If Trayvon’s Mother Were White, Would Obama Give Her a Call? (Video)

Most of us know that President Obama took the time to make a call to Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University student who was called a “slut” by Rush Limbaugh. In this video, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Yvette Carnell ask whether President Obama would deal with the Trayvon Martin case differently if he were a gay kid murdered by bullies, a woman enduring gender discrimination or the son of a prominent Harvard Professor killed in an equally unfortunate and high profile set of circumstances.

The video is below:

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  1. Consent to this review and we will protect a fictional animal!

  2. I have to agree with Mr. Martin. if Trayvon were White, this would not have happened. If he were White, Trayvon probably would have walked home and avoided a conflict with Zimmerman. Instead, Trayvon was filled with Black Racism, Anger, and Hatred of the White Man, and Trayvon committed a crime. Trayvon called Zimmerman a racist name, punched his nose and pounded his head into the ground.

  3. All I have to say in this matter. It must be a slow day in online news. Every step this man makes, he is critized; why bother explaining. Ignorance and selfishess always rise.

  4. For all the fools that keep trying to bring in black on black crime, were not talking about that right now but it doesn’t mean it is less important. This is not a story of black on black or white on white. This is a story is about white on black crime.

    A black child was murdered by a white man and there is no arrest. If it was the opposite situation, then the whole situation would have been different. The man would have been arrested and probably died of mysterious circumstances in jail. And if he had not been taken care of in jail, he would have surly gotten the electric chair. Learn to stay on topic or you will not succeed in getting this child the just that he deserves. Then battle the other problems.

    I think if the mother was white, she would have gotten a call from him. He came out with that weak and bogus statement that just doesn’t say anything about the situation. I bet if the child was white and it was bush or some other in office their would have been a public display of outrage and a guarantee of action.

  5. Good Gosh! What a question Dr. Boyce!!! What the hell is wrong for the President of the United States of America to call any citizen and why on earth are you and many people here putting a political twist about the President’s remarks about Trayvon Martin?

    This sis a NONSENSE issue that has NO MERIT!!!

  6. Dr Boyce,

    You contradict yourself when you say, the President should call Trayvon’s mother to say, I’m with you on this, but not necessarily to insinuate Zimmerman is guilty. Duh,you can’t say I’m with you in a case like this without assuming a position one way or the other. The President chosed the right response in this case.

  7. And, why doesn’t Trayvon’s father count in all of this. Why doesn’t he get call from the President if ya’ll are insisting the President call the mother? I’m was a divorced parent for 15 years and my son’s mother wasn’t and still isn’t in his life at age 32. So, if something happened to my son, is it far fetched that fathers are capable of grief just as mothers are? As I recall, Trayvon was visiting with his father at the time of the tragedy.

  8. Ms Carnell,

    You say, it would be appropriate for Obama to call Trayvon’s mother to say, (paraphrasing) we’re praying for you? Are you aware that in our country, you’re innocent before proven guilty? Then, if it’s okay for the President to call Trayvon’s mother to offer that he and his family are praying for her, then wouldn’t he be suggesting guilt on Zimmerman’s part without due process? Obama is a Constitutional Expert Attorney and he understands the presumption of innocence of all people. So, you’re suggesting the President go around due process and invoke the name of the Lord instead to get around it? The whole idea of believing in God is the notion of forgiving as Jesus begged of his father to spare all of us because we inherited sin. So, if you follow that logic, then wouldn’t it make sense for people who hold your position to propose Obama call Zimmerman’s mother and offer her the same prayer? Didn’t your God and Obama’s God create both Trayvon and Zimmerman? Or, are you both worshiping a different God? Nonetheless, I admire you for standing your ground. No name calling here.

  9. Look, in the case of Sandra Fluke, what was said about her was said in a public forum, so the audience and Rush’s management were the witnesses. In other words, there was no denying it was said. In the case of Trayvon, only two people were at the scene of the murder Trayvon and Zimmerman. All others, heard things Zimmerman said on the phone with the dispatcher and what was heard in the background. Now, insofar as the President calling the Mother to express his sorrow, that would be premature not knowing the facts of the case since the initial investigation was questionable. Therefore, given the protest that ensued and the follow-up investigation slated to get to the bottom of this, wouldn’t you think, if the President were to call anyone’s mother, he should wait until a more proper investigation was conducted? Calling at all without the facts would be premature for the President to risk because doing so would suggest Zimmerman’s absolute guilt without a proper investigation. So, in the meanwhile Ms Carnell, Dr. Boyce, you’re argument should be Mr. President, you should call all the Black mothers in America who’s child was murdered by another Black person and express his support and sorrow. And, since this is not practical, your premise is reactionary and at best illogical. Non-Blacks killing Blacks because of racism or profiling is unacceptable anywhere but Black on Black violence doesn’t seem to get the same response and energy Ms Carnell and Dr. Boyce have devoted to this issue. I suppose, there’s no sympathy for the Mother of Zimmerman either. This is part of the problem…anyone associated with Zimmerman will be automatically painted as some kind of monster. Dr. Boyce, you say, you’re tired of Blacks being devalued in our society and something has to be done about it. It’s funny, I didn’t hear you say in the same breath that Blacks are devalued by Blacks themselves given that statistically, more Blacks are being killed by Black perpetrators than non-Black ones. You really need to take a step back and try to unite, not divide.

  10. Hey DR. Boyce,

    STOP! You should not be asking this question. This is an unfair question, so stop. If Trayvon mother had been white, Trayvon would be alive. He would not have been shot for wearing a hoodie.

    That should be your question. If the president had not called, you would have accused him of not caring, so stop.

    Another question you should ask is Why only Black males are being shot?

  11. You are so disrespectful you cannot even call him President Obama. Please refer to the president of the United States by his appointed title. You sound like a member of the Tea Party.

    You do not represent the entire African American community. I do believe this is purely political for you just as it is for all republicans.

  12. You are so disrespectful you cannot even call him President Obama. Please refer to the president of the United States by his appointed title. You sound like a member to the Tea Party.

    You do not represent the entire African American community. I believe this is purely political for you just as it is for all republican.

  13. Interesting question about had this been a White mother that lost a son would Obama call. Afterall, we must remember that Obama’s mother was White. Perhaps our President is conflicted belonging to two ethnic groups. In appearance his Black Genes do predominate so voters identify more with his Black side than his White. I know he has called many military mothers of all races on ‘behalf of the US Government’ to express condolences at their loss. Frankly these calls are more of a perfuntory or ceremonial duty that comes with the job. Anyway perhaps we are attributing more Blackness to Obama than he himself accepts for himself. I think he tends to want to portray himself as President of all the people of the USA.

  14. Hey everybody, I know what we need to do! Lets petition Mr. Obama to make his re-election campaign slogan “BLACK POWER!” Just remember, stupid is as stupid does! This is a stupid issue! Just STUPID!

  15. While I agree that the Trayvon Martin incident is tragic, very sickening, and all the other negative disgraceful adjectives you can think of, I disagree that President needs or should call his mom, and it is unfair to even put that sentiment out.

    What about the other hundreds and thousands of nameless and faceless young black men and boys that are murdered in the inner-cities across America on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis? Those numbers are rapidly growing. Should the President call each of their parents as well?

    Are those senseless and tragic deaths not as important, or is it because we are killing “our own” that it doesn’t deserve the degree of notoriaty?

    What about the innocent babies that are killed senselessly by stray bullets intended for someone else?

    Those deaths are just as important, and deserve just as much publicity.

    What makes this case the turning point for the President to make a phone call?

    While I like the debate or exchange between Yvette and Dr. Watkins, and respect the opinions of others,I think that they are expecting too much if we think the President should make a phone call to Trayvon’s mother.

    If he called every mother who was affected by a tragic death of their child, being senselessly shot and murdered, he would never be off the phone.

    The fact that a non-black killed Trayvon, is not more important than the lives of the blacks that are killed by other blacks throughout this nation somewhere on a daily basis.

    I strongly believe that Zimmerman should be arrested, convicted, and given the death penalty for what he did, but again, his taking of Trayvon’s life is not more important than the lives that are taken of other black youths, by other black youths.

    Why are we not marching on a local and national level about these tragedies? Why are we not putting names to the faces of those lost. Is it because the Al Sharpton’s, radio personalities, and other activists don’t care? (I think the answer to that is no. Therefore, just because the President hasn’t made a phone call to Trayvon’s mother, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about the loss, or the black community…) Do we care?

  16. Well, Well. Here we go again blaming President Obama for not having a winter. He cannot call every African American parent who has lost a child to gun violence. What happened to Trayvon was a tragedy like the young African American male killed in his bathroom in the Bronx a few weeks ago. No one said anything about President Obama calling his parents. It is quite clear that African Americans tend to pick high profile cases to jump on to exercise their mouths. From day one, I have read negative comments from bourgeois African Americans about the President. Why? My Lord, when are we going to realize that President Obama experiences as much racism as we do. Take a good look at what is happening in the Congress and Senate. A very famous African-American said in his presentation in Harlem last week, that all the President has to do is use his pen to enact laws for African-Americans. Wow! Did he take Civics 101. Who creates the most bills that harm African-Americans? Take a good look at your state laws folks. I pray for President Obama almost 24-7 because of the haters, White and Black. White folks are going to laugh all the way to the election with some of our hateful and negative attitudes is this continues. Create jobs for us? Write laws for us? Please. He cannot even pass his heath care bill which will benefit all of us. My people, my people.

  17. I felt the same way, we seem to be an after thought to him. he seems Its sad, listen he’s marginal. He’s out for his friends and family and aalso very sympathetic to whites. I know that he’s done things for Blacks. We are not important to him. I had written to him about this early this morning. Black women are not important to him.

  18. LOL! I really AM being censored! You two are as fake, pathetic and phony as they come! LOL! I’ve decided to write to CNN, Huffington Post, and other REPUTABLE news organizations (to include Syracuse University) citing SEVERAL your “contradictory” commentary, lack of journalistic intergity, professionalism, and ethics.. LOL!!!

  19. Dr. Watkins, You and Yvette Carnel, hit the nail right on the head. Ms. Carnell express everything that I have said about Mr. Obama, with two exception, I called him out on Ms. Sherod, the lady from the Agriculteral dept that was fired by the white house over some statement that was taken out of context, and used to label her a racist.And the murder of the president of Lybia.The United Nation, resolution,said no fly zone over Lybia, by Khadaffi forces. Hillary and Obama, streaches it to say REGIME CHANGE, and used it to murder the man in his own country. For what his oil, and in support of Isreal?. I remember Hillary said she wanted Khadaffi, dead or alive, two days later he was dead, and his body mutulated. I know Hillary is a deamon from hell, but I did not know Obama, was the same Yvette, is wrong about the black vote, there is no way in hell, I am going to vote for him a second time, call me what you will, but he is not getting my vote.
    I get email from him I get email from his wife, I get email from Biden, I get email from every powerful democrats wanting me to support him, because the last time I worked my ass of for him. Because I got cough up in the excitement of having a black president. But I have learned my lesson. Most of my friends are mad at me for saying what I said, they said he have to do what he does to gain the support and trust of the white voters.. Well if I have to sell out my own people to be elected to run a nation or system that oppresses all the black people of the world, I would rather be a street sweeper.
    He is now the leader of the most racist nation on earth. The nation that abuse all black people weather we live in America, Africa, where ever we as black people we suffer at the hands of racism. I wish him luck, but he will never get my vote, I would sit home or take a vacation and go spend the election some place else. I already have blood on my hands for supporting him that led to the killing of Mr. Khadaffi. No more not this time.
    Khadaffi, suspended his nuclear program, because he believed that Obama, would be different, and would be mosr reasonable toward the Arab cause, but instead he helped to kill him.He could not care less about black people.

  20. Am I being censored? Why won’t you post my comment about Yvette being hypocritical for contradicting her previous article advocating Obama NOT get personally involved with the Trayvon martin case? Why are you hiding from the TRUTH?


  22. Carnell, you lying two faced heffa! You JUST wrote a half way decent article explaining why you felt Pres. Obama SHOULD NOT get personally involved with the Trayvon Martin case.. When he DID get involved.. now you and your self hating cohort Watkins mad because Obama didn’t call the boy’s parents.. HYPOCRITES!!! This is not a POLITICAL ISSUE such as the Fluke/limbaugh mess.. this is now a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION… POTUS has to at least APPEAR impartial… What a powerful moment when Pres Obama said “IF I HAD A SON, HE’D LOOK LIKE TRAYVON!” Yet you two simpletons want him to call.. JEOPARDIZING THE INTEGRITY OF THE CASE… Right now, the parents are potiental WITNESS.. ZIMMERMANS ATTORNEYS WILL USE THIS TO SAY THE (BLACK) PRES. UNDO INFLUENCE What if the case was thrown out ON A FREAKIN TECHNICALLITY? I am SOO DONE WITH THE TWO OF YOU TWO UNDERCOVER REPUBLICANS…

  23. this chick on Dr. Boyce show is an idiot. Stop it already. What will President Obama calling Trayvons parents help or heal. President Obama doesn’t need to put himself in this. We as a race of people need to pull together and stop this nonsense. I lost my grandson on the streets of Chicago March 13, 2011. He was shot 9 times in the back. President Obama didn’t call my daughter and I didn’t expect him too. I expected the CPD to do their job and arrest the person or persons in this shooting. It didn’t happen. To this day no arrest have been made. At least the Black community rallying a fight for Trayvon is a step in the right direction.

  24. There are a lot of good things the president does that never gets published. How do you know he hasn’t called and talked to the mother. You don’t have to wait around here for the president to make things better for you. Make them better for yourself. Man, I just want to know what do you want the president to do to make your life better. Give you a million dollars so you can go start a business that you probably won’t start and if you did, you would be out of business in 2 years. If you want things to get better for you, then go back to school, work your butt off, then believe God is going to bless you with a good job. Obama is not God, he is the president. You don’t worship or pray to Obama, you worship and pray to God. If God be for you, who can be against you.

  25. President Obama is one, and we are many. Each and every one of us, is accountable for our own actions. This type of senseless killing, is not acceptable. What is the message FL is sending. I don’t give a damn about your life. Start doing YOU, and let President Obama help to US! Dr. Watkins & Yvette Carnell, Thank You for giving us a Voice. Each and everyone that has left a comment express their views, Communication Is Key!

  26. if she were white, her son would be alive.

  27. that is, without a doubt, the dumbest question ever asked in print, on video, whatever. how about discussing the “make my day” law that zimmerman is hiding behind.

  28. I’ve just read about another teen murdered last month by white police, or the white-system filled with racist bloodthirsty jackbooted murderers with a license to kill. His name is ‘Ramarley Graham’. I would like to know if the NAACP or ‘anyone’ is keeping a tally of all of the “blacks” who are being killed and if so would they please post the statistics somewhere where I (we) could find them.

    I’m thinking that the numbers are staggering and may possibly wake up some of these ignorant blacks who don’t seem to have a clue about what’s going on right in their faces!

  29. Why is this question being asked? Why are you wasting time examining a reson why someone should be judged because they offer kindness to someone who has a tragic event such as this. I was here before either of you were born. I applauded that in the 60s and 70s Blacks were given more opportunity to get educated. Now what I am seeing that in some cases the more education some Blacks receive, the more assimilated they become with the White ideals. Along with your education that I applaude, you and all of us need to get back to the belief, faith, and trudt in God. A spiritual re-connection with God has gotten us where we are. Lincoln, Obama, the education you both have and your collegues, has not bless our race. It was God.

  30. Boyce Watkins and lackeys have lost their minds. Trayvon’s school didn’t even have grief counselors available to assist students in the aftermath of Trayvon’s violent death. Teachers were instructed not to comment. Where’s the damn outrage? Who’s demanding that the school assist Black students with grief and mental heal issues? Our children kill because death and violence is so accepted that it is commonplace in some of our communities.

    Isn’t Boyce a psychologist? Seems his talents could be better used volunteering to counsel Trayvon’s classmates instead drumming up BS against President Obama.

    I’m calling you out Boyce. If you aren’t qualified as a grief counselor, surely you know people who are. What’s up with your inaction? Step up, Brother!

    As an aside, Black people die needlessly every day. We need to create a federal “Call Peoples’ Momas to Express Condolences Department” to deal with all of the needless deaths. We don’t need telephone calls, we need to stop the violence in our own communities, vote and hold our elected officials accountable for racial profiling and police brutality. Don’t vote for the President if that’s your stupid choice but keep your funeral clothes ready. If Romney gets elected and his law and order, shoot and ask questions later, platforms become the official presidential positions, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

  31. President came out and spoke to the country as a President and father, take this conspiracy shit and go on somewhere, hell we should know what we have to do as a race and stop blaming the president for every freakin ill of the world. We as a people should have come together on hundreds of social issues LONG BEFORE PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!! When are we going to be sickened enough by the death of our young black men by our own damn hands, President Obama is just a scapegoat for all you lazy assholes who don’t do anything yourselves. Conspiracy, skin color, Jews in control, Obama hates us, dumb asses! It’s so easy to point fingers when you haven’t done shit to make a situation better yourself,wake up fools we’ve dealt with this long before Obama, and because of some of you these stank republicans will sail right on in and then you’ll know what oppression really feels like because they DAMN sure don’t care about us, hell they’re blatantly stating that, keep on with this kind of dumb shit and see what happens in November. It’s about TRAYVON MARTIN, NOT A DAMN PHONE CALL!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

  32. What makes you or Evett think you speak for anyone but yourselves. The President must walk a fine line. He is constantly damned whether he does or does’nt respond towhat others thinknhe should respond to. For instance,I take issue that you are insisting that the President should respond t0 Trayvon’s grieving mother. Don’t you think his father is also just as grieved? You both are referring to the President as if you know him and all about him. How do you know how he feels. I am black and I don’t need the President to validate me.He has so much to do. Why have’nt you and Yvette solved world hunger since you know everything. Please get a life.If anyone has politicized this issue,you two are right up front.

    • @george. Walking a fine line – Isn’t that what all of our current politicians do? They don’t want to ruffle any feathers, so they appease and promise us change in private while joking/laughing to those in power in public. When has anyone stood up for Black people and justice regardless of the consequences and without fear of repercussions or next election cycle? I guess these are the people we now read about in books: Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, W. E. Dubois, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman. Have we become so brainwashed and desensitized to black suffrage that we accept anything that is given to us, be it broken promises, bad schools, poor education, decrepit neighborhoods where there are more liquor and beauty supply stores than grocery stores with fresh fruits and vegetables to feed our children. Why are we making excuses over a simple phone call offering condolences? Is a black life worthless at this point in time? What about when it comes to larger issues that are now affecting us. There was a time when the use of the word “Bitch” or talk of sex wasn’t allowed on the radio or prime-time television, but now its what starts the day on most urban radios and what you see on TV. Just diluting our childrens minds with filth and keeping us distracted from important issues. I know I am going off on a tangent, but as you can see, we have to demand more from the people who claim to be our leaders or spokespersons.

  33. @ wizard g….u all need to read wizard g’s post…this man understands exactly what the elite rulers have done….and what they will and are going to do….the racists have come from under the invisible cloak and are on the move…take heed and open ur eyes….and get involved in some way…give wisdom to the youth, esp the teens….its time for petty business to stop and grow up…all of us…Give Thanks

  34. People, people, people. Though I am certainly grieving for the family of Trayvon Martin and I am certainly upset by all of this; what I would like to ask, where’s the outrage for the killing of our young Black people by the hands of our own? Practically everyday, I am hearing of children getting killed in the cross fire of irresponsible adults who don’t know how to handle their disputes without violence. I love Pres. Obama but we are have to realize, he is a politician and if he had to call every family for every act of violence, he would never get any work done. What you don’t realize or know, the feds are looking into this. It’s a shame we are still feeling the terrorism that was perpetrated on us since slavery. We can go in other countries and try to deal with their so0called terrorism but won’t deal with it over here. Dr. Watkins, I am really trying to be patient with you but it seems that you are Obama-hating also. When you called Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry a sell-out, I had to think very hard not to unsubscribe from your website. Is it not enough we have the dominant culture on our back, do we have to do that to each other also?

    • Very well said, Dr. Mayes-Buckley! I’ve already cancelled my subscription to YBW and affiliates.

  35. If Trayvon were white, we would not be fighting to get justice or this terrible murder would not have happened at all.

  36. The President did not allow this senseless act to happen. Please do not lay this at his foot-steps. I’m sure he knows what the DOJ is doing. I wish people would stop pouring gas on the fire, and give it time. The family need our prays, and suppport during this racist act. The President is working to secure use jobs, helath care, and keep us out of the fields. Think with your brains and not your back-side. How many time did Bush run and help “Katrina”? Not one of you paid attention to his actions so stop it. We have those Republicans to fight. Get out and VOTE>>VOTE>>>VOTE>>>VOTE

    • @Barbara – How is the President going to secure us jobs when educated white people are losing jobs, and half of our children “Black” graduate functionally illiterate? if they even graduate at all. When it comes to health care, its usually offered when you are working, if more blacks are unemployed or underemployed where does the health care come in? Was universal health care mandated? No, but it is the norm in other countries. And lastly, keep us out of the fields. I’m not quite sure how to respond to that, but we’ve had at least three additional “wars” that our Black brothers and sisters have been up on the front line to fight in the 4 years that Obama has been in office: Libya, Yemen, and now possibly Iran, not to mention we’re still in Afganistan. So please tell me what is he doing to make things better for “Us.” I am definitely thinking with my brains, I think more people need to do the same instead of watching “Reality” TV and this trash music that is played.

  37. Oh forcryingoutloud, Trayvon’s parents are focused on getting justice for their son. Getting a phone call from the president would be nice, but I’d be surprised if they’d even considered it in the realm of possibilities.

  38. Well, Vince, you’re going to have a good old time when you and other black dunces help a Republican get elected in 2012. You all are so backward and narrowminded that you should just sit and listen to people who know the facts. You have a lot to learn. And the rest of us black people are going to suffer because of your ignorance and shortsightedness. Lord, help us.

    • Ruby, do you realize Obama kept–no, embraced– most of George Bush’s policies? Are you aware that while there are some good things in his health bill(covering pre-existing conditions and you cannot be dropped because of age), only 50 million people are going to be left out. They will not be able afford insurance, which means children and seniors will continue to lack coverage.

      Obama had an opportunity to pass a single-payer system that would cover every single person in America and he refused to even utter the words single-payer, all through the majority of Americans backed him. He did not include price control in the bill, so insurance companies are the biggest winners. They will have 30 million new customers and can charge whatever they want.

  39. Once again, why didn’t folks complain this much when G.W. was the prez? Obama is the President of the WHOLE United States, not just black people. Politics is about compromise by nature–no one can do everything they want unless its a dictatorship. We need to stop with this Messiah complex–wanting one man to save the world. Maybe you’ll be lucky and get Romney or Santorum in office–then let’s see if you complain to either of them.

  40. You are not a fool, don’t act like one with should a question.

  41. I think this was an interesting conversation and I feel Yvette hit the nail on the head. We keep making excuses for his lack of action on issues that directly effect us. The reason he hops to everyone else’s aid is because they won’t tolerate him being indifferent. The ONLY reason he chose to say anything at all was because it’s gained so much attention now. He’s a politician, understood, that’s how the game goes. However just as was stated he can’t just be all about talking down to us. It’s like he’s trying to show everyone else he’s on their side. I won’t be voting for him in Nov and I wish I hadn’t voted for him to begin with.

  42. Yes, President Obama would have called the Mother of any race. By the way, Pres. Obama’s mother is white!

  43. I don’t know if Pres. Obama would have called his mother if they were white. But I do know if this crazed individual were black he would be under the jail by now! And that’s a fact!

  44. What do you want from the President? Do you want him to get up on stage and give the Black Power salute? If he did that it would be political suicide for him. It’s bad enough that racist whites give him grief and lampoon him–but do black people have to do the same thing? I bet if GW Bush was still the Prez you guys wouldn’t be saying a damn thing!

    • @Rodney Sturgeon. Those of us who can see ‘America’ as it really is do not expect Obama to do anything more that what his white and Jewish slave masters order him to do! Which means that he knows his place and he fears his masters. The truth of the matter is that he knew exactly what his job was long before the Anglo-elite placed him into our paths and caused us to believe that we have placed him. He serves the Anglo-elite World dominators and their cohorts and nothing more. So those of us who can ‘see’ expect him to continue helping the “whites”, etc. to commit genocide and pillaging across the globe and the African Diaspora! Those of us who can see expect millions of ignorant citizens to assist in the exploits of the Anglo-elite!

  45. Boyce, Smiley, West, and the rest of the turf-pissing crabs should go somewhere and sit down. These are the same slaves that told old massa on other slaves when they were planning uprisings. It takes Rev. Al and Michael Eric Dyson to check them and good.

    • @truthserum101. I don’t know how and why you have it all twisted I just hope that you find true enlightenment and wisdom through study and truthful observation. I recommend you read all of Randal Robinson’s books. I also recommend Dr. Howard Zinn’s ‘A people’s History of The United States’. Finally I recommend that you study psychology. This might help you if you were to ever listen, and take heed of advice, but wisdom tells me your mind is too cluttered and blocked to do so. I’m sorry if I have offended you. I was not my intention.
      PS. It behooves you to be able to differentiate between people who love us and people who are self-serving traitors.

  46. This is quite disturbing: not Dr. Watkins’ commentary, but the responses from the readers. I honestly feel that those in opposition to the QUESTION raised by Dr. Watkins are very ignorant of history and social issues. It is disturbing when uneducated Blacks argue that Obama is the “president of everybody, not just Blacks.” However, President Obama NEVER hesitates to acknowledge and create specific policy to address specific issues to Latinos and Jews who represent ethnic groups: not ALL Americans. Why can he acknowledge and work towards settling issues of other ethnic groups (even in their HOME countries) that are present BECAUSE of their ethnicity (and history), but when it comes time for Blacks he’s supposed to stand down? Are we this dumb as a people that we shouldn’t expect our president to do for us as he does for other groups? I want you “educated” Blacks to go to the Jewish community in America and tell them to stop “forcing” the President to address their needs and issues specifically because he’s the “President of ALL Americans.” See how far your logic goes.

    Secondly, it is also disturbing to note when Blacks try to shift the blame on themselves every time an incidence of race raises its head. The issue (in part) isn’t (simply) Zimmerman killing the young boy. That in of itself is a tragedy. What people are up in arms about is the POLICE COVER-UP and NON ARREST of the killer when we 1) KNOW WHO HE IS, 2) HE ADMITTED TO SHOOTING TREYVON and 3) ALL EVIDENCE SUPPORTS MURDER, NOT SELF DEFENSE. It is dumb and stupid for Blacks to argue that the President should let LOCAL authorities handle the case when it is the LOCAL AUTHORITIES WE HAVE THE ISSUE WITH. They Failed Treyvon and his family. What idiot would argue against a higher power advocating for a victim in which the LOCAL authorities failed to bring about justice? This is how you (Blacks) got your Civil Rights in the first place. If we would have let LOCAL authorities handle all our problems, YOU’D still be on the back of the bus singing “We Shall Overcome.”

    The least the President can do is call the mother and say, “We support you and our condolences. This is not how the states, WHO BELONG TO THE FEDERAL UNION OF THE UNITED STATES, which is bound by the CONSTITUTION, which was created to SECURE THE RIGHTS for ALL of its CITIZENS and PROTECT them from TYRANNY of the government, which is under MY jurisdiction, ought to handle this case.” It’s time these “Googlectuals” stop being quick to dismiss something without knowing their history or the role of their government plays or what the PEOPLE are actually protesting about.

    • @Asar Imhotep. You are very astute in your assessment, but let me add that we have been subjected to centuries of excellent brainwashing and orchestrated psychological logic twisting, if you will. We are today, a community of self-serving helter-skelter victims caught up in a myriad of insanity and psychosocial denial. Our ancestors were stripped of everything they owned including their dignity and proper place on this planet, and that was replaced with all things Anglo-centric and topped with the icing of hate (which includes hatred of ourselves and our color). Very few of us are able to see things the way they really are! And while most of us are clueless, the Anglo-elite are constantly devising ways to keep us this way, and even strive to make it worse for us, and among us! Most of us cannot ‘see’ that we are being scammed and scarred on a constant basis. They can’t see that every time great leaders appear who can gain the love and attention of our masses, and with the ability to guide us, they are assassinated! The situation is so dire for us that we who can see are only able to sit and observe as these same Anglo-elite and their hoards of ignorant warriors strike down our African diaspora! We are indeed caught between a “rock and a hard place”!

    • Thanks for your profound statement of logic. It is greatly needed in this discussion.

      • Ashar and Chambers, the RNC called to say Thank You for your support. Your checks will be mailed shortly.

  47. Obama is not your friend nor can he, or will he ever be!

    You could go a step further in understanding how the game is played on us. We are not wise to the game because the game has always been played on our minds and our bodies. The social structure that chose to place Obama is the same that chose to beat down and finally murder our strongest leaders like ML King, The Panthers, Malcolm X, etc. The elite behind Obama are a combination of Jews and Anglos. They are very devious and have great think-tanks to help them devise all sorts of confusing and unbelievable, diabolical projects. (They even run media-wide concocted lies to test their public-reaction theories). We as “blacks” have had our growth stunted every decade of our existence here and abroad. And so it goes. Mr. Obama is not really in charge as they would have us all convinced to believe. None of their ‘political’ choices are in [real power] they have their orders and they’d better follow them. None of this benefits us and much of it doesn’t benefit the general public. It benefits those who hide in the shadows and manipulate all aspects of world affairs!
    So why did they choose Mr. Obama? Well it appears to me that they are focused on doing some serious damage to Africa and we who are part of the African Diaspora. Mr. Obama is apparently a willing participant in their grand designs and he will be well rewarded as long as he doesn’t attempt to deviate from their controls. We have no say in whether Mr. Obama makes it into the second term or not because we are foolish to believe that we have any control whatsoever. In other words if Obama is their choice nothing can stop that! We will never have “black” unity because those in power are overwhelmingly opposed to our having enough power to cancel any of their wishes. It appears that the Jews are the only people that have enough power to cancel out anything “American”. Keep a close eye on just how much power the Jewish community has because that is one of the signs of just how screwed we are in this, the country of our birth. The Jews can have dual citizenship with Israel where as we are generally considered as second class citizens here at best!
    Mr. Obama is a smooth talking, educated politician, but believe me when I tell you that he is not in power and worst still he is not our friend! It is amazing how conditioned we have been made, to believe in this highly and utterly corrupted ‘White Supremacist” system. it appears now that even white people can’t get a break, so how on earth do so many blacks think we would have a snowball’s chance in hell? (Americanization-Conditioning) It’s all in the mind! Name your brand of psychosis or live in total denial!

  48. Stop laying every damn problem at President Obama’s door! Dr. Boyce, I’m finding your a f@#kin idiot! You are in a position to unify instead you do the opposite. Who knows racism better than him, the highest position/ office in the U.S still referred to as a monkey and all sorts of shit, you think he’s not feeling this? Fine if he calls is that going to reverse everything, you think Trayvon’s mother gives a damn if he “calls” this mother and father lost their son! they’re not focused on a damn call! you have idiots now talking about “he won’t call cause Trayvon ‘s darker than Obama” damn REALLY?? I can’t believe such stupidity. Blacks and others are doing exactly what WE should do, ban together and protest! Obama has made a statement, what more do you want? I’m sure the President will do what is appropriate at the right time, this is still a bomb waiting to blow. Stop vilifying our President, he’s damned if he does, (too black), and damned if he doesn’t (not black enough)! Black people cut this shit out and stop presuming he doesn’t care. where the hell were the questions for any of the white presidents, hell is this the first case like this ? I don’t f…..kin think so. Dr. Boyce you are a damn instigator. And today you have disgusted this sista. Hope you’ve marched and “called” the family, apparently you have more time on your hands than the president.

  49. The way President Obama handle the murder of Trayvon Martin in his speech today, he was reaching out to Trayvon Family. I see no race barrier on this, the call he made to Sandra Fluke what was wrong with that? I say nothing.

  50. It’s almost as if black people have this expectation of our president to be involved anytime something goes down in the black community? Is it because the man is black? Look at all of the other Presidents, they weren’t making calls to everyone and their grandmother either.

    • @leah. Listen to Yvette Carnel she’s on point! Listen to Dr. Watkins. These two people are speaking because they love us and they are trying to make us see!

      You have no idea what is going on in this country and you do not understand how dire the situation is and has always been for us! Also you have no idea what white presidents did in regards to anything. I’m sorry to say this but, you appear to only know what little bit you’ve heard from the Anglo-elite owned media and bits and pieces of other propaganda.

      It’s a fact that if we are not reading the appropriate books and constantly seeking proper information from more credible sources, we are unable to properly comprehend our place in this country, our dilemma, our dangers, and who our true friends and enemies are. There are many well positioned black people who pretend to represent us, but are secretly stabbing us in the back and politicians of any kind are not to be trusted by the citizenry. Again I say that if you are not constantly studying the machinations of this Anglo-dominant nation past and present you are unable to see past the shroud of con games and shams we are all inundated with. Don’t blindly follow Obama without paying attention to every aspect of how he got where he is and who is actually ordering him around, etc. We have no credible leaders who can help to clear our heads of the deception and lies we are bombarded with because the same people who put Obama in place made sure our ‘good’ leaders were destroyed, incarcerated, murdered, or filled with fear. Many of our minds are too blocked and we are so crippled by tunnel vision that we are rendered helter-skelter community unable to think and see where we are and who we are in this racist-base environment.

      • Are you an idiot ? Dr. Boyce doesn’t love you. He loves the almighty dollar. That is why he keeps dissing President Obama. Conservatives can always find some black lackey to buy – their loyalty is cheap. Get your head out your ass and THINK for a change. Geeez !

      • I understand where you are coming from but you are going off on a whole other tangent with this. My point is, as a black American myself I do not expect the president to address every issue that we have when it comes to our youth or issues! That is OUR issue. To assume I have No idea of what is going on in this country, um You don’t know me well enough to make that statement! Thanks!

  51. Dr. Watkins, you are putting your credibility in question by even posing such an interrogatory. You are placing yourself on the same slippery slope that Smiley and West are sliding down. You are setting up the POTUS as being uncaring and unfeeling, because he does not jump through the hoop that you hold up.

    The President does not have to prove how Black he is. I guess you see that your position in in the decisive minority even among your readers.

    Ms. Carnell is equally shallow with her assessment. She is taking specific statements made by Mr. Obama and assigning unto him what she perceives to be generally true. The both of you are posturing that you see something (or don’t see) that the rest of us are not as adept at seeing.

    The both of you pose hypotheticals on what would compel the POTUS to act with a phone call,which is utter nonsense. I am curious, however, have either one of you called Trayvon’s mother?

  52. i’dont understand why so called educated people would use trayvon sanford death to scrutinize PRESIDENT OBAMA.

  53. For all who make excuses for the president when he ignores black issues or reinforces stereotypes when he is chastising blacks from the bully-pulpit, do not forget Shirley Sherrod. She stated that the person who asked for her resignation told her that Obama wanted her fired ASAP. Why? I believe he wanted to show that he does not favor blacks–that he is the President of the United States, not the Black president and he is willing to put blacks in their place quickly to prove it. Look, I understand the politics, and he is NOT the Black president. But he should speak openly and honestly the policies–or lack thereof–that continue to destroy black families and communities.

    Understand politics, people: If he does not have to work for your vote, he can ignore your concerns until the next election campaign. At such time he will make a few inspiring speeches–along with the same promises–“Change You Can Believe In”–and that will be enough to secure your vote because you are not going to demand anything of him. In fact, you make the best excuses for him not taking DIRECT ACTION in the black community. Gotta love it!

    On the other hand, he will work for the senior vote because they except policies that cater to their interests; he will work for women because they expect polices that cater to reproductive health and equality in the workplace; and he will cater to Independents and swing states because they are going to determine his re-election. And he will cater whites and republican, even if it means dissing blacks. Who is missing from this picture? The black community. We are missing because the data show that are vote goes historically to the Democrats–it’s a lock, no need to work for it.

    He does not have to cater to the Black community because it is a predetermined guarantee that he will get our vote.

    Let’s be serious. Blacks face unique challenges that require a hands-on Direct Approach–not trickle-down policies aimed at white middle class citizens that are suppose to somehow, eventually have a positive affect on the Black community.

    To be fair, Obama has many accomplishments as president, but none of them are policies that directly address issues that only Black communities face. That is why the criticism is legitimate.

    All the talk about manufacturing jobs returning to America and hiring, for example. How many factors have located in Black communities? I know the answer: He cannot give everybody a job, or maybe he is not responsible for black people having jobs, or better yet, black people should create their own jobs and stop blaming the president for their predicament. Keep those excuses coming–we are one less constituency Obama has to work for.

    • Very, very, very well put. I’d also like to add that the reason “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” got a repeal is because the LGBT community lobbied to make him keep his word. The Hispanics have also demanded changes to the immigration laws, and it was/is one of his priorities. We as Blacks have not even been able to rally enough support to demand an open door meeting about issues affecting our community as a whole. When will we be able to demand changes and it be a top priority on the list of the President and his administration. The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) may have had a few closed door meetings with the President, which is a sorry state of affairs, while every other group openly demands meetings and changes. But he doesn’t want to give the impression that he is catering to “Blacks.” If not him, who will? We’ve had 43 “other” Presidents before him and we are in a worse predicament than anytime before.

  54. I will say this about the situation. The Flute story received national attention because of the affect it had on us as a society, all women stood to benefit or not, Professor gates and the cop story, affected us as a nation, and could have been the issue to moved the country toward addressing race and race relations. The Trevon story, I hope will be the movement that will not die, and cause us to address one of the systematic ways we are being treated as a non factor. Politically, it could be a nightmare. Enough people are involved and more will get involved, the pressure should be put on our community to break the code of silence when a nine year old is shoot jumping rope. DR. WATKINS, i hope you are just playing the devils advocate.

  55. Dr. Boyce – Have you called anyone? First of all, this is a criminal case, he is in charge of the Executive Branch of government if he made a call/comment that could/would appear bias could do more damage in the long run. However, calling/commenting on a woman where there is no pending legal judgement is a total different story.

    I recommend you not commenting on anyone else’s actions unless you have done something yourself.

    Your hater-aid is very bitter and unbecoming of a Professional.

  56. o’give the man a break…can he not do anything right according to anyone…first it is should he say something, now it is, if the mother was white would he call..Lord, help us, and especially our president…let’s face the fact that he will never satisfy everyone…..I feel that he is doing the best that he can…some things God has to handle…

  57. Get a f*cking clue!! Tell me one white woman he called who lost a child?! Sometime black people can be so damn stupid! That’s exactly why other races treat us like idiots!!!!!!

  58. Where was President Obama when another South African Southern State of Georgia executed Troy Davis? He didn’t send his Justice Department to stop that killing. It wasn’t an election year. President Obama did phone Sandra Fluke about Rushes “Slut” statement. So! For Trayvon Martin Mother shouldn’t hold her breath waiting for any phone called from our “Selective” “Shake and Bake” “Under Cover Really A White Brother” President Obama.

    • Louis, the Justic Dept could no intervene in the Davis case.. This belonged to the Supreme Court who decided not to overturn the conviction.

  59. AMEN Mizzlady, I couldn’t agree more! The President would be on the phone all day with mothers whose sons were innocently murdered by white men/police If he called Trayvon’s mom and not the other moms who have tragically lost their sons then he would be accused of playing to the public because there happens to be media attention attached to Trayvon.

  60. This (Trayvon Martin) is a national issue as of this point, why wouldn’t the President take the time out to call a family who lost their child and the killer has not even been arrested or questioned. Regardless of how “others” feel about him reaching out to a “BLACK” family. He took the time to call the law student (Sandra Fluke) and offer his condolences and reassurance for statements made by Limbaugh. Are we saying that (Martin’s) death is less important than name calling? Some of these responses anger me. President Obama is always there waving the banner to support Gay and Jewish issues. Blacks and our issues are just as important.

    • I agree! The POTUS should call Trayvon’s parents just like he took time ouit to call Fluke. There are a bunch of hankercheif heads in here that are afraid of their own shadow. Get and Stand up for once in your miserable lives.

      • What do you want from the President? Do you want him to get up on stage giving the Black Power salute? If he did that it would be political suicide for him. It’s bad enough that racist whites give him grief and lampoon him–but do black people have to do the same thing? I bet if GW Bush was still the Prez you guys wouldn’t be saying a damn thing!

        • I think the whole world thought that Bush was an idiot, so yes, I would have and still do criticize Bush for being one of the worst Presidents ever. Please don’t be disillusioned by the fact that there is a black face in the white house. There were people behind all the other Presidents, and it is certainly the same, if not more now. Everything is/was planned this way: fighting additional wars, high gas prices, one of the worst health care systems in the world, financial system on the brink of collapse, higher food prices, foreclosures and whose face is the world seeing: A BLACK MAN. Do you not realize they knew not to put another person in office like Bush, after everything thing that happened while he was in office. The American public would have not stood for it, so they sold us something totally different. But we are getting the worst results this time. I do feel that Obama had intentions of changing alot, but the powers and system that be is so deep rooted and strong he is unable to. We just have to be smart and prepared for the worse.

        • You are so right, President Obama did the right thing. Here a young man loses his life at the hands of a man who had no business after being told to step down. The police dept does not follow through. To do nothing is giving open season on more blacks at the government level. It is time to put a stop to this. Yes blacks kill daily on each other, my hearts go out the parents. This reaches another level. Each state get federal monies for their government for fire and police department etc. They failed in Florida, and many other states. The time has come to make a change in these murders.

  61. I think that we have all been blessed with Barack Obama as our President, he is an honest and caring person-I am very proud of his performance thus far and look forward to four more years.I am elated that he reached out to Treyvon Martin’s parents, quite frankly that was expected of him – regardless of his color – but simply as a human being – as a Mother I appreciate his action. I am sadden that some people try to attach a political handle to this move…it is real sad. Perhaps, the greatest drawback to having this black man in that white house, sadly enough comes from misguided black people who expect President Obama to call a press conference, raise his right fist in defiance saying “UNGAWA…BLACK POWER…You should work on your attitude, as black people we can all benefit from that.

  62. I am no fan of our president, but he did respond to the tragedy by sending investigators to Sanford. He is making sure that justice will be served. Zimmerman will be arrested, prosecuited and convicted. This is a certainty.

  63. A classy genuine, humane,gesture from a classy genuine President. Who cares what color stop FEEDING into non sense SERIOUSLY!!

  64. Why make problems where there isn’t? The focus is not on President Obama! It’s getting justice for Trayvon and his family. His mother is not sitting at home waiting for President Obama to call her.
    We all are praying and doing our part to support the family. Let’s stop criticizing the President and expect him to do it all!

  65. By the way Dr. Watkins, have YOU called the family to offer YOUR condolences?

    • Exactly! Sometimes people can be intelligent but never see their negative characteristics for what they are. What kind of job would Dr. Watkins do if he was president? Dr Watkins you probably need to be down there in Sanford throwing your weight around. Be a part of the solution not the rubbernecking crowd. You are not being pro-active just provoking and passive/aggressive on things outside of the true target. Fluke was a public incident, Trayvon is a private travesty that is so common that it has to be handled carefully and now publically by the people NOT by a HERO. You will see what I mean later, because whenever this happens again…the perpetrators need to know they WILL NOT get away with it and the numbers who will respond will have direct negative impact upon their very livelihoods. It is time for a revolution anyway necessary. This means a civil rights movement with “inactive, couch potato activists’ such as yourself and other Obama critics will have to make the decision to lay your life down on the line or not. Action not words!

  66. Whether Obama would have contacted the mother if she were White takes away from the underlying root of the issue-aversive racism. Zimmerman may have had an altercation with someone “that looked like” Trayvon years ago and seeing the child caused him to regress and become fearful, which caused him to react out of that fear.. Why should we expect President Obama to take time out of his busy schedule to reach out to a grieving family? Because he “looks like” him? Because he is our President? Let us be realistic here people- Troy Davis was killed BY THE GOVERNMENT; what did Obama do? Exactly!!!!

  67. The answer is no. This is a terrible tragedy but the President should not make an issue of it. This appears to be a case of a racist person murdering a boy who is of another race. Simple and disgusting. Zimmerman should be put away for life or the death penalty. Sadly this still happens, of every race. Search the news today and I bet you will find a story of a black man killing a white man, or a hispanic man killing an asian man, etc. While I am sure Obama is saddend by this case, as we all are, as President, he should not take sides in race, take sides in justice yet, but only calling out this case in his presidentcy because it has racial undertones? This will hurt him in the long run, regardless of his good intentions.

  68. I agree with mizzlady and Tamara. The fact that you would pose such a ridiculous question is an indication that even people with advanced academic degrees sometimes give in to impulses of asinine thought. This is not the type of question that I would expect from someone whose views on matters of Afrocentricity are widely respected. I am somewhat disappointed that you would waste your editorial energy on such weak ideas.

  69. What is the reason for a question this stupid. To my knowledge, the president hasn’t called anyone because he doesn’t want to interfer with the Justice Department involvement. Grow up

  70. The president chose to make a statement today about the case. I support his statement. Eric holder is keeping him updated about the case and empathizes with the family as a parent. Ms. Fluke also deserved support as well. Potus is compassionate. A call to a private citizen or a statement carries equal weight. Give the man a break.

  71. How the hell y’all know the President isnt going to call this family? Damn…give the man a chance, immediately he is jumped on for everything from all sides!

  72. Here we go again!

    Another stupid, foolish title used only to incite and cause more distraction from what we should be giving attention to.

    Please stop being so petty, and raise the mentality bar!



  74. The President shouldnt of gotten invovle in the Fluke situation at all..and he shouldnt be invovle in the Trayvon situation either…This should be handle thur lawyers and the police department along with media coverage…the Fluke situation should of been handle thur lawyers and the media ….I am sure people can find other avenues to handle their situations besides requesting or thinking that the President get invovle.The president shouldnt of been invovle in any of this.

  75. @mizzladyStop hell. He called everyone else. He chose this position. He ran is campaign on on change for blacks! He got every black in this country(almost) to vote for him! The truth is the truth! We always want to make an excuse for what or why Obama shouldn’t do, but he had beer with his college professor over what cops did to him. A young future black leader was killed over a want to be cop!!! Rather he’s a racist or not isn’t proven yet, but Zimmerman is a murderer. Obama needs to call these parents, to at lease let them know that the feds are trying their best to get to the bottom of this, period.

    • Wrong dead wrong!!! If that’s the case he may as well give up on handling any other worthy issues because he’d be too busy calling the parents of all the other murdered black youths.. Get real, certainly you agree his time can be well spent doing other things??

    • He campaigned on change for AMERICA, not Blacks.

      • Do you think Blacks voted for Obama in record numbers so they could watch white America change while their situations remained the same? When Black people voted, we saw hope and opportunity that for the first time in our history, we would be fully included and that policy would finally benefit us, also. If nothing else, we saw a person who just might understand our plight and fight for us. That is not the case, though. He is no better than other white presidents–just a politician setting himself up for the wealth that comes after leaving the White House.

      • He sure did! However, he has openly advocated and directly addressed head on issues specific to Native Americans, Hispanics, Jews, Put a Hispanic Woman on the Highest Court while passin up more qualified Black Women, Passed the Ledbetter Legislation, etc. all the while refusing to do anything that would show direct support or benefit to Black people.

        We deserve better than receiving the crumbs by way of others. Shame on Obama and us for accepting it.

    • WRONG! Sherrod and Fluke were political issues… THIS IS A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION. The case could be jeopardized with POTUS undue influence.and compromise the intergity the the case.. .HE HAS TO APPEAR NEUTRAL… SAY OUT LOUD.. FEDERAL INVESTIGATION… not POLITICS!!!!!!!

    • Malaci, u and everyone else, including Dr. Watkins who criticizes President Obama over this and what he supposedly has not done for Black people, are MORONS! Ur idiots and u just dont know it!

  76. Mr. Watkins,

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! You need to stop right now!! I am so sick & tired of your racist comments regarding President Obama. You can not expect him to cater to African Americans because he’s African American. If he did that he would not be a President to all the citizens of the US. When he was running for the presidency, he did not say that he would do more for African Americans than other races, if he had he would not have been elected. I am African American & I did not expect him to do so. What work he has done & will continue to do is for all races.
    Maybe that’s what you & Tavis expected which is racist in itself, I know most African Americans did not expect that.
    I implore you to PLEASE stop with the racist comments regarding Pres. Obama!

  77. Trayvon Martin Could Be Anyone's Child

    Thank you Dr. Watkins for bringing this situation to the public’s attention. George Zimmerman should be arrested. If Trayvon had killed Zimmerman, a white man, he would be sitting in the Sanford, Florida county jail. Where is the justice for Trayvon and his family. We are Trayvon’s advocate now that he cannot speak. I speak for him. My son speaks for him. Trayvon could have been my black son.

  78. Boyce Wakins,your comments are nuts ,I really accepted you as a Black Voice,however,keep your behind out of the President business.

    He is the President of all the people,he is doing an out standing job and thanks Yvette for your comments

  79. How is this even a question, can you say SHIRLEY SHERROD? We’re being marginalized because we are pathologically needy, battered adopted chilren possessed of Stockholm Syndrome. Barack obama is a pathological opportunistic socio path preying on our pathology.

  80. For someone who calls himself an authority on race relations, you are getting really petty with your post. President Obama can’t call everyone who loses a child. How about when we have incidents involving black-on-black crime, such as the black honor student who was murdered in his Norcross home during a robbery by three black men? Come on. This is utter nonsense.

  81. You know Dr.Boyce if you were white I could understand your suggestive writes and comments. However if this is suppose to be thought provoking, you are doing a very good job. I guess I’m more concerned about your motives . Then about your article.

    • Deborah Henderson

      Thank you Earnest ,I think this is another “crab in the barrel” question! This is the same place that had articles against Rev. Al Sharpton and asked and even seemed to suggest that African Americans should not vote! Stop Dr.Boyce stop dividing!!!

  82. People need to leave Obama alone. If he speaks out on a racial matter, he gets criticized. If he doesn’t speak out, he is not doing enough for black folks. People need to lay off.

  83. What is the problem with you this is not an IF case why would you choose the president, why not the Governor of the state make a call, You have too much time on your hand

  84. Yes he should consider giving her a call.
    yes Miss Carnell has some anger issues and they play out in her writings.

    • Yes, Ms Carnell is a bitter black woman and a HYPOCRITE.. She just contradicted her previous article 2 days ago saying Obama should NOT get involved… smh..

  85. You know what y’all just sit around and look for shit to start!!! Get a damn life, and focus more on God and not man…sick of this bullshit from my people. Dr. Boyce I’m going to need you to do better than this. This is some bullshit you are trying to get started. This isn’t intelligent conversation! This is just pure instigation…your like the school bully starting shit! I need proof that you have any kind of degree after this dumb shit right here!!!


    • Anger management might help. All jokes aside, but I believe it is far that he calls the parents, as he did with Ms. Fluke for an issue that was far less important.

      • Lee, Fluke’s case was/is a political issue.. this is a Federal Investigation.. THAT HE ORDERED!! Zimmerman’s attorney’s WOULD POUNCE on this.. POTUS appearing to predjuice the case….. Zimmerman would NOT GET A FAIR TRIAL with POTUS APPEARING TO FAVOR THE PLANTIFF!!!

  86. Listen, I don’t expect Obama to do too much for anybody with skin darker than his.

    • You are just as sick as this whole conversation.

      • Name three things Obama has done specifically for the Black community. If that is too difficult, name times occasions where he spoke to Blacks, in the community or a Black event. I will wait for you… .

        • Obviously,you don’t read or watch much news. I’ll help you this time. 1) Obamacare disproportionately helps black folk because more of us are without healthcare, 2) He signed the act that enforces equal pay for equal work that helps women, ALL women (including black women who are almost always the head of their households, 3)He forced the Republicans to renew extended unemployment benefits (black folk are disproportionately unemployed) and he forced the Republicans to renew the tax breaks for the middle-class (many of us, like me, appreciate that).

          He has done much more than that for black folk, more than I can list here but you can get up off your lazy ass and look it up yourself. Those of us who can read and THINK know what side our bread is buttered on. Dr. Boyce is being paid to try to turn black folk off to President Obama and to discourage us from voting. What is YOUR excuse ? Are you an Uncle Tom sell-out,too ?

          • Well said, Diann… Agree totally

          • Black Folks! Some of us talk like only black folks are the only one that voted President Obama into office, Do you think he would have been elected if only black folks voted for him? like it’s all about black folks,because he has not done enough for black people, come on people, he’s the president of the United States, for the whole united states. Then you got some that say they are not going to vote in November to relect him. Duh! where’s the intelligent thinking? Who are you going to vote for. Do you know your missing votes leaves more votes for the Republicans. You think you got problems now, if the Republicans get into office, your problems are only going to get worse, because everything that he has done, or wants to do the Republicans are hindering him in every direction. Apparently, some of us are not aware of how the office of the Presidency works. The House and Congress are dominaed by the Republican party, most of the things he is trying to do, has to go through Congress to get approved, also I know there are some things that he can use his presidential power to override, but most of the things that he is trying to do, keeps getting vetoed by the republicans. At least give the man some credit, for what he has done and is still trying to do, the Presidency is not an easy job.
            He’s still trying to clean up those damn Republicans mess. He’s not just dealing with problems in this country, he’s also dealing with problems worldwide. Some of you need to get rid of that slave mentality and get up of your ass, get out and try to make things happen for yourself, instead of blaming people for your problems.

  87. My question to everyone is – where is the outrage that 49 people lost their lives in the south side of Chicago over one weekend?

  88. Wow!you people need to stop..although this is a tragic death of a young black male. But have we forgot about all the other young black youths dying in these streets by the hands of other black males. The President cannot call every parent who has lost a child..Come on your putting to much on our President. He made a statement, he acknowleged the sad situation. He cannot save us all.Let the Law work stand your ground, make your voice heard and demand justice, not just for one but for all.

    • White women get called whores every single day. If he took time to call the white lady, who Rush Limbaugh called a whore, he should take the time to call Trayvon’s mom in a far more tragic situation.

      • Far more black youths are murdered daily in every state.. However, that’s not the issue.. Can you imagine the flack Our black President (whom the rep don’t like anyway) would get if he reached out to just this one black family?? He may as well throw caution to the wind and resign because they would do all they could to fire his ass! #imjustsayin#

        • Listen to yourself. You are saying the president would be fired if he reached out to Black people. If Obama fought for all people and pointed out the egregious policies that hurt the Black community and it made him a one-term president, I would respect him for showing courageous leadership. If he stays in his place and does only enough to get re-elected, history will show his administration did little to address black issues–maybe that is good for his legacy but not for black people who were looking for change they could believe in.

      • PEOPLE …shouldnt expect for the President to call everyone ….The President shouldnt of call the ones he did call…Thats not what he suppose to be focus on…. theirs nothing wrong with making that call but when you start something by calling certian ones , he has to continue to respond…Meaning dont start something you can finish…These situations should of been handle in the proper way thur other avenues.

        • I agree with Suga, once you open that door (president commenting) You’re open to criticism when you don’t comment. There will always be tragedies. Who decides what tragedies to weight in on? Remember the last time the president made a comment on the Black University professor who was jailed for being indignant after the police questioned whether he lived in his own house? How did that turn out? As far a Rush (not commenting)goes, the guy is not as stupid as I thought he was. After the Fluke debacle (and over 50% of the country stating he should be fired), he at least, has enough sense to keep his big mouth shut on this one. Power to social media!!!

      • Took the Words right out of my mouth. We’ll just have to wait and see if Rush comments

      • Unfortunately, women of all races get called whores everyday. Nonetheless, they don’y usually get called whores on nationally syndicated radio in front of millions for exercising their 1st Amendment right to “petition the government for a redress of grievances”. Black, men, teens and women die needlessly every day (often at the hands of other blacks); do they deserve telephone calls? The President has spoken out, more than any other president in the history of our country has done. How many of you demanded that Bush call the families of victims? Put the pipe down! Watkins needs to grow up as do many of the rest of you. The best thing the President can do is what he has done, speak out and let his Justice Department do it’s job! Investigating systemic racism and profiling and addressing those issues is a far better means of dealing with this situation than a telephone call. BTW If it’s not a federal issue the Justice Department has no jurisdiction to act. So, Black folks, run out and vote for Romney or don’t vote at all and see what you get!

      • Carnell and Watkins are as fake and phony and hypocritical… Carnell just wrote an article advocating Pres Obama SHOULD NOT GET PERSONALLY INVOLVED (see above).. taling out of both sides of their mouths.. I have no respect for either of these two…

    • Thank you!!!!!!!! There is nothing more to say…well said!!!!!!

    • I feel like we had a meetings of the minds.. I don’t feel it appropriate for the President to call Trayvons family unless he has time to sit down and call the families of all the other black youths who have been murdered in cold blood! Come on, doesn’t our President have enough on his plate without the world accusing him of giving one family preferential treatment?? Damn, I wish people would just leave him alone to handle issue affecting us as a whole, smh…

      • I have never seen so many excuses made for a president.

        • Obviously, you were living under a rock for 8 yrs when GWB was in office! Chambers, you are ridiculous!!!

        • Umm, what about GWB??

        • U are so right! It is sooo sickening to hear people defend Obama’s refusal to show the world that he can care about Black people and still effectively run the country. It’s amazing the excuses and justification some have as to why Obama should not get involved in issues specific to Blacks or adddress issues specific to Blacks, but they sit by and approve of him openly without hesitation support every other race or issue. Smh.

          We as a people have been so beaten down that most of us don’t expect much. So, they are content with any little crumbs being thrown their way in the form of attention or minial words from Obama.

          Obama is so scared to piss off Whites that he can’t even look in the direction of his Black side. This is racism in it’s sickest form coming from a Black Man who’s has the highest position in the land practicing it against Blacks, to make Whites comfortable, while some fully accept this. This is shameful and everyone knows it!! This sets the stage for others, especially these twisted minded racist to continue doing what they do. We as a people are in such denial, that some refuse to accept the truth that you speak.

          You damn right Obama should have called Trayvon’s parents! What happened to Trayvon and other Blacks before him is a National issue that has been ignored Waaaaaay too that can no longer be ignored bringin us to this point now. Too bad Obama keeps missing the opportunity to show he really is the President for all people, so far he has proven he’s the President for all people except Black.

          To Thank Obama for paying attention to this tragedy is as outrageous as that racist murderer Zimmerman being free!! We will only change this madness when we as a people demand respect from the President and the courts, and let the racist know our children, and families are no longer sacrifices, We returning fire with fire!

          • Obama has no courage. He cares more about making Whites feel comfortable, even when they call they speak against his wife and children for being Black. This man is only concerned with getting the so called “White workng class vote.” I hate that damn phrase anyway, they say it like there is no Black working class in America! If Obama feels that he must turn his back to the hatred and racism experienced by his own people and family, just to get some white person to vote for him, who is put off by the color of his skin anyway, then maybe he should not be President…that weak SOB!

    • Many of have us been frustrated even surprised by President Obama’s race neutral and center-right approach. Black people have not been silent on this matter. Rather, many of us have realized that we are trying to at once improve our own lives and defeat WHITE NATIONALISM. However much we disagree with Obama’s politics, we recognize that republican politics are ever more explicitly white nationalist (largely in response to Obama’s election) and we want to defeat it. Black uplift and the defeat of white nationalism are related but not one and the same–it is hard to do both at the same time. That’s quandary we are in.

      • It’s not complicated: lack of courage and more concerned with legacy. Not complicated at all.

    • This is not an opportunity to get exposure my dear, You should be ashame of yourself, you are totally off base on this one. This poison hater apple you’re biting from came from the devil himself, why should we trust a publicity hounds like you and
      Boyce when we are aware of your ” Hater Agenda”!

    • @mizzlady. Sorry to say. You are missing the point altogether. Missing the point is one of the conditions many of us tend to suffer from most of the time and time again! Still you are pro-Obama and that is obvious, which is why you are ready to defend against whatever anyone says that appears negative. Obama does not serve the ‘common people’ he serves the “elite 1%”, but most of us are so charmed by him, and the idea of a “black” president, that they look past the fact that Obama could have been chosen by the elite Anglo-dominant ‘Cabal’ to serve their needs, and it means that he is restricted from serving the commoners and especially the “blacks” here and abroad! It’s important to understand that this country is run by the powerful “whites” as it always has been and these whites are notorious for conquering and pillaging whole nations! When they want to use a black face to represent their pillaging and genocidal tendencies we then get the chance to have a black “president” and when they decide that a white woman serves their future needs we will be presented with a number of women at one time and the atmosphere will be such that the only choices we will have are women and retarded white men to vote for. The con game is constantly being played on us and we are (for the most part) totally ignorant of the who and how we are constantly being gamed mainly in psychosocial ways.

      • I am not a rich white American; however I support our President everyday. I know he is not perfect and recognize that too many thought that they were voting for a Black Messiah instead of a President. Help us all, he has done what he promised to all the voters and when he did not it was because republicans blocked him or the people you voted for did not carry your message. He does not need to call the family his has sent his governmental army.

      • WizardG,

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hatin’ and you don’t know my position on Pres. Obama, so please don’t try to second guess me based on what I’m about to rebutt. Your comment in response to Mizzlady’s comment on Pres. Obama was off base. I say this because she was merely offering a different point of view and to decide she’s an Obama supporter, hands-down, based on that is pretty shallow. It sounds like you’re more interested in shooting down her comment at all because it doesn’t agree with your position. So, consequently, you chosed the weapon of name calling instead in an attempt to invalidate her comment. Michael Basin said, Mr. President, handle the business of the country, we got this! I agree with Michael. Guess what, our parents and their parents, and our forefathers, didn’t accomplish the great things that are responsible for the freedoms we enjoy today by relying on a Black president. Of course, during those times, it wasn’t possible either. So, what Mizzlady and Michael Basin are encouraging is that same spirit that drove our ancestors, etc. to fight back is what they are reminding us of today. We don’t need to wait for the President to do anything, it happened in our neighborhood where we have motivated, strong, courageous, and educated(I’m assuming you’re African American) African Americans and just decent folk down there who will be listened to and heard. And, that’s what happened with Michael Basin, Al Sharpton, and all the other wonderful people who went down there to protest. I understand you comment but name calling will only satisfy why you reject Mizzlady’s position but it won’t bring us together as civil people either.

    • First of all the young white female that Prez Obama called upon had a political twist for the Prez. The GOP has a descerning approach towards women. Prez. Obama will b re-elected by women. Prez Obama could call out to Travon’s family for condolence purposes but that is not likely. We as a people need to concern ourselves with the future of our black communities and get back to respecting each other and take back our communities from gangs, drugs and start supporting black businesses within our communities. United we stand and divided we have fallen.

    • Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

      Wasn’t Sandra Fluke invited by the Whitehouse to participate in the Health Policy Issue that created the slur on her character? If you were invited to participate in something by the President and you were slandered, wouldn’t you expect an apology from the President who invited you in the first place? How is this a good comparison to Trayvon’s parents? Then the President should call every single household where a black child was murdered wantonly and risk inciting a challenge of bias from every single other household where their children were also wantonly murdered and ultimately he would have to begin a weekly diary of phone calls! How can we trivialise something so serious as this?

    • Ms Carnell, please explain why you’ve compromising your “journalistic integrity” by advocating Obama NOT to get involve with TM case, yet jump on the bandwagon to crticize him for NOT CALLING TM parents? Why are you hiding this fact? YOU WROTE THE ARTICLE.

    • Thank you mizzlady I agree wholeheartly. It just irks me how we lay everything at our Presidents door. I dont think or believe its his responsibility to respond to every sad tragedy taking place across this sick country of ours. He has made a comment to the family, nationally, and just like I was certain that for some, he would be criticised because he didnt say this or that or mention this or that, and now we have to throw the racial card again by creating the “what if” factor.(what would he do if it was this way or that way) Please, Please people it didnt happen this or that way, it happened just as it has happened. Lets keep this blame and focus right @ zimmermans door step.

    • I agree totally, mizzlady…PLEASE STOP putting the President in a ‘DAMN IF YOU DO, DAMN IF YOU DON’T. position …if he takes the time to call all parent in these situations (and it will happen again), when will he have time to do this? Dr. Boyce, I read you often, but I find that in some cases you are more of a naysayer, than a help…please reevaluate your thinking.

    • Mizzlady,

      Your comment is so much on point, it is refreshing. As an African American, I couldn’t agree with you more. Yes, what about the fact most Black Americans are killed by Blacks themselves. This is a statistical fact. If anything, we should have rallies more often to drive that point across to keep it fresh in our minds. Often we get to wrapped up in being “Black”, we alienate the good non-Black Americans out there who sympathize with our plight here in America. You are a very objective individual with fair and balanced mind. Keep up the good work.

    • MizzLady, I thought I’d share this with you. I rebutted a contributor’s comments against your position.


      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hatin’ and you don’t know my position on Pres. Obama, so please don’t try to second guess me based on what I’m about to rebutt. Your comment in response to Mizzlady’s comment on Pres. Obama was off base. I say this because she was merely offering a different point of view and to decide she’s an Obama supporter, hands-down, based on that is pretty shallow. It sounds like you’re more interested in shooting down her comment at all because it doesn’t agree with your position. So, consequently, you chosed the weapon of name calling instead in an attempt to invalidate her comment. Michael Basin said, Mr. President, handle the business of the country, we got this! I agree with Michael. Guess what, our parents and their parents, and our forefathers, didn’t accomplish the great things that are responsible for the freedoms we enjoy today by relying on a Black president. Of course, during those times, it wasn’t possible either. So, what Mizzlady and Michael Basin are encouraging is that same spirit that drove our ancestors, etc. to fight back is what they are reminding us of today. We don’t need to wait for the President to do anything, it happened in our neighborhood where we have motivated, strong, courageous, and educated(I’m assuming you’re African American) African Americans and just decent folk down there who will be listened to and heard. And, that’s what happened with Michael Basin, Al Sharpton, and all the other wonderful people who went down there to protest. I understand you comment but name calling will only satisfy why you reject Mizzlady’s position but it won’t bring us together as civil people either.