Dr. Boyce: Jay-Z Spoiling Blue Ivy is a Bad Model for Black Parenting

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World

The Internet was all abuzz yesterday as the rapper Jay-Z made interesting comments about his desire to spoil his new daughter rotten.  In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the 43-year old artist said that his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, “will probably be the worst, spoiled kid ever.”

Appearing tonight on “Oprah’s Master Class: Special Edition,” Jigga goes on to say “I imagine I’ll take things I learned from my mom and things I’ve learned from raising my nephews and apply that.”

Normally, I wouldn’t comment on how another man raises his child.  But given that the Jay-Z/Beyonce relationship has become a template for so many members of the black community, I thought I might say something.  There is a tremendous degree of urgency regarding how we raise our kids, for the influence of hip hop culture is ruining some of them before they have a chance to develop a meaningful value system (Hint:  Notice the baby in the beauty salon wearing Air Jordans, while his mama won’t spend the same amount of money putting him into an educational program).  Also, with all due respect to Jay-Z’s mother, we have to remember that while she raised one of the most brilliant lyricists in the history of the world, she also raised a drug dealer who shot his own brother, and who also seems to measure his self-worth by the number of Bentleys in his driveway.

By “spoiled,” I am hopeful that Jay-Z means that he plans to shower his daughter with love and affection, which is important in building the self-esteem of young women.  If that’s the case, then I am in lockstep, given that I try to spoil my own daughters in the same way.  Not a day passes where they don’t know how much I love them.





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  1. Who cares what that ignorant n thinks

  2. I have no more concern about celeb news. They are everyday ppl like me in Gods eyesight and will have to pay an account fo thier behaviour and actions just like I will have to. Lets see how we going to feed our hungry and house the homeless.

  3. wow…shot his brother? didnt know that one. oh well what he does with life is his biz. dealing with the consequences his biz. I am no longer into celeb news they have to meet the same maker I have to SOOn!

  4. I wonder why no one seems to mention or remember that JayZ has an other child from a previous relationship? Blue Ivy is not his first.
    How did he raise that one, did he have a hand in raising said child and if not why not?

  5. Seriously Boyce? maybe you shouldn’t comment on this one. What examples are you citing in regards to Blue Ivy’s parents being a template for how to raise children? Clearly only people who can afford to raise their children like Jay-Z and Beyonce can do the things that they do for their child. It is completely insane to me that you would pounce on these two people and say that we need to blame how ignorant black people raise their children on how they plan to raise their daughter. Through your own example, you know that black people have been giving their children name brand shoes and clothes since long before Blue Ivy was a thought.
    Also to say that Jay-Z’s mother raise a drug dealer…come on…you don’t really believe that either do you? Are you saying that his mother, while she packed his lunch for school, also gave him a bag of rocks and told him to make sure to come home with cash? That would be “raising” a drug dealer. As a father yourself, you should know that you can do your best to raise your children but ultimately they make their own decisions. That in no way means that you “raised” them that way.

  6. Kevin Broomfield, you are absolutely right.
    Boyce does not seem to be a smart fellow at all. Indeed, I do not expect much from him, in terms of providing information and intelligently articulating issues of financial (he is a professor of Finance), social and political importance and relevance. Until recently, the POTUS was the target of his pettiness. He seemed to have taken a break.
    My opinion is that a parent has all right to “spoil” his child and that the subject matter does not belong in this forum unless we interprete “spoil” to mean putting the child’s safety and welfare at risk.

  7. Dr. Boyce shut the hell up, tht man can spoil his only child, this is no reflection of black ppl, stopmaking everything about our race. Go Jay we need more men tht r bragging abt how they want to treat their child.

  8. There is nothing wrong with spoiling children.

  9. Kevin Broomfield, Sir , you said it much better than i could ever say. thank you Mr. Broomfield

  10. Kevin Broomfield

    Boyce you a real hater. To point that J Z was once a drug dealer and his mother raised a drug dealer that shot his brother was very unnecessary. I’m sure his mother did not raise him to be a drug dealer. Why don’t you report the fact that he beat odds of most single mother households, didn’t end up in jail serving life. Instead you would rather report negativity. A world of advice to you, white folks don’t like you, so stop trying impress them by bashing black folks. As for what a man does with his child is his business. Report the real issues of Black Folks.

    • Kevin Broomfield, Sir I thank you for your words. You said it much better than i could ever say.

  11. I am not even aware of how I became subscribed to your newsletters and I normally just delete them because you can be such a negative person. You probably write mess like this just so people will respond.Jay Z and Beyonce can do whatever they want with their hard earned money. If he wants to let Blue Ivy write all over the walls in his house then he can do so because that’s HIS daughter. What he buys for her and how he raises her doesn’t affect how I eat, sleep and get rid of it …and it shouldn’t bother you either. These celebrities are doing what they do because of their talents, etc. They don’t have to be a role model for anyone. People should be smart enough to know right from wrong. You made reference to what his mother raised, what did yours raise? His mom probably did the best she could, he made his own decisions and at the end of the day he is a very successful business man so stop hating and get yours. Build a bridge and get over it.

  12. Boyce you’re killing with all of this useless info! There is so many other stories that could have taken the place of that one! You and your counterparts although educated and well informed you cmr off as quite petty at times! And a little jealous I may say so myself! This is ridiculous and was nothing but a blast at Jay Z! Let this man’s past be just that! And allow him to take care of his first and only child that he had m his 40s! If more black men could make a comeback from their rocky past we would be doing much MUCH better as a people! The media already drives us into the ground daily! Use yours not to make us look so bad!

  13. I see a whole lot of ya’ll have missed the point. While I agree at the end of the day how Jay chooses to parent his children is his business and what parent likes for people to tell them how to handle their household? But it does offer a “teachable” moment. Forget that these are entertainers Boyce is writing about. I know spoiled children who have become adults. It’s not a pretty sight. And while most of us have a soft spot for kids and want to make their lives as fun, light and happy as possible, some decisions made in the name of love of children is not in their best interest and I think that’s should be the point of the article you all seem to be missing. No one should be diagreeing with the meat of what Boyce is saying.

  14. Who really cares! Hopefully, they will raise her to show respect. But I’ll never be watching her or anything, so whatever!

  15. Oh who CARES!!! Was this really necessary to write about. Let that man be…he has every right to spoil her if that’s his choice, hell, I was a spoiled brat when I was a young kid. And I turned out just fine. Blue Ivy can’t help that she was born into money!! And I have to piggy back on “Dwayne R. Lewis”…what is the definition of “black parenting”?

  16. That man can do what he wants with HIS child!! You need to be worried about the fathers that aren’t taking care or spending time with their kids!!

  17. Why do you care so much, this is ridiculos. The fact that he’s at home in his childs life is good for me. He needs to spoil her any way he can and wants so she will expect the same raise the bar high in her mate.