College Student Shot 7 Times by Cops, Then Handcuffed

The shooting of Kendrec McDade has caused controversy after police shot him after a fake 911 call.   The student was shot by police several times, even though he was unarmed and had committed no crime.


Nearly two months ago, NewsOne reported on the tragic case of Kendrec McDade (pictured), the California college student and football star who was killed by Pasadena cops while they  were responding to a robbery. Now that McDade’s autopsy report has been released, it’s been revealed that he was shot seven times at close range and handcuffed afterward, according to the L.A. Times.

After cell phone store worker Oscar Carrillo lied to authorities that the two men who stole his backpack were armed, Jeff Newlen and Mathew Griffin came to the scene. Soon after, they began pursuing McDade who was on foot. Reportedly, when the student allegedly reached for his waistband, one of the officers, who was said to be sitting in the patrol car, fired four rounds at McDade. The second officer, who was on foot, fired yet another four rounds because he “believ[ed] his partner was involved in a firefight.”





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  2. Cities allow and even want thugs in uniform. Cities also do not want people of high IQ to become police officers. Police officers are very much like the biggest and baddest street gang around anywhere, in every city. They are to be treated as dangerous animals that you have to be very careful around or near. People “respect” wild animals because they are dangerous, but that is not how people ought to really respect other people. It is in all practical reality the basis of why police offers are to be correctly treated similarly with people needing to be very careful, in fear of the police officer themselves, who will lie with absurd excuses to defend their use of violence. Such as all a cop has to do is yell, “stop resisting” or later claim the person was resisting arrest, in order to continue using force on anyone. When will people wake up to this BS excuse and tactic they use (and usually get away with) to abuse their power? How clueless could you be to not know better? Take a twenty something male and give him a short haircut, gun, badge, and uniform, and his violence will be protected and defended instead of held to account with any true justice. Cities simply fear liability and having to pay out as why they lie and say that no wrongdoing has happened when cops are out of control, It has nothing to do with justice. Cops lie, cities lie. It is simply faulty attempts to cover their asses and save face in government. Police officers are permitted to be the biggest violators of law. Thugs in uniform are what they are. Give a bully or hooligan a badge and they can get away with murder. Shame on all involved.

  3. It seems that the New Reviluton has started. It is certainly time for nonviolent people to get strongley armed and do unto others as they do unto us 4 eyes for an eye

  4. you took the words right out of my mouth, all you black pastors and people who fight for civil rights, why you not fighting against the crooked cops who REPEATEDLY KEEP KILLING UNARMED BLACK MEN AND WOMEN? Shoot back, i bet them cops will never see a day in jail and its the black community and black leaders fault.. go ahead let them keep wiping us out and throwing us in jail until there is no more of us. Then what? slavery all over again.

  5. Wow, I just don’t know what to say. It looks like racism is still alive and kicking, in spite of President Obama’s “Color of Change” platform. There is not much difference today than it was back in the Jim Crow days. Even though a lot of us are able to go to fancy jobs in fancy suits, it still reminds me of the joke about asking a Klansman what do you call/think about a black man in an expensive suit, and he replied, “He’s still a nigger.” Well . . .

    • And that Klansman is still the devil. If Black people studied their history, they would have seen this coming. Remember what happened after Reconstruction? The same thing that is beginning to happen right now. Racism/white supremacy has been alive for thousands of years. I think you just bought into the ‘integration myth’ and thought we now live in a ‘post-racial’ society. One of the WORST things Black people can do, and many (not all) of us do it because white people tell us to…and that is to forget your history. Our history tells it all. It will reveal the patterns and the lies. It doesn’t matter who is in the white house or what year it is. The devil is still the devil and until you stop playing with the devil (your abuser) you will stop being abused. Learn to love yourself, recognize the devil for what he is, and deal with him accordingly.

  6. I just don’t know what to say. Nothing has changed, really, as far as racism is concerned and it looks like it is running amuck just like it did in the Jim Crow days. It seems like it is hunting season on all black males and females, including President Obama. White folks are really showing their true colors in blatant form. Looks like Obama’s platform for “Change” didn’t mean a thing. In fact, it looks like “they” got worse.


  8. they will keep killing you until november…and you are all ways going to be unarm….they are going to get mexican that they put in place to do this….aisan…they are trying there hardest to create this thing for extreme separation be fore the election….so yes the white boys with badgets are doing to continue…i can memeber back in the 60’s white boys would beat up black men and they didn’t know what to do..they would get to know every police and their family memeber…and they start doing the same thing to their kids or brothers or wife who ever….and these white boys stop killing the black over night….they just was like no i’m not funking with those niger…and they did the same thing with the employers…catch their son or daughter or even them and scare the hell out of them if not kill them and throw in the woods some where…this what i was told by black men coming out of the 60’s when they started to fight back

  9. If you are running from a robbery, armed or not, and the police shoot you, there is not going to be much sympathy for you. We need to stop suspending the belief that there are some dangerous people in the black community, and that the world is a lot better off without them. To try to portray this guy as a college student, as if he were just minding his own business, is ridiculous. Having said this, there are several unanswered questions in this case, such as, how was the suspect still standing after being shot seven times with .40 caliber pistols? What was the distance between the first officer who fired, and the suspect. Where were the entry wounds?

  10. Time and again these death squads(cops)shoot and kill an unarmed black man knowing full well they will be aquitted. I greee the the posters who say enough is enough! If these pigs continue to gun down unarmed black men then maybe it is time we let them know know that if you hurt us we will take justice into our own hands.And the scary thing for cops is that there is alot of fire power on the street. It’s some guys out there who don’t play that nonsennse and wont hesitate to pop a cop!!

  11. Every young black person, male and female, needs to watch the DVD titled “10 RULES FOR DEALING WITH POLICE”. This DVD is available from The teaching material presented in this DVD was compiled by an high level (Commissioner) African American Police official with 35 years of service. It is narrated by a famous trail lawyer who makes it clear and understandable particularly for young people. If you have a youth that you are concerned about I strongly suggest that you pick up a copy of this DVD and show it to him and all of his friends. FlexYourRights has purposely kept the price of this DVD low so that it is affordable by the general public. Their interest is preventing situations where young black people wind up getting killed or arrested during a confrontation with the police. Check it out!!!

    • Bill the problem with us is that your wanting folks on here to follow the bullcrap from the same MF’s that are responsible for our demise! And you say they charge a fee? These #ocksu^kers can do the dvd free on You Tube. The person we need to study is and learn how these same mf’s think and the language they use. F lawyers and cops they are all “officers of the court” and will not tell anyone what to ask the cop when the sorry murderer stops us or how to question a judge in an arraignment to show there is no standing for him to hear your case! Black folks are so scare of the Klan-Master that they don’t even realize they pay this bi!ches salary!

  12. They are really going to great lengths to lessen the Black vote…

  13. Republican Rule = NRA Rule

    Some people say they need better training. Training? Are you kidding me? Do you know how long they’ve been blaming it on “lack of proper trainig?” There are certain types of spirits that will kill because they know they will not be penalized. They have a badge to murder. Throw their behinds in jail for murder and I bet it’ll end.

    And now they’re are giving the “right to kill” to the average joe with these “stand your ground” laws. How much you want to bet killerman gets away with murdering Treyvon. Do you see a pattern?

  14. @ Kim: A party who wants the Supreme Court to review a decision of a federal or state court files a “petition for writ of certiorari” in the Supreme Court. A “petition” is printed in booklet format and 40 copies are filed with the Court.

  15. @Kim,

    Google the “Innocence Project” and get in touch with Professor Barry Scheck.

  16. Each state should have and/or organize agency for when things like this occur because having ties and bad experiences with the NAACP just doesn’t work. Something needs to be done and fast! Our leaders are no longer real leaders as the Dr. MLK and we as a minority race needs to take a national stand. This is pathetic. I have a son with 13+ years down for a crime he did not commit, wasnt there, etc. He received a life sentence because he refuse to take a guilty plea of 20 years for something he did not commit. If it was the other way around there would be something in place. There needs to be a national headquarters for indiviuals/families/inmates to submit stories to and lawyers, etc taking these cases looking into them and doing something about it. We have taken enough and it needs to come an end.

  17. If I’m ever called to be a juror on any case, civil or criminal and the defendant is black and the plaintiff is white the blackman or woman will win their case. Not unless it’s just some heinous crime the defendant has been accused of.

  18. We as black people can fight back by sitting on juries and convicting all these racist crooked cops on trial regardless of the evidence just like they’ve been doing to us for centuries. Use their own laws against them.


    • I Agree! Black folks love to lay in the lap of the man with a noose in his hand. In Baxley, GA they have a sheriff named Benny DeLoach. He is a nasty cracker that hates black and his deputies dogs them out. I’m from Brooklyn, NY and I don’t take their sh^t. The blacks down here are just like the civil right days, crackers can throw a glass of milk in their face and they be like yes sir, that milk sure is cold hee-hee-hee! I say when these stinkin cops black ones too commit a violent act they need to be popped on the spot and no one should snitch and if they do they can get it too! I watched the West Indian Day parade and look at the sorry black woman whinning on these anti-social pyscopaths. Black folks have very low self-esteem and we can thank the black churches for that. You never see a group of community Pastors stick up for their own kind in the black community with any substance like go to the courthouse and demand the judge follow his rules instead of disrespecting our people. White folks rule and niccas suck!

  20. It’s open season on black folks in America. Let’s face it, all the “officers” will get is paid leave, aka, reward for a job well done. It’s called genocide, with the enslaved syrvivors serving as permanent caste system victims, or
    “the walking dead” goind along to get alone.

    So, black folks can keep walking around with their pants hanging down their butts, and tossing their hair weaves around acting like every thing is honkey dorey in the neighborhood, whether it be up town or in the hood, but the fact of the matter is, modern day slavery is a well oiled machine and very much alive and well in the land that chattel, and now psychological and physical slavery built.

    America continues to bite off its nose to spite its face because its fatlistic way of dealing with the subconscious guilt from the brutality it continues to heap on us victims of the worse form of slavery in the history of the world is to keep it up. The gravy train is just too good to surrender voluntarily it seems.

    But as the musical Meesenger of God, Curtis Mayfield, warned us: If there’s a hell below, we’re all gonna go.

  21. Daniel Shackelford

    Their life was not in danger and they knew that. If he did have a gun, they know they weren’t receiving fire. He didn’t have a gun and they know they were never in danger. But they were after someone Black. Thats all they needed to use deadly force. Far too many black men have died because the police have no regard for Black people. If you are a police officer and you so scared that you have to use deadly force because you see someone that is Black, you need another job. YOU SHOULD NOT BE A POLICE OFFICER. There are too many alternatives to deadly force and all of you carry tasers. When one of these family members decide that a eye for an eye should be the norm and a police officer is killed, you want to give the person life because that was his job. KILLING BLACK MEN IS NOT YOUR JOB. Keeping the peace is and you murderous assinine fools need to understand that.

  22. Reports of the police killing an unarmed African American male and getting away with it are so common that they are not even any longer news. It is just what happens in America and a part of the American culture, like going fishing.

    • So when are African American males gonna change their gang plans: band together, bait the police, and get the bad ones kicked off the force? With the technology these days, it can be done.

  23. Stop praying and other miscellaneous BS and start fighting back. When a beast does this type of sh*t we should immediately be there to take two of their lives. They do this because they know all most of us will do is “smh” and pray to the lawd.

  24. Reports of the police killing an unarmed African American male and getting away with it are so common that they are not even any longer news. It is just what happens in America and a part of the American culture

    • Sad but true… Maybe people should start making the news when they SURVIVE an interaction with these trigger happy cops.

      it used to be that when you heard one of these stories you would think it was unbelievable. Now you just think “Again!” SMH

  25. The cell phone store worker is the first one who should do serious jail time for lying.

  26. EVERY TIME – something like this happens my heart is broken all over again. Please God, put those policemen in jail, for life.