Dr. Boyce: Insider Reveals that Basketball Wives are Trained Like Michael Vick’s Puppies

By Dr. Boyce Watkins

Former Basketball Wives cast member Tanya Young wrote a very compelling essay this week giving inside scoops on the show that everyone loves to hate.  Hailed as the New Jerry Springer, “Basketball Wives” has become an arena for angry black women to fulfill every negative stereotype known to man.  Since sex and violence both sell quite well, VH1 has worked overtime to make the women look as sexy as possible, all so they can rip each other’s weaves out and throw drinks in their enemies’faces.

“Basketball Wives” (which should actually be called “Basketball Baby Mama’s,” since most of these women were never married) was thoroughly undressed in Ms. Young’s essay. She explained how the company behind the show, Shed Media, often manipulated the women to get them to become violent toward one another.

“It (the environment) was both toxic and controlling,” said Young. “Women were not allowed to communicate after shooting a scene; women were chastised as if they were children; high-ranking executives would childishly ignore cast members on the set; and producers would “ice” cast members from working when they wanted to garner more outrageous conduct from them.”

Young goes on to talk about how the friendships were fake and producers would deliberately create hostilities between the women.

“Despite the “friendships” portrayed on the screen, some producers purposely planted seeds of discord between the women, and told outright lies, hoping that conflict and drama would ensue,” she said.

Based on Ms. Young’s description of what might be the worst show in America, it appears that the producers at Shed Media have taken the Michael Vick approach to television production.  When convincing dogs to fight one another to the death, you must kill any desire for peace between the animals.  You put them in a small, dirty cage, make them fight for food, and convince the animal that every other dog should be its enemy.  It the dog seeks out peace, you punish him until he is persuaded to fight.





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  1. Willie Lynch tactics in full effect! I also see how the keep these women with a drink in their hands always! It’s so sad that my people still falling for the B.S! Shaq’s ex-wife is making a killing off these madness

    • I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU DEE!! They also need to do something about Bill Cunningham, Maury and many of these shows. It is a shame how so many black people, mainly women still have this plantation mentality. These loud, ignorant, ghetto women overshadow quiet women because they are attractive because they have the nails, fake hair, and profess to be christians but I tell you so, so, many are not christian women. So many want to define christianity to fit their lifestyle and sadly the majority are going to miss heaven. What happened to meekness, quietness? Don’t be fooled with the articulate speech, college degrees, and outer beauty. A christian woman does not expose herself to draw attention. I’m happy Tanya left.

  2. You,can take them out of the projects, but you can’t take the projects out of them; the VH1 producers know this and they are able to exploit these ladies accordingly.

  3. crazy show and crazy people

  4. Reality TV shows make millions off of controversy, Shaunie and every one else who part took in the show Basketball Wives knew there would be nothing positive from the filming of the show. The producers and cast knew the more controversy the higher the ratings and the more money going into everyones pocket.
    It just shows viewers that people will do anything for money and they will stoop to all kinds of levels for money. The said truth to it all, is that when the negative comments began every one on the realty show’s want to run for cover and scream foul when the crowd began to boo them.
    Many people have a negative views on black women and have many negative names to call them gold diggers, hoe’s, slut’s and b’s. Reality TV shows reenforces those negative view, behaviors and stereotypes. They put all black women in the same category.
    Black women, hispanic women all women have a great deal to offer in the family setting, work force, media, school, businesses, companies, agencies. governments and society. Behind every successful man is a strong grandmother, mother, wife, daughter, sister.
    Nothing positive has or is coming from the reality TV show Basketball Wive, they only display selfish behavior and violence. There are no actions showed on the Basketball Wives that can be used to help anyone in live. Wives, mothers, sister, daughters or any women who have children should never stoop to any level to gain fame and fortune.

  5. Kill the show

  6. Tanya is a very bright and smart woman and I glad that she left that trash, Ratchet Wives: LA. It is a hot mess and I just feel that Vh1 and the women are making black women look bad.