Dr. Boyce: What Trayvon Martin and Troy Davis Are Telling Us From the Grave



When I see the evolution of the case of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year old boy who was killed by a night watchman under suspicious circumstances, I am both impressed and concerned.   I am impressed that the world has come together to find justice for Trayvon.  His death will not be in vain, for I am sure there is a legislator who will be able to more readily pass an important gun control law as a result of Trayvon’s sacrifice.  His death may save quite a few lives.

I am concerned, however, because the Troy Davis situation showed us that even when the entire world becomes outraged, the system still does what it wants to do.  In the case of Troy Davis, the man who was executed for a murder that he likely did not commit, prosecutors and judges ignored mountains of evidence proving that Davis was probably not the killer and instead chose to remain committed to legal statutes that only served a huge pile of injustice.  When allegedly good men and women remain dedicated to unethical and counter-productive laws, they end up making a mockery of the very thing they are sworn to protect.

via What Trayvon Martin and Troy Davis Are Telling Us From the Grave | News One.

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