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Boy’s Legs Swell from Flesh-Eating Bacteria

A boy in Uganda has caught an infection that has swelled his legs up to the size of an elephant. tells the story about Vincent Oketch, who is called “Elephant Boy” because his legs are too big for him to get out of bed or wear pants.

A Ugandan boy is struggling to stay alive after his 10-year-old legs swelled to the size of small tree trunks and, soon after, caught the vicious flesh eating bacteriathe Daily Mail reports.

Dubbed, quite cruelly, as the “Elephant BoyVincent Oketch is bed-bound, unable to walk and is forced to wear dresses because his legs are too large to fit into trousers. Doctors in his tiny village of Peta say the boy may die soon if he is not treated. They are appealing to the international community for help.


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