Pastor Jamal Bryant did an interview with the  Tom Joyner Morning Show  today about President Obama’s support of gay marriage and seemed to indicate that President Obama has some damage control to do in the black church. Pastor Jamal Bryant. “I absolutely, vehemently disagree with the president,” Bryant said. “I agree with his presidency, but with this policy, I do not agree. Marriage is the original institution of the church.” Asked if he would switch over and vote for Mitt Romney, Bryant said, “I think, given the option I’ve got, which is Mitt Romney, I’ve got no choice.” “Black people are not going to switch over to the Republican party or put Romney signs on their front lawn. The critical concern is whether they will vote with apathy and not show up at the polls,” Bryant said. “The reality is, President Obama better be in some black churches real soon clapping his hands, singing Amazing Grace and waving that right hand because the black vote is going to be very critical and apathy may win this election if we don’t get on the ground,” Pastor Bryant warned.  Do you agree? Does President Obama need to go to black churches and explain himself?

Pastor Jamal Bryant: Obama Better Get To Black Churches Soon To Explain Himself on Gay Marriage

Pastor Jamal Bryant did an interview with the Tom Joyner Morning Show today about President Obama’s support of gay marriage and seemed to indicate that President Obama has some damage control to do in the black church.

Pastor Jamal Bryant.

“I absolutely, vehemently disagree with the president,” Bryant said. “I agree with his presidency, but with this policy, I do not agree. Marriage is the original institution of the church.”

Asked if he would switch over and vote for Mitt Romney, Bryant said, “I think, given the option I’ve got, which is Mitt Romney, I’ve got no choice.”

“Black people are not going to switch over to the Republican party or put Romney signs on their front lawn. The critical concern is whether they will vote with apathy and not show up at the polls,” Bryant said.

“The reality is, President Obama better be in some black churches real soon clapping his hands, singing Amazing Grace and waving that right hand because the black vote is going to be very critical and apathy may win this election if we don’t get on the ground,” Pastor Bryant warned.

 Do you agree? Does President Obama need to go to black churches and explain himself?

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  3. john henry gautier

    Don’t come back too a black church obama you okay by paid your thites the way you do now because most blacks have e church they will cause you be like most of them…….fatfatee fate

  4. I am not sure why you think he has to go to black churches, Homosexual come in all religions, creed, and color, if he needs to go to church and explain himselt he needs to hit them all not just the black ones. Just because he is black he does not owe any one paticular group an explanation. You vote your concensious not your color.

  5. I am originally from a third world country where believes are more important than the economy, and guess what? We happily survive.
    Without a doubt the United Sates is still one of the greatest nations in the universe; but let's not do like the other greatest nations that perished by forgetting that God is more important than anything and anyone.
    If we decide to support Mr. Obama for a second term, that would be just every one's personal conclusion, but don't try to justify his decisions neither to imply that he doesn't need to explain his decisions, because after all, and according to our constitution this is all about "we the people" and not you the king.
    Mr. Obama is just another human being like you and I, and to remind him what the scripture says about homosexuality is not a sin, but just our Christian duty.

    • Well, you used the key words: the United States offers everyone freedom of speech, religion and belief regardless of race, color or creed. Therefore, everyone is accountable to God for their own personal actions, not you, the President nor I. It is not our business–it is not our call to judge others on how they conduct their lives. This is the beauty of living in America. And just so you know, I'm not even gay, nor advocate the life-style. I'm simply looking at it from many fronts. Peace!

    • Ms. Isaac Martin. Presidents are accountable for their actions to the country and their people, and when we vote and support a leader is because we agree with his/her views and the way he/she will lead our country. and we believe that that person will In the long run we will face God to respond for our souls, but in this life you will still be accountable to others for your actions.

    • Ms. Isaac Martin. Even the Presidents of the United States is accountable for his actions and decisions to his people. If we could ask Mr. Obama, I am sure he would corroborate my words. Remember the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky fiasco? His unmoral actions wasn't left just for God to take care of, but a vast majority of U.S citizens criticized his actions and Mr. Clinton was very close to get impeached and he ended up apologizing to the United States for his wrong doing. President Roosevelt stated it very clear "With great power comes great responsibility" so, ultimately your Soul will be judged for salvation by God, but your actions won't go unnoticed by the man and society and they may be judged here as well.
      I have nothing against anyone, and I also believe in freedom of speech, religion, and believe, but we can not confuse freedom with licentiousness. The United States is changing. We are changing it, and WE have the options to make it better or make it worst; just keep in mind that God will also judge us depending on the things that we did, and the things that we did not do to make things better around us. If we want to remind silence to what is going on around us, even when we disagree, at least we should pray hard for our children, because tomorrow they will confront the consequences of our actions and decisions.

  6. Why does he need to go to a black church and explain him self he is the damn president of the U.S.A he does not need to explain anything about any thing. Funny how Jamal Bryant oppose same sex marriage and yet he did not tell how he committed adulterly against his beautiful wife…. Jamal Bryant needs to check him self befor looking down on another about what ever…

    • That comment was out of line. This is about politics and personal views. You are throwing rocks. I assume you are perfect.
      I am a christian too, as some of our brothers ans sisters here. But I am making my decisions not based on cultural or personal believes. I am making my decision based on what the Bible says, because the last time I checked, that is the only truth. Unless you believe that the Bible is not correct.

  7. Black folks need to be concerned about what will happen if Mitt Romney becomes president. Based on his recent statements, he is not concerned about working people and poor people are not even on his radar screen. We need to get out the vote from our community. Let the pastor go fishing or to his pastor appreciation dinner. My forefathers and mothers suffered and died for my right to vote. I will not disrespect them by trivializing this historical moment.





  9. No I don't think he needs to show up at any church's but I do think he needs to pay attention to how people might be feeling, unfortunately alot of our folks don't think for themselves and are easily swayed or convinced everything that roll out of their preachers mouth is true…..IJS.

  10. Despite all the hateful language on here concerning Jamal Bryant who is a sinner just like the rest of us trying to work out his soul's salvations like the rest of us should……but yes I believe President Obama needs to pay attention to the developments concerning his decisions to support Gay Marriage….I wll be voting for him because what other option do I have and I will not let the sacrifices of my ancestors be in vain because I dissagree with this one issue. And any minister who stands in the pulpit and encourages their congregation to not vote might as well slap his momma, grandmom and all of his other ancestors who did not have this right in the face and spit on their graves! Shame on them….

  11. The president should be absolutely ashamed to have the distinction of being the first U.S. president to publicly endorse same-sex marriages. I still continue to proclaim that Bill Clinton was the best president I had in my lifetime. First off, because of the Defense of Marriage Act which recognizes marriage as being between a man and a woman and importantly because of the ever popular Family Medical leave Act. Now we have an irresponsible president who sees fit to broaden his voter base with a campaign wallet filled with homosexual money. The president. just like most democratic politicians, believe that the black vote is an automatic certainty. I am one black with the courage to say to the president, “I will not vote for you in November.” No, I will not stay home. Yes I will vote for Romnwey. I can not run the risk of staying home and not voting at all, while every homosexual in the nation rushes to the polls to vote for same-sex marriages. You are right. A vote for Obama is a vote for same-sex marriages. What true christian would vote for a president pulling the black leg by pretending not to know that same-sex marriage IS NOT a civil rights issue? What true christian would not vote against him to derail his ambition to confuse and misguide innocent babies all over this world just to pocket homosexual money? Why has the president supported the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak, Mohumar Kadafi, and Basir Assad, who all haD THE RIGHT TO DEFEND THEIR LEADERSHIPS AND SOVERIEGNS OF THEIR NATIONS? We are talking about a black president who obviously is more concerned about marriage rights of gays than civil rights of blacks. In the Arab world when you attempt to overthrow your country, America and her European counterparts calls you things like opposition, rebels or freedom fighters and reward you with money, CIA and Rupert Murdock style media pity. When the Black Panther Party, Martin L. King and Malcolm X demanded liberation, freedom and civil rights, they were called communists, terrorists and treasons and rewarded jail cells. Well, I can go on and on but I will end by saying the president has me worried as hell about the future of this country, when in some instances, we won’t be able to tell a man from a woman. Amen!

  12. who would Jesus vote for? not gay marriage,killing babies. what will you say on judgement day ,sorry lord I supported this. he will say depart from me

  13. Shirley Logan Higgs

    Thou protest too much Pastor Bryant. Wonder why?

  14. Most of these pastors are either like Jessie Jackson Sr. with a mistress in the shadows or like Eddie Longstroke on the DL, but on the pulpit it’s praise the lord, and bring in the cash, then shoot the breeze about homos.

  15. What hypocrits are black churches… most of the choir directors are gay. Gays are good enough to lead the choir, but dont ask about equal rights. That’s why I will not attend a black church.

  16. maybe reverend splivingates can hand some poor people some cheddar and minister to the needy and so his xtian duty, rather than meddle in politics which violates the first amendment and calls into question that tax-exempt status that keeps him so well dressed.

  17. Those who are for it, let them be for it and those who are against it let, them be against it.
    I am seeing so many people hurl negative comments about Black people having separate opinions, beliefs and convictions and these same people are Black people. Everyone’s does not have to agree with the president and everyone does not have to disagree with the president.
    If a man has done a wrong and is continued to be convicted of that wrong, then the same argument will never be resolved as we who do believe reject our advocate. Does one mans beliefs negates another’s. If you guys can continue to have this awful insulting degrading words for others, how are you really any different from those who hated based on…….. You can have a different opinion without perpetrating hatred!

  18. Jamal Bryant, how many women did you have sex with while you were married? How many women are you having sex with now? Your self righteous question and profession is nothing but BS. I have no respect for you as a man. Your religious pimping of innocent Black women is a disgrace.

  19. Don’t these “Jesus Pimps” ever quit? There’s nothing more sad than to watch the Uncle Ruckus types cling to “Massa’s” religion. The man took your name,took your language,took your religion,took your dignity and self respect,and yet you cling to his religion.It’s the 21st century.You don’t have to kiss Massa’s *ss no mo.

  20. Some pastors railing about the president’s opinion on gay marriage has tunnel vision. The president is for equality. If that includes gay marriage, so be it. Some of the pastors mourning and groaning, I bet are gay or have gay lovers. The president did not sign a bill for gay marriage. It was his opinion, not his law, not his gospel. You know what he believes about marraige. Just look at his family.

  21. Another Reverend who has sold his soul to the highest bidder. The hypocrisy that exist today in “organized religion” is simply flipping stupid. The sad part is that it is being used to attack the POTUS. What you “black clergy” need to concern yourself with is under performing schools, crime, the economy, medical care and the state of your communities. To examine and run with this single issue and use it to attack the POTUS is nothing more than hateful.


    KNOW THIS: The Kushite/Black Psalm 75:6-7: So-called President Traitor in the White is bond by the same US Constitution, which gave the (Stand your ground Law). This same Constitution has allowed 26+States (Stand your Ground Laws), which is to be perfected (FIRST) upon Kushite/Blacks with the same GOD_the JEW_WORD Psalm 68:31(b) Revival Blessing Seed of the woman upon them wearing-Hood-dies: that created the Jew. The question is asked, why would any Black Christian vote for Obama, should be rightfully asked, of every Jew?

    When this same (Stand your Ground Law), which will be Anti-christ chief-granted-by-the-US Constitution-weapon against Israel/Jews, during (Jacob time of Trouble) 7 Years Tribulation Period. Without the 666 Mark on their foreheads and in their hands. GOD_the JEW_WORD, please have Mercy on every Christian and Jew who in 2012 supports, this (Stand your Ground Law) upon their Kushite/Black Brethren and is leaving it in tack for the destruction of the Jew after the: RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH.

    The-Tea-ONE-Republican Party is asking, this Republic, what are we leaving our Grandchildren in 2012? THE TORAH/BIBLE Answer is: Anti-christ, this worked on killing Trayvon Martian and it will continue to work as a Jew-killing-weapon during the (Jacob Time of Trouble): with the Conservative so-called-NON-ONENESS-IN THE BODY OF CHRIST CHURCH and The Christians United for Israel Blessing?


    Ambassador Charles Linder Floyd


  24. If two people of the same sex want to marry, who am I to say that it’s wrong. I treat people with respect amd I don’t give a damn what their sexual preference happens to be.

  25. Seems to me these preachers don’t believe in equal rights, just because one person believes in something doesn’t mean you demean them or vote for someone else, Obama’s presidency shouldn’t be based on one opinion but what he has done as a whole, theses preachers are saying that African Americans don’t believe in same sex marriage is untrue, I am a African American Lesbian and proud of it, and feel that we all should have to right to marry regardless, of sex, sexual orientation, race, religion etc…

  26. For every homophobic black who does not vote because of the issue, there will be two (2) gay/lesbian voters to take their place.

  27. The ignorance of Pastor Jamal Bryant is the ignorance of many religious followers. Marriage is not the original institution of the church. The idea of marriage is so old that is predates reliable history. Every culture has their own definition and reasoning for establishing this institution and thus can not be equated to a monolithic faith, practice, or culture. I respect a persons desire to follow or not follow whomever or whatever, but do me a favor and keep your ignorance to yourself.

  28. Jamal Bryant and The President means us no good. Black Politicians and Black Clergy have been selling out the Black Community for years. So don’t believe the hype, grassroots comes from the ground up, not from the rich (Obama and Bryant) down!!!!

  29. Reading all of this really makes me sad. The only thing I will say is that GOD is not people. People are people and they make up our homes, churches, schools, etc and we are all prone to good, bad and sometimes even the ugly (not to excuse anyone). But GOD is who HE is and we cannot change HIM and just because we don’t do what he tells us will be the best for us, does not make what he tells us wrong. HE is fair and allows us to make the choice to do things His way or our way. The church being full of hypocrites does not make GOD one nor does it make it right. I encourage everyone to learn GOD not people so that you don’t miss the fulfilling life that comes from knowing who He is because of people (myself included) who made bad choices. Peace to all!!!

  30. Well speaking as a Christian, from that perspective, for believers.. this is a very dangerous move.. for a few reasons.. this opens up the door for many more laws to be passed, with a president who is now encouraging, supporting and openly allowing this new age soddam and gommarah to happen.. never in history has any president even George w, come out of his face to align with such an abomination. Hey if people choose to have that lifestyle, ok thats their peragotive. but one thing i want to point out is this country was founded on Christian principles.! Yes you can check out the history of your constitution. never did our founding fathers, ever anticipate this scenario. Noone is without sin yes.. but to openly endorse it is entirely a different ball game..

    • Opening the door for other laws to be passed? Such as what? If you’re referring to polygamy, pedophilia or bestiality I can tell you know that it doesn’t work with children and animals because neither group can give consent to legal contracts, and marriage is exactly that.

  31. Barack is really a heathen just like most of you.You hate anything upright.You listen to satanic music and call yourselves christians.God tells us not to fornicate but we listen to music that promote everything God is against.So remember when rappers tell you to slang dope,kill people and glorify women on women in videos who’s side does he represent.Satan worship is strong in the young black youth and they wonder why they catch so much hell.Stop listening to R&B,rap and any other mess that destroys the mind,body and soul.

  32. Like many have said the squeaky wheel gets the oil. In this case the Gay community. So you can’t be upset with Obama for his stance with regards to gay marriage, they took action. We no longer have any respectable or serious advocates for the black community. The last serious generation was that of the men of the 60’s. Malcolm, The Black Panther Party, and a couple others. Well you see what happened to them, now we are left with what or whom.

    Personally I’m not anti-gay, I’m just pro-heterosexual. A couple of talking points that aren’t discussed outside of the GLBT community;
    1) You’re not born Gay. You may be born with excessive amounts of testosterone or estrogen but you’re not born gay. So you can’t compare the civil rights movement for blacks with gay rights. Even within the GLBT community there exist a divide amongst those that will vehemently defend the “You were born Gay” versus those that say they made a choice to be gay. Do you know why? Because those in the belief of “you are born this way” are those that are also trying to equate Gay Rights to the Civil Rights marches for blacks of the 60’s.
    2) Here is a dirty little secret, which the GLBT community certainly doesn’t want widely known. Significant portions of the community were victims of sexual abuse at one time in their life. So based on every criminal and psychological course being taught in our leading universities this trend translates to a significant portion of them may have also been the perpetrators of sexual abuse.

    I don’t force my beliefs on anyone nor should I feel bad because I’m a masculine male. So you’re not born gay, you may have been a victim of a crime, or made a conscious decision to live that lifestyle, eitherway I don’t care just don’t try to force your beliefs on my kids or I.

    Look at my skin color, I am not a racist, I’ve dated the entire spectrum of race and culture, I have friends and family that are gay, I love them just as much as I love my heterosexual friends and family. So what position am I advocating you may ask. I advocating that instead of complaining or praying we take an active approach to determining our future. Look beyond the shinny objects, in this case gay marriage and the rights of the GLBT community, instead demand economic, educational, and business opportunities. We are not the GLBT community, we are the black community! Even though we have GLBT within the black community (hugely popular within the church of all places) they are sometimes shunned and ridiculed by the predominately white GLBT community the same group that is quick to equate their cause with ours. Wake up!

    What just one generation built, a few generations have destroyed with drugs, self-hate, violence, and self-destructive behavior. How are we so quick to forget there was a time when we were killed for being able to read, when we had to fight for equal access to education, when we needed to lock ourselves in our homes at night because we feared the white mob was going to come lynch us. Now with easy access to education we mock the intelligent ones amongst us. Most of us can’t get into college because they are afraid to leave home or can’t score high enough on the SAT. Now we lock ourselves in the house because the man outside with our same skin color will kill you because he doesn’t know you, or because of the color of your clothing, or because he simply doesn’t like the fact you “think” you are better than him.

    We once again are fighting over the crumbs instead of demanding a seat at the table. New flash you have what is called the right of self-determination. While we are beat each other or thumping the bible, the rest of the world is educating itself. Acting black to them is a recreation, something done for fun. Why are we the only race that makes fun of each other for not being black enough, talking white, selling out, and in the same breath we celebrate poverty, vilify education, degrade our women, whom quit frankly have been the backbone of our society forever. Shame on the parents of those kids whom can recite songs by Lil Weezy, Birdman, Solider Slim, Wacka whoever, the Housewives of Atlanta, and any other imbecile that is given a microphone and placed in our homes as the role model for our kids. These same kids can’t read, write, or add. I didn’t have access to the best of educational systems, heck you may even detect that within this article, however you can best believe I want to give my sons the best and there is no way I would tolerate them being able to recite lil Weezy songs before they know how to read. Stop fighting over crumbs. Demand or take a seat at the table.

    Ok I’m finished with my Sunday morning rant, Happy Mothers Day.

    → Dropping the mic and stepping off my soapbox.

  33. fuck all this shit i wont be voting i dont give a fuck who becomes president

  34. to my knowledge no money given by gays has been given back from the collection plate…

  35. The president stated this was a matter of the principles of equal rights. I thought the Bible stated that “his(GOD) kingdom was not part of this world”. So I like most, do not understand what the president have to explain. Besides the Bible also stated do not judge your fellow man, if chuch people decide not to vote this next election and Obama loses. We all will be in a rougher state, pay attention this new republican party has a lot of racial oriented views.

  36. The President is responsible to explain himself to ALL Americans. He is accountable to all citizens. Gay marriage has sure taken the spotlight off a real issue called immigration.

  37. For those of you who quote the Bible as your reasoning for being against gay marriage, I hope you don’t eat shellfish or pork either, because that’s also against the Bible and word of God, and its also mentioned in the book of Leviticus, the same book that bans homosexuality. Sure would be hypocritical if you did eat those things.

    Also, has Jesus actually told any of you in person how he would vote? Did he send you a text message last night?

  38. Remove the PLANK from your own eye first. . . remember that scripture REV?

  39. Seriously!? Where was all this concern and outrage when Eddie Long was (and probably still is molesting boys in his church?) I didn’t see the good pastor saying anything. Matter of fact, I didn’t hear ANY pastors in the black church saying anything. Hell if they can turn a blind eye to that and turn a blind eye to adultery and turn a blind eye to the homosexuals in their own pulpit and congregation…what’s the problem? President Obama doesn’t have to explain ANYTHING to them.!


    BIBLE quoting Southern Black preachers and their congregations FORGET…. The BIBLE SAYS… its OK and RIGHT… have SLAVES and SLAVERY. For 400 years, WHITES quoted BIBLICAL VERSE and TEXT to justify The African Slave Trade and hoarding Africans as animal commodities.

    THE BIBLE also SAYS…..Love Thy Neighbor and Do unto OTHERS as you would have DONE unto YOU. Now where is all this BLACK HATE and BIGOTRY comin here. THIS PREACHER acts like He’s SHAFT or The MACK! I guess he thinks he is the GATEKEEPER and SPOKESMAN for ALL BLACK CHURCH GOING PEOPLE. I THINK…NOT

  41. The first responsibility is to live by the standards of God’s Word. After having done that, when speaking into the lives of people, the weight of their words is measured by their obedience to The Word. It’s not enough that folk endorsed the president with their votes. Sadly, people didn’t pay enough attention to what the then candidate Obama said about same sex and abortion (Planned Parenthood). So when you vote because of skin and not because of sin, you endorsed his presidency and policy. Homosexuality is an abomination Leviticus 18:22 tells us. So to be for Obama, who supports same sex unions when God is against it, you have something to talk to the Lord about when you stand before Him in judgment. The president doesn’t need to come to church except for one reason.


    As far as the rest of the believers that claim to know God and live sinful lives, you too. REPENT! And don’t hide behind Matthew 7:1. Read the rest of the verses below it. And finally, Jesus did say, “Go, and sin no more in John chapter 5, and John chapter 8. Cleaning house starts in our dirty shack. Time to get busy!

  42. Yes, I do agree the president, have to go to black churches to talk about this. Majority of black america disagree the same-sex marriage decision. If he, doesn’t some black people will stay home. We can’t afford black people staying home. This will be a close election. Black america must evolve on the same-sex marriage issue it’s the 21 century. I want equal rights for all americans.

    • On the Bible, in particular Leviticus 18:22 that God declared same sex as “an abomination,” I stand with God against the sin of homosexuality. No matter what century we or the next generation lives, Psalm 119:89 says, “Forever, O Lord You word is settled in heaven.” Malachi 3:6 says, “I am the Lord, I change not.” Because of these Scriptures, as a child of God and a man of God, there is no way that I am going to stand against God’s standard of holiness. And the Lord made the institution of marriage, not man, please read Genesis 2:21-25. So, not only do I disagree with “evolving,” I condemn sin as God does. But there is hope of eternal life through Jesus Christ, out Lord who died for our sins that we may live. This hope of eternal life from a loving God is extended to all who is willing to repent and receive His everlasting forgiveness.

  43. Joseph Patterson

    The pastor says that there’s no choice! Bull! The choice is supporting something that God called an abomination or voting for a president because he’s Black and a democrat! I would rather not vote at all than to stand behind someone who doesn’t stand for anything but his own power. Yes, I’m referring to Barack Obama! First, our so-called leaders and role models encouraged us to vote for someone with little or no experience running anything, and who strongly supports abortion. They now want us to ignore God’s word and push our morals and principles to the rear. Why? Because they love a man and a political party! As far as I’m concern, that pastor didn’t stand up strongly enough for the lord!!!!!! I will never vote for anyone who supports abortion or gay marriage because I think, really think, that’s what Jesus would do!

  44. Its no one to judge but God himself. So the churches are no better. So work on your problems, become perfect then maybe I might listen.

  45. I can’t ever begin to take this man serious. The president should explain himself to who and for what? To even propose the idea the Black’s wouldn’t vote for Obama’s re-election because he refuses to join their bandwagon of nonsense is just idiotic.

  46. Rochesternative

    The president is COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. Not “president in chief”

    Racheal Bradley: The issue is the term MARRIAGE. Throughout time the word marriage has meant one man and one woman. A civil union, fine…gross but fine. That is NOT what these activists are after however.

    Robert Burnham: That’s Prophet not profit. Two ENTIRELY different things.

    Ya’ll are serously screwed up. HOW is your life better now than it was 4 years ago. Have you SEEN the stats about the black community and unemployment? Obama just wants to keep you on the plantation my friends…

  47. Rochesternative

    The president is COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. Not “president in chief”

    Racheal Bradley: The issue is the term MARRIAGE. Throughout time the word marriage has meant one man and one woman. A civil union, fine…gross but fine. That is NOT what these activists are after however.

    Robert Burnham: That’s Prophet not profit. Two ENTIRELY different things.

    Ya’ll are serously screwed up. HOW is your life better now than it was 4 years ago. Have you SEEN the stats about the black community and unemployment? Obama just want’s to keep you on the plantation my friends…

  48. Any American black or white who votes for Obama or Romney is uninfOrmed the man is the worse president then bush go look at the rights he’s talking away from you go look at how your debt is bigger then any president ever gave u vote Ron Paul of u have any common sence .. Obama is evil and if hes elected will go to war with Iran and cause ww3 Russia already has troops irans border and are gunna back them lets not forget china backs Russia look it up for your self Ron Paul will restore America as for this pastor the bible is clear on the issue so he is speeding biblically any Christian cannot deny this about his past I do not no but his fruits for this topic are correct

  49. It’s articles like this that INFURIATE me! This statement is blatant racism! “I agree with his presidency, but with this policy, I do not agree.”
    He might as well have admitted that his vote was based upon the color of Obama’s skin NOT his politics! This supports my position that racism is alive and well, accepted, practiced and encouraged within the black population just as much, if not more than in the white population. I disapprove of Obama, so I am constantly accused of being racist. But a black man disapproves of Obama, yet still professes his support of him and that is JUST fine! It is unbelievable how hypocritical some folks can be!

  50. He’s black they been waiting on this since MLK had a dream. The vote is written in stone. No debate there.

  51. Black people better think about switching to the Republican party. The Dems are no friends to you EVER!!

  52. Not all republicans are the same. If Jamal did cross over, he would more than likely join us. We are for social justice, but also economic fairness. Read our values:

    African Americans would feel that our values line up not only with social justice, but also with God’s Word.

  53. This is coming from one who openly committed adultery …. be careful about casting stones … they will come back to hit you

  54. Michelangelo Clark

    All of y’all that’s talking about Dr. Bryant, watch yourselves he is God’s man the servant of God. If you followed him he has already prayed to God and asked his people for forgiveness. So buddy who made the comment about a glass house, remember you have one too. Keep your mouth off of the man of God because you will always lose.

    • You can’t be serious…. yeah… the man of GOD, the one who ignored THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY… What that man said is A FACT… not a rumor not a LIE! You think GOD is pleased with that? GET IT TOGETHER!

  55. Marriage didn’t start in the church so…..

  56. Love it when Black people of power forget that, not too long ago, we (1) couldn’t vote and (2) couldn’t get married in – wait for it – THIS SAME COUNTRY! Meanwhile, our oppressors found a myriad of ways to justify and institutionalize their discriminatory beliefs and actions and laws using what? THE BIBLE! Apparently we were whip-cracked so bad that some slave-mentality having Black people can’t wait to jump up and impress their master by beating down the next shipment of victims. If nothing else, Pastor, if NOTHING ELSE, REMEMBER HISTORY. Remember that some pastor LESS than a century ago was more than likely saying the same thing to some candidate about his need to come to the church and explain his apparent nigger-loving ways! Smh wake up. God is better and bigger than you’re making Him.

  57. The President can sure make political calculations to support gays, Latinos and everyone else.

    But, when it comes to the group who gave him 95% of their vote, his political calculations always seen to tilt toward “do nothing.”

    When has the President addressed any issues specific to the Black community? Or, will he get to that in his second term? LOL!

    • I have been basicaly saying the same thing for so long. Obama is using this to get re-elected, he really don’t give a damn about the issues in the black community, his actions shows us this all the time.

  58. Mr. President,

    I received your response and I’m thankful that you took the time to sincerely touch on all the points that shaped your belief and I appreciate the conviction that you have in your heart but this is not about you at all. Your position and your personal opinion and beliefs at times of critical decision can be quite different. Such as it should be for a leader. What I may wish for my child may be different that my opinion and while I may have the power to make it happen it’s the best use of that power that I will be held accountable for the countless lives that will be influenced for years to come. The rejected children from families and the choices that are made (people that will choose this life style) because the government says it legal therefore it must be moral (kind of thinking that each generation will face). We know that will happen when we look at the untold death of murdered children because the government now determines what murder is and what murder is not!

    We took the mantel out of God’s hand and we began to replace his Word with our ways. No I’m not a Billy Graham or a TD Jakes but I have the heart of this country in which I live and love (even though she might not love me). Sir I’m so proud of you because in a single blow God used you to remove the stain of second class human and the stain of shame from our race all over the world. I love you for that. Yet this same God that we say we serve but yet ignore, when it’s comes to political pressure and favor, speaks through me as well to warn you in this way.

    So what if you lose the race so what if someone else down the line changes what marriage is against God’s Word. It should not be you. I pray that you would not be remembered for that.

    Have you read the gay manifesto that was pushed during the McGovern attempt to become president? You really think this is about marriage? This whole effort has nothing to do with marriage except to mock it. What this is about is the moral destruction of our country. No one outside of us can destroy us. Stalin said that America would decay from the inside out. We started the process with abortion. All of a sudden people became right and God became wrong. Women rights and Gay rights so Ii guess I you think you are right then God must be wrong because of course He doesn’t understand modern man. He does, that is the reason He wrote the Bible so that we would know right and the penalty for not following it.

    Now since we refuse to change our way and obey God we have changed to right our wrongs and to even legislate them and protect them. So now wrong is right and right is wrong. If you read your Bible you would know that God already knew we would do that.

    Isaiah 5:20 woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.

    Sir all Prophets are not in the church. Some false prophets are in government where they stage their war against the church using the state. Once the church is destroyed there is nothing left to secure the state that destroyed it. This is another blow to the America that said in its creed “In God we Trust” and not in man.

    Even when I read your email I saw that you changed your mind from what is was before. Imagine if God change His mind about things we would be in trouble if we didn’t get the
    Memo. God is not like man He changes not. This is not a financial policy issues that you are facing, this is about the foundation of life and it’s reserved for God only and not you or any other man. It’s the inalienable right mention in the Declaration of Independence. God given rights that will be taken away.

    Nature and every reasonable thought that you have about this says that this is a problem gone wild and we think that we can throw some laws at it and the problem will be solved. Ask the kids that that are molested day after day by the same sex person and see if they would have chosen this life style if they has a choice. Yes people need love and it’s a human right to be loved but it’s not a protected right to call it marriage.

    Being Black Mr. president is not an act it’s a shade of color that makes me no different than any other American so my rights to the same freedoms and the protection of that freedom has nothing to do with an act. I have no choice but to be Black. But I do have a choice when it comes to who I will live and how I will have intimate contact.

    When you support a law that protects my act you open up an area that mankind will not recover from without divine intervention and that could be costly to all of us. God is a spirit but the spiritual world is where all things begin and when they end. Christ Jesus is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

    I pray but I don’t put too much expectation into what you will or will not do but this open confession of your support for gay marriage will label you for all eternity as the person that had the power, at least for the time you are president, to say no to man and yes to God and without fear stood in the gap against all the associated and unrealized pain that will come to so many lives because our great nation said it is moral for two people of the same sex to get married.

    This is a day of shame for America and I’m ashamed as an African American that we would be used to help destroy the very nation that God built. We enslaved the people of God in Egypt and now when given the chance we destroyed His people once again. The whole world took notice when you became president and once again the whole world is taking notice that America the only light left in the world is about to go into extreme darkness. More than ever we need God to Bless America.

    • Repy to Charles! Amen Brother. Power corrupts. Corruption can change a mind. Reprobate mind is what it is. Your words were given from God. It is not about Color it is about choosing whom we will serve. God is first and everything else is secondary. We dont need to be people pleasers but we need to be God pleasers. We must not just be hearers of the word of God but apply it to our lives. Gods word tells us that Soddam and Gomorah would be more tolerable than this generation. Anyone can say they are a Christian but by their word and actions we will know them. If it dosent line up with the word of God then it is WRONG. Judgment is coming to America and the world. We have lived the good life but out of the mouths of our leaders and by their actions we will be brought low. Pray for Ameroca.

  59. “Marriage is the original institution of the church.”

    Really?!? So when you was making those other babies without your wife, uhmmmm what part of marriage was that?

    Cmon “Rev” and have a seat smh

  60. TYPICAL bought & paid for Ninja Pastor

  61. Who does he speak for? Come on. Stop it. Enough is enough. Pastor’s like Bryant need to sit down. Your time has come and is gone. Your thinking is divisive and ignorant.

  62. Not that I agree with the idea of black Americans being a monolith (we aren’t, by the way), but I’d say the black church and the black community have more important issues than gay marriage to worry about. Who cares if gay men or women are getting married if my friends, regardless of sexual preference, can’t find jobs or send their children to unsafe or underperforming schools?

    Bigger. Fish. To. Fry.

  63. @Watchman; is really necessary to scream at everyone?

  64. Gurrl, please!


    • Pres O doesn’t owe any of these hypocritical Black preachers a thing…they tolerate these alternate lifestyles in their churches, hell, everyone knows, who is and who isn’t, in the church, from the pulpit on down…yet, these pastors want to puff out their chests and attempt to push the Pres around, the way they exorcise their congregations…it is time the government removed the tax exempt status from these “faith corporations/businesses”…oh, by the way…I have yet to hear any of these self-righteous, pulpit pimps, respond to the historical fact, that the church performed same-sex marriages for centuries…but, we have come to accept selective sanctioning, haven’t we?

      • There are a lot of people inside and outside of the church doing all sorts of things but there are a select group of Pastors doing the right things. So we must be careful and not group everyone up together!

        The bigger issue is what does the LORD say about this and other Big ISSUES inside and outside the Church. There is a standard that has to be set in order for the church that Jesus is coming for to be ready. We must have standards and not just go with the crowd because its most popular!

      • Obama doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He is
        into himself and doesn’t care what happens to America or blacks or whites. It’s obvious he
        caters to the muslim population. I don’t know why
        a lot of Americans doesn’t see this, it’s as if
        the citizens of the United States has blinders on.