Amazing: Underwater Sculpture Honoring Slaves Thrown Overboard

There is nothing to say about this one.  Perhaps this is a moment to reflect in silence.

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  1. This underwater statue has nothing to do with slavery. Do the reasearch before you believe everything you read on the internet.

  2. This is not the right statue , there is one were you see lots of african Americans women , men and children praying and thing like that . This is also a stair that represents African American history I just know its not the right statue the the topic explains

  3. This is a wonderful thing but why is it hidden on the atlantic ocean floor it should be where it can be seen by all that wishes to.

  4. It needs sculptures of the babies many women were holding when they jumped. Never forget that so many slaves jumped overboard or were dumped due to sickness, example, or to avoid detection that it permanently changed the migratory routed of Atlantic ocean sharks. For millions of years they followed the magnetic currents, now they swim the routes the slave ships took to the Americas. NEVER FORGET.

  5. I went looking for this and I don’t think that’s what it is. I found this: which says it’s a ring of children and has nothing to do with slavery. It’s an impressive piece, though.

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