the presentation, but were a bit surprised to see the reaction.


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  1. Though the idea was great and I applaud the kid taking interest in MLK but the parents should have taken to time to explain to him the stigma of black-face before hand. C’mon they knew that it would be an issue.

  2. I don’t understand: if this was truly “Wax Museum Day”, didn’t the boy have to look as close as he could to the character he was portraying, including skin color? It seems an innocent mistake on the part of someone who genuinely loved and admired Dr. MLK. Simply reading his speeches wouldn’t have fulfilled the assignment.

    It’s ironic that the grandchildren of the people who spit on Dr. King and fire-hosed him now are taught to revere him, and at the same time hate current black leaders (President Obama). It also is incredible that adult teachers do not know about the shameful tradition of black-faced white actors playing buffoons and simple-minded fools for jeering white audiences — but, I’ll bet half of the elementary school teachers today have never heard of Amos N Andy, or the self-hating Step N Fetchit.

    Whites love to wallow in mawkish sentimentality over long gone black leaders, and reject blacks who are currently active in the public sphere. The jarring disconnect never ceases to amaze me.

  3. Shame on the parents. I am sure they put him up to this and coached him on what to say to get their 15 minutes. Teachers have to consider all of the students and no little black child should be subjected to this side show.

    If he wanted to honor Dr. King, just read one of his speeches or expand on Dr. King through an essay or visuals.

    I don’t blame the child, the PARENTS are at fault…where did he get the black paint?

  4. Very well stated Renee. I’ve noticed the same thing about Whites, if you try to explain to them that what they are doing is offensive. No need to worry though, they will carry that behavior world wide. More 9/11s.

  5. People act as if the boy was harshly reprimanded and beaten for this incident. I’m sure the principal, teacher, and any other school official were VERY respectful towards his parents and explained the situation to them in a respectful manner. But, if whites don’t get their way and God forbid if they are told why something is racially offensive, they have a holy fucking fit. The key is whites must always have their way and you can’t tell them otherwise. I’ve seen this shit time and time again. You can be as polite as you want to them, but it comes to they having their white way. Go ahead and roll your damn eyes if you want to, but it’s the truth.

    How fucking stupid are white parents? Seriously. You can’t comprehend why the image of a white child in blackface would be deem offensive. So, you’re telling me that adult individuals couldn’t explain to their second grade child he could still portray MLK without the need of blackface. That is bullshit. The responses from whites is the typical, oblivious, patronizing racism they specialize in. They want to play the “these people are soooooo hyper sensitive” game to dismiss the blatant visual of a young child in blackface. No one is that ignorant to American history. People are well aware of blackface imagery in American history and its heinous racial undertones. They CHOOSE to ignore it and lessen the issue because I guess their whiteness allows them to.

    I’m not going to accept being offended. Whites would never accept being offended by something they find disgusting to them so why should I be quiet and accept their stupidity and disregard for black Americans. It’s never going to happen. It’s as if whites want a free fucking pass to be as offensive as they want and dare us to say anything about it. When we do, they want to cry “reverse racism” or any other victim card to showcase themselves as being attack as racists. Would a child be allow to wear a Nazi costume or dress up as Adolf Hitler to his school to showcase the history of Nazi Germany? Hell no. For some reason their small brain cells will never comprehend racism. It’s just an instant, insensitive, hateful, and quite frankly an inherent white reaction to whenever they can’t be as ugly and inhuman as they want to be towards our race.

  6. I agree with Thomas. There was a real opportunity to support this child and foster his love of learning and discovery and perhaps quell this stream of over-sensitivity. I do not think the kid was shuckin and jive, dancing and singing….and if he was doing a presentation on the minstrel tradition, he would have been correct. I love that he was so excited about showing what he discovered about MLK and was excited to show it and show it off. Shame on the teachers for not recognizing this and heading off at the pass, anyone who would heap this burden of assumed prejudice on this child. What if he had gotten Ghandi and dressed in a diaper and walking stick? Until we can let some of this stuff go, we as a community will never get beyond it…after all haven’t we (shamefully I might add)embraced the “N” word.

    • How do we move past complaining about racism when it’s still happening to us? It’s imperative that we all, regardless of how we feel about the matter of racism, read as much as possible, turn off the television, and educate ourselves beyond what we’ve been taught in schools, including college. Now, I’m not saying that this little boy had any intentions of doing a racist act. However, I believe the government (Federal, State, and Local) purposely put the majority of my people in the ghettos. That was intentional. The majority of us don’t have the ability to grasp the fact that during slavery, the whites not only owned us, but studied us. They knew exactly what needed to be done to keep us drunk, high on drugs, and hating ourselves. We’re still struggling.

  7. I think the teachers missed a real teachable moment. The boy was innocent and should have been commended for his love and respect for MLK.