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Black Women Given a Tough Choice: My President or My Pastor?

By Dr. Boyce Watkins

Let’s be clear:  Millions of Black women are deeply in love with President Obama.  They love the fact that Obama represents the powerful black man who remains dedicated to a black woman and raises beautiful black children.  They fantasize about him in a way that reminds us that love is completely blind:  Policy doesn’t usually matter nearly as much as Obama’s “presidential swag” and the beautiful family photos on the cover of Essence Magazine.   This love affair never would have started had the first lady’s name been Misty Obama.

Black women also love their pastors.  A man who doesn’t go to church can be tossed to the side as a potential marital partner if he doesn’t go to church, in part because faith and black women go together like Flavor Flav and his clock.   Millions of black women show up to church religiously (pun intended), quote the bible regularly and even take notes when the pastor speaks.   The relationship starts when they are little girls and made to feel guilty for not going to church and at least pretending to be decent, holy and utterly sanctified.


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