Independent Audit of AKA Sorority Shows Financial Irregularities


A financial audit of the nation’s oldest black sorority found significant accounting problems including a secret set of books used by top officials to divert money, findings that bolster some claims in a lawsuit.

The audit of the Chicago-based Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, which was completed in December and provided to The Associated Press, also found two former top officials continued to use sorority credit cards after their service ended, failing to appropriately document tens of thousands of dollars in charges. A pending 2009 lawsuit against the organization and officials including its former president, Illinois resident Barbara McKinzie, contains similar allegations.


The audit by the Illinois-based accounting firm Ragland & Associates covers the year 2010 and is an annual audit paid for by the society. It finds that in that year McKinzie and two other top officials secretly created a second set of financial books to get around the sorority’s accounting policies.

“The intent was to divert and misappropriate AKA funds,” according to the audit, which found nearly $1.7 million in payments made without authorization.

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  1. There are dishonest people everywhere. These people did not do these things because they were members of greek letter organizations. They did these things because they were dishonest people. They just happened to be members of these organizations…IF the story is even true. There are plenty of people who do dishonest things who are not members of any organization. Do what you feel is right for you and do not be influenced by stories from other people…especially when you do not know what is motivating them. Do your own research, make your own informed decision.

  2. It is a know fact: THERE IS A FOX IN THE HEN HOUSE

  3. I am suprised to read this about my Sorority….

  4. I am retired from academe, having worked with all age levels. Since then, I have worked in marketing for a firm that moves fashion shows for elite design houses. College affiliation does not excuse misconduct. I have two graduate degrees. I come from a mostly Delta and Omega family. One sibling even established the Delta chapter at a very old, prestigious, “colonial” university, while in graduate school. There is one Kappa and one Sigma in the extended family.

    I would never subjected myself to being “on line”. I will not pay fees, be degraded, be paddled, etc. to belong to anything. This is no different than white groups that excluded non-whites. Slaves were beaten and branded. Also, I see these groups as having outlived their origins when white groups were segregated. Now, almost ethnic group followed Blacks in forming chapters or new Greek letter societies. Gangs and criminal mobs rape and sexually degrade others who do and do not belong. Get real. Even the KKK is a Greek letter society.Professional societies abound.

    My late parents were illuminati that were initiated in the Shriners and Daughters of Isis. For a time, I was active with the Rosicrucians. My most beloved late aunt was in the Household of Ruth. For a time, I excused all of these as knowledge societies. Then, I noticed these were as exclusive. I am troubled that a killer can be spared a sentence of execution by membership and ritual. And, do you remember the white “traveling man” and his adulterous white whore in “Rosewood”, the former of who was provided with a different horse to escape by local Black Freemasons just hours before they and their families were massacred or run out of town? Over time, more loss of ethics and division or worse is created.

    I worked research centers that were governmental or non-HBCU before I worked at three HBCUs. I saw Delta and Omega student leaders divert publication funds in college, having attended both HBCU and non-HBCU schools. My career was sabotaged was an AKA and an Alpha because I would not do their dirty work. That same AKA went on pay to water down charges for a child’s sex offense against a minor. I had another later supervisor, a Zeta, who had the staff and student workers do more for her church and the sorority than we did for the university. By the time Sigma Gamma Rho, it did not take long for me for to actively oppose my daughter’s association with them. I blocked telephone numbers. Why? One graduate member assigned my daughter and others merely interested in joining to do her research for publication, and they completed it! I saw a cancelled check my daughter donated for almost $100 (yes, one hundred dollarsUS) for the “foundation” that was neither 401c nor active anywhere. That “sister” just needed money for her bank account, living expenses, etc., obviously. Three suspicious transactions that neither of us made showed up electronic checks (same area as donated “foundation” check for a Blackberry bill and two other purchases not sent to us or from our computers anywhere, less than almost another hundred dollars, yet still our money). I was furious! It took alot for me not to a) contact the national headquarters, b) call the authorities and/or c) commit an assault against those sorority members. We were most charitable. No more “Ms. Nice Lady” at my age. This is all dishonesty and common cowardice when we misuse others of any demographic.