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Mother Gives Gay Son a Stun Gun to Fight Off Bullies

A mother was concerned about her son being a victim of bullies. So, rather than waiting for school officials to protect her child or letting the chips fall where they may, the mom took the matter into her own hands.  She gave her son a stun gun.

As you can imagine, this created quite the controversy, and the mom’s decision to protect her child has now made national headlines. tells the story:


“Chelisa Grimes gave her gay sonDarnell “Dynasty” Young, a stun gun to protect himself against bullies, after she lost faith that officials at Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis would protect him, CNN reports.

The 17-year-old high school student says be took the stun gun to school because he didn’t feel safe. On April 16, six students surrounded Young, taunting him and pelting him with homophobic insults. He then took out the gun and fired it, sending off an electric shock. The would-be bullies were abated. Young’s mom says she doesn’t regret her decision of giving her son a stun gun, and, in fact, would make the same decision again. However, her son is now facing expulsion.”



Would you give your child a weapon to protect himself from bullies?


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