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Michael Eric Dyson Calls Out “Sexual Rednecks” in the Black Church

It appears that author Michael Eric Dyson is pulling no punches as he and Al Sharpton work to persuade Black America to support President Obama’s announcement in support of gay marriage.  In a recent appearance on left-leaning MSNBC, Dyson called out Roland Martin, author Sophia Nelson and Pastor Jamal Bryant for promoting what he refers to as “sexual bigotry” from those in the black church who do not support gay marriage.


Calling out author Sophia A. Nelson, Roland Martin and Pastor Jamal Bryant, who in an exclusive for Newsone said that he felt “jilted” by President Barack Obama‘s decision to show his support for marriage equality, Professor Michael Eric Dyson, filling in for host Ed Shultz on MSNBC, said that religion often cloaks bigotry and was the equivalent of being a “sexual redneck.” In the wake of his provocative appearance, we find out that “Twitter beef” isn’t just for kids as Dyson and Nelson get swept away in the phenomenon over Nelson’s religious stance on marriage equality.

Dyson, as he predicted in his Twitter timeline yesterday, went ”HARD on black homophobia and the moral hypocrisy of the black church.” See below:

After being called out by Nelson on Twitter for his “attack,” Dyson had this to say:

“I think each of you believes that being gay is a “sin” — which in my mind is the first problem. Second you believe being gay is a “sin” on par with adultery and all the other sins in whose league its often mentioned. I think that’s problematic and antithetical to the ethic of love [of] Jesus’ teachings. Third, I think there is a blindness — an inevitable bigotry — in the belief that being [LGBT] by definition makes you a sinner. Since the bible has been similarly used to condemn blacks and women, just substitute black for gay and think how unacceptable is the notion that black folk are by definition “sinners.”

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