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College Student Shot 7 Times by Cops, Then Handcuffed

The shooting of Kendrec McDade has caused controversy after police shot him after a fake 911 call.   The student was shot by police several times, even though he was unarmed and had committed no crime.


Nearly two months ago, NewsOne reported on the tragic case of Kendrec McDade (pictured), the California college student and football star who was killed by Pasadena cops while they  were responding to a robbery. Now that McDade’s autopsy report has been released, it’s been revealed that he was shot seven times at close range and handcuffed afterward, according to the L.A. Times.

After cell phone store worker Oscar Carrillo lied to authorities that the two men who stole his backpack were armed, Jeff Newlen and Mathew Griffin came to the scene. Soon after, they began pursuing McDade who was on foot. Reportedly, when the student allegedly reached for his waistband, one of the officers, who was said to be sitting in the patrol car, fired four rounds at McDade. The second officer, who was on foot, fired yet another four rounds because he “believ[ed] his partner was involved in a firefight.”





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